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  1. Pauls

    "Finder" is spelled wrong in Japanese

    The Minimize button minimizes the preferences panel into the dock area - clicking on that will show it again. The close button in the menu bar does not behave the same as using the close button. e.g. doesn't detect the change of language. Yes we do think the language has changed if you revert back to the original langauge before closing the dialog
  2. Pauls

    "Finder" is spelled wrong in Japanese

    I'm following this up with the translation company - all translation feedback will handed over and taken into consideration.
  3. The lens correction should now be working in the latest 1.6.104 build
  4. We have a report of it running very slowly - I'll get that bumped. I suspect if you leave it long enough it would eventually finish. What size image are you running it on ?
  5. Pauls

    Photo & Designer crashes upon opening a PDF file

    Thanks for the file - I've reported that has an issue
  6. The up/down arrows do appear to be using a different resolution. The slider on windows still works in tenths of a degree plus you can type any number in as well - I'll get that difference reported - Thanks for reporting
  7. Pauls

    Affinity crashes when changing colour

    It does seem to be something about that group of objects which appear to all be pixel layers. I'm curious as to how you created those in the first place. I also find the app seems to crash but does eventually come back. It's still a very broken file in this case though.
  8. Could you try changing the output profile in the develop studios profiles tab to say ProPhoto RGB and see if that gives results closer to what you expect ?
  9. Jo Kim - can you confirm which beta version you are referring to please
  10. Hi, Can you give us the link you're are typing in and tell us which browser you are using. The resources appear to be available to us
  11. Pauls

    Designer Crashes when opening illustrator files

    Good to hear - thanks for confirming
  12. If the ctrl key does not work it could also be a problem with the installation of .Net on your machine. Try repairing the .Net installation
  13. Pauls

    Photo won't start on Windows 7

    Could be a .Net issue - maybe uninstalling and reinstalling .Net may solve this. First make sure your computer does not want to finish applying any updates by restarting it.
  14. Pauls

    Frozen during Save

    HI, Firstly I'm sorry you're having such trouble. If the app is unresponsive they is no real guarantee you won't lose some work however Affinity is quite good at retaining what you've done should you force quit. Make sure to reply yes to recover saved work prompts the next time you run up. But first - are you saving to anywhere unusual such as a cloud drive? Is another program blocking the save maybe antivirus/malware? Also if you could take a screenshot prior to force quitting that may be useful for us. Finally I would recommend having a look at the latest beta version if you continue to have problems - I suspect you may be encountering a UI issue we have fixed in that version.
  15. Pauls

    Error in Distort > Equations

    Hi John, Thats not the behaviour I'm seeing - please send a screenshot of your config