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  1. Thanks for you reply. Good to read that the team al least looked at it. Maybe a stupid question from my side, but the plug-ins are working with Adobe CS3 and up, Elements, Dxo themself. Vivenza2 is also partly working with Affinity, but the other nik plugins do not have any issue. The other Nik plug-ins from Dxo also work fluently except Vivenza2. Only when I have smaller file (2056x2056 pixels or close to this and all lower) work perfect in Vivenza2. It is happening on my orginal size images. So it my be an issue with the DxO vivenza2 plug-in, but I'm still a bit confused why it works w/o a problem with eg Adobe. At least I really hope it will be fixed, because this is still one of the major plug-in for which I still swap to Adobe elements today. Second point of using Adobe Elements is the read-out of the camera settings in the raw convertor. It also would save me a lot of time it the settings would already be set when I open the Raw file. Then I'm at least close to what I shot. (wrt sharpness, color & white balance, exposure and noise reduction) But that is another topic. I'll keep on waiting for a solution... thanks
  2. Dear MEB, Do you know if there is already some progress (after 1,5 year?) Specially now DxO continues the plug-ins, it might be a very interesting option to support.
  3. 1) Yes I'm on Windows 2) High res is the import of the original RAW file fro a Nikon 750 in my case. (24 MPix) DxO Vivenza2 starts w/o any problem, but in DxO vivenza2 the colors are washed out, this even changes if you zoom in or out. At a certain point of zoom in (100%) the correct colors are shown. But than I'm already in such details that moment that I hardly only can work on detailed level. The preview in the right lower corner is ok. It has to do with some data processing from Affinity. The plug-in works correct in Elements 13.
  4. New Niktools from DXO First sight all worked perfect, but it seemed I worked with very small files After further testing, it still does not work with high res files The High res files still fail.... With high res files no noticeable difference is seen. Where I made people happy before that is now works..sorry,... it still does not with high res files
  5. Just for the info here: I got an offer to buy ON1. Now two days after testing. $64 excl. VAT. ($84 in total) Normal price way over $100 excl. VAT
  6. R-C-R. I solved the problem in meantime. We found another solution .
  7. Yeah... Don't know. -> I corrected the "it" (Thanks)
  8. I agree. But it looks like Affinity hides behind the fact that I was not specific enough. Fine. But not a good impression at my side. BTW; I'm now testing ON1, because I really got frustrated due to this. But, just opening a NEF file seems to result in much better conversion, better colors, less overall softness (better sharpness). I was really impressed. Tried to compensatie in Affinity with details correction, but it performs way off... not comparable. Just started the test because of the frustration, but for what I saw already, it might result in a leave of Affinity Photo too....
  9. R-C-R Yes, I see it now. It is like it is. Does not matter anyway. Hiding behind rules is easy of course. But it does not chance my intention where I asked for it upfront about the differences wrt purchasing. Who else does / did? (I did not ask it afterwards!) The question itself also could have raised a flag at the Affinity site and could have let to some additional attention or question like; "What is the purpose of your question?". It is the easy way to hide behind conditions now. If Affinity now noticed that it was not specific enough, why didn't they ask upfront for more details and the intention of the question? Would have helped both. Some forbearance would have gave a lot of positive effect and would cost Affinity nothing, I bought the software it anyway, What would it hurt at the Affinity side?. I really believe(d) Affinity is (/was) more than "The money is in", thanks bye, from here you an additional number for us, ensure you are not a valued customer. I'm at this moment not sure if I buy more from Affinity in the future and I'm not sure if I'm longer that positive about Affinity like I was in many photo forums before. "Your just a number...nothing more..." This really hurts customers (like me...)
  10. I do not have a direct problem with Microsoft. I've many products from them. I also "did" not have a problem that I could not refund, because I expected a license key and download access via Microsoft for Affinity because "the end product" was the same. But this turned out different like described and this is not described in the part "terms & conditions". Might be that I have to less experience with Microsoft store, but which those kind of issues, I will for sure not grow. A customers doesn't want this. This is also much better arranged by apple and google stores.
