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  1. Max N

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Thank you. This will solve the problem not completely.
  2. Max N

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    In the RAW processing module, when loading multiple RAW files, an additional group processing module is required. The very logic of several tabs is a time bomb for developers. Having chosen the logic in which all the files are isolated from each other, the possibility of group processing of RAW files became impossible. For professional use, you have to use third-party RAW converters. They allow you to quickly process large amounts of RAW files, with the optimal cost in time. Affinity does not allow simultaneous processing of multiple files. There is no way to quickly copy and apply settings. I have to go back to the lightmom + photoshop subscription again. And having photoshop the need for AP tends to zero. The attempt to create an AP + AD + APub full cycle ecosystem in theory makes it possible to work exceptionally in Affinity programs. But the lack of opportunity for an adequate time to show RAW files in a large number, breaks the chain. In ACR PS very well implemented work with a group of RAW files. At this point, AP has nothing to answer. One file to process is not a problem. But this is home use. And when you need to process 3000 - 10 000 files, it's not Affinity anymore. Having a good (in terms of capabilities) RAW converter AP, due to logic, you have to use third-party software. And still very incomprehensible logic, according to which the white balance was in the panel below the exposure. First, the correct white balance is set, and only then the exposure is set. Otherwise, after editing BB will have to re-edit the exposure. I'm an engineer by automotization and optimization of engineering processes. And I can see how to build the process and where the time is lost. A professional tool, whether it's a camera, a program, a keyboard, is always built on the principle of what is often used - at hand, rarely used far away. When logic is broken - this leads to a slowdown in the workflow, and a decrease in the efficiency and competitiveness of the product. I really like Affinity products. But at some points, the AP logic puts users on the footboard, which requires a large amount of time to be bypassed. I hope in future versions we will really see a self-sufficient chain of programs AP + AD + APub.
  3. Max N

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Even when you throw 10-20 RAW files into the program at the same time, the program hangs up the computer so that the mouse can hang and does not work Ctrl + alt + del. There is a feeling that the program runs all processes in parallel, with a high priority. It would be logical that the processes be processed sequentially or there should be a limit on the number of simultaneously calculated processes. This would prevent the computer from becoming freezes.
  4. Max N

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Also, there are differences between the performance of the brush when moving (without touch and action) with the stylus / mouse. Mouse everything happens instantly / with a pen with a large delay, time-lapse (with a large diameter of the brush). It would still be worthwhile to have a limit for live view of the brush (if the rendering time is <= 0.5 seconds or processor load = 100% then disable the live brush.) The presence of the preview of the brush becomes meaningless when the brush is drawn with a delay of 3-5 and sometimes 10 seconds. changing the diameter of the brush, depending on the performance of the computer, an individual (possibly adjustable) threshold must be set, in which priority is given to performance and the live view is turned off.
  5. Max N

    Brushes not loading correctly

    And the stable version is the same story. Brushes from Photoshop when exporting to AP do not work correctly (the same as in Photoshop). If you mess around with the settings for a long time, you get a result, but it's still sad.
  6. Max N

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Also noticed a significant drop in performance. Trying to change the size of the brush from a small one to a very sick one (from the tablet wack) leads to a long hang of the program. The cursor changes its size with a long delay, from a few seconds to a minute. At the same time, the CPU utilization is oversized. In the retail version, everything is fine. And when you move the cursor with the mouse and move the cursor with the stylus pen of the tablet (without pressing), then the performance may also differ significantly (for the mix kishiti). In this case, the PC is not weak. i5-4670/8Gb/SSD-disc/GeForce GTX 650
  7. Hi MEB, It's sad. And in the plans such function is?
  8. Despite the fact that the checkbox "save text as texe" in the PSD is set.
  9. Max N

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    Voted. Good luck! You are best!
  10. Segment tool - when aligning an empty space is formed. Can not combine into one shape.
  11. It would be desirable still in the development module RAW, in the trimming tool by default have a value (the proportions by default). Most often, you do not need to change the proportions.
  12. To put several images, it is desirable to fit them into the drawn frame is a very good tool. When you add 300-500 files to the document, the lack of group placement can cause the program to be abandoned. A good program speeds up and simplifies the workflow. AD and AP are good programs and they are developing in the right direction, listening to their users. I hope this will continue.
  13. Counting the image size on large documents causes the program to hang. During a very long calculation of the size, it is not possible to select the desired Artboard.
  14. AD with a large number of Artbord, pressing Shift + Ctrl + Alt + S opens the export window. The document turns out to be huge (30000x40000 pixels and sometimes more). I'm going to select not all the document in the save, but only one Artboard, but this is impossible, because the program hangs trying to generate an image, to calculate its size. With small documents such a problem does not arise. The solution to the problem. Read the size for large images only by clicking the "learn size" button.
  15. Extended Develop Exposure range to +5/-5 Very good news! The first tests are very pleased! Keep it up!