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  1. Nice! I'll add that to my cheat sheet
  2. Thanks, @Mithferion! I did try that, (I have the new Huion 1060) but I made the mistake of adding them all at once and, like you said, the result was really weird. I wish there was some type of merge all/add all for vectors that would honor the current visible shape, but I don't know anything at all about programming and how difficult that might be. Ah well. I did then add them one at a time and the result worked well. Thanks again!
  3. Thanks, everyone! @Scungio That's what I was looking for! Thank you for the customized tutorial I need to get more into the pencil tool. I tend to stick with the Pen tool and Booleans, but I can see how the Pencil tool could be really helpful. Thanks again!
  4. Hello, I've been floating on the forums for a few weeks. This is my virgin post. I am trying to make an ink stain similar to the one pictured below. I have both AP and AD, but I prefer the element to be vector. I am hoping for either a tutorial or your suggestions for how to make something similar in AD. I do not want to just trace this one. I'm so stumped. Any help will be so appreciated!
  5. So cool! Thank you for posting your process too. I might just have to try that sometime.
  6. Love your style!
  7. I noticed the lines on the long banner as well. Otherwise, quite lovely!
  8. This is amazing. Thanks for posting!
  9. I love everything about this.
  10. Thank you, Chris!
  11. The colors and deep shadows remind me of oil paintings by the old Dutch masters. Pretty box too My only suggestion is maybe to try with even more fruit, vegetables, fish, etc. Maybe look at some of those old paintings and really make a full tableau of foods, dishes, etc. Just an idea, and it has more to do with your subject than AP hah
  12. Love this! Are you on deviantArt, Eduardo?
  13. Those are freaking adorable.