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  1. Hello Is there an elegant solution in the AP on PC WIN 10 and iPad Pro to straighten out falling lines in an architecture photograph? Thanks for a tip
  2. That's a pity. Because to work with the curves, you should also see the changes per channel in the histogram. And it is not necessary to just bend the curve, but rather to shift the end of the curve horizontally. Just like you can do it in the AP on the PC. Maybe this will happen on the iPad! But now another question, as you can see in the picture. Simply this sequence of 1, then 2 several times until you come to the title 3 curves. But now the area with the ? is empty. What didn't I understand?
  3. Sorry I didn't answer until now, but I was out of the house. I have now changed the language on the desktop to English and hope to use the correct expressions. On the desktop there is the Adjustment Layer "Curves". There you can see the histogram at RGB for the master, red, green and blue channel. Now you can set each color for itself corresponding to the histogram, so that the maximum brightness and darkness value per channel corresponds to the histogram. Is there such a thing on the iPad? The combination of the color channel setting and the simultaneous display of the histogram? On the iPad, under Adjustments Studio, in the opened window, I found several entries at the very top. For example also Curves. But under this point there is nothing to see, just an empty black window, although I have loaded a jpeg image.
  4. Hello I am used to being able to check the black point and the white point per color in the diagram when I change the tonal value per color channel in RGB mode. Is this also possible in the iPad? On the desktop this is perfectly possible with the tonal value correction! Thanks for a tip
  5. I have one more question after all. Does AP also have these automatic functions on the iPad? I didn't find these again?
  6. Please excuse my stupid question. Our apprentice was able to answer the question on a tip. In "Photo Persona" the four Icon on top the photo!
  7. Hello together Lightroom, for example, has an automatic function for tonal value correction and many other points. You can also, for example, set the tonal values manually or by pressing the Automatic button. This is very handy if you want to optimize a few photos on the fly with an 85% result. The effort / benefit ratio is so very good. Of course, there will never be a professional correction by hand. That's not the point in the moment either. How can I quickly "automatically" edit a few photos in APhoto? Tone value, brightness and a little sharpness? Somebody give me a hint? Or do I have to load some special software again... Thank you so much for your help.
  8. Hi I opened a file from Adobe Illustrator. Is it true that you can't change the text. For me, the individual letters are simply individual graphic characters, but not coherent text. Thanks for an answer.
  9. I'm standing on the hose. I come from Photoshop. I have a photo on layer 1 and a photo on layer 2. Now I want to cut an area from the photo on layer 2. 1. select area on layer 2 with (Marquee Tool) 2. reverse selection (ctrl+shift+i) 3. Delete reverse selection. (delete) Now it always deletes the whole layer and not only the reverse selection! What am I doing wrong? :-(
  10. Hooray, no more smartphone app in use! that was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks a lot!
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