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  1. Hi Erika, Could you please share a screenshot of this? Names are be perfectly aligned with strokesheets Also filenames shared with Serif are the very same Did they decide to rename the .afbushes because of the "&" and "-" maybe? Cheers, Paolo
  2. Thanks, exactly but not only this... The "hidden" selection box is a lot bigger than the rendered one, bigget than 100% pressure. Also with very few ones... Please, check this video OffsetAgain.mov I've reset pressure to 100% and I'm still clicking far from the stroke (one stroke in that area) and I can move it. Thank you again! 😀
  3. Cannot say the direction... But it is there for some icons and labels. Inputs (and few remaining labels) are tack sharp. Same stuff in the Stroke Studio is pixel perfect. Another blurry one is in Slices Studio (Export persona)
  4. Thank you. The file has been uploaded. I noticed that with single artboard things are slightly better. SelectionOffset.mov But the offset is definitely there... SelectionPathView.mov Also with Path View things work as expected.
  5. Thanks. Yes I do the very same and there all works as intended, this makes me think that something is going wrong with the final "rendering"...
  6. By mapped strokes I mean vector brushes created with the Texture Intensity option. Basically these are rasters mapped along a path.
  7. Edit... I noticed that holding CRTL while dragging allows me to have a better precision for selection... Maybe I'm dumb and this is a wanted feature? So Click+Drag for wide range and CTRL+Click+Drag for narrow range? Or maybe am I selecting in a different direction? From back to front using CTRL? PathSelectionCTRL.mov
  8. Same issue here... It seems that those icons and texts are somehow 0.x pixel off from regular grid.
  9. Hi there, maybe this was spotted before. I'm experiencing a sort of "offset" selecting paths/strokes which are very hard to pick now. Sometimes the click+drag seems to hit a ghost bounding box... Just as strokes are "closer" to the arrow. It looks like the selection is acting in another reference system and what I see is not what I get. This is a short video which maybe explains better the odd behaviour. PathSelectionOffset.mov Sometimes it is almost impossible to grab the one I want, the only way is to dig deep into layers... I noticed that this is very evident with multiple artboards and mapped strokes. Cheers, Paolo Affinity Designer 1.10.4 macOS 12.1
  10. Hello! I've tried this but it is a "temporary" solution, I've lost the dialog again even in this configuration Also, I need my Cintiq to be Main Display... Any other trick/fix here? EDIT: Found... Beta 1.10.5 should mitigate
  11. Hi there! Yes vector strokes are mapped rasters, but it is the way that Affinity conceived them. There is no way to create "vector" mapped strokes at this stage... Anyway... I've created them as "vectors", so once mapping vectors along a a path will be possible, I'll update for sure in a rather quick way. Here some "bare bones", the top version is the source, then baked to raster. Confidently use them in your professional projects since these sources are hi-res files (the stroke above is 1024px wide, source is even bigger). I'm using "Vector Stroke" in description to mean "Vector Persona Brushes"... Any creator out there does it, but if this is confusing, please tell me I'll ask Store managers to change it. Cheers, Paolo
  12. Here I am MBP 2018 i7 6Core 2.6Ghz 32GB DDR4 Radeon Pro 560X 4GB Big Sur 11.1
  13. Exact... The very same issue, but I'm using a MBPro 2019 and Publisher is the latest version (1.8.3). It also happens to add "void" characters if I want to use arrows to move between lines.
  14. Hi there! I'm not the very expert in DTP, I'm trying to setup a template for a customer but I'm experiencing a strange behaviour never happened before. When I hit "Backspace" the cursor deletes characters but moves forward just as using "Tab"... Am I doing something wrong? Cheers, Paolo
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