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  1. 1. macOS Big Sur 2.MAS latest release 3.Network location 4. Can't remember if I had to force quit at the time of corruption, but I don't remember having any issues with this file up until the last save. So in other words, I opened a this file and it suddenly gave me the corrupt file message. Uploading file.
  2. I have a file that has a recovery file attached to it upon opening. But when I say open recovery file, it is a corrupt file. So that ends there. What happens if I decline to open the recovery file, will I still be able to open a previous version of it that isn't corrupt?
  3. I have a file that is now corrupt, can someone look in to my file?
  4. I have a file that has motion blur added to the shadows but the Live filter will demolish the pixels data at .1 pixels and the destructive motion blur filter works fine. Is this a bug?
  5. This a fundamental tutorial about clipping masks in Photo, my question is about recreating a specific workflow in PS and achieve the same result in Photo.
  6. Here's another tutorial done in PS that I can't recreate in Photo. Seems pretty straightforward but the way Photo does clipping layers and blend modes combined with groups, this got to be a task to get anywhere. I just gave up.😩
  7. I have linked files that if I have to edit it, I hit Edit document and it opens another Designer window to do the edits. But I sometimes find that Photo works best to clone or manipulate pixels, but it's greyed out as an option. How do I fix this? I tried to copy and paste, from the linked Designer file into Photo using New from Clipboard but it then crashes Designer!
  8. It was supposed to bring good vibes to the forum! FAIL! Lol
  9. Nah, they haven't done that yet going from 1.(digit) to the next. So I expect the same, now how long it takes to get to 2.0 is another thing lol. I'm just excited!
  10. All right, who's ready to see that glorious post we all have been waiting for all our lives, that will read Affinity Designer Beta 2.0?
  11. I bought a PSD mockup that opens in Photo fine, with a few differences in color but that's okay. The main thing I can't get to work right is the the way PS does their clipping layer. I can't seem to make it look like it does in PS in Photo. The screenshots are from the apps, but the way Photo does is different of course. The big square overlay should be clipped inside the Text layer and I simply cannot make it happen. I would share the file but that would infringe on the copyright of the art I'm sure PS version of layers Photo's version . The way it looks
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