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  1. Just downloaded the version. Will install later this week and check.
  2. Copy FX issue: No sure, but the the Copy past FX doen not work anymore in my version : Affiny Photo It copies, but the settings are messed up. I copied the fx from the top layer (Edit, copy) to the lower image layer (Paste FX) and it made some complete different effect. Did someone else also get this problem or is there something else going wrong?
  3. @Kirkt: I was looking to the 3D LUT Creator tutorials you posted. If it does what it says it does, than it's a great tool! And it would really be nice if this would work as plug in with Affinity. Not sure if you already tested the PS plug in in Affinity? The tool is not very cheap. (250 dollar... 😲) But in my opinion at the first site a great tool! Thanks for sharing. @Affinity developers, please have a look at this tools. Would be amazing to have such features in Affinity or at least support this plug in.
  4. Raw processing from Affinity is way off.. Doesn't work and X-rite color checker is not supported. I don't use Affinity for Raw import. Start at Nikon NX-D (Freeware) or DxO (payed) to ensure you get the correct colors. My question is already open for more tan 1,5?-2? years. I gave them even the source Nef so they can test it. Bit no.... nothing so far. I suggest to start working with tiff flows, those work correct.
  5. Since I have deleted the old set, and I moved in the old settings all is now also stable. I can give it a try to see if the old set still causes issues if you like. if not.... then I really don't know what went wrong. I'll come back once tested. Anyhow thanks for support, it's working now. 🙂
  6. OK, I played around a bit and copied setting from the old to the new 1.0 version. Now it all works stable and my settings are in again. I'm uploading to old version like requested. Thx for support so far.
  7. Well this works, or at least it does not crash leaving Develop, but I lost all my settings this way. 😕
  8. I reported a crash continues crash already in some other topic. Here you'll find a screen recording. The fault is over and over repetitive. The moment you import a Tiff from eg a Nikon D850 and you go to develop, add some changes, ... once ready with develop and you are satisfied, processing starts and affinity crashes all the time. Over an over again. However, if you duplicate the layer, and save the .afphoto first before going in develop, the system will not crash. Seems there is a really stupid program call (wrong pointer or object? in programming language) which causes the crash. 20200415235000.mp4
  9. V1.8.3.641 Affinty crashes when leaving Develop after start. Crash is repeatable on my machine after following the next sequence of steps Environment: HW: PC - AMD Ryzen 7 1800x, 32 GB Memory, 1T SSD Windows 10, latest updates Used camera Nikon D850 SW: Nikon NX-D started Open Affinity Photo from Nikon NX-D as imported Tiff or Open Affinity with a Tiff file created from NX-D. Once Affinity is opened and the file is loaded a locked "Background layer is created Here after I start Development. Now the sequence is important. - Started with lens correction - Tamron 70-200 G2 Lens - Followed by details Refinement - Followed by Basic settings Hereafter press the develop button. Processing starts and the program crashes completely and is gone (closed) I tested other sequences, but those did not run result in a crash.
  10. 1.5 years later... Affinity, is there any progress wrt color checker passport? Can we still expect this or is it dropped from the backlog list? Also, can you tell us were it is on the list wrt a roadmap when we might expect it?
  11. That's true. But would that affect the RAW quality or the editing options. I edit in Affinity. I guess, just for RAW elite is enough.
  12. Why not just using NX-D?. You easy can correct the basic things, you can set some u-points and direct set the tiff into Affinity. I also have bought DXO as part of Nik Tools, but I don't use it. I just needed some less load of pc performance for RAW, and I'd really like the raw conversion from Nikon.
  13. I posted the picture in some other forums already, just follow the link below. You'll see the Affinity render vs the Capture NX-D render.
  14. Best raw convertor so far for my camera's are is till Nikon NXD (D850 &D750), also compared to the Adobe raw convertor, but those are close and offer color calibration control which is not possible with almost any other program.
  15. TimIt, I'm also working with the Windows version. The screenshot came from a tutorial video. But same feeling here. Adobe and Affinity do not make that difference, which makes those tools really helpful if you go from one to another colleague and / or if you follow tutorials from them. It really feels sad that if you want to learn something, and some say not problem, that if on Windows or Apple you suddenly cannot do the same things. I also a have to omit that the speed of adding and/or changing things to Photo's in Affinity is really fast compared to may other tools. However, once working with more layers and masks, the speed really decreases very fast even if you create new merges in-between and switch off the other layers. Icons are often not updated anymore or it takes very long, levels do not show graphs anymore etc.. With more layers active using a pen, it really result in strange things like growing and shrinking the pen size, not showing where you are, serious lag between change and update. so complete lost of control of what you are doing...and sometimes even a crash. At those moments I prefer a bit slower performance but better control above this missing info and running in loss of control. That's for me also bit frustrating to Affinity. The lack of good color control and the point above sometimes really brings me to doubt to go to LR again. But so far, I'm still able to reach my goals.
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