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  1. Good to hear - thanks for confirming
  2. If the ctrl key does not work it could also be a problem with the installation of .Net on your machine. Try repairing the .Net installation
  3. Could be a .Net issue - maybe uninstalling and reinstalling .Net may solve this. First make sure your computer does not want to finish applying any updates by restarting it.
  4. HI, Firstly I'm sorry you're having such trouble. If the app is unresponsive they is no real guarantee you won't lose some work however Affinity is quite good at retaining what you've done should you force quit. Make sure to reply yes to recover saved work prompts the next time you run up. But first - are you saving to anywhere unusual such as a cloud drive? Is another program blocking the save maybe antivirus/malware? Also if you could take a screenshot prior to force quitting that may be useful for us. Finally I would recommend having a look at the latest beta version if you continue to have problems - I suspect you may be encountering a UI issue we have fixed in that version.
  5. Hi John, Thats not the behaviour I'm seeing - please send a screenshot of your config
  6. Raw files please one good, one bad will do - Thanks
  7. Could you please upload a good and bad file to here please. I'm interested to see what's different
  8. there is a known problem with the invert selection and artboards - I've added your details to the bug report - Thanks!
  9. This could be a UI issue we may have fixed in the latest Beta version
  10. Thanks for confirming
  11. We think it is a compressed format causing the issue - but don't have a resolution at this time. The camera has a compressed RAW format and an Uncompressed RAW format maybe you have the compressed version selected ?
  12. It's the Raw Output format setting in the Develop Assistant
  13. I think this is related to an existing bug with soft light blend mode in 32 bit images. If you convert to 16 bit do you get the image you are expecting ?
  14. It could also be related to High Sierra - If you try the latest beta are you still getting the problem ?