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  1. Lovely map! I've been wanting to make some fantasy-style maps for people as gifts in Designer at some point. As far as the difference in spelling... There's a more passive aggressive reason for the different spellings. The short version: When compiling his American dictionary, Noah Webster chose spellings not typically used in British spelling. (Although British spelling wasn't entirely standardized back then anyway, which probably made it easier for him to pull this off.) He did this to differentiate American English from British English. And our language has had this contrived divide i
  2. I am having the exact opposite problem. My Designer and Photo are from the App Store and updated perfectly. My Publisher is direct and it gives me an error every time I try to update saying that it failed. I finally downloaded the entire thing again from the Affinity website. Hopefully that works. So weird.
  3. So many great features added! I'm especially appreciative of being able to link images, the new select options, saving UI presets, and placed scale. Anyone else smelling shape builder for 2.0? I figure that if they're going to do so much awesome stuff for 1.9, they must be planning something awesome for 2.0
  4. In answer to my own question, upon export from APub it appears that the vector elements are indeed scaled up to whatever the chosen DPI is. The Resource Manager needs to reflect this in some way to avoid user consternation, please.
  5. Irrelevant. Obviously raster portions would not be able to scale. If an AD file is all vectors, there should not be an issue with scaling. I need a solution. Do I have to scale up the *vector artwork* in AD to the exact size I want it in APub? Because that seems quite lame and inflexible. I thought the idea with vectors was you could place and scale to heart's desire without any worry. I'll try exporting to an ACTUAL vector format. Quite frustrated by this goofiness. InDesign doesn't have this problem!
  6. I placed a vector AD file into my APub project and the Resource Manager is telling me the dpi is 79 even though the AD dpi setting is 300. How do I get APub to use 300 dpi for this file? Thank you!
  7. That's so weird. I'm running AD on a Mac as well, but I don't have that white rectangle. However, I am waiting to update to Big Sur and the newest AD update (made for Big Sur), because I heard there were issues with both of them. What version of AD are you running, @Claudio Bartolini?
  8. This appears to explain why the CMYK was printing poorly, but it doesn't really explain why the JPGs were also printing poorly, right? Am I misunderstanding? Sorry, I read the whole thread and would really like to understand this issue since I also have plans to sell printable files down the road.
  9. Happy Christmas! Do something thrilling! (Balancing out all the "be safes" lol)
  10. Thank you to all who contributed to this thread. I think I'll wait to update Affinity until there is an actual update with new features.
  11. I have the same question (that was never answered). Does anyone know how to do this?
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