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  1. Are all the linked files on the local drive too? Any on drives connected with cloud storage ?
  2. Pauls

    Yikes, Still Non-Functional!!

    I mean actually create another user account on your mac and try the affinity app in that. I'll have a quick look at that sample file
  3. Pauls

    Yikes, Still Non-Functional!!

    @Wolf Wallis - did we try setting up a new user profile ?
  4. Think we'll need to have a look at the file to investigate. You can upload it securely here
  5. @JimWelch - Have you ever switched between single and facing page layouts with this document?
  6. can you upload the file here please
  7. We think this is related to using a Japanese keyboard setting
  8. We've just recreated this - looks like something to do with the keyboard input setting
  9. If in terminal you run the command 'locale' what does it list ?
  10. Pauls

    Publisher Crashes Big File

    We have seen some that can take up to 90 GB!!
  11. we've not been able to recreate this - would it be possible to get a sample file and your system details please
  12. Is this happening when no document is open ?
  13. @Lynn Bantley - If you could upload one (or more) of the problem files here so we can investigate that would be appreciated.
  14. Pauls

    Continuation Fields

    can you provide a sample file for us to look at