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  1. Thanks Mr. R C-R. is there any documentation on what else this pop up path components panel is used for?
  2. I created a document that has 3 different export versions a pdf, eps and jpeg. This file is 24x36 inches. How can I export the jpeg a different resolution and pixel dimensions than the others?
  3. Here's a video. I know it seems petty but I'm just reporting what I see. I really just thought there was a setting to engage to view this line. APub_startup.mov
  4. All I did was tell APub that I wanted 12 pages, with bleed, nothing crazy. But I redid my steps and it looks like the line won't appear unless you engage or click on the pages on the pasteboard. THEN I got the line in the middle. What I did was just say ok to create the doc and I scrolled to see all the blank pages, without clicking anything and just by scrolling, it won't produce the middle line.
  5. I may have overlooked this but can I turn on page boundaries across all pages to see where the middle of the spread is? By default facing pages has one huge white space and its a little distracting to me.
  6. I suggest don't even post a roadmap. What's the point? Just say we got some exciting things coming in our next release a couple of months before. (secrecy keeps you guessing and wanting more-knowing and not fulfilling is torture) Posting a 5 year roadmap doesn't leave users a whole lot of hope.
  7. Would like to see some new features in the vector brushes section like flipping the direction of a texture line style.
  8. Mac Affinity Photo, opened a saved file on a thumb drive worked on it all day saving periodically, but the last final version of artwork gave me this message. It saves the filename onto the local mac drive but the file size is zero.
  9. What does it mean when it says File could not be written to? It won't save is all I know.
  10. I'm hoping they start adding AI filters to Photo. It seems the ways of Luminar's AI filter, Photolemur's simple auto-fix software, and some other apps, this is where Photo needs to go. We all know that they can compete with Photoshop almost punch for punch, but that doesn't mean they are the future to match up to anymore. There are lots of apps that are integrating tomorrow's technologies today. I hope they come out punching, Luminar is coming out with a new smart DAM that will be free for Luminar 2018 users, and they're just giving up the goods to their customers. I hope we can get in on that technology action!
  11. It would be great to add an eyedropper to the recolor adjustment that would sample the image and allow a live preview. Think mocking up a house image and you want to envision a new fascia board color and you want to be able to match a brick color. That's my project! lol
  12. I believe that competition is getting stiff with image editors, and I see that many are putting out new features that showcase AI filters or quick fix sliders found in Luminar, Pixelmator Pro and others. Are the developers working on something similar?
  13. evtonic3

    Fill from SHIFT F5 shortcut

    When I make a selection and then choose to set the fill with shift+F5 I get the window to fill with color, but I find that the blend modes don't change the appearance when I choose custom color. I believe its supposed to give a live preview.
  14. Affinity Team please make this a priority. I think it would be great to add the your next release.
  15. Trying to replicate a shadow effect technique here in Photo but he uses some blurs that I'm not too sure about if there is in Photo--Iris Blue and Field Blur. Can someone tell me if there is? Also is there a cheat sheet to compare the effects in Photos (all) with their equivalent in Photoshop? If there is one, it would certainly help with newcomers from PS over to Affinity. It would help me if I have to train someone and the trainee asks me directly to help them find their equivalent, I wouldn't know either. In conclusion, if the adaptors of Affinity like myself ever need to train someone in the corporate world, let's say a young green jr. designer right out of college, I need to be able to tell where these things are in Affinity.