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  1. I'm having the same issue as walt.farrell. I place an AD file with multiple art boards, but only the first art board is placed. I expected the place cursor to cycle through all the art boards... Guess I have to make separate files for my elements for now This seriously needs fixing though. No kind of workflow if you have tons of elements already in one AD file.
  2. Cealcrest

    Skull painted with vector brushes

    #cantbelieveitsnotraster The only thing bugging me, if you'll allow me to critique... The teeth are not on the same level with the rest of the piece. Really love everything else about it though!
  3. Cealcrest

    Jaguar E-Type Lightweight (AD)

    Honestly, I don't enjoy cars much, but your skill of execution just blows me away every time. I love looking at your work even if the subject matter is not something I typically enjoy.
  4. I'm just trying to use a mask to replace the background of my photo. I add the mask and a background layer. I've tried a selection to mask and just a blank mask. But when I try to use the brush to adjust the mask, there is no change. I've tried going from all black and using a white brush and the opposite, all white with a black brush. No response. I'm so frustrated. I'm sure it must be user error, but I cannot figure out what I'm missing. Thank you in advance for your time and help! Update: Using the brush on a regular layer doesn't do anything either, so I must have a weird brush setting going. Solution: Turn off "Protect Alpha."
  5. Thank you all! I knew there must be some way to fool it, but I was blanking. Boolean operations to the rescue
  6. I have a triangle shape that I need to be identical to another, and for ease I shift+alt+click+drag to duplicate, then rotate 180 degrees. Finally, I select the Frame Text Tool and click the selected shape. When I start typing, the text is backwards. Is there any way to effectively "reset" the shape so the computer sees it as being in an original orientation instead of rotated/backwards?
  7. Cealcrest

    TestImage with flaws and questions...Designer

    This issue is truly frustrating. Who has time to go through an entire piece to "add precision" to every single element??
  8. It's... so lovely. I come to this thread every couple weeks just to drool. And to make sure I haven't missed a beta release
  9. Cealcrest

    1966 Batmobile v2 (AD)

    I hope you get featured on Spotlight.
  10. Cealcrest

    (AD) Morning Coffee

    I am in awe of your bubbles.
  11. Cealcrest

    Asset Library 2017 Inktober Vectors

    Very cool. Thanks!
  12. +1 I need better bleed capabilities as mentioned above all the time. E'ry day.
  13. I disagree with @harrym. The Photoshop version looks more refined, but maybe that's because you're not yet familiar with AP, @umishrak. Keep it up!
  14. Cealcrest

    A drawing - from start to finish

    @giantlobsterprd learned two excellent methods from you today that I'm really excited about. 1. Using a master shape and then overlaying smaller shapes to create your line art is pure genius. Up to this point I've been drawing each individual section of line which means I have about 40 million curves in my layers panel: very inefficient use of time and difficult to organize or edit. 2. Using dotted lines to create your halftones is also brilliant. I had previously made halftones with hundreds of individual circles which was again time consuming and messy. Thank you for passing on your techniques!