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  1. I did this in the Photo app. And I went back to Affinity designer. Question. How can I more easily separate these shapes, so I can move them. Attached is just an example Thanks in advance pro21.afdesign
  2. I made for example the American flag in Affinity designer. I saved the picture and it is transparent next to the flag. I uploaded that image to the Affinity photo because I want to use some effects to distort the image to make the flag wavy and add a little light and shadow. And I want to save that as svg, I would like the white background to be transparent again. And by the way, I would ask, can it be broken into parts again, at least by color so that I can move those parts in the Affinity Designer, is that possible?
  3. Problem solved, now working. I closed the app and restarted it and now it works. edit - the problem still exists. it is still an error when I open 2 documents. It seems that it cannot cultivate more than one surface at a time without working without error.
  4. People, I'm stuck. i did some drawing and i saved it to an affinity designer file. And now that I open I can't unggroup the object for because improvement. Where is the problem ? I unlocked from the side and still can't separate the shapes I put together. I have version Is it a mistake or did I do something wrong? This object behaves like an image.
  5. This is not a bug, but it is a little irritating. I wish they would try to fix this through the next version. For example, I'm doing something on a 5000x5000 desktop size and I've made and shaped everything. But when I want to use old work on a new smaller desktop. let's say 2000x2000 so I have to reduce some shape, like the shape of the house, animals, etc. So it happens that the settings for (Bevel / emboss, Outline, outer glow, and more are no longer the same). It's already increased in, so I have to adjust those old shapes again. Is there an opportunity to fix this?
  6. How to turn this drawing into one image. To be able to use one pattern for the entire drawing? Attached are the pictures as an example. LOGO 1.tiff LOGO 2.tiff
  7. tank you, "clip to canvas" That was the solution I was interested in. Thanks again.
  8. When I used "Serif Draw plus", I could have shapes out of working paper. I kept some shapes for later if he wanted to change work. I can't do this here, can it be included in the options? I searched but to no avail.
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