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  1. Hi, as reported here: As feared, some bugs that where already logged in the Windows version in the beta were not fixed in the "stable" release v2.2.0. When I see the advertisement for the new release on the Serif website, the MAC dialog seems to be shown there. This also looks like it's working properly. Can any MAC user confirm this ? I increasingly have the feeling that some UX errors and weaknesses will be fixed for the MAC/iPad version with high priority and then in the end there will be no time left to implement them identically in the Windows version ?! And this is how the bugs in the current v2.2.0 Windows release still look like: Flipping form groups, missing/different translation, wrong button labels ?!?! 2023-09-19_publisher-windows-custom-fields-bugs-not-fixed.mp4 Not funny...
  2. Now there are two form groups. One with "Custom", one with "Selbst definiert". The latter appears after creating the first custom field: Furthermore the two groups flip panel position after deleting at least one custom fields: 2023-09-04_2.2.0.1986-beta_fields-panel-double-group.mp4 After deleting all custom fields the "german" group disappears and now the tooltip for the plus-button has a wrong label:
  3. Hi Gabe, Don't know, where to post these old Bugs. I'm "sorry" if I "annoy" anyone. I spent hours and days of testing and bug reporting during the last 12 Month since release v2. For good reason. In plain language: Either, I'm just moaning around. Or I try to help make the software better. I decided to do the latter after the first big disappointment with v2. We, who have to work with the software every day, have little choice but to help find the bugs and describe them in a way that is as reproducible as possible. All in the hope that they will be fixed as soon as possible. Until then we have to work for hours every day with the workarounds! So, in exchange for my time and the time and effort of many other beta testers and dedicated users, I think it's appropriate to also point out some old bugs that I think are absolutely important to fix, but don't seem worth the trouble are to be fixed with priority ? Instead, new features are still being added instead of making version 2.x completely stable at least once. I'm talking about the basic functions here. And slices are an absolutely important and fundamental functionality for my work. Feel free to move this post to wherever you want the seemingly irrelevant trash to go...
  4. Hi guys, as already mentioned the slices panel presets are still not working. Switching preset produces random form output. The upper preset select and the other form controls have to be properly synchronized. This applies to both the standard tab and the selection tab. Some of the old presets (v1.x) behave as expected. The newer ones (webp, jpeg xl) and others behave randomly. I have to use the slices in every web project. For web development this is not a nice to have. It's a fundamental functionality like exporting PDF-X for print. Not seeing a clear slice status is very annoying and completely unproductive. You can't select a clearly defined standard preset for new slices and have to fiddle around each time you create a new slice. In addition, if you don't see the preset name in the upper select it is not possible to delete a custom preset without a doubt. And - this all worked fine in v1 🙄 The standard tab: 2023-08-16_2.2.0.1954-beta_slices-panel-mess_001.mp4 The selection tab: 2023-08-16_2.2.0.1954-beta_slices-panel-mess_002.mp4 By the way. For me the slices export to SVG, WebP,... is the number one reason why the Affinity apps provide an almost perfect toolset for web development. Layout pixel perfect in Publisher | Designer | Photo -> open in Designer -> create slices from any piece of your artwork -> export web ready graphics as bitmap and/or vector in multiple resolutions and sizes 👍
  5. 1) Thanks😁 The refined Windows panel appearence looks so much clearer now 👍 The Windows issue with the truncated labels still exists. The panel persists the column width of the left label-column at least during one user session. But after app restart the column width is reset to default and the labels are truncated again. In consequence the user has to resize the column once for every user session to read the truncated parameter names. Would be helpfull, if the last user defined column width could also be persisted like the panel size. 2) I can't rename a custom field - maybe this is intended behaviour ? Steps: a) I add a custom field to the palette with some inital value (German translation missing). OK so far. b) Now i edit the field by clicking the button "Edit Custom Field" (German translation missing). The flyout dialog shows the text input with the current field name selected. It appears as if i could change the name. But as soon as i press any letter key the flyout dialog closes without letting me type into the input. If the field name may not be changed afterwards, the input might be disabled to indicate that the name is immutable ?
  6. Sean, you are right! A quick zoom change updates the viewport and all text frames are rerendered correctly. So, the devs can easily fix this 😁 2023-07-18-publisher-windows-fields-update-002.mp4
  7. It's a little bit confusing. The update error seems to occur as soon as i select the second (bottom) text frame. Either select the second text frame Object as a whole or setting the text cursor inside the frame. 2023-07-18-publisher-windows-fileds-update-001.mp4 The internal IDs in the layer preview look the same ?
  8. I can't reproduce this focus problem on Windows. It seems that the input focus remains in the text frame after inserting a custom field by doubleclicking in the fields panel (as intended). Sorry for having no visual mouse-action marker in the video. I don't click into the text frame inbetween. The cursor stays active in the text so i can type the next letter directly after inserting the field by doubleclicking in the panel. This also applies when the panel is docked in the UI. But another bug: at the end, after changing the field value in the panel, only the second text frame is updated. 2023-07-18-publisher-windows-fields-focus-001.mp4
  9. Yes it does. Here is the complete show: 2023-07-15-publisher-fields-panel-custom-field-bug-002.mp4
  10. Windows panel bug: value input remains in the panel after deleting custom field entry from the list. Even after closing the panel or document. Need to restart Publisher to get rid of the stray value. 2023-07-15-publisher-fields-panel-custom-field-bug-001.mp4
  11. There is a significant visual difference between the MAC version of the panel shown above and the current Windows version. The MAC panel looks much tidier and the buttons are more clearly recognizable as such. On MAC (from Ash): This is how it looks like in the current Windows version: 1) The add-button is missing the plus-sign 2) To my mind, in comparison to Ash's MAC screenshot, overall the data sections and buttons on the right lack contrast against the background. Buttons are too small and the button labes (vertical dots) are to thin. The UI lacks visual guidance. 3) And of course the truncated label problem in the Windows version as reported here: These are my current UI settings:
  12. beta, Windows. Still random for some file types. Even for custom presets. One consequence of this is that you cannot delete a preset without a doubt, since you do not know which preset is currently active. 2023-07-14-designer-slice-presets-ad- This is how it should (used to) work correctly: see in stable Designer 2023-07-14-designer-slice-presets-ad-
  13. This also applies to customer 2.1.1. 1) When opening the fields panel for the first time, the longer property names (nested level 1) are cut off on the left side because the left column is to narrow. 2) I can drag the split point to the right to reveal the hidden words. 3) After closing and restarting Publisher the old/initial panel split is used again and the property names are cut off again. This is annoying because you have to fix the panel layout each time before you can work with it. Automatic panel layout depending on the word lengths of the localized property names might be difficult. But the panel should at least persist and restore the last split position manually set by the user. E.g. the last position, width/height of the fields panel are already persisted.
  14. @blackstone Könntest Du vielleicht ein vereinfachtes Publisher Dokument mit nur der einen entsprechenden Seite hier im Forum zum Testen bereitstellen. Tritt darin dann der Fehler immer noch auf?
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