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  1. Your macro works correctly. But you do not have a transformation layer. I think the error happens in this step.
  2. Moreover, if the stabilizer is turned on, the size of the point changes minimally depending on the pressing force. A point with a maximum force of clicking on the pen can turn out as the minimum size, and any other. Problems arise only with drawing points (without moving the stylus over the surface of a graphic tablet).
  3. If you draw a point with a stylus (pressing force = brush size), the diameter does not change in real time. The diameter of the circle can only be seen after the stylus has been raised above the surface of the graphic tablet. It is necessary to guess what diameter the point has turned out. There is no such problem with the lines.
  4. The problem remained in version
  5. The video is not visible, but the cursor looks like this.
  6. For the latest version did not check. But judging by the list of changes, there should be no difference.
  7. Brush preview is not size. The dynamics of sour from 0% to 100%, the preview is not displayed as 0%, which prevents the brush from being correctly positioned. Wacom pth-451, windows 7 64-bit.
  8. In 1.6 I did not encounter such a problem. In 1.7, this is a permanent error. I often work with a brush mix. And I have a question, will someday be saved settings brush (all). In PS, I set up a brush mix two years ago and I work for her. In AP, when I open each document, I should make about 5-7 clicks of the mouse before starting to work. For the year, this is thousands of extra gestures.
  9. If you select several layers and turn off and turn on visibility, then if you move the mouse cursor (without clicking) then defects appear on the image. When you save these defects appear in the final file.
  10. In this case, there is a difference between stroke through FX and just stroke. Crop works in different ways. 123.afdesign
  11. I get the same result with a single piece, not in a group. Group in order to draw a vector illustration that needs to be cropped, and around which you need to make a stroke. With a single vector figure, the result is the same.
  12. Max N

    Incorrect stroke work.

    Good day. I am not a native speaker of English, so it’s difficult for me to keep track of which problems are known and which are not. But I am always happy to help you with such a wonderful project!
  13. The trim tool works differently with stroke on vector and raster objects. Is this an idea or a mistake?