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  1. It crashes for me when using Lab colour mode - issue logged
  2. We've logged this to be looked in to - thanks
  3. Could you try seeing if having the layers panel and history panel closed makes any difference
  4. Could you please confirm the exact operating version numbers you are using ?
  5. setting the option to embed all fonts will make the solve the problem (select the more button first)
  6. momsoft - please upload the files to here. We will delete then after we have investigated the issue
  7. This should be fixed in the next beta release
  8. Where the dots appear in the publisher file there is also a non-breaking space and another space in the PagePlus file. Is there any reason why that non-breaking space is there in the first place ?
  9. @Wosven - thanks for those. Can you confirm the exact operating system version number you are using ? Also can you give us a screenshot of the workspace layout you typically have prior to closing the application down. I suspect it's a configuration issue with your system - do you keep it up to date with patches?
  10. I've not been able to recreate the crash on opening. When the crash report dialog is open please go to this folder and post the most recent crash report %AppData%\Roaming\Affinity\Publisher\1.0 (Beta)\CrashReports
  11. Ray C do you have the source of the original text we could look at?
  12. I think its the paragraph leading - setting it to default makes the autofit appear to work
  13. Hi, I've not been able to recreate this, can you confirm which OS you are using and possibly include a screenshot of the way you have the panels configured.