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  1. Just to report back, I have not used the Beta to format master pages. Instead, it crashed on me twice as I was trying to create a new document, so I'm back on 1.73 for now.
  2. Today I've had two text box related crashes in a row after a full day without them. It happened as I was triple and quadruple clicking inside a text box to select a full line or paragraph of text. The textbox in question was copied over from the old crashing document, whereas I've had no trouble so far with text boxes created independently in the new document. I've got a crash report, if that's of any use.
  3. Okay, fair enough. I have instead sent in your application for sainthood to the Vatican.
  4. You, sir, should be knighted for this. Thank you. The text styles menu now looks reasonably sane to me. I'm still relatively new to the program and am also of that type of person who learns by brute force doing (and watching a few videos) rather than reading through the manual. However, I have worked in that little menu on a few occasions, importing styles and checking "hierarchical" etc., but never once did the words "Show Samples" catch my eye. It must have been by design, to ensure your knighthood. Thanks again.
  5. I'm just setting up a new project and doing some experimenting and importing of styles. The text styles area in the graphic below is messy, but that's not the point. Have a look at the image and ask yourself: 1) How does one read a label that uses 2pt type in the menu? (Okay, maybe it's 3pt) 2) Why is there an indent in the "Page # Top R" Paragraph style label when it is an exact duplicate of the Top L style, except that the text has been set to align right? Is the text styles UI mimicking the edited values set in the paragraphs or character settings? So if I choose align right, does the label of that preset also move right? Point is, this looks REALLY messy and is totally ineffective in terms of organizing an easy workflow. Opinions? Insights? All are welcome.
  6. Thanks, loukash. At least I know that it's not an isolated incident. "Thoughts and prayers" as they say.
  7. I can't upload the file because its content is privileged/confidential/proprietary information. So, that's the other side of my crash situation. I alluded to this in my first post. I'll work it out.
  8. I'm working on a book design layout whose file I cannot upload for others to check because...obvious reasons. I'm using APub 1.73. The Affinity/Serif store version. Last night, the file crashed on me for the first time while I was moving around master pages and text. Today, I have crashed constantly, even immediately after opening the doc and touching the text tool icon. Anyone else having as much fun as I am with crashes related to master files / text fields? I'm going to try the latest BETA today, but you know what they say "don't use BETA versions for production work..." so yeah, catch 22-ish situation cause maybe there's a fix in the BETA. I'll see. Thankfully I learned to backup religiously in the 90's. UPDATE: I just opened the file in BETA released today. Crashed immediately as well. I'm running out of disk space on this drive, so I'm going to clear that up a bit and see if it makes the slightest difference. Program feels sluggish, too.
  9. Thanks, thomaso. I've posted in the other thread just to add to the voices of discontent. I wasn't expecting a problem with APub for something so basic.
  10. I just struggled with this same issue for the last 20 minutes - at least I hope it's the same one. I'm on a Mac using Sierra, btw, and APub 1.73. I had several single page masters set up and was making some margin adjustments to each for a printing job. When I got to one particular Recto master page, it made the adjustment, but in reverse. That is, instead of giving me more white space to the left hand margin, it gave me more on the right. What are the constitutional ramifications of the margin switching sides? Should I expect an impeachment hearing soon? My fix came via deleting the original and the copy of the Recto Master and then creating a new one with the inherited margins (I guess it's locked into memory). That worked. So it seems that one master (Recto) might be influencing the other edited Recto to be treated as a Verso. And that becomes the starting point for the margins. So even if it looks correct on screen, underneath it's actually reversed. Spooky.
  11. My mistake - I was logged out when I tried to download it and it gave me a "file removed..." message. Thought it was a public file at first.
  12. Not anymore because it was removed. [Edit: My mistake - I was logged out when I tried to download. Thought it was a public file. ]
  13. Experiencing NDE...floating near the ceiling... "Clear!" [[[[*BUMP*]]]] +1 (Don't worry, little thread. You will not die on my watch.)
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