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  1. paolo.limoncelli

    Brush Creation?

    Hi! You can find further tutorials here https://affinityspotlight.com/article/how-to-create-raster-brushes-in-affinity-designer-for-ipad/ These are perfectly suitable for Affinity Photo too.
  2. Hi! If you have AffinityPhoto you can find a DAUB Watercolours set there too, and export it to Designer easily. Cheers, Paolo
  3. paolo.limoncelli

    DAUB Kraken is Out!

    Hi! Purchasing seems working fine to me... Gumroad notified a purchased set less than 1 hour ago... About the discount use the link here and you’ll get it!
  4. paolo.limoncelli

    Help with pencil brush

    Sorry! I used the wrong term... As "former" I meant "early" customer/purchaser of this set! Thanks, in particular Nozzle Mode for Texture is what you need to have a perfect 1:1 reproduction of DAUB brushes in desktop/iOS context
  5. paolo.limoncelli

    Help with pencil brush

    Hi Alfred! This is a “light” version I will release after the proper update of the commercial set! Being a former customer you’ll get a richer set for free
  6. paolo.limoncelli

    Help with pencil brush

    Hi! Do you see something suitable here? It is the DAUB Pencils Mk2 set, with a 2k seamless texture and brand new settings. Unfortunately it doesn't work on AffinityPhoto for iPad because the features needed to make it work are not yet there. Also please note the old DAUB Pencils doesn't work properly for the same reason. Basically this effect cannot be reached on iPad yet... Sorry...
  7. paolo.limoncelli

    DAUB Comics Basic Set 2.0

    AP for iOS works with Apple Pencil only, no other third party pens so far (if you mean this).
  8. paolo.limoncelli

    DAUB Comics Basic Set 2.0

    Hi! When I released these Windows version was not yet available, but they are perfectly compatible with it too!
  9. paolo.limoncelli

    DAUB Kraken is Out!

    Shame on me, you're totally right. Thank you for your feedback. I use to cross-install the brush set between my versions of AP/AD/AP for iOS before releasing it, and in one of these steps I have missed something. So I've uploaded the wrong package in the store... You and all purchasers should have received the update. Sorry for the inconvenience!
  10. paolo.limoncelli

    Inktober 2017 Vector Reworking

    These last two pieces remind me somehow an old animated movie of the middle '70 named La Planète sauvage. Great visionary work Stuart!
  11. paolo.limoncelli

    DAUB Kraken is Out!

    Thank you all for the support! The set has gone to its full price, but I decided to keep the 20% off still active.
  12. paolo.limoncelli

    DAUB Kraken is Out!

    Grazie! These will work on the iPad version without problems.
  13. paolo.limoncelli

    DAUB Kraken is Out!

    Don’t worry!
  14. paolo.limoncelli

    DAUB Kraken is Out!

    Hi! As I said above I cannot do anything there since it seems to me a bug of the application itself. As you can see the Brush Editor correctly represents the preview whereas Studio doesn't Sorry for this but I guess we all have to wait for the Affinity team to fix it. Otherwise you could raise flow up, but the effect of this brush will change...
  15. paolo.limoncelli

    DAUB Kraken is Out!

    Thank you all! Yes, this is true for Calamus set in particular, because of spacing and hi-res textures. This set is designed for inking and I crafted it to have the very best quality in strokes together with stabilistation. If you want to speed things up a bit and you're using AP you can double click and change assigned tool to Pixel Tool. Or if you're using AD just select the Pixel Tool and choose your ink. Beware: this procedure causes the loss of the richness in texture and antialias in some cases. This is a quick sample I did using AD and DAUB Herbert from Calamus set And this is how I completed it using Dynamic Ink Diluted and one of the papers available in my Essential pack.