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  1. When working on a planner (I did not check it with a mouse), this problem occurs several times per hour. I work with a healing brush in a small area of the image, and a line appears at random. If you change the scale, you can see that it goes beyond the current scale of the screen. I do not know how to reproduce the problem yet, but I have already encountered it 30-40 times. In the early versions (1,8) this was not the case.
  2. Ctrl+C Ctrl+V Ctrl+D - work on Russian and English layouts. Ctrl+' - works only in English. I'm already used to switching the layout a hundred times a day if something doesn't work. But for new users, it's a stab. I remember myself, at the first steps of acquaintance with the program, the level of loyalty to it is zero and any inconvenience or problem repels the user by calling it in Photoshop. I am that rare type of user who loves to learn everything new and was able to go through the valley of death and love AP. I forgive all errors, freezes and other problems, I spend time writing error reports, overcoming the language barrier. I want AP to become better, and new users would be comfortable working in the program, so that they would fall in love with it from the first minutes.
  3. Why does this not happen with all hotkeys? B, J, S and many others work in Russian.
  4. I will try to explain. There is the first type of hotkeys. These are keyboard shortcuts that work the same on both English and Russian keyboard layouts. B is А S is Ы J is О and everything works correctly. There is a second type of hotkeys. [ this is х ] this is ъ and now they are already sensitive to the language of the keyboard layout. I have not seen this in any software. This is how it works in gimp This is how it works in Photoshop This is how it works in Blender but only Affinity There are two oddities for me. The first oddity is that the hotkeys react to the Russian layout. The second oddity is that not all hotkeys behave this way. This causes great inconvenience during work and forces the user to do unnecessary actions and constantly monitor the keyboard layout. This is very unusual behavior for programs.
  5. Good afternoon. Perhaps due to the nature of the translator, I misunderstood the message. Patrick Connor wrote to me about auto-closing topics after 1.8 was released and asked me to post links to topics that weren't fixed. Apparently they had to be sent by personal message, and I re-posted on the forum.
  6. If a topic is moved to an archive thread, is it still under the attention of the developers?
  7. If you draw a line with an empty fill, there will be a smear line. With the shift key held down, the line should be, and its shape should be straight. But result = no line.
  8. For me the mix brush is one of the main tools in my workflow. And the most annoying thing is that this tool has the most problems that go from version to version and remain unpatched. Perhaps because this tool is not popular and the bug fix priority is low. As a result, you have to sit on the PS needle and believe that the developers will fix everything.
  9. For example, when you need to retouch a highlight on metal. Need a straight line. It's strange that the choice of a color option (the absence of a color is the same option), the behavior of the tool changes. This should not be the case, in principle, even if someone does not need this option.
  10. If you hold the Shift, then the brush (including the healing one) Mix brush ignores the Shift. As a result, when retouching metals and glare, you do not have to go back to Photoshop. The problem appears when both brush colors are blank.
  11. (B, S, J, ctrl + J and so on) work on any layout. [ ] - changing size brushes work only in English (checked Russian and English). As a result, every time you need to change the size of the brush, you need to look at the keyboard layout. It is especially inconvenient when you work on a tablet.
  12. The problem survived branch 1.7, 1.8 and has now migrated to 1.9.
  13. RIZEN 5 3600 16 GB of RAM (single channel) 1660 Super
  14. Thanks for the tip. I'll figure it out. This time there was an order for 100 numbers, made by hand.
  15. UP A year has passed. I ran into similar work again, opened APub again and could not find this functionality. You will have to dial numbers again by hand or use third-party software.
  16. I know. But I periodically remind about the problem. The first time I did it in version 1.7, then in 1.8, now we are approaching 1.9. I will assume that we are close to version 2.0 for which (guess) will have to pay. And there is some concern that the owners of older versions will not have time to get fixes for known errors. A paid transition from version 1.xx to version 2.xx should be motivated by the desire to get new functionality, and not by the desire to get fixes for errors in the existing functionality (which should not have been, from the user's point of view). I understand that out of love for this program, I will switch to version 2.0. But my love for this program makes me sometimes a bore, and remind of mistakes or resort to criticism.
  17. RC is already being tested, and old bugs are not fixed.
  18. Thank! After reading your answer I could see the difference. Thanks again!
  19. Good afternoon. What is the difference between 1 and the second location of the mask. When everything is clear with the figures, in one case the figure fits into the figure or the figure cuts the figure. With masks I did not understand what was the difference.
  20. My comment is based on my experience. Davinchi, Microsoft, LibreOffice, Specy. The list goes on. I did not find a single program that would display languages the same way. It is probably correct only in Affinity products, but it looks unusual. On this wrote.
  21. I think this should be decided at the program level. The program should work after the first start as expected by the user. We have AvtoVAZ in Russia, they make cars. So there is such a joke that we are not buying a car, but a constructor (like Lego) from which we can assemble a car ourselves. I think you understand that this is not a joke for the sake of laughter. This is a joke that talks about people's attitude to the quality of these cars. I would not want Affinity to be treated like this. That's why I constantly spend time making screenshots, making videos, writing on the forum about another error, if you need to send files. Everything is done to make the program better.
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