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  1. The problem described by me at the beta test stage remained. The problem manifests itself on other computer components. Win 7 and Win 10 the problem is relevant. My question is to the developers, whether any actions are being taken that would solve this problem, remains unanswered. Refusal from Adobe CC and purchase of Afinity as a whole left me satisfied, and even more. Very cool software. But there are problems that go from version to version. The problem with the inability to fully use the tablet for me is significant. I look forward to an early decision.
  2. Thanks to the developers for the great work done!
  3. Is there a solution to this problem?
  4. Attention to the cursor. Why on the thumbs is it more than the minimum size? When you touch the surface of the tablet with a stylus, this circle is drawn. The minimum pressing force draws such a circle. But if you draw a line with a minimum amount of pressure, the size will be different. Below is the graph of the actual behavior of the tablet. Wacom PTH-451 Win7-46bit.
  5. wacom PTH-451, Win7-x64. in AP, the tablet incorrectly draws the point size. Artifacts of the mix brush. Hanging with the tool of lightening. These are the three problems that I encounter regularly. Judging by the form, I'm not the only one experiencing a problem. I hope that to the saber version we will get a working tool that will work.
  6. Is there any chance that the Wacom tablet will work correctly to the final version?
  7. Wacom. The cursor of the tool of clarification and darkening brakes even if you do not press. The tool brush does not brake the brush. If you use it, then everything is OK, and if the tablet, then very strong brakes. When I work with AP, I put the tablet aside
  8. developing raw files Canon 1D X. Snapshots at the opening look underexposed. The problem with the transfer of blue. an example of a real image.
  9. Is this normal or not?
  10. To make it even more obvious.
  11. The brush behavior for the point and the line is different. Dependence of diameter on pressure when drawing a line is seen in the lower screenshot. The line shows the minimum diameter with the minimum pressure. Dependence of diameter on pressure when drawing a point in fact looks like the illustration below. At the same time, a minimum diameter is displayed in the live view of the brush.
  12. At minimum pressure, the point is not minimal. If you draw a line with variable pressure, you can reach the minimum diameter. If you just touch the tablet with a stylus, you get a big dot. In the video, you can see. You can draw lines of any thickness, but the point of the minimum diameter can not be put. This is an AP bug. In other programs, this is not true. Perhaps because of the difficulties of translation, it's hard for me to understand. But I've already written about this problem many times, but the problem with the Wacom tablet remains relevant.
  13. Incorrect placement of images when working with multiple images.
  14. The problem with the Wacom tablet remains relevant. It is necessary to work only with the mouse.