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  1. The update went smoothly. Win7 error resolved.
  2. I'm not sure that the translator translates what I'm talking about reliably. Here is a parmer of books, for which you need a file consisting of two divisions. In the manufacture of such books, a sheet is printed on the sheet. Turning broken into several files of the typography does not take. And to make two pages on one work area is inconvenient, since there is no possibility of centering on the page. Now I'm publishing such books in AD, and I'm looking forward to the appearance of APub, with the hope that there will not be those problems that I encounter in AD.
  3. I agree. I was wrong with the branch. The proposal was rejected because it does not correspond to the branch, or because the layout of such products will not be supported by APub?
  4. Did not have time to figure it out. And is there? 1. Save the spread of the book to a file? Not the page but the whole page. It is necessary when printing photobooks (wet print). I understand that for this you can create 1 work area = 2 people. But then there is no way to center on the page. It centers around the work area, and you have to invent a lot of crutches and dance with a tambourine to do it right. 2. Cover. If you save a back cover in the same file (jpeg / tif / other) on the left, on the right side of the front cover. 3. Ideally, you could specify the thickness of the farzac for the cover. (this is certainly not critical, for the cover you can create a separate dokumnet, but the opportunity to do everything in one was very handy)
  5. Good. I deleted the files, but did not look at the date they were created. I can only say that 2018. If the files will appear there again, I will let you know.
  6. Good afternoon. Today I found a folder on the disk with the size of 11 GB C: \ Users \ UserName \ AppData \ Roaming \ Affinity \ In this folder C: \ Users \ UserName \ AppData \ Roaming \ Affinity \ Photo \ 1.0 \ autosave There are a lot of files. As I understand autosave. Whether it is possible to make so that the program at start checked, whether there are auto-saved files, and if there is that predlogala them to restore, and if is not present, itself deleted them.
  7. Max N

    Red and blue dots

    good afternoon If the camera is a canon, that is, the procedure for treating the broken pixels. https://world-image.ru/kak-ubrat-bitie-pixeli-na-fotoapparate/ - here it is described how to get rid of them. In Russian. You can use an interpreter who is convenient for you. I was so clever removed the broken pixels on the 40D 50D 6D. I hope you will also help.
  8. The first impressions are very pleasant. Developers as always on top! Did not have time to figure it out. Is it possible to synchronize with turns (two pages per jpeg file)?
  9. When you work with the font, the cursor disappears. When the delete button is clicked, characters can be deleted, or words may be wholly. The problem is present in both the stable and beta versions.
  10. Thanks for the answer! And in the plans there is something like that? Or can this be expected only in APub?
  11. It is necessary to make discount cards with changing numbers. Or invitation tickets with a list of guests. Whether it is possible in AD it as that to automate?
  12. Thank you. This will solve the problem not completely.
  13. In the RAW processing module, when loading multiple RAW files, an additional group processing module is required. The very logic of several tabs is a time bomb for developers. Having chosen the logic in which all the files are isolated from each other, the possibility of group processing of RAW files became impossible. For professional use, you have to use third-party RAW converters. They allow you to quickly process large amounts of RAW files, with the optimal cost in time. Affinity does not allow simultaneous processing of multiple files. There is no way to quickly copy and apply settings. I have to go back to the lightmom + photoshop subscription again. And having photoshop the need for AP tends to zero. The attempt to create an AP + AD + APub full cycle ecosystem in theory makes it possible to work exceptionally in Affinity programs. But the lack of opportunity for an adequate time to show RAW files in a large number, breaks the chain. In ACR PS very well implemented work with a group of RAW files. At this point, AP has nothing to answer. One file to process is not a problem. But this is home use. And when you need to process 3000 - 10 000 files, it's not Affinity anymore. Having a good (in terms of capabilities) RAW converter AP, due to logic, you have to use third-party software. And still very incomprehensible logic, according to which the white balance was in the panel below the exposure. First, the correct white balance is set, and only then the exposure is set. Otherwise, after editing BB will have to re-edit the exposure. I'm an engineer by automotization and optimization of engineering processes. And I can see how to build the process and where the time is lost. A professional tool, whether it's a camera, a program, a keyboard, is always built on the principle of what is often used - at hand, rarely used far away. When logic is broken - this leads to a slowdown in the workflow, and a decrease in the efficiency and competitiveness of the product. I really like Affinity products. But at some points, the AP logic puts users on the footboard, which requires a large amount of time to be bypassed. I hope in future versions we will really see a self-sufficient chain of programs AP + AD + APub.