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  1. Experiencing NDE...floating near the ceiling... "Clear!" [[[[*BUMP*]]]] +1 (Don't worry, little thread. You will not die on my watch.)
  2. "Chapettes" — to be included in the next version of Websters. Formerly "Chaptress."
  3. Will there be a release party with candy and sugary drinks? :)
  4. TheOtherRoland

    Wow, tabs in text do not work right.

    I'm trying to use tab stops in AD. Are there any useful videos online that teach about using this feature? Most other features seem to be covered, but this one is probably hidden somewhere.
  5. Q. for mods: Since the Affinity team was accurate in forecasting when the public Beta of APub would be ready for testing, I was wondering if they also had an "ideal" release date in mind, ie. "Summer 2019" or "When the rivers are aboil with eels, and the locusts have laid waste to the land, it is then I say, brethren, then...and only then, that the time of great release will be upon us." — Affinities 2 : 10 Anyone care to speculate as to when this pub will be open for business? P.S. It already feels quite familiar, working in this new app. Hope to stop seeing those "Don't use this for serious stuff—or else!" warnings soon.
  6. Is this true? And if so, only temporary? I'm going to need embedded fonts in some of my workflow. Anyone care to reply? (Hope this isn't considered a hijacking of the thread.)
  7. Order. Order! [Slamming my gavel on the block] Based upon these recent findings and the overwhelming evidence presented by eyewitnesses, it is the opinion of this court that a similar ID book feature must be added to Affinity Publisher and that evidence thereof must be shown no later than the first update after the official release date. Failure to do so will result in a penalty of expulsion from the Association for Cool Software Companies. Do I make myself clear, Mr. Affinity? Council, please ensure that your client complies with these orders lest we be seeing him back here facing a far harsher sentence in the near future. (long way around to saying: "+1")
  8. Here's a useful tutorial that helped me to get text on a circular path. Many of the other videos I've watched are either incomplete (leaving a sloppy jumble of colliding text is not what I want to see...) or they don't address the "right side up" text in the bottom — and with good spacing. I think the trick is to make use of the baseline shift — and to copy the top curve to the bottom for consistency. This at least gets it looking a little more elegant and "professional." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zVui7H93gM
  9. Worked here, too. First startup, the app crashed. But then it started fine. Maybe just a glitch.
  10. I just received in my inbox an Affinity newsletter dated "Sept. 18" that announces a new Beta (from the 17th). It's the 21st today. Is Affinity sending its emails by regular post? [Just wanted to alert you if there's an issue with delayed automated delivery or something. ]
  11. Here here. Happened to me, too. I swear it's true.
  12. TheOtherRoland

    Master Pages - two issues (to start)

    Thanks, Chris, that helps. So will updating my prescription glasses. What about the text box issue though? What if I want to make a "master" template for a page style where each contains a text box in exactly the same place? I did this in Quark for books. How does APub approach this kind of task?
  13. TheOtherRoland

    Master Pages - two issues (to start)

    I think a lot of us are coming from the older programs and expecting to find enough familiarity/similarity to justify a change to a new file format. So in my ideal world, Publisher will be as strong as the old guard of the publishing industry in terms of features, but also bringing in a lot of new and innovative bells and whistles. In my ideal world.
  14. Hi there. I'm not sure if this is related to the latest Beta of AP or just a design flaw. Here goes... For one, when I create a text box on a Master page and apply that parent page to a child page, the text box does not get transferred during that process. I then attempt to insert text with the text tool, but no text box is available on that page. Hmmm. Next issue: I can't tell what KIND of page I'm on — master or child? As my screenshot shows, both master and child pages can be selected at once — they should deselect when its opposing page is selected, I think. This also makes it confusing as to which KIND of page has the priority in the layers panel; the layers panel does not show me which page or what kind of page I'm working on. At times I have seen a locked master page icon in layers when I thought I was working on a child page. I watched the tutorials, but double clicking doesn't seem to work to choose one page over the other. Single clicking does - that's how I got the blue outlines in my screenshot. I have extensive experience with Quark from years ago and recall being able to create transferable text boxes on master pages and that there was a clearer indication of "what was what" so I wouldn't be confused about which page I was working on. I was actually typing content into the master/parent page, thinking I was on a child page. That's how all of this started. Pls fix this, or there won't be any pudding after supper.
  15. Ironic, really. When the name of a software is "PUBLISHER" - it suggests to me the publishing of books and, by extension, ebooks in this era of digital online publishing and sales. I don't need a publishing company to print brochures, just a printer will do... That's why I can't imagine why a software that calls itself Publisher would leave out any feature having to do with the printing or digital publishing of books. I own "Designer" and I use it for designing. My intention, as a writer and publisher of books, was to buy this software for book "publishing." Color me weird. Good points were made already by credible contributors with professional experience in book design, layout and exporting. I'd like to add to that: When writer's apps such as Scrivener etc., already have all of the major exporting formats and features covered, it would be a shock for any new contender to disregard what its competitors offer and deny that to its potential new customers. Let's face it, if Affinity PHOTO did not borrow heavily from Photoshop, few of us would have found a reason to buy it. Likewise, this app should be a super-charged offshoot of Quark and InDesign. I like the look and feel of this new Affinity Publisher software, but I'm surprised to hear that book publishing was not a priority for its rollout against its main competitor. Again, given the name itself, I find it ironic. However, I know books and newspapers aren't what they used to be, and maybe this went into the decision making process.