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  1. Leigh

    HOWTO: Disable Update Check

    If you've purchased education licenses then please drop an email to affinitysupport@serif.com - we'll be able to advise you further.
  2. Super cool cover photo!

  3. Leigh

    [AD & AP] Managing Brushes

    I logged the request with our developers back in January. Hopefully they'll sort it in a future update.
  4. Leigh

    [AD & AP] Managing Brushes

    It's not possible within the app but see point 5 in my last post about manually removing them.
  5. Leigh

    Fail to Save notice

    Have you tried saving to your desktop or local disk? You could also try creating a snapshot of the document in the Snapshots panel and then create a new document from the snapshot. You can then see if you're able to save this new version of the file.
  6. Leigh

    iCloud backup of AP (saves brushes in app)?

    Sorry for the delay in replying. I did a backup of an iPad and restored that back up and all of the Affinity Photo settings were restored for me. It restored all the current documents open in the Welcome Screen and all of my custom brushes, swatches, adjustments etc.... It seems to be working as expected.
  7. Leigh

    Fail to Save notice

    Which location are you trying to save to? Are you saving to a backup/sync location such as Dropbox, Google Drive etc?
  8. Leigh

    Lost HSL Wheel and other icons

    Welcome to the forum Shanus You could try going to View > Studio and then unticking 'Hide Studio'. If that doesn't work, try 'Reset Studio' - this will put everything back in its default location.
  9. Leigh

    Cannot save

    Welcome to the forum Karmamechanic What's happening when trying to save? Do you get an error message? Which location are you trying to save to?
  10. Leigh

    Invalid сyrillic text when opening .ai file

    Welcome to the forum Evgeny Is it possible to attach the .ai file to this thread? I will then be able to look into this further for you.
  11. Leigh

    canvas colour

    @walt.farrell is correct. This thread should help:
  12. AFAIK, not everyone will receive this email. It's only being sent to EU users who have previously signed up via the old Newsletter/Trial/Beta signup pages and haven’t got an Affinity Store account. It’s being sent to remind users who may have forgotten about signing up to the Newsletter/Trial/Beta and making them aware of these changes. This doesn’t apply to users who have purchased items through the Affinity Store because this uses a different signup procedure to the old Newsletter/Trial/Beta signup pages. If you’ve not received the email, we still like you
  13. Leigh

    iCloud backup of AP (saves brushes in app)?

    Good question. I will check with our developers to get some clarification.
  14. Leigh


    Welcome to the forum Marvins. AFAIK, we currently have no plans to open .vsd files, sorry.
  15. Leigh

    Trouble with soft proofing

    Yea, that's perfect Thank you!