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  1. Sorry about that! I added a link to the free brush set in the post.
  2. It would be nice to have a "save as preset" in the raw editor for all edits. Currently I have to make a preset for the curves, WB, Basic, etc.
  3. Try out this FREE 3 pack of Tiki Liners from KAEV! You’re going to really enjoy how smooth and responsive these brushes are. If you do love them, consider purchasing the full set of 20 liners at a discount this holiday season for $4.99! LIMITED TIME ONLY! Free Tiki Liners Brushes Get the complete Tiki Liners pack here!
  4. Can someone please post the links mentioned? Sorry if you already shared. In English?
  5. At one point it seemed like the whole graphic design/digital art world was jumping on team Affinity right before PS got Ai generative fill and Affinity had all the momentum. BUT, now there’s been an exponential shift towards adding some kind of AI to software apps that it just simply cannot be ignored. (I believe Adobe was actually concerned about seeing their users dropping them for Affinity at one point and jumped into coming up with something to stop this momentum so they released the first gen of ai fill). Luminar marketing has always kept them afloat by repackaging their app and adding things like AI Enhance which is nothing more than an auto correct on steroids. Then they kept building on it and added more AI tools. So point is we have arrived in the AI era and implementing it is unavoidable to stay relevant. I’m actually okay with Affinity not having AI tools right now in 2023 but they could at least make it a mission to overhaul the app after almost 10 years of no true major enhancements to the tools already there? How about a better quick select tool (it’s okay but could be better- auto select foreground, body, subject comes to mind) better Raw development, adding the tools to Designer that it still needs to be competitive (blend tool, auto trace-even free and cheap apps now offer some sort of tracing), a complete overhaul of the brushes engine to import PS brushes with more their setting. Add more options to the FX panel with also more settings or most that matter, like the bevel settings, contour options for better text effects, pattern overlay for a strong complete package of text effects, a better blend settings UI, and so much more. So DON’T add AI for now but please make the app better in areas that it could be improved upon.
  6. If I uninstall and then reinstall Designer from iPad, will it load all the brushes it had before the uninstall? Affinity Photo's brushes will not be affected by this so my thinking is since they share the same library, they should repopulate, correct?
  7. Is there a way to only delete the mask from an adjustment layer? Is there a Hide Mask function?
  8. I'm in Photo 2, I thought that I could go back into the Raw image once I clicked develop and see all my settings?
  9. Can we get stabilization as part of individual brush settings? Is this hard to do?
  10. Please add a trim function to the boolean operators. The shape builder may work but it's too tedious after a complex design is made.
  11. Have there been any developments to this? I just tried it again and it still won't make or apply a style correctly.
  12. Got a notification in test flight that there was a new iPad beta for iPad designer. Is there one?
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