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  1. How can I make the default stroke have a different setting in Designer?
  2. I would like to learn to use Designer's web-specific features to try to create web pages but I don't know where to look. I'm not at all a web designer but a graphic designer, so I'm already behind. A few features that come to mind that I've seen Designer now has is its Constraints feature. I'd like to better understand this and other features it may have to better create documents to use with maybe a collaboration with a web page design firm. More specifically, can I create content with Designer that a professional web team that more than likely doesn't have, can use to improve my company's web page? I know a ton of places use sketch instead of others and for a while there I thought Designer was going to lean heavier into web design tools, but now I just wonder how deep I use Designer to help build web pages. Anything anyone can send my way would be greatly appreciated, videos, web pages, blogs whatever!! Thanks!
  3. I think this should be "lifted", for those that work 100% vector. I'm working on a design that requires a halftone pattern which of course well exceeds 5-6K objects and to have different versions of this design, is just crazy the number of objects.
  4. Sometimes I inadvertently select an object that's in a group with hundreds of vector objects and the show in layers will reflect this, and I just wish we had a close or minimize containing group. Hope this makes sense. Because then I have to scroll the entire layers panel to "get out". There is however an Expand or Collapse selection, but you have to be already have selected a group layer.
  5. What makes the popup indictor snapping timed out show. I do sense my Mac is already sluggish when it does this.
  6. There are no filters yet in AD. Everything has to be hacked out and done manually- sans filters.
  7. evtonic3

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta (

    OPINION: I'm not sure where to post this as it pertains to a big picture idea of Photo and Designer software. I'll try to keep it simple and to the point to avoid confusion. First of all, I love Affinity and all they have contributed to the design world the last 5 years or so- I've been with them and still am since the first beta to the first version of Designer came out. I had to say that. I also really like other design and photo apps and have tried them but I always come back to Affinity, I don't think I would ever move away from, no matter what. My concern is that there are lots of apps that are going in a different direction when it comes to UI and the access to all controls are all basically sliders that reside on the right side of the screen. I mean the adjustments are ALL stacked and one can grab one or all, reference Pixelmator Pro, Luminar, Lightroom CC, they're all sliders to control the adjustments. I just wonder if the current UI is or isn't the future of what Affinity apps should look like. I know why Photo looks like it does, mostly to convince PS users that Photo is just like (but better I know) and that you should be able to find everything with some sense of familiarity. I mean you won't get too lost. Now I just think no one wants to be like Photoshop or even look like them but yet Photo does. Now the newly updated breeds of apps are showing to adopt a new UI template that I think IMO looks like a faster and more efficient way to get to the adjustments. They are already ready to be "slidden". Again this is a total opinion and observation and in no way am trying to create any controversy, I just wished I had somewhere to post my opinion and thoughts about this. Please don't beat me up too bad guys! I love Affinity! #affinitytillidie
  8. evtonic3

    Wow, tabs in text do not work right.

    Here's how I figured out this insane setting panel. I only turned on snap to grid to help see everything. Hope this helps.
  9. Adding/Subtracting selection via the layers menu would be great to see. At this time I cannot select more than one layer's contents, I'm not even sure it it's possible in Photo either as I've run in to this scenario as well. If anyone has a good tutorial on how to do this would be awesome.
  10. Is it possible to add a sample color dropper to the Recolor adjustment? It would be great to have!
  11. Is there still a reason why when we add a category in any panel, there's the Create new Category then it gets made then we have to Name that category? I just wish that it was understood if we're adding a category then it would need a name? Automatically? Unless there is a time when one would never want to add a category but never name it. Ex. Assets, brushes, palettes, etc.
  12. If we could please add something like this to brushes! I have tons and I can't collapse them or group them! Please @MattP??!! lol
  13. I'm hoping to get some FX inside the Appearance panel like drop shadow, inner shadow, glows, etc. similar to Graphic app.
  14. What is a vector container?
  15. Please see if you can add the text frame ruler as well!! it would be the best!