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  1. Welcome to the forum Twan Slices in the Export Persona use Pixels so you might be better off using an Artboard or Document Setup to resize the banner* and then go to File > Export to export to PDF with 1500 DPI *You can enter 10% in the Width or Height fields in the Transform Panel when resizing the Artboard or you can enter 10% in one of the Dimensions field in the Document Setup window.
  2. Hi Jose A, I will speak with our QA/Devs to see what I can find out. I'll try and reply ASAP.
  3. Welcome to the forum RadhaMadhava This thread should help, especially the last post by @barninga
  4. Is it possible to tell me which app & operating system you're using? Are you using a drawing tablet? This information will help me look into this further for you, thanks
  5. 1) You can create a custom slice and use the Transform Panel to set the the slice to exactly 476px x 714px 2) The Shift key can be used to constrain the slice when resizing 3) If you expand the slice in the Slices Panel you can enter 714w to set the width of the export - This video should help (it also explains how to create an export template ): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYs2Ncu8iGg
  6. photo

    It's possible to recreate this in Affinity Photo - you can clip the Curves Adjustment to the High Pass layer so the Curves Adjustment only applies to the High Pass layer. I've attached an example to this post. sharpening.afphoto
  7. Only just seen this post, sorry for late reply. Is it possible to attach your document to this post? Alternatively, send me a PM with a link to your file and I will look into this further for you.
  8. Can you share a link or sample of the grid you're trying to recreate? This will allow us to help you further.
  9. If you have 32-bit selected in the Develop Assistant it's possible to use the image adjustments in both the Develop & Photo persona to make sure no tonal information is clipped or lost. The following video from James explains this in more detail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-01rBiqFLVc
  10. Chris has replied to your other thread here
  11. It's currently only possible to add your own variables for Slices but these are only available to the current document. It's also not possible to add scripting, sorry. These features have been requested before by other users and hopefully this part of the app will be improved in the future.
  12. There's currently no Live Paint Tool or equivalent in Affinity Designer. You could use the Layer > Geometry > Divide option to split the grouped objects into their separate pieces and then recolour as needed. If you attach a sample document to this thread I can help you further
  13. Welcome to the forum qqorzi As stated here: "No particular reason for not translating into Traditional Chinese other than not knowing how many people it would benefit." Which English words are you seeing?
  14. Welcome to the forum Hannes This thread should be helpful to you:
  15. No worries. I will log this with our developers to see if it's something they can add to the Mac version.