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  1. If they could just let us have it be an assignable shortcut would be great too!
  2. It would be nice to be able to flip or reverse vector brush direction.
  3. Hopefully they add these black white and color pickers to the curves panel as this tutorial below from PS is a splendid way to match colors.
  4. Sorry everyone, I should've also said I'm working with the LIVE Lighting filter this whole time. (I have to be better about this). But Yes thanks Bruce I've found out that I have more control of my LIVE lights when they're stacked. Here's how I do it. The first light added has to be normal. Then any new LIVE Lighting filter after that must be set to a layer blend mode of Screen to get the realistic effect. Other blend modes on the second light or more will change the effect-- like overlay gives some cool blended colored lights.
  5. Sorry I should've said for these in button format like in Designer. They have it in the toolbar ready to be pressed.
  6. Instead of adding a new light inside the Lighting filter I added a new lighting filter on top of the other hoping to get more independent lighting from the first but it doesn't seem to work this way. It "cancels out" the other. Is there a way to do this?
  7. Having a shared library of brushes and/or assets between all the apps would be great. Sometimes I have brushes in Designer that I don't have in Photo that I would like to be use throughout the Affinity suite. Essentially I'm asking for being able to import brushes into one app then automatically see them in the rest of the suite.
  8. How do I recreate this effect in Photo? https://www.photoshopessentials.com/photo-effects/halftone-pattern-photo-border/ I can't seem to get the ht to apply to the edge of the shape. it just overlays on top with no transparency.
  9. I hope to be able to add effects to individual parts of fills and strokes inside a multi stroke multi fill style. Ex. I'd like to add a inside shadow to the red letters only.
  10. Let's hope the pattern making capabilities are at the forefront for the devs this coming year. I hate to admit that the AI for iPad has some nifty ways of making them and also a very intuitive radial repeat function.
  11. I often see Designer or Photo take a long time to populate the thumbnails in the layers panel. I would like these to be faster so I can work faster but if the thumbnails don't show up I have to guess what layer I'm on.
  12. evtonic3

    Crashes with Snapping on

    How do I explain the issues I have if I don't add an explanation of my issue or where I have an issue? I don't expect the devs to know what wrong if I just send my file.
  13. evtonic3

    Crashes with Snapping on

    How do you know what I want you to look at in my issues with referencing this post?

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