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  1. Hi MEB, It's sad. And in the plans such function is?
  2. Despite the fact that the checkbox "save text as texe" in the PSD is set.
  3. Voted. Good luck! You are best!
  4. Segment tool - when aligning an empty space is formed. Can not combine into one shape.
  5. It would be desirable still in the development module RAW, in the trimming tool by default have a value (the proportions by default). Most often, you do not need to change the proportions.
  6. To put several images, it is desirable to fit them into the drawn frame is a very good tool. When you add 300-500 files to the document, the lack of group placement can cause the program to be abandoned. A good program speeds up and simplifies the workflow. AD and AP are good programs and they are developing in the right direction, listening to their users. I hope this will continue.
  7. Counting the image size on large documents causes the program to hang. During a very long calculation of the size, it is not possible to select the desired Artboard.
  8. AD with a large number of Artbord, pressing Shift + Ctrl + Alt + S opens the export window. The document turns out to be huge (30000x40000 pixels and sometimes more). I'm going to select not all the document in the save, but only one Artboard, but this is impossible, because the program hangs trying to generate an image, to calculate its size. With small documents such a problem does not arise. The solution to the problem. Read the size for large images only by clicking the "learn size" button.
  9. Extended Develop Exposure range to +5/-5 Very good news! The first tests are very pleased! Keep it up!
  10. 1. I move all objects with the mouse to the first work area. All photos are on the first working area. 2. I move a lot of objects with the mouse from the conductor to the second work area. Part of the photographs is not in the second area, but beyond. 3. I scale the screen, and repeat the second step. More objects are outside the work area. And I'll remind you of another problem, apparently with the same tool.
  11. Described this problem but again I will repeat. If you insert images through the File-Place menu, then the images are placed not in the active Artboard but in Artboard1. And one more problem, maybe I just do not know how to do it. Place Image Tool allows you to add an image in the specified size, but not more than 1 piece. If you need to add a lot of images, they are added to an arbitrary size. Yesterday, I checked out a book of 500 photos, each photo had to be reduced first to at least the size of the working area. How to make sure that images are added in the specified size (groups) or at least not in real size (coming from DPI) but in the mode of fit-in or storing.