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  1. I agree with @ThirtyFiveThousand. How is Adobe's different/better?
  2. Considering v1 and v2 were something like 8 years apart... You are a very patient person.
  3. I am having this problem with a specific template: "Brochure 2022." I've used one other template today "Flyer 2022" and it loaded fine. Both were created in AP v1. I have uploaded them to the same link, Gabe. One difference is that the brochure gives me a notification that a linked image has been modified, while the flyer does not. Whether I attempt to update the linked file or not, the brochure template always causes AP v2 to crash. Both work fine on AP v1. Thanks!
  4. The external Batch Place function described from 2:15–2:45 in the official tutorial video does not work for me. (See here: https://youtu.be/kTAwaA4zvHU?t=135) When I try this, my images open individually as new tabbed projects. (See screenshot.) Which gets pretty fun when there are 50 images. I have tried restarting my app and laptop, using existing (v1 originated) files and new (v2 originated) files. The Place Images panel refuses to populate with this method.
  5. $55/3 years = $0.05/day Confused what your point is. Generally software doesn’t do well in the long-term investment section of a financial portfolio. Isn’t the going standard for technology 5 years before obsoletion? Maybe less now! I’m not saying I like it, but that’s the reality we live in. And no, it’s not a subscription. Don’t buy the new versions if you don’t want and keep using your old ones as long as you can. That’s how Adobe (and literally everyone else!) used to be too, before they went subscription.
  6. Agreed! I was so gratified when I noticed this in the update videos.
  7. Every time there's an update, there are more threads with complaints than celebration. Too bad. Anyway, I'm thrilled with v2
  8. Even thought I haven't been as active in the forums over the last few months, I instantly recognized your work in the sample files for AD2. Right on!
  9. Is this a joke? "Hundreds"? Even if you bought all 5 apps full price (which would require epically bad timing since Serif has sales all the time!) you would maybe clear $200 USD. And if like me you've been using v1 for 5 years... That's pennies per day. In the same amount of time I would have needed to pay Adobe upwards of $3,000!! So yeah, $100 for v2 of all 6 apps is beyond worth it to me, no matter how long it is until v3. (And based on past performance, I don't think it will be anytime soon!) 🚑 And the software still works. It just doesn't have any updates. That's the same as if you bought any piece of software off the shelf back in the day. It would be static unless you purchased an upgrade. Only the bonus with Serif is that they don't charge for anything less than full version upgrades—and then it's your choice whether you upgrade. 🚑
  10. Woohoo! So excited. Started to watch the update video and had to stop 2 minutes in because I couldn't concentrate. Had to go buy the universal license before I could settle down. Thank you to everyone at Serif for all the work you do and for the epic release offer. You guys are awesome!
  11. That extra click is annoying! Mostly I use my own custom presets, so the scrolling doesn't bother me personally.
  12. Only the new Add Layer icon threw me. It looks like a battery meter or something. I like the old icons because I'm used to them, but I don't care enough to gripe. 😜 I'll be used to the new icons in a week or so. The new features are awesome and are the real point, IMO.
  13. Seeing the subscription question on the survey alarmed me as well. Even though I love Affinity, I would run, not walk, back to Adobe if Affinity went subscription. May as well pay monthly for the industry standard if subscription is necessary either way. Also, it would feel like such a betrayal after Serif consistently marketed their programs as non-subscription.
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