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  1. In addition, Apple has a history of hosing users of its photography products. They abandoned Aperture, and then they abandoned iPhoto for Photos. At each step you lost features and metadata. The migration was a real hassle. If Apple had a Lightroom-like product again today, I wouldn't touch it. So, anyway, put down my vote for Serif taking on Lightroom too, I'd buy it right away. In the meantime, has anyone found a pleasant and affordable Lightroom alternative? I realize I can Google a list of options and install them all ... but if anyone will vouch for something they like, that would be great to see.
  2. @ra.skill OP started that discussion but another poster wanted source document protection too. Though now I see that was an old post, so I guess that guy bailed out!
  3. If you need your SOURCE DOCUMENTS protected then it seems like you are better off using a tool which encrypts your whole volume, rather than getting each individual application to cook up their own encryption method. Since this is something every OS already provides I would rather see Serif put their efforts into adding PDF protection, which would be truly useful to many.
  4. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Affinity Designer shot Kennedy. Do your own research.
  5. Nice table @QasimMGM. I hope the Serif staff have one like it. All of us are dying for one feature or another.
  6. This remains an unfortunate state of affairs. If there is a button I can click to vote for these tools, I'll click it.
  7. I also use AD with a laser cutter and I have never noticed the stroke width to change anything in how the cutter works. Maybe it's a difference in our cutter software--mine sees a stroke of any visual style as a cut line, and it cuts on the centerline. Regardless I support all laser-friendly enhancements!
  8. A tool like Illustrator's Offset Path is absolutely critical for many of my laser cutter projects ... thanks a million for putting it in our toolbox. And it has the miter option, also required for my needs! This makes a really big impact on my effort to abandon Adobe 100%. Well, I think Inkscape has the feature too, but I'd rather poke out my eye than use Inkscape most days. As others have said it would be nice to have an option to leave the original object behind too, sure. But for my projects I only need one contour on any object and I actually love how it works now, remembering that the object has a contour on it until you bake it in. I'm usually adding a contour of ~0.007" (or half that) which you can't see at normal working zooms ... so having a reminder in the toolbar that an object has been contoured is fantastic. FYI, I use the feature to make laser cut parts that snap together like puzzle pieces, for example this journal cover.
  9. I'm actually having a big problem with this. A linked Designer file won't show an update until I quit and restart Publisher. And now Publisher is in a very weird state where I have gotten the linked Designer file to appear correctly on screen... but when I export the file as a PDF, the PDF output is clearly using the originally linked version of the file. I'm actually going to have to delete/replace the asset to get around this. For me, linking is pretty borken. (Windows
  10. Well that is good news! It still sucks that it doesn't work the other way.
  11. Try iMazing, the desktop app. It includes means to browse the iOS file system. I think that it is fully featured during the trial period. Good luck!
  12. Yeah, this definitely sucks. However I think you can work around it with an an alternative file manager. Get "Documents by Readdle," which is fortunately free. Pour a drink Copy your .afdesign file to Google Drive. Open Documents, configure it to access Google Drive (maybe this is done in Files first, can't recall now). Copy your .afdesign from Google Drive into Documents' LOCAL file system. If you hit "download" on the "..." menu next to your file in the file list, you can choose Download (this will put it into Documents' "Downloads" folder and from there you can move it to any other folder, etc.) Be careful: there is an iCloud folder for "Documents" too. You don't want it. Have some of that drink now Your .afdesign file should now be copied from Google Drive into Documents' own filespace on your iPad. Now, open Designer on your iPad. Hit the "+" and "Open from Cloud." THEN, use the "Locations" nav link in the upper left to back out to the top level of the file picker. Under Locations, choose "Documents" (the Readdle icon). Yes, we had to pick "Open from Cloud" to navigate to a location in our local file system. Tim Cook says "deal with it." Find your .afdesign in Documents' file space, and tap it to open it. Finish that drink and be creative? Or maybe it's time to call it a day now. What were we doing? This sucks too, of course, but at least it works. Honestly this kind of nonsense keeps me from using my nice iOS productivity apps. I own all the Serif apps, but 99.6% of the time I wait until I am at a real computer so I don't have to do this kind of dance. This is objectively not a good system, Apple!
  13. This is not awesome, but on the plus side we at least got a detailed answer.
  14. I use Cascable on iOS to view photos on my camera via wifi, and then I can transfer raw files in to Affinity Photo. BUT, Cascable is only as fast as the wifi on your camera. It's barely tolerable in my case and I intend to experiment with a card reader since I have an iPad Pro with USB-C.
  15. Ok, thanks. Never thought to check that. It seems strange that those rules would change as they did. Squares work one way, circles another? If that is intentional it doesn’t make sense to me.
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