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  1. Reinstalling the system solved the problem. It is difficult to say what caused the problem. But without the driver, everything worked, with the AP and PS driver started with an error. AP (stable version) crashed with an error report. AP (betta) crashed without an error report.
  2. # 1 # 2 - this will greatly facilitate the process. :-) I would like the tools to remember the settings so as not to reconfigure them in each new document.
  3. Hooray! All the settings will be remembered? Even the lack of color on the brush?
  4. I agree. This is not a software error. This is a function that forces the user to perform the same operation thousands of times in a row, thereby taking time from him. Formally, this is not a mistake, but the workflow is very slow. When migrating from PS to AP, this may repel new users. Yes, and the old makes periodically return to PS. I want PS to forget as a terrible dream, but for now it does not work.
  5. Removed the driver, reinstalled. Put new versions. Did not help. Now I reinstall the system, I will look at how it will work on a clean system.
  6. At the same time, PS also closes at startup with an error
  7. Today, the Wacom driver has been updated to 6.3.33-3. After rebooting the system could no longer start the AP. Neither the stable version is betta.
  8. I want to share statistics. Mix brush does not save all settings. I understand that it is probably conceived. I will share my statistics. One setting brush = 15 seconds time. During the day, this setup has to be done 100 or more times. 15 * 100 = 1500 seconds = 25 minutes per day to adjust the brush. In a month, 25 * 31 = 775 minutes = 13 hours. 13 hours a month to spend on custom brush? This is more than a working day! For a professional tool, such a waste of user time is unacceptable. Please add save all instrument settings. The video is old, but the problem is relevant for all versions.
  9. 1. Save settings for tools. (It is necessary to process 10,000 files, adjust the tool 1000 times. It is very inconvenient.).
  10. Macro panel and macro library are not translated into Russian.
  11. Here is a document with stories. b1.afphoto
  12. The background image is white. After clarifying the border and outputting the results to a new layer with a mask, in the layer with a mask, such noise appears at the edges of the selection.
  13. So the problem does not occur at all.
  14. The problem is really small. But new users who are still not loyal enough to AP / AD, such small problems can be an obstacle to the transition from adobe products. I often tell my friends about the transition from PS to AP, about the benefits that I received, and I want to have as few flaws as possible. The serif programs are my love I wish that we would get more every year