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  1. That's a shame. Keep me updated with what FontLab say. I will speak with our devs to see if it's something we're doing wrong.
  2. Welcome to the forum anecas1979 Thanks for letting us know that you've resolved your issue! If your toolbars have disappeared, try going to View > Show Context Toolbar, View > Show Toolbar, View > Show Tools.
  3. I've just downloaded the trial of FontLab to give this a try. I exported your Cross.afdesign file to an EPS with Minimise Size selected but Relative coordinates unselected and it seemed to work. Here's my exported file - give it a try to see if it works: Cross.eps
  4. We currently have no plans to add this feature but this could change in the future. We already have a few threads in the Feature Request section asking for this to be added.
  5. You can use the in-painting tool to remove them. We have a video that explains how to do this here: Inpainting (Affinity Photo) The part you want to look at starts at 1:18
  6. Just wanted to let you know that I've moved this to the Resources section
  7. If you have Affinity Photo you could use the Equations filter ( Filters > Distort > Equations... ) to record a Macro changing the width of the image/icon. You could then use this Macro with Batch Processing to iterate through the folder containing your images/icons.
  8. 1. You would normally uncheck resample when adjusting an image’s DPI to change the dimensions of an image when printing 2. This is all explained here: https://affinity.help/photo/English.lproj/index.html?page=/SizeTransform/imageSize.html?title=Changing image size 3. The drugstore-foto-printer will normally specify the ideal DPI and size of the image to send them. 4. Each resampling method has its advantages and disadvantages. More information can be found in the above link.
  9. As you already know, our Displacement filter works differently to other apps. Your comments/feedback about this tool are logged with our developers and they will hopefully look at ways to improve it in the future. Unfortunately, I can't give you a timescale for when this will be.
  10. It's been requested a few times in the feature request section. We currently have no plans to support them but it could be something that's added in the future.
  11. @R C-R I've just updated that post to include the Windows path too
  12. Is it possible to add the file to your thread? I can then look into this further for you
  13. Welcome to the forum Airmarine:) We have a few threads covering this here, here and here I'm sure other users will share the experiences too. Don't forget to check out our iPad video tutorials on our YouTube channel. Have fun!
  14. Hi Muhammad, We're not AffinityPlan but you can contact them here: http://www.affinityplan.org/Contact-Us/Contact-Us/
  15. Good News! The Apple TV app has been updated Thanks @James Ritson