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  1. Would love to see a startup assistant like the ones in the Serif Plus range and now in the Adobe suite. It is such a boost to work flow being able to access recent files from a visual list and browse custom templates.
  2. Loving the new sizable thumbnails in the layers panel. I think the behavior of the panel needs a little work when large thumbnails are used. Switching a layer on of off or expanding a group results in the list jumping to another layer rather than remaining focused on the area being worked on. So a lot of time is spent lost and looking for the layer you are trying to work on.
  3. It would be great to have the fantastic feature from DrawPlus where selecting the Node Tool gives you complete control of kerning, leading and spacing on type. This is amazing for speeding up workflow when refining type.
  4. spidermurph

    Colour Picker

    Hi Chris Thanks for your reply. My monitor is 1920 x 1080. Scaled to 100%. The condition is happening on bitmaps and vectors. Works fine if I move them over to Designer or Paint.
  5. spidermurph

    Colour Picker

    The colour picker sees everything as white
  6. spidermurph

    EPS Import

    Muito Obrigado
  7. spidermurph

    EPS Import

    Sure, thank you. barcode.eps
  8. spidermurph

    EPS Import

    I am having trouble importing EPS barcodes in to Affinity Programs. The barcode in Affinity imports missing the numbers. I have also included the same EPS opened in DrawPlus which is complete. It also works fine in Corel and Adobe.
  9. spidermurph


    I have the same problem. SVGs work fine from DrawPlus. Has this been raised with the devs for repairing in future updates?
  10. spidermurph

    View Pasteboard

    Thanks Alfred I understand this is how other apps like Photoshop work, but Affinity Photo is better than just another Photoshop. I just think it would be handy as a switchable view option like we have in Designer. There is a lot of wasted real estate on screen, especially when working on a portrait design, that would be useful for reference materials.
  11. It would be very handy to be able to place items on the pasteboard when working on photo comps. I often create palates and swatches to draw from. Also nice to have an image for reference sitting next to work space.
  12. Where is this feature in Photo?
  13. Nice idea. Corel Draw also has this handy feature which in addition to hiding everything, also resizes your design to fit and align for optimum viewing. Would be great to have this.
  14. spidermurph

    Load Crash

    Hi Guys Files I made in .57 crash AP .58 when I try to open them. Is this something to be expected due to all of the new changes?