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  1. Ok thanks. Looks if you know you know, not necessarily good for new users. I'm not a new user and I didn't know this.
  2. Can we get the ability to pop out the Gradient Editor to be able to really get deep with the color stops? Like this?
  3. It would be a ton useful if we could have this feature. Not sure how to describe what it's called but here's a screenshot of what it is. This is from the old app Graphic/iDraw- it involves setting a scale to the document in case your document is huge and you want to draw it like half the size. The labeling functionality in Graphic is also excellent. I hope to one day get this too. Graphic_app_labeling_720.mov
  4. Can we get a new layer to be inserted on top of a selected layer? I've never once had the need for a new layer created to be at the highest most level in the layers palette. I always have to drag it way down into the layers level where I originally needed it.
  5. Is there a way to make it default for anything added, created, copied, gets the layer under the previous instead of on top? It has always confused me that it goes on top.
  6. It would be handy to be able to keystroke click back out to the next (parent)group of objects that housed a particular object inside its group. In other words if I've clicked an object inside a group, maybe 1 or two groups deep, if there was a way to select the parent group with a keystroke somehow would be great. I know you can find your way backwards to find the parent group in the layers panel but any shortcut to the parent group inside of groups would be very useful.
  7. I guess what I'm after is a quick access library (assets) of jpegs, pngs, or eps files of vector artwork that I could use at a low res, so that I can create the doc without being bogged down by huge placed files. Similar to how Indesign places files and has the option to work in "Fast Mode" or whatever they call it.
  8. Will it be possible to use an asset as a link in the document? I use vector wall brick patterns for architectural mockups and having a library of different brick colors and patterns at my disposal in the assets would be awesome. But only as a low res link so that I can move quickly in the document.
  9. Does the mode "preferred linked" improve the workflow process in any way? I'm asking because this reminds me of working in Indesign, in that you didn't have to have full renders of links in the doc, only a fast view version of a linked file making saving a file faster. Or moving linked files on the canvas faster.
  10. It would be very useful to use the profile editor for making vector brushes but instead of adding points to the profile, allowing to draw in the profile. If this makes sense.
  11. How will I know when they've looked at my file and get back to me?
  12. It makes my Mac shutdown. All the way down and then it restarts itself. I'm working with symbols insides of symbols, and live perspective filters. Been doing pretty good until I gave it a task that finally broke the computer!
  13. Who do I send my a file to so they can trouble shoot my file?
  14. I need to see where I can see all my likes. Is there a place?
  15. I'm trying to understand how to make my own brushes and have them do what I want them to do. So I took a brush settings that behaves the way I want mine to work-the DAUB smooth chalk brush and copied them. When I set my brush with these same settings, they don't paint the same. The Daub one has a buildup feature setting where the more you stay in one place adding more brush strokes, the brushes start to cover the ones underneath (buildup), but the one that I'm trying these same settings on, paints the same "pattern" onto each other therefore no buildup. Can someone explain what the differences are and why I can't do this on the second brush?
  16. Having Live Filters in my document is making my document come to a screeching halt when trying to do anything. Has this been already looked into? Is there some kind of way to get around not having live filters? Although I like the idea of have nondestructive filters but not if I can't work on the doc.
  17. Thanks for trying, just wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I know about the greyscale layer technique but it takes too many steps.
  18. Im glad that there has been lots of work in the channels I was thinking we could finally get to edit the channels as is mentioned in the notes, but I'm not sure I can add a levels adjustment to a spare channel yet as in the video attached. Someone please let me know if we can now do what the video shows with Photo's new channel functionality. Thanks It would be nice to see and edit a newly added channel in the channels selection of the levels adjustment as in this image:
  19. I love your enthusiasm. But could you share what you mean? I'm at a standstill trying to get it to do anything other than the obvious, which mainly is increasing the stroke width.
  20. This tool should be improved indeed. I mean if you can't get a blur brush right? Sometimes you need the simplest tool to be efficient. Not add layers to create this effect.
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