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  1. for freezes you would have to create a crash file for us by using Task Manager :- https://superuser.com/questions/1246211/what-is-the-create-dump-file-feature-in-task-manager details of your system spec will also be usefull.
  2. How many cores does your processor have ? - (I prefer open GL but in this case the opposite of what you're currently using)
  3. Thanks - I've reported that to the translation team
  4. It's dificult to pin down these random locks but you could try altering the performance preferences and switch between using Metal and OpenGL. It could also be due to particular editing operation - is there any sort of pattern there ?
  5. are the DNG's being opened directly by Affinity Photo or via some other program ?
  6. thanks for reporting - we're still waiting for those to roll up into a build
  7. Can you clarify "we get an not further specific error " ? Do you get an error message or is the export missing some aspect of the design ?
  8. @Barnabé can you upload the IDML file here please
  9. I notice that the text frames on the master page are not linked whereas you appear to have manually linked the individual frames on the spreads. Can you describe the process of adding a page I'm guessing it takes a lot of flowing text through the frames which is where the problem may be coming from
  10. We'd need the file to investigate - you can upload it here
  11. I get both a tiff and PNG image type in the clipboard - so it look slike we prefer the tiff format. The name generation looks wrong in the beta so I'll log that - Thanks @Anon
  12. thanks - do you use the built in screenshot functionality or some third party app?
  13. what format should _1,_2 and _3 be? Can you provide a sample zip of a publisher document and the associated images please
  14. the crashes seem to be related to direct X - I would check for Graphics drivers updates first
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