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  1. There is a feeling that this is somehow related to the speed of downloading images from folders. But it is not exactly
  2. When scaling and scrolling, the program crashes. Images in the document are embedded links. Collapse usually occurs during the drawing of images. Project files are located on an external HDD (USB 3.0) fairly fast. The error occurs every few minutes and sometimes more. The program crashes both in the betta version and in the stable version. I apologize for the length of the gif, not knowing how to cut it. The collapse of the program at the end. On gif, the program first hung up for a long time and then crashed. Usually the program crashes very quickly.
  3. Thank! I understand that this is not supported, but I am very glad that it works. I tried today. Studio link does not work even after running all applications. Udalos run APub! This is a great deal.
  4. After the release, the studio link file license.xml disappeared from the program folder. I can assume that for the implementation of the studio link there is some other file in which all license data is stored, and it is located outside the installation folder. And this is a problem. Leaving the license file on someone else's computer is very bad. If it were possible at the end of the session to deactivate the license file (to extract the license file from the computer in the program interface). Or at the start it was possible to start on the guest computer (with the input of the email and password, but the file would not be kept on the computer or the lifetime of the license file would be equal to one session). These are my fantasies about how it might look like to protect the license file from being used by third parties, but the opportunity for the license holder to work in the program.
  5. If I run the program from a flash drive on another computer, then I have a dialog box asking me to enter my email and license key.
  6. For example, in many regions of Russia, the salary of $ 158 is considered nominal, while the rent is $ 45-80. Not everyone can afford to have a laptop. Buying software is a big waste, and buying a laptop to meet with customers ... I think it is clear without comment. Bringing a customer home is not a good option. And to meet in an Internet cafe and show the layout to the client and, if necessary, make changes to it - this is a very necessary opportunity. There is a demand for this in countries with low incomes. I am not a marketer and do not work in Serif, but the idea is to occupy an empty place in the market where there is a demand, to go to meet customers and become the first ... it looks attractive.
  7. The license file was not installed in the registry. He was in the folder with the program. But such use does not guarantee correct operation. I understand it.
  8. The fact of the matter is that I am talking about the possibility of not installing software on someone else's computer. My computer is my portable hard disk with the portable software I need to work. I am the only user. And it is important for me not to break this rule.
  9. As far as I understand, it is possible not to affect the registry. And this is real in AP b AD. And this protects the license from being used by someone else. You do not need to have administrator rights, which is also important. Not everywhere is it possible to work with administrator rights and install software.
  10. I understand that portable mode is not officially supported. But it really works. And this is really cool! If it were possible to have an official Portable version ... a tool that is always with you. I understand that the portable version makes life easier for pirates. But 1. But those who pirate, they will not buy. 2. Those who buy will not use piratx software. 3. Any defense is ultimately vulnerable. 4. Thanks to software pirates, it became popular, and when the need arises to buy software, choose the one that is most popular. And the software for which it is easier to find frames. I think this is one of the reasons why Ad // # $ e is not interested in strong protection.
  11. I want to ask a question. I'm rarely at home, and I start the Affinity products from an external hard drive. This is allowed to have programs always with you. And excludes the possibility of using programs by third parties. I understand that Affinity does not guarantee the stable operation of programs with this usage, but the fact that it is possible to have the tool with you always, for me is an omnivorous plus, especially against Adâ„–;5:e. AP and AD allow you to work with a license file with a folder in the program. Is it possible for APub to save the license file in the program folder? I guess that when using Portable it will not be possible to use the studio link ... And one more question. How to delete a license file after I work on another computer? In a ... be can just get out of the account. It is very necessary to have the software always with you while remaining the only user. Tell me how to solve the problem?
  12. Max N

    Affinity Publisher (1.7) Launch Announcement

    StudioLink - This is incredibly cool! Will this feature be available later when you start the AP and AD? Or will it be available only in APub? Even in the beta version, I realized that I would buy it! Congratulations on taking a big step forward! Keep it up!
  13. I wrote about this during the beta test. Now I have the same problem.
  14. He wrote about the problem in the beta version. Now this problem is in the stable version. New video did not write. Error manifests itself all the same.