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  1. Hi! Great job as usual! I've found this little issue while attempting a contour on a shape Not sure it is a bug or a weird "construction strategy" of mine... 😅
  2. Here I am MBP 2018 i7 6Core 2.6Ghz 32GB DDR4 Radeon Pro 560X 4GB Big Sur 11.1
  3. Hi guys, I'm exploring this feature. I've figured out how to create a New Intensity Brush, but I do agree with both MEB and Polygonius... It is a bit "hidden" feature... I have clear the reason why you decided to focus on Image-First approach (AP is a Photo Editor) but for the same feature I guess in AD a user should expect the very opposite. Why not placing a Setting to swap this behaviour in Preferences?
  4. Hi Guys, first of all great release as usual! I have only one question about this feature...It seems to work as a New Image Brush instead of a New Intensity brush... Is it a by design feature? Cheers, Paolo
  5. Exact... The very same issue, but I'm using a MBPro 2019 and Publisher is the latest version (1.8.3). It also happens to add "void" characters if I want to use arrows to move between lines.
  6. Hi there! I'm not the very expert in DTP, I'm trying to setup a template for a customer but I'm experiencing a strange behaviour never happened before. When I hit "Backspace" the cursor deletes characters but moves forward just as using "Tab"... Am I doing something wrong? Cheers, Paolo
  7. Hi! these are designed as raster tools, so yes, Pixel Persona only. 😉
  8. Hi! If you're having problems while importing resources in AD/AP for iOS try the following: 1) Put the .afbrushes in your iCloud folder 2) Exit AD/AP 3) Open Files App 4) Tap the iCloud folder you put these in 5) Tap the .afbrushes file to make it properly synced (the tiny "cloud icon" must disappear) 6) Open AD and attempt the import again This procedure should work fine. Cheers! Paolo
  9. I think there is a problem with picking unsynced files from iCloud... Try this procedure 1) Put the .afbrushes on your iCloud folder 2) Exit AD/AP 3) Open Files App 4) Tap the iCloud folder you put these in 5) Tap the .afbrushes file to make it properly synced (the tiny "cloud icon" must disappear) 6) Open AD and attempt the import again
  10. Thanks! The sweet Ilford Delta! Should still have a couple of rolls in my fridge together with Fuji Neopan.... I remember these as very accommodating, in particoular Delta 400. You're taking me back to my Rodinal days...
  11. Hi, I guess this behaviour will be fixed once the only installed version will be 1.7. This happens (again, I guess...) because 1.6.x is your default version for resources, so it is opened by default (and resources installed). To avoid this behaviour I suggest to install them manually in Beta version during the beta period.
  12. Thank you! After the update to version 2 price will be increased so I guess you did the right choice...
  13. Some of these new tools will deliver subtle impasto effect too, this time without using the USM trick. Just paint...
  14. I want to update this thread since the Pigmento2 is on the making and will be released as free update!
  15. Ah ok! So it does exist! In this case I was just using it in the figurative. The guy I was speaking about was a lawyer, so in the "legal" context it makes perfectly sense. Well, that kind of "booked" presentation of layer's properties makes me think of a law office. Stream of thoughts totally undisclosed....
  16. You're right... Fixed with "redundant"... I've listened to a guy from US who used this, and there is a similar Italian word (pleonastico)... So I trusted him and didn't check back the real existence...
  17. I'd be happy with a 3/4 levels thumbnail (eg. small, medium, large... ). The hover thing seems to me a bit redundant... But it is only my opinion...
  18. Hi! Maybe someone asked this before, but wasn't able to find a specific discussion. So please delete this if needed. I'd like to have an option to enlarge Layer's preview/thumbnail, I'm getting old... Is this in your thoughts? Cheers, Paolo
  19. Hi Carina, thank you for the mention! Just to let you know: Advanced PS brushes (in partticular KTW and mine, or many others out there) will never behave as in PS because of some differences in engines. I'm pretty sure the texture thing will be solved by devs, but all brushes are going to be normalised to Affinity's engine.
  20. Hi! You can find further tutorials here https://affinityspotlight.com/article/how-to-create-raster-brushes-in-affinity-designer-for-ipad/ These are perfectly suitable for Affinity Photo too.
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