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  1. +1 I need better bleed capabilities as mentioned above all the time. E'ry day.
  2. I disagree with @harrym. The Photoshop version looks more refined, but maybe that's because you're not yet familiar with AP, @umishrak. Keep it up!
  3. @giantlobsterprd learned two excellent methods from you today that I'm really excited about. 1. Using a master shape and then overlaying smaller shapes to create your line art is pure genius. Up to this point I've been drawing each individual section of line which means I have about 40 million curves in my layers panel: very inefficient use of time and difficult to organize or edit. 2. Using dotted lines to create your halftones is also brilliant. I had previously made halftones with hundreds of individual circles which was again time consuming and messy. Thank you for passing on your techniques!
  4. I have this same problem. It is extremely frustrating!
  5. I totally didn't get that either. lol Now I can't unsee it.
  6. For what it's worth (next to nil), I like the current icons. I think they look cool.
  7. Practicing with @Frankentoon's comic book brushes and color and gradient swatches, so decided to start with something simple. Funny how when you try something you realize how much more you have to learn about it. Gotta work on those line weights...
  8. Not sure if this is still your intended flow, but I'm interested in... Saving time with Adjustment Layers (Hadn't even thought of this. Interested to see what you recommend.) Comic-Style Inking with Designer (I already bought your ebook, but some videos would be helpful!) Background Design: A Magical Forest (I'm scared of backgrounds for some reason) Background Design: The Castle of Darkness Sketching with Affinity Designer and Pixel Persona (So far I just sketch in a physical notebook and transfer to AD for vectorizing/inking/coloring.)
  9. daubbrushes

    If there's two types of assets I find it strangely difficult to refuse, they're brushes and fonts. Oh dear. Thanks for the sweet deal Merry Christmas!
  10. Sometimes you can get a free week-longtrial of lynda.com either directly from their site or through LinkedIn. Not sure if those will work in Venezuela, but worth checking If it does work, prepare to binge. haha
  11. Hey @Lorthiz, impressive work! Question for you: Did you use a Boolean operation to apply the crosshatching and shading? From the video, I can't tell how you're doing that. Would you mind describing that part of your process, please?
  12. The three on the bottom are really cool. Love that style.
  13. Have you sketched or otherwise outlined all the various cards already along with the instructions for each? That will help you know how much space you have to dedicate to each element. Looks fun! As a side note: I used that same viking photo as a drawing reference recently. ha
  14. I personally dislike the status quo because I cannot quickly toggle between a before and after to see the change made without the bounding box or curves being in the way since they are always selected. And, as @Bauke said, if you deselect, the future action is erased. Sometimes the change is subtle, and those extra selection lines are frankly annoying at these times. Might it be possible to differentiate making a selection with a dedicated selection tool versus the move and other multi-use or irrelevant tools, so that history of purposeful and potentially detailed selections are the only ones recorded? (This should also solve the macro issue as well if I understand it correctly.) I can certainly see the value in being able to recover manual selections, but not automatic ones, like bounding boxes, curves, etc, if you'll allow that distinction.
  15. Perfect, thank you