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  1. Can somebody please figure this out? I have the same problem. I don'thave anything in that list above, and I have attached a screenshot of my performance preferences. I am about to spend 500 on Corel...please, please don't make me do that. Furthermore, I have a Surface Pro 8 running Windows 11 professional.
  2. If there is no style set on a text block, it automatically uses Arial. How do I change that? I have no choice upon selecting it to "update to match" or "edit."
  3. I find that this feature is badly designed - what a disappointment. I have reset and reinstalled - to no avail. Now, I don't have any text styles... I love that all three affinity programs are connected, but publisher has quirks in the areas I need it to not be quirky. I also grow tired of fighting the TOC and will move on to another software.
  4. I added my own Heading 1 & 2 - they didn't update the way I wanted them to in the TOC (heading 2 would not indent under H1) I cleared out all styles not used, and then I only had the two "No Style" left. I tried making the two mentioned, but they would not even populate the TOC, so I reset the whole program via control/start. I thought the reset would have the program's default text styles, and it had nothing but the no style ones. I uninstalled the program and reinstalled - no joy. I had to go back to Quarkxpress as I am on a deadline but would love to use AFPUB. Can anyone help me get the text styles to work properly?
  5. Oh, for the love - I just saw the file I uploaded earlier - what a moron I am. You have been very patient...
  6. Yep - that was it. Thank you so much for taking the time to look at this for me. I can't tell you how much it helped. I LOVE Affinity and how I can go from publisher to design to photo from one app. I wanted to avoid having to go back to something else. Have a great day!
  7. Yes, I have changed the images but not the text, and you can see that the TOC is still not updating correctly - thanks BTW
  8. I am uploading right now - it is always possible that I had a copy....but I still see the same midweek 6_17.afpub
  9. I have set up my text styles and I have heading 1, heading 2, body and some random non TOC fonts in my publication. I have checked my layers to make sure each element is in the proper order and I still get items under the first heading 1 that belong under a different page. I'm quite using this program because of this issue when it was in BETA, but I tried to come back to it. I have to be doing something wrong. Can anyone help? I have uploaded the Afpub file. - please note the TOC and the pages where things should go. Late 6_13_21 DS1.afpub
  10. Yep - that did it. Thanks, I actually found that I had generated a new doc, and it was buried under a pile of activity, and it was all correct. However, I didn't know why so thank you for the swift reply, and the solution to my puzzle.
  11. Hi - I watched a great video on how to use Data Merge. When the gal shows the steps the next area is filled with the next record. I think I have followed it properly, but I get the same record on each section on each page. I have set it up to have a repeating area which does repeat - but only the first record. Therefore, I am obviously missing something. I don't know which settings I did wrong. Can someone help? I have attached my set-up and the result. I have blocked out the sensitive information for privacy. Hopefully, you can see the important parts. Thanks to anyone who can help. Kelley
  12. I have been watching this for a while and still no calligraphy brush? I could really use this or as was mentioned above - a tutorial...
  13. Some of us bring out hand drawn art into software to clean it up. If you only draw in software you may not realize that you can fix imperfections in your work that cause critical errors on cutting machines or screens for printing. The time saved and the perfect results are worth it.
  14. Thank you. This is what I see in Affinity Publisher after "Clip to Canvas" is enabled - Just the bounding boxes (Example 1) Then, In Corel Draw you can see all the elements and objects on the desktop in every page view. I think I am asking for something that is not going to work. If I un-click the “Clip to Canvas” I see the two images on the desktop, but they are not visible on each page view. Thank you again.
  15. I really need this too. I don't understand how it could have been in the Legacy program, Serif Draw Plus (I think you can get that inexpensively - although I have trouble with it crashing a lot) and not in Affinity Design? If you are a person who is used to it, it is a must, making designer not really worth it. I don't say that easily as I love Affinity products. It is an amazing time saver - why manually trace when you can have it done for you? Please Affinity, consider working on that? BTW Xara graphic designer has it and it is not too expensive either and I find it a bit easier to use than Inkscape.
  16. I am not using proper terminology but I want to see images and objects that are not on the page but on the workspace or off canvas on every page in publisher. In Corel Draw is called the desktop and the settings are found in the page palette if someone knows what I mean by that. Thanks
  17. So APPRECIATIVE for your patience and assistance. Yes, and now I got it - duh - text frame...
  18. Thanks — I finally got it to show up and the fields. I jumped the “generate” gun and it was not showing up. That being said, — I have double-clicked each field and it does nothing. I tried clicking the text tool first and still nothing? I am an idiot...and so for now, it is not idiot-proof. I will however keep, as someone else said, “poking away” at it. It is so great to have this opportunity!
  19. Thank you Dominik - I don't see the Excelf file that I chose in the Data Manager - can someone tell me what i am doing wrong?
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