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  1. Just wanted to let you know that this is a known issue and is logged with our developers.
  2. @ETL Walt is correct. Please send an email to corpsales@serif.com to discuss this further.
  3. For macOS: Close Affinity Start Terminal Type the below (ensuring you change 'yourusername' for the name of your user folder) and press Enter to execute the command launchctl setenv PDFLIBLOGGING "filename=/Users/yourusername/Desktop/PDFLib.log" Run Affinity and export to PDF and then click OK to accept the error message Go to /Users/yourusername/Documents and send the newly created PDFLib.log to the support team as requested. (Ensuring you change yourusername as above) Start Terminal again Type the following to stop the logging and to return your settings back to normal launchctl unsetenv PDFLIBLOGGING
  4. If you're having issues exporting to PDF, you may be advised by the Support team to enable PDFLogging. This will allow our developers to look into your issue further and hopefully figure out what's causing the issue. For Windows: Create a folder called temp on the root of your C:\ drive so you have folder at C:\Temp\ Run PDFLibLogging.reg - this will create a registry entry that enables logging for PDF Export Run Affinity and export to PDF and then click OK to accept the error message. Go to C:\Temp\ and send the newly created PDFlib.txt file to the support team as requested Now run PDFLibLoggingRemove.reg to return your settings back to normal PDFLibLogging.reg PDFLibLoggingRemove.reg
  5. Thanks for the clarification and information. If you run into similar issues after updating to 2.0.3 and are able to replicate them, please start a new thread in the bugs section and we'll take a look 👍
  6. After installing 1.10.6 are you still having issues scrolling fonts or just with the Resource Manager? If it's just the Resource Manager then you could have a different issue. Are you having the same issues with V2 too?
  7. We've finally got round to replying to your email - feel free to reply there or here.
  8. We've had numerous reports of this issue and it's currently logged with our developers.
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