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  1. machine gun updates in a row. GREAT!
  2. done with images from Fujifilm X20, X-E1 and X-E2 incl Fujinon Lenses XF27mm f2.8 and XF35mm f2 I hope this will help you.
  3. Thanks for the long awaited Beta with improved and working Shadows & Highlights in Dev Mode. It works great. I look forward to the next improvements like loading speed for RAW/RAF Files a working global Preset management and more.
  4. In addition - nearly perfect, if they improve the loading speed of fuji Raw files and fix the preset function incl. to add a global preset function.
  5. @Patrick Connor I think this only shows how important the RAW loading speed problem is right now for many fuji users. Its not to bother you guys.
  6. Großartig! Danke dir. Great for the Shadows slider, but the Highlights still needs some improvemend
  7. can you post a link to the video pls?
  8. Thanks! Im happy to hear that. btw: the shadows & highlights under filters works great in comparison to the one under adjustments - its horrible like in the development persona may this helps, but Im sure, you already know this.
  9. Im near always happy with AP and AD. The Workflow is great, the programms are stable for hours of work per day and I made many artworks and prints for my clients this year with it. I think you all affinity guys make and made a great job with it. But, sorry to bother again, is the RAW Development Persona still on your to do list? Or is it the hated little child in AP? There are no changes within the last Betas for editing or loading RAW Files and other important functions like preset management, highlight and shadow recovery and many more. Im looking forward to finally see some steps there in the next Betas.
  10. Needed the same function last week for a calendar project. At the end I had to export 13 times by clicking the next artboard in the export dialog. Waste of time
  11. pls take a look here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/31402-fuji-raw-files-issues/#comment-152211
  12. Same loading speed here, as with the latest betas. About 19sec. I always try the same RAF files from my X-E2 and X-E1