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  1. I'm not sure exactly why but I suspect some sort of encoding issue. I've logged this for a developer to investigate. @Radim N is the google doc formed from different sources itself?
  2. In that case could I get a copy of the source you used
  3. in my exports some text frames exhibit the problem and some don't - which is in itself odd
  4. If you use the sub-set fonts option in the PDF export options this can cause problems. Also having duplicate fonts with the same name has been known to cause some issues
  5. ´╗┐Could you try and follow the below steps to get a log file from the PDF export please. I can pass that on to development who will be able to get a better idea on why it might be failing! Create a folder called 'temp' on the root of your C:\ drive so you have folder at C:\Temp\ Run 'PDFLibLogging.reg' - this will create a registry entry that enables logging for PDF Export Run Affinity and export to PDF and then click OK to accept the error message. Go to C:\Temp\ and attach the newly created PDFlib.txt file to this thread - this is the log we're interested in seeing Once you've got that file run the 'PDFLibLoggingRemove.reg' to remove the logging as this can cause slowdown! Thanks! PDFLibLogging.reg PDFLibLoggingRemove.reg
  6. Pauls

    Problems with accents

    I think that's a different issue @Radim N - can you create a seperate thread. We'll probably need a sample file and the font exhibiting the problem
  7. Pauls

    Insert Index Mark

    We think this is a UI bug when having monitors with different DPI resolutions and switching the app between them . Performing a control run up should make the dialog function again
  8. is that from Google Fonts or somewhere else? You can upload files to the original location
  9. The document apppears to be fine for me although I dont have all the fonts you are using. Would it be possible to upload those as well ? Also can I get the specs of your Surface book and what type of input operations/devices are you using when the application freezes ?
  10. That Crimson font is causing us problems
  11. We're aware of an issue in this area
  12. If you use our beta version can you still replicate the crash ?

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