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  1. Unfortunately, I overwrote the file when I downloaded it again.
  2. And if this setting can be synchronized in conjunction with the instrument, this will be a step forward. In Photoshop, I assigned an empty color to the brush in 2017. In AP, I make this setting every time I open a document. This is a thousand times a year. It is scary to imagine how much time has been spent on what you can not do.
  3. Thank! It helped! I did not see a download failure message. It was surprising that the damaged installer started and performed installation.
  4. walt.farrell was right. I downloaded the installer again and everything went well. The question remains, the installer does not check the integrity of the archive before installation? In theory, with a damaged / under-downloaded file, the installation should not start.
  5. The installer deleted the beta folder. In the screenshot I recorded the fact of its absence. I have one user on the computer with the administrator role. I work for him. This is the first installation problem.
  6. The computer rebooted. User admin. Updates were not installed. 4 attempts to install. Here are all 4 installation logs. AffinitySetup.zip
  7. 1. After an attempt to install version, the previous version was completely removed. 2. Installation completed with a message that the installation failed. Reinstallations do not help. Windows system 7 64-bit.
  8. I will supplement the topic with a question. Is it possible to set the color cleaning operation (On the Gif screenshot) to the hot keys?
  9. The problem is visible on GIF. I tune the tool, switch to another layer and ... I need to tune the tool again.
  10. The problem is somehow related to scrolling. And render images. This is according to my observations.
  11. Is there any information on this issue?
  12. I would like to see it in 1.xx The function is basic to the publisher’s designer's discretion. Having 3 Affinity programs (full cycle), I would like to get the basic necessary functionality.
  13. Eat the layout of a business card / invitation / discount card. There is a list of data with names / numbers / arbitrary texts (a very large list). How to substitute a given from a list of 10,000 cards automatically? Manually the task is unrealistic. I asked a similar question for a long time on the forum, then they answered that this function is not for AD and should be expected in Apub. I tried to find it on my own, but could not. Does APub have this feature?
  14. I replayed the error on the home PC. I threw a fresh bugbreot with all the settings of the program onto the drop box ( Publisher.7z ). And took a look at the configuration of the equipment. If you increase Ctrl + (Scrolling with the mouse) and at the same time quickly move up and down the document, the error manifests itself more often. There is a feeling that this is somehow related to reading data.
  15. Max N

    BETA ETA (Windows Icon)

    Label sign is a useful thing. They brought me a couple of times shortcuts on a flash drive and asked them to print

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