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  1. if you've resized the image larger then the DPI will drop. The warning is coming from your preflight settings which defaults as follows :- You may be increasing the image size too much but it all depends on what resolution you need for final output
  2. it does not crash for me but then I have to relink the Designer file. If you create a new Publisher file then add the Designer file does that one go on to crash as well?
  3. it may reoccur when you download content - so it may be related to a particular pack. I would be very interested to find out which one so if you do redownload content only do one brush pack a time. Hope you enjoy using 2.0.4 now
  4. Could you try running up the application whilst holding down the control key and use the setting shown in this screenshot to reset any downloaded content .
  5. were you using the brush pressure curve at the time of that crash?
  6. the 6.4mm is coming from a list tab stop indent; how that got there I have no idea. You can reset it for that frame by setting the text to a list (Bullets and Numbering) - altering the tabstop value then setting it back to no list. If all your text frames are like this then once you have the frame as it should be perform a save defaults comand
  7. you can turn off the automatic updating of numbers if you want to add a set of files then set the operation off once you have added them all. an indication of the file sizes and times being taken will help us determine if they may be some other problem to look in to
  8. what are the actual document dimension specifications size, dpi, units ?
  9. I think this is due to the repetition of the 'stop' class names within the gradient definitions - making them unique across all gradients will give the effect you are after. My browsers are displaying the latter 4 definitions whilst designer is taking the first 4 for me.
  10. el problema del balance de blancos se corregirá en la próxima actualización, que llegará muy pronto
  11. tried holding control key down when starting - do you get to the reset data screen?
  12. would it be possible to get a copy of this template please
  13. looks like its a zoomed view causing the problem - issue logged
  14. do you have any special accessibiity options enabled?
  15. It is currently fixed - I've added some comments relating to this into an improvement issue
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