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  1. Wrt a wish on the develop part; (also not solved in Beta v1.6.0.79) The exposure access Up and Down, go by steps of +1 and -1. For photo editing this is quite unusual because many will never under or over exposure with +1 and and -1 steps. Better would be to have at least half exposures steps. (+ 0.15 EV instead of + 1 and - 1) I expect these arrows to be fine adjustments as UX. If possible the up- and down arrows should be possible for each singe increase of decrease step possible. The current arrows for exposure are imo unusable at the moment. Render speed using Graphic cards: I tested the rendering from the video card vs the processor. Tested NVIDIA 940M, MSI AMD R9 380x and Intel integrated IRIS Pro graphics on a I7 5775R core (Gigabye Brick) I hardly see any load added to be added to the graphic cards when images are rendering, processors instead are loaded very high in many case. The rendering on the graphic cards are set. Can you explain when de cards are being used for rendering? I thing some performance improvements can be done here.
  2. Just started to play around with the Beta. Not sure if those are wanted parts, but: 1) Drag and drop from my Windows File explorer does not work any more.. This would be very bad if this is not working anymore. 2) Plugin Vivenza 2 is still not working 3) With the Develop / Raw presents, the white balance is still not taken in account for a preset. It's still ignored. 4) Setting and profiles from v1.5 are not taken in V1.6. (Manually? or Redo?) Using i7 5775 Core 3,2GHz. I did not really noticed performance differences up to now. But I will play around some more with it.
  3. Somehow, the high pass filter does not seem to work using the marco recorder. I use very often the liniar light + 0,3 high pass filter on my picture, however I do not see that it is applied when I start it from the library. Denoise and other settings are running fine.
  4. Hmm, separate from the rotation bug, there is something strange with the color. The moment I zoom in 2 100% in Vivenza, the color turns to be correct. And edit here is als correct transferred to Affinity. However, any other scale other than 100% messes all up. Looks like a scale bug which does not provide the right color settings. If the rotation & Color bugs are solved, I think I can leave Photoshop Elements. Up to now it is pretty hard to get the production to a fast level.
  5. I've the same problem here. Some NIK plug-ins work perfect, others (like vivenza) does not. Color is really purple. Second problem I have is the orientation in all NIK plugins. Whatever I do, the orientation only drops the landscape in, the Portrait is somehow not working. (All pictures are turned back) Vivenza2 is one of the tools most used by me with Photoshop. Local editing and correction work perfect inhere.
  6. Main topic is about image rotation 1) Canvas Rotate Raw Currently missing the Canvas rotate in RAW. At this moment I have to click at least 6 time to get a 90 degrees rotate. For production adjustment this is not very practical 2)Nik tools images not rotated The moment the canvas is rotated, and a layer is sent to Nik tools, the layer is set back to it's original position in NIK tools) Within Photoshop (and Elements) this worked perfect. Think this is a missed opportunity. Plug-ins are not working properly 3) Raw multiple correction (Rotate, light etc) I could not find an option to open multiple RAW files and adjust them at ons (all same temperature, light and lens correction) This is a very often used feature from Adobe on my side whioch pulls me back to Adobe for Raw editing. Then I doe this local light corrections in Nik tools in adobe and only then I move to Affinity. This is not very practical... So please have a look at this.
  7. Here in the Windows Beta release the it started to work by adding the plugin directory manually (v1.5.0.42) However, the saturation is completely gone; are very strange if I go from a layer to Vivenza.. << Could not add the picture, so I included the URL>> https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/M3s-oVSvr0zavZsCod-uXx6cdLtx5GWlvgFivSYEAWUWDJGyokPK2BjFtfCjcFN66iFcmiWthHQlOXMsoYKaf6mCYod9d9D-YHzMdg0Wga7olmC_9gwekPx8aBN_3xgdqA4ryDwpLeB-ZVRmf1hdZsOrh_3q9WWm2tj_aqQntGdZtEQv2E6Aryk5qk0ob6rSFRvqvEPmayQmLoy-eirrguCNVEWSdUCKnpqYh3mEPMH6Y40PxRnQXbcf4xnufESyJJJmeGj54sDfn-hPXoeH2jppJ0NEZ-FHm01TURcqmGX31RXDj0kYJbJ4ngZdzWtGA54hfW0z1RTS8_CO8lTUVyqX7xHqG7fu1AxUbKR6Sm3-m8yaPSfkgwMbjHWXcuaF0QZ5k680dJS5qxtjIS5oR-pspzzvlQ02NzrmByOkP6jO28jSWdJ0Ap3iIjj8Ljfttb0uDnrhtOS5zCCzyb7dBFgRHmTAzjSvOEQ51fyqkeacqaZV-kh41Tpicg_Bje_51eBXJliY0iuf_nCfdfJKPkDsaWHn2xQQ42KS1bxIW5IofOhAbkkrnUp11aVhDfTXIN1gAnNbq_M33bpjpQIFjvzIDM2zMHK-gntx3ok5CkJviD1XEA=w1021-h897-no
  8. Is there already some expected date when Affinity Photo is coming? Currently got an offer for Elements 15 which also adds nice features and in combi with the Nik tools very powerfull. (but still missing the CMYK). Want to take to step to Affinity Photo, but no news up to now. :unsure: Getting in doubt now...