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  1. TimIt, I fully agree the Raw processing of Affinity is far off. I also do not use it anymore. Up to now I'm using Nikon Capture Nx-D as raw processor. (Then it behaves like the Raw processor in Adobe and I get all camera options en setting Nikon also offers in camera) Once done I can handover from Capture NX-D to AP, something which is not available in Luminar. (weak point of Luminar if you ask me) Good that you have requested hand-over function to Luminar, because once this is available, it also might be the case I start from Luminar also. (However, it also depending might be NXD -> Luminar -> AP) This because, Nikon Capture NX-D supports all Nikon camera functions, but does not support 3th party lens correction support.
  2. Greyfox, I checked you comment, As standalone and as plugin I get the same results like you, so I agree, the Exif data is not correct transferred to Luminar 4 and I also get the v.éí data reflected. I use a Nikon D850. So no difference here, from which I can conclude that it is also not a camera brand issue. I did not find other issues at the moment, and so far I did not use it, but I assume all automatic lens corrections for landscape and architecture photography will not work correct with this Exif data, which is a pitty. Affinity itself does not support that much lens corrections like Dxo and Luminar 4 offer. I tried to add some data in the past, found others also dit, bit the corrections are still not available for Affinity open lens correction sources (for Tamrom G2 lenses) However, I can do a lot already with Luminar 4 and it nicely returns its results to Affinity. I would have liked in Luminar an option to export to eg direct to Affiniy. The Raw convertor is much better and direct lens correction would be don upfront. Also the nice Image gallery / selection overview works very smooth. Like many other, Luminar and Adobe LR / PS work fluent together, and it works almost fluent with Affinity. It's close to what it should be, but the exif data pass to luminar would give advantages to Affinity. Would be great it this issue could be solved. A tool set of DXO Nik tools and Skylum Lumiar together with affinity is superb.
  3. Agree Luminar renders slow. But Affinity might be fast, but the Raw renders are horrible. Still using Nikon Capture NX-D / DXO for Raw rendering and export the Tiff file to Affinity. Then it works ok. Made some night shots where I have shows how bad it renders Raw. Sent already more than a year ago some examples they can test, but still not fixed.
  4. Same here but with Affinity, I bought luminar 4, added the plug-in from the Luminar source map and works w/o any issue so far. great plug-in !
  5. Great News: I just updated my DXO Nik Tools to version 2.3 (patch update to 2.04) I have to say that I tested it with a D750 Image and it seems to work now! (Take care to work with sRGB, otherwise you still have some color issues, bit al least they are much closer and you now see what is happening) So it is great news to share! Finally we are getting there ... I also will test with my D850 images some later to see if it also works with the d850 images. Also see the bug fix notes from DXO.
  6. Thanks, that motivates a lot... I really started to look at lightroom again. (because of supported Raw) Not a bad deal, 144 Euro for yearly up-to-date software including cloud storage for the projects working on. I really miss the feature for my products shoots, and I'm currently using Photoshop elements for this. (even elements support it) And to be honest, I really close to step back to Adobe. I'll keep Affinity photo also, no doubt, because of the Photoshop related functions which are not in lightroom, but the main part and editing I will do in lightroom again. Main reasons: Lightroom supported functions I do not have with Affinity: Color correction (card) Multi-camera logical sort based on the time the shot was taken -> sort (and time correction) Better plug-in support (incl DXO vivenza 2) Much better Raw import quality. Since the last 2 updates, pen drawing in affinity is really lagging. (specially in overlays - Develop persona, it did not in previous versions) After 3 years working with Affinity I really like Affinity's work flow etc, it became my favorite tool, but I'm really missing the listed items and I continuously must use work arounds to get it done This takes so much additional time that I often run out of my planning. Therefore I really doubt to step back to lightroom and will import the files if I need the to have some Phtoshop related Affinity functions.
  7. In meantime again a year ahaid, still not implemented... :-( Since some years working with Affinity and requested this color checker also a long time ago. Really a pitty we don't get this implemented. Same for decent working of Vizenza 2 (However, when you order DXO tools, you get DXO also today, so there is a decent working solution implemented) No too bad, that you get DXO, because the raw convertor from Affinity is still not at the level you get from Adobe, Nikon Capture NX-D and DXO
  8. When I try to record steps from "developer" Affinity crashes. Steps - Start Image from Nikon D850 -> Nikon NX-D for Raw conversion -> Export Tiff to Affinity from Nikon NX-D - Start Macro recorder and start record - Go to Develop - Select Basic with own settings (drop down, setting selected) - Select details with own settings (Drop Down, settings selected) - Close develop -> Affinity crashes I restarted Affinity, I restarted the PC, but the crash remains. -> Repetitive My equipment: - Benq SW271-B - PC Windows 10, latest update - Ryzen 7 - 3,2 GhZ
  9. Good news. The more because they created an update. I'm doubting if I should update. For the moment they included some Basic dxo tool in the package. As long Vivenza is not working within Affinity, this additional tool might be very attractive, and puts user / new customer decisions for Affinity at risk. Would be a pitty, because Affinity is a great tool.
  10. Please have some trust. Affinity reached out a support question to DxO. It works within Adobe Photoshop, lightroom, Adobe elements and by image export from Nikon capture NX-D. Also, once a Tiff is exported from Affinity and loaded into vivenza it works w/o issues. I've good trust Affinity will solve it if DxO is willing to support. Both can benefit from it. There are more (general) Photoshop plug-in that suddenly might start working if this issue is solved. If the plug-ins really start working, Adobe might get an issue, because this currently holds a lot of Adobe users to Adobe. Second part is the color card checker support. But this is another topic on the wish list. "x rite colorchecker" (lightroom plugin)
  11. The monitor is calibrated with Xrite i1-Display against the D65 profile. My monitor follows sRGB. (end of the month it will be replaced by a Benq SW271 Adobe RGB monitor, because I deliver monthly photos for magazines in CMYK. sRGB cannot show all CMYK colors.) I use Nikon - NXD to create the tiff file which I open in Affinity, using the AdobeRGB color format. But also the sRGB files from the D700 and D750 are not working properly. I can send you a raw file and/or the tiff file for testing if you like.
  12. Sankos, Well, I tested you preferred reference images, and the specific plugins behave the same like many reported already. So I only can conclude they were right.
  13. Mark, When I use test-shots of my old D70s than it also works, but it does not work with the shots taken with D700 and D750 camera's. Hope to get this working. :-)
  14. Mark, I've tested it, Vivenza2 this is still not working. Sorry. But "color effects" looks ok now, at least with the files I tested! (Also with Adobe RGB)

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