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  1. Yes this brush is artistic. Great job!
  2. Yes its very hard to see the tab headings. And it appears to be across the board.
  3. What are the conditions that alignment options get shown in the options bar? I get it when I want to align text objects but not when I want to align pixel layers.
  4. Really would like to see a better layer identifying system in terms of color differentiation. I know there sort of is but its a conditional approach. Not across the board. Would really help easily find thing on the layers panel.
  5. Purchased and ready to explore the possibilities with Affinity!
  6. I can't believe it either. To each his own!
  7. Would like to see Affinity add multiple instances of an effect--multi-strokes, multi shadows, multi glows, you get the idea.
  8. Noticed this on the latest MAS version. Maybe we could bump up the visibility of the unselected formats in this window? Knit picky I guess, but I did "notice" it.
  9. Would like for Affinity to add a fix-all filter slider like Luminar's Accent filter.
  10. Why are there two color choosers? I like the bigger one and it looks like there's more options. Can this one be the default color panel? What is the logic behind 2 color choosers? I've always wondered.
  11. I would like to request that if I want to add a mask layer that it does a couple things automatically considering this is a conventional workflow for most: 1. When I select a layer to add an empty reveal all mask I would want it to be auto-selected and ready to paint on. 2. Change brush color swatches to be black and white, but black to start since I created a reveal all mask in the step before.
  12. I noticed that the Liquify tools work excellent when I use mouse on my Mac. However when I try to use my older Wacom Intuos 3 tablet I get BAD BAD BAD delay and it appears it doesn't work because of this. Because its an older model?
  13. I think this post merits a video from the "tutorial guy". all kidding aside. THere is no good documentation of this. Or at least I didn't get any help from the HELP section.
  14. What would be the reason Designer couldn't open a one layer pixel file in Photo. I have Edit in Photo greyed out. Using lastest 1.6 version of Designer.