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  1. Macphun Luminar search and categories breakdown works well for me.
  2. I have tried to make an online version of artwork I produce for my job but I can't seem to figure out how to make a macros for it, even though I know AP is capable of it. My project is this: 1. Open any jpeg or flattened pdf file and open in Photo 2. Reduce the image size for web use to 72ppi (its always going to be a 300ppi file that is really for print) and make it 350px in height ---doesn't matter on the width 3. Make canvas 400x400px so that the image is now centered on this new size 4. Add a soft shadow on this image on this new canvas size 5. Get me to the point I would just tell the app where I want to save it to I can do this macro (action in PS) in Photoshop without any problem, but I am pretty sure I can do it in AP too. Just a little lost. Attached here is the action in action in PS with a random image from the web to demonstrate what I want to achieve. When I try these same steps I used to make this action in PS in Photo, I get a stretched image that never works and it never really finishes the macro or so it seems. The image winds up being stretched and far from the canvas off to the lower RH side... SO I must be doing things wrong. Web file Action_.mov
  3. I notice every time a youtuber does a tutorial on the ipad version and they go to filters, they have to scroll endlessly to find the filter needed. Could you add a search function to this if it doesn't already have one. Every time I see a video it just screams to me that there should be a search field for this. I don't own ipad version and excuse me if there is already this functionality.
  4. WHat app is this?
  5. Believe me I can get it look like Graphics with the Align and Distribute functions, just thought I could do it all in "one step" using CMD+J. Maybe it can't be!
  6. Thanks to the both of you, but I believe the examples you both provided give the same result. I would like the distribution space of the bars to be like Graphic's. The thinner the bars going up, they're also getting more space in between, making the the "gradated" look of the bars. The result in AD is not the same as you can see. I did play with the distribution manually, but I thought there may be a way if I change my initial setup technique I may get a different result. Thanks again
  7. I am creating a classic retro sunset design with bands rectangles (you've seen them before) and I noticed that AD has a distinct way of doing this step and repeat if I use the basic technique that has been shown in tutorials from probably everyone, but is there a way to create a different type of repeat technique in the initial first copy that will give me a different look? I tried this in Graphic, (still good for some things) and their algorithms are a bit different than AD's which in this case I like better but I couldn't replicate this distribution in AD. Anyone?
  8. Why is there transparency in the outer bevel option? I can't see why this type of bevel could not be opaque.
  9. In Illustrator, save the palette as .ase and then in AD/AP import palette is what I meant.
  10. Would love to see the pencil have an option to see the drawing line as it being drawn to help make quick hand drawn shapes.
  11. I would like to be able to use the selection brush, when snap to edges is turned off, to be able to use shift to make straight lines. I use this brush like this with snapping is turned off, to get all that the auto snap didn't get right. Another request: Using quickmode, with the selection brush, I noticed there is no hardness option. This would be helpful have.
  12. never knew how to get that neat footnote many users have showing the specs of their computer, like you have.
  13. So when are the live filter grid lines going away?