  11. Walt, yes downloading is that importantt. I bought the software for my son. (He is 17) and needs software for his school. He is designing a website. Just for education, but now needs for a short period designer software This was the original intention to buy the software. Because he is 17, I bought te software. Further more, when he was finished with I could continue with it and the money was well spend. But now I ran in trouble, because I have it on my Windows account now and cannot provide it on his computer. That is why it was important. Adobe offers educational accounts which are more expensive, but now, in this situation, this was cheaper. Now I have to buy it twice just for a short period of use. This I hate. Second point is also what Alfred mentioned, but ok, I've internet speed enough today, so not the first concern. However, once internet fails, I'm out. Again, this was the reason I left Adobe! I hope Affinity team will contact me to find a way to correct this because this was really an unintended misunderstanding. (from both sides) At least have the trust they will to find a way out. As said, I feel it also as an unintended misunderstanding fro Affinity which can happen, but which also can be corrected easily.
  12. Thanks Alfred, you did get the point! Yes indeed, that frustrates me most. It is not the same end product, but it is indeed as you write just "functional" the same. Same comparison like Photoshop. It is functionality the same, but you get a license per month. Many left Photoshop for this reason. (So did I) I would have spend that 25% more if I knew this would happen before. And I even asked it. Most frustrating is that I cannot refund the software via Microsoft. Once bought, it is over, your locked in Microsoft and have not direct relation with Serif. I got no chance to undo it and to redo all at the serif site. If they would have told me this upfront, "functional the same but contract with Microsoft instead of us", I would not have bought Designer via the Microsoft store.
  13. Since end of 2016 I own Affinity Photo. I'm very happy with it, great software. Time to expand, so Designer would be my next. However, I found Affinity Designer was 25% off compared to the regular website. So I asked affinity; "Is there a difference between the microsoft appstore application and buying via the website?" Answer;"The end product is the same. The Microsoft store does have a sale on at the moment." So I bought it via Microsoft store. No refund option, but as I know Affinity, having fine software great support, and the end should be the same, I did not really care. This until I bought Affinity via the Microsoft store. \ Affinity immediate started to download and installing on my PC, but... - I did not get a license nr - I did get the BONUS - Grade UI Kit via the introduction window - My software is not registered in Affinity like Photo, only the the UI Kit is added - I'm not able to download and install and backup the exe. But I'm now delivered to the Microsoft store. So it became a big disappointed and I felt misled by Affinity for the first time. I even cannot return the software via the Microsoft store to re buy it at the Affinity store. PLEASE TAKE CARE, BUYING VIA THE MICROSOFT STORE RETURN IS A DIFFERENT PRODUCT STATE THAN BUYING FROM AFFINITY DIRECT The Affinity sales support was not honest here to me. I.m.o. they lacked good info and I did not end up with the same software status and did not get the bonus Kit. Hope Affinity they will correct it for me but be warned that it turns out to a serious difference.
  14. We can blame Affinity, but I tested many Photo programs. None of those I've tested could handle the color chart. Seems that is it design for Adobe. Really amazing that so many users request for it, but only Adobe supports it. I'm searching for methods using ICIO or such. But I do not get it understanding right now. Seems to come from the movies industries with great opportunities. Also missing the lens corrections for the Tamron 24-70 & 70-200 G2 I need to go out to shoot some profile photos to get it in the open lens correction database. However, takes a lot of time to understand all those parts. The tutorials explain how to work with it, which is great but I'm missing the points to get it understanding what it realy does and how I really can work with it rather than downloading some pictures w/o understand why what and how. Having Adobe Elements for the color correction psd. And importing the PSD in Affinity. That seems to work, but this should not be the flow.
  15. I also get very strange spots / stains in my photos using HDR merge. Saw this already more often with real-estate pictures created. I shoot a HDR stack, 1 normal, one 3 stops EV + and one 3 stop EV - At the end I shoot one full flash blasted. (For window pulls) Bit sometimes I want to add them to my HDR. That is not possible, because at that moment it creates very strange spots / strains In the attached picture you'll see the brown strains, which is really not there in any of my original pictures. In other pictures I got stains which showed some oil stain on the wall. However, I've no clue why those are suddenly popping up.