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  1. Can somebody please figure this out? I have the same problem. I don'thave anything in that list above, and I have attached a screenshot of my performance preferences. I am about to spend 500 on Corel...please, please don't make me do that. Furthermore, I have a Surface Pro 8 running Windows 11 professional.
  2. If there is no style set on a text block, it automatically uses Arial. How do I change that? I have no choice upon selecting it to "update to match" or "edit."
  3. I find that this feature is badly designed - what a disappointment. I have reset and reinstalled - to no avail. Now, I don't have any text styles... I love that all three affinity programs are connected, but publisher has quirks in the areas I need it to not be quirky. I also grow tired of fighting the TOC and will move on to another software.
  4. I added my own Heading 1 & 2 - they didn't update the way I wanted them to in the TOC (heading 2 would not indent under H1) I cleared out all styles not used, and then I only had the two "No Style" left. I tried making the two mentioned, but they would not even populate the TOC, so I reset the whole program via control/start. I thought the reset would have the program's default text styles, and it had nothing but the no style ones. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled - no joy. I had to go back to Quarkxpress as I am on a deadline but would love to use AFPUB. Can anyone help me get the text styles to work properly?
  5. Oh, for the love - I just saw the file I uploaded earlier - what a moron I am. You have been very patient...
  6. Yep - that was it. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this for me. I can't tell you how much it helped. I LOVE Affinity and how I can go from publisher to design to photo from one app. I wanted to avoid having to go back to something else. Have a great day!
  7. Yes, I have changed the images but not the text, and you can see that the TOC is still not updating correctly - thanks BTW
  8. I am uploading right now - it is always possible that I had a copy....but I still see the same midweek 6_17.afpub
  9. I have set up my text styles and I have heading 1, heading 2, body and some random non TOC fonts in my publication. I have checked my layers to make sure each element is in the proper order and I still get items under the first heading 1 that belong under a different page. I'm quite using this program because of this issue when it was in BETA, but I tried to come back to it. I have to be doing something wrong. Can anyone help? I have uploaded the Afpub file. - please note the TOC and the pages where things should go. Late 6_13_21 DS1.afpub
  10. Yep - that did it. Thanks, I actually found that I had generated a new doc, and it was buried under a pile of activity, and it was all correct. However, I didn't know why so thank you for the swift reply, and the solution to my puzzle.
  11. Hi - I watched a great video on how to use Data Merge. When the gal shows the steps the next area is filled with the next record. I think I have followed it properly, but I get the same record on each section on each page. I have set it up to have a repeating area which does repeat - but only the first record. Therefore, I am obviously missing something. I don't know which settings I did wrong. Can someone help? I have attached my set-up and the result. I have blocked out the sensitive information for privacy. Hopefully, you can see the important parts. Thanks to anyone who can help. Kelley
  12. I have been watching this for a while and still no calligraphy brush? I could really use this or as was mentioned above - a tutorial...
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