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  1. Still I advise to look here. A huge number of RAW files from different cameras.
  2. A selection of RAW from different cameras. OOC JPEG is built into RAW.
  3. The fact that the sliders look like this - is it so conceived?
  4. It became much more stable. And the lights are now working more palpably. The cool tool turns out.
  5. Big job. We will be testing.
  6. When creating a document, you need to check this box. It helped me.
  7. I would like to recall the problem with the Wacom tablet. The first time I reported it on June 9. The solution to the problem was not proposed.
  8. Once again I tested the work of lights and shadows. Details on the video. If raw is good, then light and shadow work very well. Increasing the clarity no longer looks terrible. At the end of the video, in the RAW module, almost HDR is sawed. Only HSL for the selected colors is missing. Thanks to the developers for the work done! Keep it up!
  9. It seems to me that for greater convenience and understanding it would be worthwhile to arrange the instruments so. In the order in which the sections on the histogram are located, on which the sliders operate. The arrangement in the two panels, breaks the logical part. Plus it is a very often used tool, and taking it out to a separate section does not seem very convenient.
  10. if interested I can throw the file in PM.
  11. The tool draws only strong overshoots, while not affecting neighboring tones. For this, the tool sometimes works imperceptibly. This tool is so lacking in other editors who, following the overexposures, reduce the brightness of those colors that are inappropriate to lower. As a matter of fact, the dynamic range of the image is greatly expanded, without loss of contrast. I did not see the influence of the instrument at first, but finding the right shots surprised his work.
  12. And here are the latest bugs. I played three times in a row.
  13. I'm testing the shadow / light. I'm happy
  14. Very cool! If it's not a secret, how long does it take for such an illustration?