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  1. Yes, I agree, it was necessary to place in the functional requests. I have a solution to get the result I need. But it seems to me that this functionality would be useful to many users. It's nice when you, having professional software, solve your problems without resorting to third-party programs.
  2. I am using Gimp and the Bimp plugin. It turns out a batch processing manager, with the ability to resize and do a lot more. Quite a working option. But you have to create an intermediate high quality png or jpeg file. It would be nice to have this out of the box. There are a lot of people involved in websites now, and to be able to get good quality files with low weight ... this is a good thing.
  3. Will it be possible to save/export to WebP format? While you have to use third-party software for conversion.
  4. I have updated the post. I know that stones scattered on the road are easy to get around or jump over. But I want me to walk along the road and think about the goal, not about the stones.
  5. Crop tool does not remember settings. If the settings are not saved, what is the point of collapsing the groups? It is objectively longer. Scrolling is faster. If I minimize something that I use less often, then I expect the program to remember it. 3. Even the default preset names are not included in the list. Why make such a small width? What to add scrolling? The same question for the preset manager. The place is full. Why such a small window? To get to the dropdown menu, I have to play with the scrolling. There are two steps. It could have been done in one action. The user again wastes time on actions that do not make sense ☹️. It's like stones spread out on the floor of a house, over which it is easy to jump over or go around, and in general, this is not a problem. But why lay stones on the floor? You can not lay them out. Khaby Lame captures my mood very accurately.
  6. How to reproduce the error: 1. Set the interface language to different from English. 2. Launching the program with the CTRL key pressed 3. Set the checkbox responsible for resetting the instrument settings. 4. Carry out a reset Group names are now displayed in English.
  7. Here's what I found. Due to my poor English, it was difficult to find. Perhaps I wrote about this sometime before. 1. 2. The problems are not only in two specific windows. There are similar problems in other windows as well. And I think that not only in Russian.
  8. I already wrote about this problem once. The interface was translated, but the sizes of the text areas were left as for the English language. As a result, users of the program who use it in another language do not see the entire text. There are two windows on the screen where this problem occurs, but in fact it is the same throughout the program. When I start to show someone that they say AP is a replacement for PS. And in response I get, "What's this? Well, if there are such childish mistakes in the program, even in the interface ... Don't waste my time, this is a child's handicraft." The level of trust in the program among new users at the initial stage tends to zero. Such problems that the user faces immediately, when starting the program ... It is painful to look at it. I really like Affinity programs and I try to tell as many people as possible about them, but the simple problems that you face immediately after launching the program and that have not been fixed for years are scary. ☹️
  9. Good day. I have added some clarifications. I would like to receive an answer that this is really not a bug and that this is how it works. I am recording a lesson on YouTube, and if this is a mistake, then I will wait for the correction. If this is the way it should be, then I will write down with recommendations how to minimize this effect.
  10. Thanks for the advice. I wanted to record a video of using this tool and how it distorts I found it very old. I thought it was a program error. The distortion occurs not taking into account the shape of the selection, but taking into account the size of the original document.
  11. Even to be more precise. X and Y - are the dimensions of the document. A1, A2 and B1, B2 - are the sizes of the selected area. I expect that: A = (A1 + A2) / 2 B = (B1 + B2) / 2 the formula is not accurate (for example, it may be difficult to correct it correctly). In real: A = Y B = X Application of X and Y in the split - gives the accuracy no higher than the use of any random number. If we take into account the size of the selected area in the calculations, then this can give a more predictable result. I think that the formulas should be more complicated and the algorithms are smarter than those that I suggested. But stretching the area to fit the document without taking into account the shape of the selection is daunting.
  12. Perhaps due to the difficulties of translation, I could not convey my idea correctly. I'll try to show it to a picture Let me explain. When forming the image (perspective) Coordinates A and B are not taken into account. Although they are related to the image. But perspective is stretched to X and Y dimensions. As a result, a figure with an aspect ratio of 1:16 will be displayed in 1: 1 with the strongest distortion. The aspect ratio of the object (A: B) is not taken into account when calculating the image, and instead of (A: B), (X: Y) is used. This leads to severe distortion. The cat side can become long and the long one short.
  13. The projection, regardless of the shape (proportions), is distorted to match the original proportion of the image. The video is more clear. Even if you create a 1:16 dinomical projection plane on an image with an aspect ratio of 1: 1, it will stretch and shrink it to a 1: 1 square. la.mov
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