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  1. is there a way to save a file that can be opened in older versions of AF Publisher?
  2. So APPRECIATIVE for your patience and assistance. Yes, and now I got it - duh - text frame...
  3. Thanks — I finally got it to show up and the fields. I jumped the “generate” gun and it was not showing up. That being said, — I have double-clicked each field and it does nothing. I tried clicking the text tool first and still nothing? I am an idiot...and so for now, it is not idiot-proof. I will however keep, as someone else said, “poking away” at it. It is so great to have this opportunity!
  4. Thank you Dominik - I don't see the Excelf file that I chose in the Data Manager - can someone tell me what i am doing wrong?
  5. I really appreciate - in my software on Windows 10 it does not have typical field choices or database selection. It looks like this (ignore cursor) I am just trying to show my workspace and the choices:
  6. Thank you and HOW EXCITING!!! I can't wait to figure out how to use it. I am assuming it is not up and running now - not the beta - the merge tool? Thanks for the heads up.
  7. I do the same, however, for some reason they both tend to crash on my computer at some point in a project. It is most likely my machine but I don't have the same problem with the Affinity software. I do agree, if a person can get Legacy software, they should give it a try.
  8. I love Affinity products. I, too, used the legacy software and was very unhappy about them dropping Page and Draw Plus. They both had a feature that was not picked up in the new stuff, Namely, Merge in PP and Auto-Trace is DP. Although I am using AFPub and AFDesign, I was forced to turn to something else for those time I need the above mentioned. Luckily, I have Corel Draw and can use auto — trace (I use that feature several times a week). But the merge feature is not found in too many affordable programs. I purchased Quark Xpress because I read an article that it had that feature — to my sadness you had to use XML. I don't know anything about that and tried to learn but it just was taking me to long to figure out. Therefore, I use Microsoft Publisher exclusively for the Merge feature to make directories and so on. It works very well and isn't a half bad DTP for everyday tasks. It is more affordable than having to purchase ID. I think you can buy it stand — alone on Amazon or from the Microsoft website.
  9. Hi - I had this same question and the reply was the solution. I am confused as to why, though. I am on my first page and at the beginning of my document. Can you explain what is happening so that I have the full picture? Thanks
  10. When I import a PDF that has a font not on my computer it imports badly. I have tried to change the font in the pdf file to one that I have on my machine but it still changes the font in the import to something else. I have to turn it into an image I really would like not to have to do that. Can you help - ANYONE?
  11. I agree - I had to re-install PagePlus9 to make an address book. If PagePlus was too simplistic or whatever caused it to be replaced by serif publisher yet has a feature so requested, there is something wrong. If the simple program can do it...man has walked on the moon, surely the more advanced software can also manage.
  12. I have used adobe capture and you are right, asfh, it does a decent job. I have used Corel, Serif DP and Illustrator and I find the first two easier to use. I can't use Corel anymore because it was a work product and not available to me any more. I have re-installed DP just for the tracing but I thought it would just be nice to have it in one program. I don't understand why if it was in DP it is such a hard thing to add to AD?
  13. Thank you Chris B. That was it. I was not accustomed to looking for it that way but it works.
  14. I used serif draw for many years and really loved (and used on a regular basis) the tracing feature. In fact, it is the only reason I cant ditch Corel. I can do basic tracing online but would love to use nothing but Affinity for EVERYTHING. Is there any plan for adding that?
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