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  1. Hopefully those settings will be better in future. I did see the photo - never managed to capture a good photo of a swift in flight myself, it's quite a challenge. So long as you do your editing at the raw stage or in 16bit format in Affinity Photo then that's pretty much the best you can do. Only drop to 8 Bit when exporting a final image
  2. Hi Beta versions uninstall the previous beta so replacing a beta is fine. Never install a beta into the same folder as the retail version. I can see that the bit depth in the exif for that photo is 12 which would suggest one of the smaller raw formats. The crop factor is a different setting which I dont believe is the cause of your issue. I think the problem is down to the NEF(Raw) settings : Compression and Bit depth. For birds in flight ensuring you have 14 bit would help bring out some more detail. I've logged the issue for the developers to investigate. Regards Paul
  3. Hi, I think it may be due to using a smaller raw format - Can you try the large raw format and see if that's more reliable for you.
  4. Hi, Could you upload a problem raw file here please
  5. I wouldn't expect DNG and cr2 to be the same as in Dxo as it will have different processing applied in DxO which we cannot replicate in Affinity Photo. If you want colour accuracy you must use another format
  6. In that case the only difference would be down to the monitor profile to check that can you use a default sRGB monitor profile and see if there is any difference with a tif ?
  7. Do you get a colour change if you export from DxO as a tiff ?. With DNG you are comparing 2 different raw converters and I wouldn't expect to see the same result. Dxo is applying it's own set of adjustments which Affinity cannot replicate. We have updated the raw handling in the beta is it significanlty different to the retail version for you?
  8. Hi Mbd Thanks for the file - did you use any particular software to convert the raw file to DNG ?
  9. RamaBot - could you post a screenshot for your display adapter colour management setting please
  10. Thanks - we'll get the localisation sync'd
  11. The crash appears to be when saving the history state. If you have the save history with document feature try disabling it. However before that could you post us a file that is crashing so we can investigate why.
  12. Hi gazamond, Are you in the develop persona ? (we're aware of a delay in the histogram updating)
  13. Thanks for the report - We have the picker tool issue logged. The hint line is currently listing some options not yet implemented so I'l check with the devs whether that is coming soon.
  14. Hi D.avid, Everything's looking correct so far - can you try installing a specific monitor driver at all and also let us know the make /model of the monitor(s) do have? We might well have to go down the team viewer route
  15. Hi Wmax70, The high pass filter seems to be recording and playing back just fine for me. Can you list the exact steps taken in your maco or even export it for us to investigate. Regards