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  1. Leigh

    Cat images

    I agree with what Alfred states above but I would suggest you stick to creating one cat drawing at a time before moving onto the next one. Other users have given you great advice on how to recreate the images you've attached to your posts but only practice will make your drawings better and will allow you to get more familiar with the app and its features. Do you have a deadline to meet? If not, why the rush? Just concentrate on one drawing until it's Purr-fect
  2. I've updated all the links in the original post so they point to the original video and work again
  3. I've updated all the links in the original post so they point to the original video and work again
  4. Unfortunately, It's not possible to change the Histogram from showing the linear representation. Might be worth suggesting this in the Feature Request section
  5. I've locked this thread because it's getting out of hand. @MCFC_4Heatons I would suggest that you reply to Mark's post on your other thread to explain which information is incorrect or misleading and we'll look into it and clarify: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/92826-very-dissapointed-studiolink-lacks-full-features-of-designer-photo/&do=findComment&comment=493854 @ErrkaPetti This is the second thread i've had to lock where you've replied. Several of your posts have been flagged for their personal attacks on other users. This forum is here for Affinity users to help each other - so please keep your replies civil. Feel free to PM me to discuss this further.
  6. Moved to Questions
  7. OP's question has been answered so locking this thread before anymore insults are added. Have a good weekend everyone
  8. Welcome to the forum Phoebus We're sorry for the delay in replying to your message. Unfortunately, the .afpalette file format is not publicly available.
  9. AFAIK, AFP should make use of all available cores/threads on the CPU but we've not got one of these new Ryzen chips in the building. I will ask the developers to see if they have plans to get one for testing and if we make use of L3 cache on the chip. When I know more, I will reply to this thread. Leigh
  10. Hi Pieter, I sent you a PM on 20 Jun. Can you check your messages?
  11. Hopefully one of the Photo devs, such as @Andy Somerfield , can pop in and explain more about the dehazing algorithm
  12. Welcome to the forum DasBilligeAlien This thread should help:
  13. @Pieter001 thanks for the log files. I'm going to send to a PM. @WernerL Thanks for your suggestions
  14. Unfortunately, we have no new updates on when/if this feature will be added to the app, sorry. I can only suggest that you continue to use DrawPlus/CoralDraw if it has features that Affinity Designer is currently lacking for you. If this changes. i'm sure the developers will announce it on this forum.