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  1. I guess so, but I also wanted to point out that there are ways to get superb color and local control results with affinity. And yes, the local adjustments almost viveza are in NXD!
  2. MakSpyat, I agree that it is frustrated and this lack of working wioth plug-ins does not a make Affinity the software to go instead of Adobe. However, do not under estimate that NXD is also able to do almost the same Vivenza2 does. Once done, you can start Affinity from NXD. From that moment colors are handled or, also the raw convertor doe not mess-up and Affinity does a great job. Yes, the plug-in are still a very weak point at Affinity. Yes I would accept to pay more for Affinity if this would work perfect.
  3. Yes, but that takes already years at Affinity. That is why I still use adobe beside Affinity. If Affinity want to grow seriously, and want to have user moving from Adobe to Affinity, because many people want to switch, decent plug-in support accepting Adobe plugins should be a focus area. If I was product manager at Affinity I would go for this. I bet this will increase the nr of licenses seriously and also makes it more interesting for 3th party developers to develop plug ins for Affinity too. This will turn around in even more users. Next point is the x1 color card adoption. Both are mainly realted to color handling which makes the program professional or not.
  4. @Laurentia. Attached the screenshot from CNX-D Source Raw photo was shot in sRGB color space.
  5. Yes I did. Was confused by cnx-d. Of course you meant Capture NX-D (CNX-D :-) ) The second picture was opened as nef in cnx-d and transported is as tiff to Affinity. I also will add the screenshot from CNX-D when I'm at my office again.
  6. Laurentia, I'm a bit over asked here. Not sure what you mean with the question if I can develop this image with cnx-d in ProphotoRGB? Is that a program or a camera setting or? Would like to help, but I need to understand is. I've sent the raw file already to the Dropbox of Affinity.
  7. As promised. @Affinity, I'll upload the original NEF file. You can test it yourself. Affinity NEF import NXD-Raw import to Affinity
  8. I re checked my statment and tested it again, and I found that I do not have that problem you discribe, maybe because I take an other route to go in affinity. Or again a resolution difference you and I have (I'm using the D750). As told before, my old D70s shots work well with Vivenza2 and affinity. However, I start in Nikon NX-D, there I set / change all my camera setting (I use raw) and I can use the built in U-point in NX-D for local adjustments. From here I port the file (as tiff) to Affinity. I stopped importing RAW in affinity, because it was often way off from what I get when starting at Nikons NX-D. Additionally I can use the Nikon built in Vivenza2 kind of, and if I really need Vivenza, I also can start Vivenza2 from NX-D before I move to Affinity. Using this flow, you'll see that it makes a different using AdobeRGB of sRGB within Affinity icmw the DXO plug-ins. It has nothing to do with DXO, because using the plugins started from NX-D, the DXO plug ins work fine, as well with sRGB and AdobeRGB. 1ste picture: sRGB, started at NX-D, then from NX-D ported to Affinity. Here I started Color effects and as you can see, it matches pretty well. Colors are at least close. I repeated this for all (color)plug-ins to show you the behavior. Analog effects: Dfine2 Then I did the same, just importing the NEF direct in Affinity, and started color effects again... and now a bigger color mismatch could be seen...! Having the screen-capture is it less good to see but look at eg the door and the yellows. However, no matter the flow... if I start Vivenza2 from Affinity... I really get something which is way off. (not really usable) All pictures are from source. Nothing was corrected upfront. That's why you see also differences between the NEF. The first are comming from NX-D, the second from Affinty. I learned, Affinity cannot handle Blue / purple correct using RAW import. That is really awe-full in affinity. I'll show you later some differences on a night shot with blue-purple lights.
  9. Some note wrt DXO Nik plugins I've seen that all plugins work are working in Affinity Windows except Vivenza2. The color issue is there when AdobeRGB files are used. Once converted to sRGB colors are correct for all plugins except Vivenza2 Vivenza 2 also works, but in Vivenza you get wrong colors. Once back to affinity, the colors are correct, but in practice it is a nightmare to correct here. However, I've noticed Vivenza 2 works correct within Affinity with lower resolution images. (I used a file from my old D70s, and Vivenza did show an issue.!) So I tested some more, and found that Vinvenza is working correct with my 6MPix images (D70s). I also changed color depths, because the D70s is using 12 bit color depth, and the D750 14bit, but this made no sense. I only found a dependency w.r.t. resolution. The D700 (12mPix) and D750 (24MPix) images did not work correct. This is reproducible.! I guess the issue has to do with the color pallets Affinity sends through...
  10. Since v1.6.5 I've got grayed-out layer tumbnails again. I remember this also happened in erley release versions versions, but the issue was solved. Now it returns again. Attached two screenshots from two different pictures I was editing. It's pretty annoying. I also got issues that layer effects stayed gray due to this. Could not reproduce it yet, but I'll also upload those screenshots if it appears again.
  11. WMax70

    Update availability via Windows store?

    I agree, specially when there is no idea when such will become available, then it always will be unexpected...
  12. WMax70

    Update availability via Windows store?

    Good news, Windows did a silent update today at my side, Affinity Designer is also updated now. :-)
  13. WMax70

    Update availability via Windows store?

