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  1. A small number of users are running our x64 (64 bit) apps on Windows ARM with an ARM CPU. After updating to 2.4 they have noticed that documents fail to render when loaded into the app. This is a known issue and appears to be related to OpenCL being enabled in the 2.4 update. Turning off OpenCL should resolve this issue for now. To do this, go to Edit > Settings > Performance and untick Enable OpenCL This has been logged with our developers to be fixed.
  2. We've had several reports of RAW files having Artefacts or Green Lines after updating to 2.4 on Windows. This is a known issue and appears to be related to OpenCL. Turning off OpenCL should resolve this issue for now. To do this, go to Edit > Settings > Performance and untick Enable OpenCL This has been logged with our developers to be fixed.
  3. Thanks for the update @Demys - Is it possible to install the 2.4 update and see if the issue sill persists?
  4. I completely understand your frustration @rikkarlo2 I have bumped this logged issue with our developers.
  5. Not yet, sorry. I've bumped the bug report with our developers.
  6. I understand you're frustration and if we knew what was causing your issue, we would provide a fix but unfortunately, your issues appear to be isolated to your setup or workflow. All of the advice we have given so far would normally get us to a point where we can replicate or find the cause of the issue but that's not the case for you, sorry. We will continue to investigate but without us being able to replicate the issue or get any meaningful information from your crash reports, it's proving tricky. Did you manage to try the advice from @debraspicher posted above? If so, what was the outcome? Can you provide a copy of your latest logs from EventViewer (steps on how to do that can be found here) and will get a developer to have another look to see if anything springs to mind.
  7. I've removed the files from your post but i've made them available to our support team.
  8. Thanks for your patience. I've had a look at your Log.txt and it looks like the drivers for your GTX 1650 SUPER are but the latest version is It also looks like your UHD Graphics 630 drivers are but the latest version is Is it possible to try and update to latest version for both to see if that improves things? Also, have you been able to try the 2.4 beta to see if that provides better stability?
  9. Can you try the steps mentioned in this post to see if that improves your situation?
  10. Just wanted to post a quick update on this. Our developers have confirmed that it's a bug and will be fixed in an upcoming update. Thanks for letting us know.
  11. Thanks for log file and the additional information. Sorry to be a pain but would it be possible to delete the Log.txt that's currently in %AppData%\Affinity\Publisher\2.0\ and then launch the app again to generate a new one. Once you've done this can you send this again to me and also include a screenshot of the devices listed in Edit > Settings > Performance > Renderer?
  12. Just wanted to let you know that i've been able to replicate what you're seeing. I'm going to ask our developers for clarification on how it should work - when I have an update I will let you know. Please be aware that we're heading into our annual Christmas closure so I might not be able to provide an update until the New Year. Out of curiosity, what happens if go to Rasterization and enable Rasterize Entire Page within the Print settings before printing? I'm finding the issue is related to how vector objects and raster objects are being handled.
  13. We're still looking into this but it looks like Red River Paper advise to use "Performed by App" with their Printer Profiles: https://www.redrivercatalog.com/profiles/how-to-use-inkjet-printer-profiles-affinity-photo-windows.html Still doesn't explain why the gradients in the original post are changing colour - will get back to you on that.
  14. We're sorry for the delay in replying @dlampel - we've been trying replicate your right click crash but without success. Are you still getting the crash after updating 2.3? Would it be possible to send me copy of our Log.txt from %AppData%\Affinity\Publisher\2.0\ Are you using a wired or wireless mouse? Do you have any third party drivers/software installed for the mouse? Not sure if related but worth asking at this point.
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