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  1. Which tablet are you using? Wacom intus pro pth-451 Are the drivers up to date? The drivers are the freshest. Can you go to Preferences > Tools and see if High precision Tablet input is enabled? Yes. The setting is activated.
  2. The brush stops when the tablet Wacom moves. The video alternates between a mouse and a tablet. Where the cursor moves by jerks - this is a tablet, where it moves smoothly - the mouse.
  3. 1. Different windows display different brush sizes. 2. Changing the brush size with hot keys is not synchronized with the brush size values in the settings window.
  4. Thank you for your work! We will test)
  5. Strange that they broke it. There is even no need to calculate the distortions of objects, which would adevatno glue. The task is even easier than with a photo, but there are problems. Ps. Made in PS 2014
  6. I will add. Hangs also occur during work. In this case, both in AP and in AD.
  7. I apologize for not being able to respond right away. Attached a video with an example of Photoshop settings.
  8. When the document is closed, the program stops working. You can close only by completing the process in the task manager.
  9. When the document is closed, the application hangs. The image disappears, but the panel with a cross is closed.
  10. There is no way to work with curves. There is not enough of the same index line as in the tool levels. more drew below.
  11. A simple task. PS and other programs with the task of coping without problems. AP does not glue.
  12. A mesh is displayed when the vignette live filter is activated. AP
  13. The text did not fit.
  14. Video on the tablet did not rewrite, left the old one.
  15. Checked in the version of AP 1.5 AD 1.5 and AD 1.6. I also noticed a problem with LUT. Maybe I'm not doing something right? There were also problems with the impossibility of putting a point of minimum diameter. The point is placed only the average diameter. The minimum diameter is reached only on a piece. I'm talking about drawing on a Wacom tablet.