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  1. Please get this to work like it does in PS Affinity guys. This is a very important thing to be able to do for those that rely on this functionality! Thanks
  2. evtonic3

    Leading shortcut

    If I place text that will have two lines, I can use the shortcut for increasing and decreasing leading as expected with OPT+UP or DOWN arrows. But if I use increase or decrease it with the Text panel leading setting arrows, I cannot go back to using the shortcut keys, even though the history panel is recording me as doing it.
  3. Since winter 2014 I left illustrator, then I left Photoshop in 2015. No I'm waiting to leave Indesign in 2019!
  4. evtonic3

    Left docked panels disappear

    Every time I tab to get a full canvas view of my artwork my left docked panels disappear, then I have to bring them back by going to View>Studio>...
  5. Will tools like a shape builder tool, symmetry tool, contour tool, 3-d perspective tool, and other time-cutting tools be implemented in Designer? Now that we have the world's attention, I think adding some new smart tools would help tremendously.
  6. Would like to know if there will ever be an effort to create a pattern brush option in Draw persona that can be true vector. Like these:
  7. evtonic3

    Chord Swatch Bug

    I have a CMYK color recipe that I use daily at my job and I wanted to create a tints chord swatch of it, but when I do I get weird non-realistic interpretation of it. In the video its the first one I create the chord swatch--the greenish color. I tried this with the next two colors, pink and orange and the results are fine, what I'd expect. For some reason this green color is not working out. Any ideas? Chord Swatch.mov
  8. evtonic3

    Docking Studios

    Why can't I have the same movability of studios after I add one to an existing studio? It also makes the original studio decrease in size. If I have one I can increase or decrease the size of it. If I have more than one the handles to increase the size, I get the NO you cannot do that icon. Dock Bug.mov
  9. How can I save studios as my default? I like to move studios (palettes) around to my liking and save as default every time I open Designer/Photo.
  10. I have accumulated 32 gigs of autosave files (I'm cleaning out my mac). Is it okay to delete these files from time to time?
  11. What is a good equation to insert in the resize fields when resizing many RAW files? I would like to reduce the files to say 50 percent.
  12. Why can't I get a straight line when I use the brush tool and create a starting point then shift-click the second point to make a straight line? It plots a random line nowhere near the intended.
  13. If I create an EPS file in AD it opens fine in AI except that it gives it a way bigger canvas than the actual document is. Is there a way to avoid this from happening?
  14. Yes it does. Hopefully they will hear my request.