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  1. I've recreated that issue and raised it as a bug - thank you for reporting it
  2. The image used in the sample you have uploaded already will do
  3. @crijoh can you upload a sample file and one or more of the images here please. I really need the underlying images
  4. I think that's because they have actually been substituted with another font. One sneaky way would be to choose a unique font in the font replaqcments options when opening the document. Then using find and replace to change that unique font.
  5. Numerical input is on our radar for improvements - Cant give an exact time frame though
  6. not that - I'm aware of - this will make a good feature request
  7. There should be a source control as well - does that not do what you want?
  8. What type of images are the sources - do any of them have transparency ? - If you can provide the file I could investigate further
  9. Hi, I'll refer you to this comment and thread "You can apply a Curves Adjustment to a mask however it doesn't change mask's pixel data directly, it only affects the mask non-destructively, that is, you see the results of the adjustment affecting the mask output, however the pixels on the mask itself don't change. To do this drag a Curves Adjustment over the thumbnail of a mask until a small vertical blue line appears, then change the Curves Adjustement dropdown on bottom from Master to Alpha. Drag the graph curve/add point and you should see it affecting (non-destructively or just visually if you prefer) the mask."
  10. Could you provide a sample file please ( the affinity file ) and a screenshot of your export settings
  11. @crijoh can you upload a sample file and one or more of the images here please
  12. we do make it easy to switch between the apps to allow this type of editing
  13. This is one of the differences between the products - so its not possible in photo at the moment
  14. There isnt a way to control it but I can see the point of it being tricky in certain circumstances - I find the Light colour scheme can help in this case
  15. Hard to say without having the original publisher document - the images look the same to me
  16. I think you'd need a really small brush size for that image or use the refine selection.
  17. The menu item Layer, New group allows you to create a new group layer. The mask layer is more like a property of the group/layer rather than being a child layer in itself which is why its it indented.
  18. Do these issues occur on a non-dropbox folder? Sample files in the link I posted earlier would also help us
  19. @Sindi - Seeing as the file wont open in Word and there's a 2% in the file title I'm guessing the file did not download completely which is why it's corrupt
  20. thanks for the IDML file @JoeSr. I've added that to the bug report for this issue
  21. @JoeSr - have you resized the text frames at all? Also would it be possible to get the original IDML file ? @Foxen - same question regarding the text frames
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