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  1. In the Layer styles panel, I would find it very useful to make a gradient repeat itself when applied to something. For example If I have an assortment of colors that are applied to text, if it repeated the gradient I don't have to create an endless pattern of the same colors. With a repeat option it would apply the already set up gradient and repeat it across the span of the entire text object.
  2. Newbie at this. So I see there's plenty of youtube videos, and web pages that show Designer making website assets and full web pages in desktop and mobile. But can someone provide links of tutorials that can help one that has never really made a mobile or desktop site, take it to the next step of publishing their website after making the UI in Designer? Thanks!
  3. I was going to submit this same thing! I found the same thing. It bounces back.
  4. I'm curious, are we through retooling the code like it was talked about before 1.6 came out and therefore held up advancement in the software? I may have this wrong sorry if I do.
  5. Yep, it still hasn't been addressed. I tend to that on this forum. lol
  6. Could this be right? The develop persona outputs this jpg file with washed out details in the sky. Here's the same picture against another editor's develop module. I don't know if it matters but this is right-clicked 7 year old photo saved from FB, therefore it is low res. But the details still come thru on the other brands develop module.
  7. I can save Affinity Layers in a exported TIFF file and see these layers upon opening this file, yet when I want to place this same file in an existing Designer doc, it imports as a flattened TIFF image? Is this right?
  8. Would like to be able to delete multiple assets at once. Shift and control click. Thanks
  9. Just curious if anyone has G'MIC installed as one of their plugins on Affinity? If so what version DL was it that worked?
  10. What does this mean in the export persona: Drag token? This is in the path box where one can enter path information to export each individual slice.
  11. There is a way to save files that go inside folders using the export persona that was introduced a while back. Basically you can tell the file where it's going to be saved all inside the export persona at the point of giving it a name. This topic was not talked about much but proved to be a powerful tool. Does anyone remember this? I may have gotten the details wrong.
  12. That isn't what I mean. One can create a new category and place individual brushes inside a newly created category named whatever one wants, this is all good and dandy but being able to move entire brush "sets" into custom folders is what I believe needs to be addressed. I have way too many brushes now and it is getting unorganized.
  13. The most basic organization is needed I believe is having "folders" or categories and subcategories. So that we don't have this to look at to find brushes.
  14. I found that the font's letter V was made poorly. There was an extra node that shouldn't have been there creating the weirdness. Disregard post.