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  1. evtonic3

    Brush gradients editing

    Okay, but what do I do to prevent this?
  2. evtonic3

    Brush gradients editing

    Thanks MEB, upon doing just this to edit a gradient, why is there color contamination in the gradient from one stop to another stop color that has been given zero opacity? Shouldn't the stop totally clear itself out of the gradient mix?
  3. evtonic3

    Brush gradients editing

    If I use a gradient swatch to paint with using the paintbrush in Draw Persona, how do I edit the gradient to change up the colors?
  4. Please Affinity developers, make this request happen. A bit of polish to the app would be great help.
  5. evtonic3

    Perspective Grid

    Windows users must have a different reaction to what is explained, I can't get it to work on a mac following the last post's direction. Thanks anyway.
  6. evtonic3

    Perspective Grid

    Thanks, I got it to work as advertised, but I'd like to keep my artwork on top of the grids and still be able to snap like it does when I'm in the grid's group. I'd like to know the setup for this, please.
  7. It would be a nice addition to be able to resize text and multiple text objects by inputting point size AND have them all reduce or increase size by the transformation panel reference point. It does do this now but I have to input an overall width in the transformation panel. Just would keep things uniform in point size and not get a weird decimal point size. Thanks
  8. evtonic3

    Colorization - Winston Churchill

    I get what you're saying. The right exposure is always an opinion and the poster asked for ours.
  9. evtonic3

    Colorization - Winston Churchill

    Blacks are too dark. Even blacks have detail if exposure setting is right. That's my only criticism. Good job.
  10. Would like to see live previews when using a slider in a macro, each slider changes the image but I have to stop sliding in order for the change to occur.
  11. evtonic3

    Split Channels

    I think you can do it. I work in the food industry hence the pizza as an example, I imagine screen prints will always be solid vector colors but the idea is here. I would still need to find a few more shortcuts to make the workflow seamless even maybe a macro. But I don't think I can get to that anytime soon. Hope this reflects what some of you are needing to do.
  12. evtonic3

    Perspective Grid

    Is there a trick to getting new objects created to snap to your grid?
  13. evtonic3

    Levels Presets

    How do I recall a saved preset that I added? I made a Levels preset but don't see the option to apply it on another layer.
  14. evtonic3

    Reset brush?

    Does brush reset really work in the brush editing panel? If so how? I can't get the values back to how they were by pressing this button.
  15. evtonic3

    Add Noise to Grey layer

    That helped thanks