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  1. Just curious if anyone in the web design field can point me in the right direction. I built a mockup webpage that is not passing ADA compliance because of the contrast ratio of buttons and the use of white text on them (for branding purposes). I have to rework them, but would a ADA compliant web pallete be the way to go here or is there even such a thing? (I've never had a use for this before) or do I have to check with this site as I was given in order to find the right contrast ratio? Sorry a newbie in this aspect of web design which technically I am not a web designer. I deal with print graphics mainly.
  2. What is going on with the loading percentage at the top of a loaded affinity doc? I recently saved a file that will not load all the because it says I've lost access to a file that is saved locally on my iMac Pro.
  3. Have not looked in to this. Is there any documentation of this? I’m a creature of habit and i know that i will always choose my first object then the rest will align to it. Just don’t see the need for the extra clicks.
  4. Why don't these align buttons honor the First Selected setting inside this button? It may seem knit picky to ask but a couple of clicks less adds to being more efficient.
  5. I did a simple File> Place, then I did the image tool to place, then I did a image frame they all won't work. I think there's an issue with the EPS format not showing for some reason in 1.7. I created the image in 1.7 and exported it in EPS-for print, for export. They all wouldn't show. Also opened the eps file in Photo to see if it would be visible and it was also blank (white image)
  6. Can someone explain why the AI pathfinder is deemed superior to AD in terms of capability? I know there are different modes (sorry its been a while) that one can use apart from the standard boolean operations.
  7. I get the same thing. Hope they patch this soon.
  8. I've tried many time to add an EPS image to a Publisher doc but the image is not showing-it's a white image, how do I do this?
  9. I often have to rasterize layers to clean them up but I can only do that one layer at a time. Can you please add this functionality?
  10. I'd like to be able to copy paste a rectangle with no stroke or fill from AD to AI for a special job that requires me to paste things in the exact place in AD in to AI. Sort of a hack to place things in the right place. I used to do this in AI and pasting into PS.
  11. +1 Need this so bad!! I have a website agency wanting editable text in the PSD. Please add!!
  12. Thanks worked great!
  13. Would LOVE to have this added so that I can clean up my files. I am the type that is terrible at cleaning up unused layers when I'm done with an image. It would save me space and would allow my overall performance go up I believe.
  14. evtonic3


    Not sure if this is same kind of thing but in Graphic one can create their own plugins based on Javascript with optional access to Mac OS X's powerful Cocoa APIs and the results look great. I hope we can have this one day.
  15. I wish a painter like you can tell others, like what exactly you mean the painting experience is improved. I wish I could tell other than adding the sub brushes feature. Can you elaborate? Thanks!