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  1. that crash is related to Metal acceleration - you could try switching to OpenGL in preferences/performance
  2. It narrows down to the Stray Wires - they all have a small mitre limit. Try setting that to 2 on the items in that group. (Test you have then all by exporting to PDF ). We suspect the object came from inkscape ?
  3. can you supply "09 Checking Wiring 2022.svg" ( I think we're referring to different page 22,s)
  4. it will probably do due to a mitre that is set to less than 1. You will have ot work around that by changing that or rasterizing the image
  5. seems to be a problem with the svg on page 22 can you post a copy of that please
  6. Can you try saving the project as a package zipping up the resulting folder and uploading it here please.
  7. that's logged to be investigated - thanks for the report
  8. whats the exact make and model of the PC ? Affinity can drive a PC quite hard and we've seen cases where the power supply isnt able to keep up with power demands
  9. I think its down to the PDF on pages 10 and 11 deleting that allows me to export - perhaps try deleting and re-adding that. If you still have problems could you upload that PDF please
  10. @Raggedmane - does the event viewer show any interesting messages around the time any of these corruptions. also check that you local hard disc is free from bad sectors etc
  11. I would try doing a full disk check to make sure your Hard disc is functioning correctly. For the utility you can simply save the file and send it me If you encounter any further problems
  12. thanks for the report and file - i've logged that for the devs to look into
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