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  1. One of the developers, Andy Somerfield, explains here: I'm guessing the value, -2147483648%, you're receiving is wrong. I will log this with the developers to see why you're getting this.
  2. Welcome to the forum cgcody It doesn't seem possible to disable the Pressure info from the pen, sorry. However, a workaround could be to use the Pencil Tool to draw your curves with the pressure curve and then in the Stroke Panel change the style panel to Textured Brush and select the required brush from the Brushes Panel. You may need to adjust the Size Variance to get the same effect.
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  4. No idea why it's not working but it's logged with our developers to be looked at. Hope that helps!
  5. Welcome to the forum DaryIGS Have you tried right clicking the .exe and selecting 'Run As Administrator'? Have you tried restarting the machine and trying again? I'm sure we can get the app installed for you. Thanks, Leigh
  6. Emmrecs01 is correct. Please send an email to affinity@serif.com and it will be forwarded to the relevant team :)
  7. That's expected behaviour. In the beta version it's possible to load custom Lens Profiles on Startup by going to Preferences >General. If you can get a .xml version of the Lens Profile for your iPhone you can load it from there.
  8. Hi Mgoebel, did you manage to resolve this? If not, what are the dimensions of your document? Are you using the macOS or Windows version?
  9. When the icon turns to the hand icon are you able to go back to the Freehand Selection tool by pressing the Space Bar?
  10. You can get the Windows Beta build here.
  11. Thanks for the screenshots. If you go to Preferences > Tools, can you try toggling High precision tablet input (experimental) to see if that improves things?
  12. The Mac beta version has been updated to show when the Lens Correction is applied. It can also be toggled on/off. Download it from here and give it a try :)
  13. Welcome to the forum Hiroshi :) Just wanted to let you know that we've replied to your email asking for more information.
  14. Thanks for confirming. What happens if you go into the Pixel Persona and use the Paint Brush? Does Affinity Photo work correctly when using the Paint Brush? In Preferences > Performance, what do you have selected under Display?