    Just what I said, I would not have bought it via MS-Store if I knew the differences and if Affinity pointed out the differences. Yes, I bought, was not forced, but bought it via the MS-store based on your answer. I did not know what other differences I could expect. That's why I asked for it. If I could have pointed out all details, I would have known the differences, I wouldn't have asked for it and I wouldn't have bought it via MS-Store. Let that be clear. That's what I'm pointing out here, nothing more nothing less. I'm not blaming Affinity, because they might not know the effect of the difference. But now I went trough they do know, because I communicated it all. In this case Affinity could have said they did not know and could have corrected it with me. If Affinity states they did knew all, they I don't know why they didn't came with a more complete answer as they are expert and I'm not. As expert Affinity is (legally) obliged to act as expert to point the important details for a buying decision. I don't make a case out of it, but this is fact. Also because of this I would have hoped Affinity would have done something to compensate the issue I went in. No-one should lose anything. Therefore I discussed to pay the difference they got from MS-Store compared to direct buy from Affinity (kind of upgrade money to get a regular Affinity license) and/or to enable an upgrade option to move to a full license. The answer was no. I have to pay the full license again if I want to move, despite the fact I discussed upfront. So I have to pay twice to compensate for the differences in AD. Nevertheless I hope it makes it clear for any new Affinity buyer how it works between MS-Store and Affinity. It's not worth the 10 Euro difference for all differences, delays and disappointments you'll get. But I stop further discussion, because it doesn't make any sense for Affinity. In meantime I updated AP, but experienced problems with layers. Tumbnails are not shown correct and levels setting sometimes stay complete grayed, no option to correct it. If I get the issue again, I'll make screenshots of it and will put it into the AP bug lists if not already listed. Currently doubting if I go back to the previous version if it will happen more often, because this function is pretty obvious for me. And that raise the next question... Not sure if AD also will show up with this issue...however, hat if I want to go back to the previous version on AD when bought via the MS-Store? I guess it will not be possible with the MS-Store version to downgrade again!?. (So again a software difference i.m.o. ... ) I really like the AD software, but I'm disappointed w.r.t. the service and options w.r.t. information flows, functional update (downgrade?) differences. Therefore I advice people not to buy Affinity via MS-Store. In meantime I learned that buying direct from Affinity is better for all.
  14. WMax70

    Update availability via Windows store?

    Mike, don't get me wrong, I appreciate your responses. No doubt. I also do understand your reaction if I would have made the choice w/o asking Affinity upfront about it. I really asked upfront if I could expect any difference buying via MS-Store or direct from them! Affinity answered there is no functional difference. They kept away other differences I could not know about. (how should I know?) Now they refer to their answer, we told there is no functional difference...But as written, they could have given a complete answer. I my affinity enthusiasm (I also have AP) I bought the software via MS-Store and felt immediately disappointed when I noticed I did not receive any licence from Affinity and could not attent the licence registration. But there was no way back. I.m.o. it was unfair keeping away additional information by Affinity. They could have known, and if they did not, they could have given compensation or a correction. Legal, they are seen as expert and should not keep away important information for a buying decision. I really searched the forums and asked Affinity about it upfront, but did not find any restrictions. Might be Affinity also did not know all details and I assume they did their best. But it turned out different. Expectations did not meet. No problem, but they are / were able to correct it, but refused to correct it up to today. If I knew all of this upfront, I would not have bought it via MS-Store, but direct from Affinity and yes I would be happy. Affinity refused, and due to that I expect the same functional software. "No idea when available" is not acceptable. I can image you disagree the update function difference is not functional, but if it is not different, I could expect a patch to be available for downloading which I can install myself. It seems this does not work, due to this i.m.o. the updating process is a functional difference. On top, current software-state is functional different. 1.6.4 is not 1.6.5 I feel obliged every time I detect a difference to warn/complain about the differences between direct buy from Affinity and buying from via the MS-Store. When people start searching upfront for differences like I did, they may find a complete answer. Also hoping Affinity learns from this case and still hoping Affinity will correct it for me once.
  15. WMax70

    Update availability via Windows store?

    Mike, Sorry, but this "No idea how long it takes" is not acceptable. Affinity promised me that there should be no functional difference. There is no option available to download an update to patch. Once bought AD I immediately saw differences to AP, because I owned Affinity Photo. I could not get my money back from Mircrosoft, I tried. I even send a letters to Microsoft, but did not get any response. It is simply blocked and I could chance to buy it from Affinity directly. I doubt if this was legal. Once bought, everyone should be able ti turn back the sold software within 8 days. Also Affinity refused any further help to get me out despite the fact I asked upfront if I could expect differences. I have to pay a full license again from Affinity, to get out of this situation. That wat the answer. I'm happy with Designer, no discussion about this software, but I'm very unhappy w.r.t. information flows, treatment and updates which seems to be completely different. As user you are locked out information flows from Affinity unless other software id bought directly. If I would not have AP, I would not have been informed about an update of designer like those who bought the software direct from Affinity. Affinity shifts all away all the time to Microsoft, despite the fact Affinity is the owner. Affinity did not adopt me despite the situation and the gentle question I've put upfront to ensure I would make a good decision to buy from via MS-store. Fine, but then I also want to stay on my lines and do not accept differences. If it is functional the same software, I may expect that I also should be able to download and install the update (patch) which is also made available for everyone for download via websites Affinity. But this does not seem to be available. So please provide me a link with the patch to download which I can install to update designer. If not possible, then please tell me what functions are blocking this update? I.m.o. , if the software is functional the same, this should work. Otherwise you cannot hold the statement that there is no functional difference w.r.t. to installing and updating. Functions are not limited to image processing. It's a complete program with all aspects. So far, I've no ability to update the software via any download. I even do not have acces to a patch and Affinity reporting engine does not report any update at the moment.