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  1. Hi Martin 0, welcome to the forums. Can you try and install the latest build from this thread to see if that works for you?
  2. Thanks for letting us know - We'll pass this to our Documentation team
  3. Leigh

    1.6.5 fails on Windows 10

    I've sent you a PM.
  4. I've logged this with our developers for further investigation. I got your original fonts installed but as you've mentioned in your first post, they're not showing correctly in AFD. Will keep you updated.
  5. The samples are stored on Amazon Cloudfront so they should be accessible from everywhere. I take it that you've restarted the app since getting the error and trying again?
  6. Leigh

    1.6.5 fails on Windows 10

    If you could create the log file as suggest by walt.farrell and then create you're own thread, we will look into this further for you. Alternatively, you could wait until we release an updated installer and see if that works. Do you still have 1.6.4. installed and working?
  7. Leigh

    Unable to install 1.6.5 update

    Will do walt.farrell
  8. Do you have any apps installed that could be blocking the app from connecting to the net? LittleSnitch?
  9. Leigh

    1.6.5 fails on Windows 10

    No worries, just happy to know that you've got the app installed and working
  10. Leigh

    1.6.5 fails on Windows 10

    So, it appears to be an issue with .NET 3.5, more specifically this issue with fonts and invalid timestamps. If you have both .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.7 installed our installer will always use .NET 3.5. However, if you don't have .NET 3.5 installed our app will use .NET 4.7 and the installation will work without any error. We're going to update our installer so that it uses .NET 4.7 when it detects that you also have .NET 3.5 installed. Until then, users can go to Control Panel > Uninstall a Program > Turn Windows Features on or off to check which versions of .NET they have installed. If you have both .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.7 listed, untick the option for .NET 3.5. Reboot the machine when prompted and then try and install the app again.
  11. Leigh

    1.6.5 fails on Windows 10

    Not sure at the moment but we're looking into it. Once the app is installed, you should be able to reinstall the font to use it.
  12. Leigh

    1.6.5 fails on Windows 10

    Thanks to both of you. Can you both try something for me? You both have Avenir Next.ttc installed. Can you remove it from your fonts folder and then try the installer again?
  13. AFAIK, we have made changes to the installer. I'm to hear that you've managed to get the app installed
  14. You can give Mark's suggestion a try from the following post but as mentioned in the post, we won't accept any bug reports whilst this command line flag is active.