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  1. I have the same question (that was never answered). Does anyone know how to do this?
  2. Now that Adobe is set to release Illustrator for iPad this year, Affinity won’t be able to rest on the laurels it won last year for best iPad apps. Direct competition will hopefully push them to develop some of these pro tools that users have been requesting for years. What can I say? I’m an optimist.
  3. Does anyone know of something along the lines of an upcoming features list or implementation schedule that’s been posted? Tried searching.
  4. I have also run into this issue a couple times even this week, so bumping again.
  5. Guessing this is because Affinity's "vector" brushes are actually raster images that follow a vector path, not true vector brushes.
  6. You have my empathy. Thankfully I noticed this UX problem fairly early on, but it was still upsetting to have to move around 50 files and restructure their organization. Now I have good habits around saving my files before "closing" them out of the sandbox and just straight up not using the "project" feature which is effectively useless. Wish we could use AD's file viewer not as a sandbox, but as a true file viewer. After all, AD does use a file viewer of sorts for placing images and exporting...
  7. Oh, I see what you're saying now. My workaround would be to create a template doc with one of each of the artboard sizes and duplicate/delete specific sizes as desired for each project.
  8. A template should still work for your purpose though, right @JonDW? I just tried Export as Template on a document with two different artboard sizes in it and it worked fine...
  9. I ran up against this issue a couple days ago. Thought I was just not seeing the global option in the swatches panel. Until this feature can be added, the in-app help documentation needs to state clearly that it's not possible to create global colors on the iPad version.
  10. Love this, especially the characters, detail, textures, and combination of the water photo with the illustration elements. Looks like you had fun making it!
  11. Thank you for the kind comment!
  12. I’m intentionally seeking to learn from some of my favorite artists by attempting to emulate aspects of their styles. This particular exercise in admiration is based on the flowing ribbons and gradients of @serdarduran’s work. Created solely on Affinity Designer for iPad with Apple Pencil (including the sketch, which is a first for me).
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