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    Free brush packs - Both Vector and Raster

    Thank you very much!
  2. undercovergypsy

    Data merge

    Mike W has a good point and I will keep this into consideration. But since it is a layout/publishing program - or am I wrong about that -How is one to do catalogs? For my purposes - I have to create labels or hand write addresses. Which means one more thing to purchase, layout/create and manually apply. I loved serif and have purchased the other two Affinity programs both for Windows and Mac. In fact that was the best thing about the Affinity software - they can be used on and the files edited on either OS - AND they are so affordable. I am still a fan and will hope for the best. I have completely switched from Quark Xpress (I have a high res. laptop and struggled to see the tools - so I am happy about that) and have rebuilt the files.
  3. I know I was not supposed to rely on Publsher for important files but I loved it so much and could use it on both my work mac and home pc that I did anyway. Now the new file for PC wont even load to install. I am freaking out - any hints of what I can do to get it? The last version will not work as it keeps telling me that that version testing is done and I have to get the new one. I don't want to go back to quark express please someone
  4. Thanks - I was confused because this is what the header says - It doesn't specify which one. I will go to the link... Affinity on Desktop Questions (Mac and Windows) Follow 142 If you have any questions about using Affinity Desktop Software - then post here.
  5. Is there a way to view all errors within a publication like finding where the overflow text is located? Or overlapping items?
  6. undercovergypsy

    How to find overflow text in a story...

    Thank you Walt for the kind answer. I am obviously in the wrong place for this question. It is not a bug and I am aware of the red dot. I have used other software in the past that showed all the errors and located them for you. I had hoped that would be so in AFPub as well. I will go to the feature request for that.
  7. I would like to request that a calendar be included in Publisher for both PC and MAC.
  8. I cant get text to wrap around shape or image.
  9. The Text Ruler is activated but no longer appears on Mac.
  10. I sure hope there is a better way to set tab stops in Affinity Publisher than guessing the measurements? I cant get them to set that way either. I know this is beta but in that case use this as a need for future builds. Thanks
  11. I have to import two pdf files every week for a bulletin. - I should mention that I also posted this in Windows bugs as I use both OS and it happens in both. When I do the file in Publisher has been changed - I am guessing because the pdf has a different font than my system. I am able to do this in QuarkXPress, Corel Dray and Page Plus with out the distortion so I am not sure what I need to do in Publisher or if it will be something fixed in upcoming versions but wanted to report it. I have to convert the pdf to an image as a workaround but it does not print as nicely as the pdf. Thanks
  12. undercovergypsy

    Data merge

    Me too - I hope to switch from QuarkXpress (which is cumbersome for me) to this product because I can use in both PC and MAC which i am forced to switch back and forth. I LOVED PagePlus and hope for all the features +. I have to have merge and I don't mind having to change a CSV file to another extension like PagePlus - But i HAVE to be able to merge and not like QXPRESS with code.
  13. Awesome - I tried that at work (MAC) and it would never bring up the ruler. Here at home (PC) it is there. I am soooooooo excited. Thanks
  14. Thanks - I did figure this much out. I wish I could click on the ruler like Serif Page Plus. I Loved that. I appreciate the great tutorial.
  15. I want to set a default that automatically chooses my specifications for "create new" is it possible?
  16. Hi I am unable to create a style from an object. I can create a style from a vector but how do I create from raster? I have a metallic square and want to make it available as a fill - Thanks
  17. Thanks - I am perplexed as well. It is fine on pc though and makes me wonder what I am doing wrong. Okay - thanks for your help. Have a great day.
  18. Sorry, as stated above it is bitmap not a vector - so I changed to adding a swatch instead but it is still not working on the MAC. Do you have any ideas about that instead?
  19. Okay - weird - I did it just fine on my pc but my work MAC will not add the style or swatch according to what has been previously discussed. Any suggestions? Thanks
  20. That is my problem in your example above your styles drop down says bitmap -I only have "default" - I added a category named it bitmap and now I have it!!! Thanks everyone.
  21. Thank you. I understand the vector part now. But I did try swatches and it will not allow that either. When I click on swatches pallette and the little menu button that is the gold.png - I don't see anything that says to add to swatches there... When I right mouse and choose swatches I get the menu that says from fill and I click it and nothing happens. - gold2.png Thanks again both of you.
  22. In Affinity Design for Windows I created a shape and gave it an outline. I then I messed around and put text on its path. It changed it so that now - there is no colored stroke/no line and I cannot re-add a stroke or fill it. What am I doing wrong? Windows 10 Latest Design update 3/2018
  23. undercovergypsy

    Affininity For Windows Freezes

  24. I have a new Dell XPS fast - fun computer. I have the newest software and use Windows 10. However, Affinity Designer freezes constantly. Actually every time I touch the screen or use my mouse on the object it freezes then goes black...sometimes my project comes back other times I have to restart and start all over. It makes it unusable in fact. Help???

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