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  1. I did not see any patterns in the appearance of the problem. But when saving file packages, the program crashed 3 times. Maybe I still have those files, and I will try to repeat the operation in the new assembly.
  2. I create a layer → I create a mask → I fill it → I add an adjustment layer = the adjustment layer does not affect the lower layers. I create a layer → I fill it → I create a mask → I add a correction layer = A correction layer affects the layers. Is this a problem or should it be?
  3. After PS, this logic explodes the brain. I am used to grouping work stages into groups so that you can easily see the result or go back to the stage below. It is necessary to understand why this is done in the AP and how it can be used.
  4. Adjustment layers do not work after grouping.
  5. I reset the program settings. It all worked.
  6. The brush does not draw in the mask. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?
  7. When converting from afphoto to jpeg on a 2-3 windows file, it says that the program has stopped working. But the error does not occur every time.
  8. Max N

    Ctrl+S= Huge Filed Size

    The same file opened in PS and AP. 1. Layer with original image 2. Curve 3. Levels 4. Duplicate black mask layer 5. Vector rectangle shape (with visibility disabled) I think this is a good result.
  9. Max N

    Ctrl+S= Huge Filed Size

    2. There are no questions to .afphoto. It is normal that their size increases in comparison with Jpeg. 1. Yes, if this is fixed, it will be fine. And if you add a quality selection dialog box (so that the user can specify the right one himself) it will be absolutely good. And if the output window of the quality settings will be selected by the user in the global settings of the program [X] Keep in original quality (Do not ask when saving) [ ] User settings (Ask user when saving)
  10. When I draw a curve without a pen fill, I see it. When I draw a curve with a pencil, I don’t see it. Baseline data alone, the behavior is different.
  11. Max N

    Ctrl+S= Huge Filed Size

    The difference is noticeable at high resolution. I used the file 5472x3648 px. The AP saves the default 100% quality settings.
  12. Artifacts when zooming and working with the curve. 3.afdesign
  13. White line between fill and stroke. A document with a history attached. 2.afdesign
  14. According to my assumptions, the user indicates that he does not want the line to have a stroke after it is drawn, and not that he should not see what he is drawing. Perhaps the line is needed in order to start the text along it. Then I don't need a stroke, but I need to see what I draw. Drawing a line with a stroke first, and then deleting a stroke does not look very logical, in my opinion.