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  1. I wonder if this is related to the fields panel crashing - if you have the time could you try setting up a new user profile and running publisher from there ?
  2. @h_d if you still have that crash report can you upload it here please
  3. Could you upload the IDML file here please
  4. It exports for me (although I havent linked up all the images) - could disk space be an issue something this big can take up a lot of temporary space?
  5. Importing hyperlinks and anchors is not supported
  6. Is the print company referring to the Output Intent. I suspect we may need to tweak that PDF compatibility setting
  7. You will note in the hyperlinks panel 2 entries have a red cross by them and preflight generates a warning also
  8. Its related to the Anchor called 'Cover' - deleting that and the hyperlinks that refer to it allows the export to complete.
  9. you move them rather than save within publisher ? What is the exact error message(s) you get Can you upload a sample corrupt document ( if the file size is zero there's no need)
  10. @theim - I only see a log file - I'll need the .afpub file to investigate
  11. @Paul@SSD I cant open your package file - could you upload just the afpub file please
  12. Mr Dyck - I can export your file can you try in the 1.9.1 release
  13. That file is loading for me in version 1.9.1 - could be worth trying in the beta or updating your version
  14. I think is is related to a bug we hope to fix in the next beta
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