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  1. Hopefully snapping to symmetry will be added. Also would like to be able to lock the origin or center of the symmetry as I'd like to start my design from the center and work my strokes out from it.
  2. GREP has helped me out so much in editing a corporate manual, especially changing out swatches. Please add GREP to Publisher!
  3. Would like to be able to export/save my symbols and store them in a user category, like with brushes, we can create our own category (library) and add to them and it would live in the app.
  4. With the new sub brush system put in place now, I'm very excited of the possibilities although I feel that not being able to add the second or third brush from the existing library is counterintuitive. I believe other apps allow for choosing the second brush from within, why do I have to go out and find an image of some other third party image supplier or brush maker? Unless I'm missing how this works, someone please fill me in.
  5. Would be awesome if we could have a master scale effects slider for a chosen style. Maybe in the top next to Fill Opacity input slider of the Effects panel?
  6. evtonic3

    Inverting an adjustment layer

    I erroneously had a selection on the whole canvas that prevented this. Which I guess if the selection marching ants would've been more visible I would've troubleshooted this to find this was the issue. The marching ants are a bit faint.
  7. In AP 1.6 I can quickly Command-I to invert any adjustment layer I add, but I can't in 1.7.
  8. I'd like to add a blank adjustment layer by ALT or right-click (or another shortcut) the name of the layer. Then I would be ready to paint into it.
  9. Okay. How is a grey to white a default? I've always wondered why this is in Affinity.
  10. Would like to have the option to re-edit masks placed on live filters after I added it with the gradient tool (fill tool). Replacing the existing with a new one by drawing the new gradient over existing.
  11. evtonic3

    Font BG color

    I copied al the contents to a new document, without the text and I did not have the issue anymore, so all good for today! Thanks!
  12. I have some text on a doc that a has a color background on it and I checked the only place I know to check to turn it off and it does not have a BG color turned on. Yet I still get the BG color? Any ideas?
  13. Fantasy request here-make a shadow maker of extracted objects from another image. A filter or persona even to recreate the age old dilemma of recreating a realistic shadow for objects that are extracted- complete with perspective controls. This would be the greatest thing ever!
  14. evtonic3

    GUI glitch

    Just noticed this UI glitch in the REVERSE button overlapping the DELETE button.
  15. evtonic3

    Healing brush lag

    No reason. I've just always liked to keep edits on their own layer. I used to not get lag. This is my concern.