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  1. I've raised an issue and I'll bump another regarding the default value in case someone is setting it to zero to create a solid line. I'm not in a position to provide timelines I'm afraid. If you come across similar problems it is possible to go through documents and use The Select, Object, Dashed line menu option to track them down
  2. do you have more than one affinity app open at the same time?
  3. do you recall if you set the dashed line style and then set the gap value to zero to effectively turn it into what looks like a solid line or if they were copy pasted from somewhere ?
  4. @agray for the Education Signage file has similar dashed lines on Page 2. The delimiters used for the Ballroom dimensions. Also the protected backround shape used on all pages is a text shape which appears to also be causing a problem - consider changing that back to a regular rectangle
  5. @atardvark I suspect this may be due to a quirk of the 'Fredrika the Great' font but I'll have to pass this on to the developers for further investigation. Workarounds would be to rasterise any layers using that font or choose another font
  6. There are also a lot of these on the final page - once corrected the file will export in a speedy fashion
  7. @agray - apologies for the delay - I'm looking into your fies and have discovered there are some places where objects have a dashed line style which is causing the slow down. e.g the Sponsor Pavillion Tower file has a group on the first page containing the "Monday October 2" text . This group has rectangles which have the following line style defined on them switching these to solid lines will resolve the issues. They may of course be many other instances. I'm not sure what the cause of these are - it may be some upgrade issue if the files are old or maybe an accidental click. I'll continue checking this file - Just wanted to let you know We're looking into the issue
  8. @MentalFlight are there any invalid or problematic profiles listed in the ColorSync utility ?
  9. what language is the text set to ? maybe the relevant text has not been defined via the Cross references panel
  10. Numbered Paragraph will include the paragraph text upto whatever the sub field limit is ( . is a terminator by default). I've l;ogged an issue to see if we can exclude terminating charcters in the numbering section for this field
  11. I can get something similar by switching documents, going to a different page and trying to activate a different text frame on that page. Focus seems to stay on a previously selected text frame. Update - the new text frame was linked so focus was staying at the story end which was on the previous page.
  12. what settings are you using to create the cross references ?
  13. @HangmanI've recreated that font size issue from PDF and will log it
  14. Anchor name will supply the name of the index mark too
  15. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-use-event-viewer-windows-10
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