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  1. yes rasterising is fixing the image as you see it so removes the link. I think the lines are down to the viewer option (maybe even app version too) - but they do correspond to the white areas as shown above
  2. I'll need some developer feed back to find out whats casuing the problem. Pinned images often seem to be the culprits although I think this is something different
  3. I still dont see the lines in my export, Could you post a small sample PDF
  4. the faint line could be the down to the PDF viewer - I don't get that on my export. Which PDF viewer are you using ?
  5. the file loaded for me - so it may be related to one or more of the linked images or a disk/disk space Could be worth seeing how much free space is on the drive with your windows temporary folder. Have you run a disk check where the images are stored ?
  6. Can you post a screenshot(s) of the pdf settings you have used please.
  7. It may be the levels adjustments and converting between 2 color spaces causing the problem which I will need to investigate further. Rasterizing the images in publisher (Layers Panel, Right Click, Rasterise) - seems to generate better exports
  8. If you’re getting an error Setup Failed when trying to install our app/update, please try the below suggestions. They should hopefully allow you to install our app/update without any further issues: Restart your machine and try the installation again Make sure you're installing the latest version of the app ( more information here ) Right click the .exe file and select Run as Administrator Make sure your machine isn't in the middle of installing updates - this can lock files needed to install our app/update Make sure your machine is fully updated by checking for any available updates Uninstall any previous versions of the software first using Microsoft's Uninstall Troubleshooter app (some errors have been caused by the installer being unable to remove the previous version) If you’re using an app, such as ImDisk, to modify where your TEMP directory is stored, please disable this and use the default Windows TEMP directory. Make sure you have the correct permissions to add/modify or remove folders within C:\Program Files\ Check Event Viewer to see if any additional information is provided regarding the error ( more information here )
  9. I've recreated it and logged an issue for this case - thanks @Joachim_L
  10. I think it is a bug with the baseline grid. By setting leading to using %lineheight and specifying 150% rather than using a fixed value I can get the drop cap to behave as expected.
  11. @Joachim_L Could you uplaod the font(s) used here please
  12. Can you upload a copy of the file here please and I'll check to see if it's corrupt
  13. I would suggest rasterising only ‘unsupported properities’ and setting the embd font option to ‘Text as Curves’
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