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  1. Can you please add larger amounts of tracking presets in the character panel? Up to 100 at least. It would allow for good options for text design. Adobe has theirs at 100 and a bigger jump to 200. Which I do find myself using. I know that I can input it, but if there's gonna be presets amounts--just requesting at least one big bump.
  2. When I open the attached photo in Photo 2, I go to the develop persona, click on white balance, and as soon as I move the slider, Photo crashes. Please see if you also find this. It will open in Affinity Photo V1 no problem.
  3. I'm gonna wait for someone else's response. Yours seems a little on the harsh smart side. It's an innocent question.
  4. This question is really just for info's sake. Why can't we have a vector brush extension and a raster brush extension? I don't think its a big deal for them both to have .afbrush but it would make it clear in a folder of brushes which ones go with designer (vector brushes) and which ones are strictly raster.
  5. I have noticed that the photo browser inside the apps is very slow to open anything. Compared to Pixelmator Pro, it opens up instantly, -all photos with albums, favorites, and recents. I think that this is an area that desperately needs improvement.
  6. In the FX panel using the new multi-outline feature, I wanted to blend two different colors of outlines. But it's not working correctly. Basically I'll be explaining that yellow and blue makes green in the colors used. The small square is the example of what the text outline should look like. There are two squares, one with a yellow stroke with a second square directly on top with a blue stroke, this one is set to multiply to give me the green color showing. This green outline is correct- you mix yellow and blue in multiply mode. As for the text and the same scenario used-two outlines, yellow on the bottom and blue on the top with the blend mode set to multiply, I do not get green. It should show green as the outlines are directly on top of each other. See attached.
  7. Adding these controls to the Distortion amount would be very useful. Please consider.
  8. Make the single line a symbol, duplicate it in the way it is here. Change one node, you change all at once. You don't really need a mesh group. line symbol.mov
  9. It appears that the move up or down arrows of the styles only works with same effects kind (color overlays over color overlays). It will not let me move a color overlay over a gradient overlay, but just by seeing the UI it looks like it should let me.
  10. Objective: HDR Merge using file browser within Photo's HDR merge window. I want to add RAW photos that are in my Apple iCloud photos library but don't show up in this window. Why can't I see them?
  11. I love the pixel brushes but I can’t make a smooth stroke to save my life. I have to always mess with the stabilizer settings to get a smooth stroke. Could we please get stabilization built in to brush settings for pixel brushes? The brushes would hove a pro feel and would be beneficial to users. The quality of the brushes is already outstanding but the only thing missing on these perfect bushes to make them "so pro" is this stabilization. We are the only pro app that has this setting outside of the brush settings. Apps like Art studio, painter and Art set all have his feature in the brush settings.
  12. Is there such a feature as auto scroll to page in Publisher? Indesign has this where you can be in the thumbnail pages panel and double-click the page and the app will show that page on the screen, and vice-versa, if you're on a page on screen it will take you to the page on the thumbnails.
  13. Just saw that Microsoft released an app called Designer. No respect for companies already using this name for an app for almost ten years!
  14. Also, switching to another app and then returning to continue working, I will lose the last work applied. In my case,drawing strokes. What is happening here?
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