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  1. the only thing I can think of is you may have swicthed photo to use a different keyboard somehow. Have you tried cycling through the different keyboards on the on-screen keyboards ?
  2. Could you confirm the settings for language locale and Keyboard setups in the iPad settings please. I've been unable to replicate this behaviour. Also what type of iPad and OS version are you using ?
  3. Could you please uplad a copy of the file here - please
  4. what type of keyboard are you using and where in Photo are you seeing this difference in operation ?
  5. the sliding in the 'preview' is for selecting/deselecting layers
  6. do you get a crash report ? if so attaching it will help us if not does the spash screen appear ? Have you tried running it up with control key pressed ?
  7. the issue appears to be around the darkening blend mode on one of the layers. I've logged that for further investigation
  8. afphoto files can contain more than just the image data e.g History and various internal caches.
  9. Hi, I would need the file to be able to investigate this issue - can you upload a copy to here please
  10. Could you confirm the OS version, Make and model of the iPad please
  11. Could you let me know make the make of Nas and how you connect to it (USB/Network). I've logged the corrupt file to see if we can gather any information from it. If you have the time could you also try to recreate teh issue on a local drive - I dont have access to a NAS due to working from home sadly
  12. I cant recreate this - I do wonder if the afphoto file you are saving over is important. Also is here anything unusual about the drive it is stored on ?
  13. @DarkClown - would it be possible to get a copy of the jpg file uploaded please -
  14. This certainly looks like a bug to me and I've logged it - thanks for the report
  15. @Tiamat Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums I'm struggling to get any sizeable files to download from my amazon drive. Can you verify the file has downloaded correctly for you ?
  16. Hi, Could you provide a small sample file please and also confirm the Version of Excel and the locale that your machines uses Regards
  17. for freezes you would have to create a crash file for us by using Task Manager :- https://superuser.com/questions/1246211/what-is-the-create-dump-file-feature-in-task-manager details of your system spec will also be usefull.
  18. How many cores does your processor have ? - (I prefer open GL but in this case the opposite of what you're currently using)
  19. Thanks - I've reported that to the translation team
  20. It's dificult to pin down these random locks but you could try altering the performance preferences and switch between using Metal and OpenGL. It could also be due to particular editing operation - is there any sort of pattern there ?
  21. are the DNG's being opened directly by Affinity Photo or via some other program ?
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