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  1. Pauls

    Global Colour Rename

    That's been logged - thanks
  2. Pauls

    Hyphenation bug with slash?

    You have a point, I'll rasie it with the devs
  3. maybe an accidental click when scrolling quicky ? - that's what is happening to me
  4. Yes it is resizing all to the dimesions in the export dialog - which will never be correct in this situation. I've logged an issue about this case
  5. I've not been able to recreate this so far. I do notice that your charcater panel looks different to mine - does it contain a Decorations section ?
  6. Could be worth monitoring free disk space as the export is in progress. If you could upload the afpub file, images and fonts here we could investigate
  7. We have logged that - thanks for the report
  8. Not yet but we're looking to make improvements in this area in an upcoming beta
  9. I suspect that a file or temporary file gets a lock on it that stops file operations working as expected. I've seen it happen when the app crashes so restarting the computer can clear those locks. Attempting to delete the temp folder would reveal which file(s) is causing the problem.
  10. I believe that check box alters the way you position the pin and object. It's not a property of the object
  11. The edit button should be removed once the image is converted to embedded. I've logged that issue, thanks for the report
  12. interesting - I get this fault so I'll log an issue. Would it be possible to get the affinity file used to create the PDF as well?
  13. Thanks for the report and sample file - I've logged that issue
  14. Could you try closing the app and then attempting to delete the files from %appdata%\Roaming\Affinity\Publisher 1.0\temp if they are any there
  15. It's saving fine for me there are a couple of missing png's though could you upload those as well please whitelogo, pattern and slice1, and microsoft
  16. please see your PM for a fixed file
  17. Also if you could upload the file here please
  18. I cant seem to download the afpub file could you try attcahing it again please
  19. Can you upload the files here please especially the svg. Are there any cloud services and or syncing utilities working on that folder or the folder where the svg is stored ?
  20. Looks like you have to disable that service :- " Just logging out of onedrive did not fix it for me when i had this issue. The cldflt.sys device driver still interacts with the OS and bluescreens. Run these 2 commands from a Admin command prompt: sc config cldflt start=disabled sc stop cldflt (you can put it back with a sc config cldflt start=automatic if you choose) Also, I tried on my own to complete remove all onedrive folders and hidden system files in my profile folder a few weeks ago. After reenabling cldflt and logging back into onedrive, I bluescreen'ed about 2 hours into my workday. " The afpub file is corrupt, probably due to the crash.
  21. Pauls

    Renaming color

    Thanks for reporting that - I've logged it
  22. @BobFossil can you try on a new user account. We have seen people having issues like this but not yet been able to narrow them down
  23. We have this bug logged and should be fixed in an upcoming beta

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