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  1. TheOtherRoland

    Text Variables

    My mistake - I was logged out when I tried to download it and it gave me a "file removed..." message. Thought it was a public file at first.
  2. TheOtherRoland

    Text Variables

    Not anymore because it was removed. [Edit: My mistake - I was logged out when I tried to download. Thought it was a public file. ]
  3. As long as it works for Notion, I'm good. :D But seriously, I'm glad you found this issue. Will save me time scratching my head in the future.
  4. Actually, I'm not here a lot and, beyond a short burst of interest a few months ago, I have been waiting for a final release version before I really begin to grapple with the program. APub seems fairly intuitive, so far, so my assumption is that once I need it, I'll just dig right in. But as the insert text thing shows, there are a few things likely awaiting to sabotage my patience and peace of mind.
  5. Thanks, guys. I haven't even tried it but I can already tell that this is the answer to the issue because of how I saw the insert text behave next to actual typed text. It's kind of a weird thing having to turn "insert text" into actual text in preferences when in other programs I'm getting text, not a graphic representation of it. However, it's not a bad idea—kind of practical from a design standpoint. Just sneaks up on you though, real unsuspectin'-like. UPDATE: Just tried it. OMG. It works. You guys are obviously operating at a superior level of consciousness—or you've read the manual.
  6. UPDATE: This seems to only affect "filler text" and not regular text that you type in or copy/paste. ------ How do I select text? Seems like a silly question, but...I've created a text box, inserted some filler text and when I try to highlight just a few words by dragging the mouse, the whole text box instead—as in ALL of its content—is highlighted. I can't highlight just 3 simple words, or a sentence. I'm on Mac Sierra, btw. I worked with Publisher extensively a while ago and don't recall having problems selecting text. Anyone else seeing this odd text selection behavior?
  7. The end is near! [Please dress appropriately.]
  8. Experiencing NDE...floating near the ceiling... "Clear!" [[[[*BUMP*]]]] +1 (Don't worry, little thread. You will not die on my watch.)
  9. "Chapettes" — to be included in the next version of Websters. Formerly "Chaptress."
  10. Will there be a release party with candy and sugary drinks? :)
  11. Q. for mods: Since the Affinity team was accurate in forecasting when the public Beta of APub would be ready for testing, I was wondering if they also had an "ideal" release date in mind, ie. "Summer 2019" or "When the rivers are aboil with eels, and the locusts have laid waste to the land, it is then I say, brethren, then...and only then, that the time of great release will be upon us." — Affinities 2 : 10 Anyone care to speculate as to when this pub will be open for business? P.S. It already feels quite familiar, working in this new app. Hope to stop seeing those "Don't use this for serious stuff—or else!" warnings soon.
  12. TheOtherRoland

    Current Publisher does not properly recognize Adobe Fonts.

    Is this true? And if so, only temporary? I'm going to need embedded fonts in some of my workflow. Anyone care to reply? (Hope this isn't considered a hijacking of the thread.)
  13. TheOtherRoland

    Print book layout

    Order. Order! [Slamming my gavel on the block] Based upon these recent findings and the overwhelming evidence presented by eyewitnesses, it is the opinion of this court that a similar ID book feature must be added to Affinity Publisher and that evidence thereof must be shown no later than the first update after the official release date. Failure to do so will result in a penalty of expulsion from the Association for Cool Software Companies. Do I make myself clear, Mr. Affinity? Council, please ensure that your client complies with these orders lest we be seeing him back here facing a far harsher sentence in the near future. (long way around to saying: "+1")
  14. Here's a useful tutorial that helped me to get text on a circular path. Many of the other videos I've watched are either incomplete (leaving a sloppy jumble of colliding text is not what I want to see...) or they don't address the "right side up" text in the bottom — and with good spacing. I think the trick is to make use of the baseline shift — and to copy the top curve to the bottom for consistency. This at least gets it looking a little more elegant and "professional." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6zVui7H93gM
  15. TheOtherRoland

    Testing Affinity Publisher (Mac) Auto-Update

    Worked here, too. First startup, the app crashed. But then it started fine. Maybe just a glitch.

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