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  1. I work for the OEM market where UI screen are mainly low res (some of these use non-square pixels) and some implementations still need sprites as design strategy. In this case Pixel preview, Move By Whole Pixels and Force Pixel Alignment are vital. Also and Blend options are very useful.
  2. W&W Bristles have hi-res sources, but in terms of "complexity" there are far more complex stuff in default Oils for example. Grunge Oil 01 is probably one of the most complex available in AP "out of the box".
  3. I'm the designer in this case... 😉 Off the pixel grid could happen even if totally unwanted Meb... When you have to deal with thousand of assets, nested stuff, bounding boxes, contraints and there is a "mixed" snapping scenario (candidates, reference etc...) cut&paste, drag from Assets... Even if the pixel snapping is on, sometimes rounding error happens. Anyway this has been my workflow since 2014 in AD... My idea was to add further hints to the discussion, if unwanted and what I wrote is totally wrong feel free to erase my comments. 😉
  4. When you have lots of elements this his is exactly the best way to "spot" what is off grid... 😜 You know it should so if it does not snap you could go to transform panel and fix. Look at this scenario Pixel perfect positioning and size in Transform Panel... But you have pixel blur on the left edge... How can it be? Headaches... If you have Pixel snapping active and create a new shape, it helps you in finding the problem here. As you said, it will not snap, so you know that there is something wrong, since when I start dragging the X value starts with 0,8px off... You could move manually but it will be still off grid... In this case the whole artboard is 0,2px off. Move it back to integer and your job is done. 🙂
  5. If I could add further suggestions, is a great idea to enable both Move By Whole Pixels Force Pixel Alignment In particular in UI design scenarios these are fundamental to spot "off-grid" assets. 🙂
  6. Yes lots of users reported to me this thing to my support email. Now I'm very curious to know why this happens with my set only... 🤔
  7. Hi! Not yet possible with one tool only... I'm not a big fan of these effects... But... I want to help in any case... 😜 You could try stacking multiple layers and using the Paint Mixer Brush with no colour I suggest you to try with a Dust and Scratches effect and Unsharp Mask to simplify the picture and emphasise edges Then stack up other layers (duplicating) and start messing around with a suitable brush (Shame on me... here I'm using one of my Blockers included in Pigmento Set... 😬) And go on using smaller sizes... Maybe some Curves adjustment could help contrast Not the same as PS we're almost there...
  8. I've been able to replicate this too (finally) on Windows, briefly also with default Watercolours set. It is something dealing with the internal preview, DAUB W&W set includes hires textures and nozzles. I also noticed that editing of Jitters' ramp is slow and "sticky". Probably List preview struggles in rendering the stroke of these brushes.
  9. Nobody is excusing anybody here... 😀 Anyway performance could be a bug as much as it couldn't. I still can't see where is the rendering issue in your screenshot... I can see something like a 560% zoom in. Cannot replicate (you can see me zooming and panning in the video). Could you maybe record the whole process and upload the video to spot the issue?
  10. The "gray" rectangle is by design otherwise output of the Procedural Texture will not be seamless... I think this filter somehow "wins" over others. If you're applying this filter to an alpha channel and need to mask it you need another mask I guess... 🤔 The only way to avoid any ambiguity is exposing a node UI... With a linear one it could be very hard to tell what is a bug and what is an error in the creation process.
  11. I guess these are expected too, since Live Filters and Adjustments are performed on a sort of "preview proxy" calculated on the visible zoom/area to make them "live". Anyway... Probably I did something different and didn't understand your procedure, but nothing happens on Monterey. Screen Recording 2023-01-16 at 10.22.04.mov To confine the procedural texture I guess you need a further clipping mask on top maybe?
  12. Further investigation, it is some glitch that appears using Pressure. This is my Wacom 27QHD driver And this is the behaviour with a simple round brush, it happens with internal cycles... So it is not related with HA or Bitmap brushes First strokes with Mouse, blocky ones with Pen Screen Recording 2023-01-12 at 11.59.26.mov Updated to newest Monterey...
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