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  1. Not sure about PS but i've heard people talking about an app called Affinity Photo - never heard of it before today but they have a 10 day trial and it has a one off payment
  2. The following post from one of our developers should be helpful: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/58963-what-cpu-cores-should-i-use/&do=findComment&comment=303490
  3. Is it possible to provide us with a video showing this happening? Do you have the latest Wacom drivers installed?
  4. Hi Debbru, I've replied to your email - please reply to that if possible instead of creating extra forum posts. When you have duplicate forum threads and emails it makes it harder for us to keep on top of your issues
  5. Hi Kanpro, I take it that you're having issues with the Windows version? If you could explain your issue, I'm sure we can help and get the app working for you. I look forward to your reply
  6. Unfortunately, our apps do not currently have any features to work with calibration cards, sorry.
  7. Make sure your Colour Panel is set to Percentage and not 8 bit:
  8. AlainP is correct. You will be fine
  9. The Affinity Store version of the Affinity Photo is You've downloaded the correct version but the version number shown on the webpage is wrong. I will get this corrected. Thanks for letting us know.
  10. Welcome to the forum Olus74 The trial version is the full version but it will only work for 10 days before the need to purchase the app to continue using it. If you're looking to create a dispersion effect, check out this user tutorial here:
  11. Welcome to the forum TheMB3Life Unfortunately it's not possible to use Lightroom presets in Affinity Photo, sorry.
  12. Hi JRKlinkert, Welcome to Affinity Forums This has already been discussed in other threads. Please check this one for more information:
  13. It would have been the Mac App Store asking you to confirm your login details and not our app. I occasionally get this too on my Mac.