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  1. We've just released the 2.2 update for V2. It has some improvements for File Saving, so hopefully it will improve your situation. Interested to know if your documents open in 2.2
  2. Might be worth trying our latest beta builds. Our developers have improved how our apps access files when network connectivity is lost. https://affinity.serif.com/affinity-beta-program/
  3. Looks like you've solved your own issue here: Only posting for reference.
  4. Your file also loads for me too. Does this happen for all documents or just this one document?
  5. Was just about to reply but that's great to hear - thanks for letting everyone know.
  6. Leider ist es kein Witz. Unser QA-Team untersucht derzeit, wie und warum dies geschehen ist. Verfügt Ihr Kunde über eine Sicherungskopie früherer Versionen der Datei, bevor er das Update installiert hat?
  7. Yesterday, 2nd Aug 2023, we accidentally released the 2.2 beta release to retail users on Windows, which prompted users to download and install the 2.2 update. We have since removed the update. If you've installed this update, please remove this version and redownload 2.1.1 from our website here. Please note any files edited and saved in 2.2 will not reopen in 2.1.1. If you do not have a back up of the file, you can signup for the beta version here. If you're being prompted to download the update and getting an error, please follow these instructions to stop the message from appearing. I know this will have caused some confusion and will be incredibly frustrating for affected users but our QA team are currently investigating.
  8. This error indicates that you have In-App-Purchases disabled. To enable In-App-Purchases, please go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Content & Privacy Restrictions > iTunes & App Store Purchases > In-app Purchases > Check Allow
  9. Sorry, not sure why you initial post wasn't answered. I've spoke to our developers and they've confirmed it's by design. I will see if we can get something added to the help to briefly mention this to avoid further confusion.
  10. This should be fixed. If you're still having this issue in 2.1.1, please start a new Bug Report thread and provide as much information as possible and we'll take a look.
  11. If you've been unable to retrieve a backup copy of the document, please send me a link to the file via DM. I will see if we can get it recovered. I can also provide a Dropbox link if needed.
  12. @William Overington Even though the document was created in Affinity, I don't think we have a section that is suited to your discussions on Localizable Sentences unfortunately. We don't want to discourage users from posting in this section but if you're going to post here to showcase your Affinity work then please manage your expectations regarding feedback from other users and let the discussion grow organically instead of bumping the thread. I wouldn't normally post about this but this thread has been reported a few times, so wanted to say something and also lock this thread.
  13. Just wanted to let you all know that these issues have been logged with our developers.
  14. I'm my opinion having the guide publicly available would only cause more questions and confusion for users who it's not intended for. The guide explains how to Pre-Licence the MSI build. If you're still having issues, please drop us an email at corpsupport@serif.com and we can assist you further.
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