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  1. can't wait to try it out. downloaded... <3
  2. I had nothing of this problems before. Are the downloads new to this Amazon AWS?
  3. thanks Alain. I googled it and edited my comment
  4. Like I said, the whole dsl connection works fine here, incl. youtube, facebook, amazon as well
  5. I try to download it since yesterday... it is very very slow and needs a day, but my dsl is working well. Are your servers to busy right now? //Edit: 2nd time, I got a network failure back from the server right now
  6. this white stripes bug in develop persona is also still happens with fujifilm RAF files.
  7. Hofnaar

    Fuji raw files issues

    Are they any news here after more than a half year of my latest comment and near 2 years after the posting
  8. Hofnaar

    Close doesn't "know" a file is in the process of saving

    same here... had this issue a few times now :/
  9. machine gun updates in a row. GREAT!
  10. Hofnaar

    Call for Camera Images

    done with images from Fujifilm X20, X-E1 and X-E2 incl Fujinon Lenses XF27mm f2.8 and XF35mm f2 I hope this will help you.
  11. Hofnaar

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Thanks for the long awaited Beta with improved and working Shadows & Highlights in Dev Mode. It works great. I look forward to the next improvements like loading speed for RAW/RAF Files a working global Preset management and more.
  12. Hofnaar

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    In addition - nearly perfect, if they improve the loading speed of fuji Raw files and fix the preset function incl. to add a global preset function.