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  1. I'm finding the Ctrl > Drag Duplication a bit glitchy compared to V1. Some of the FX feature tend to lock out and not allow changes.
  2. After doing a little research. It seems that the Corel Suite also fully supports gestures and adaptive UI for touch on windows. So that is another option.
  3. I am also in a similar position with my Samsung Pro. Sadly there are no gestures supported. I have had to go back to Photoshop for now.
  4. Yes please. Many designers use Samsung and other pro level tablets.
  5. Oh and another. No improvement to Studio Link. This is a great feature but it needs finishing. It only really launches from Publisher and has limited features within personas.
  6. Having used V2 for a short time I have a few comments on the bits I have tried. PROS The startup assistant screen is better now (almost as good as the Serif Plus one) The Export preview is much better (as good as the Serif Plus one) The Layers panel seems more versatile. The style picker seems quite good but not much different to Paste FX and styles that we had before. The Shape builder is handy (also a feature from Serif Plus range) but not much different to the boolean tools we already have. Vector Warp is nice. (also a feature from Serif Plus range) Knife tool is good (also a feature from Serif Plus range) CONS No bitmap trace (also a feature from Serif Plus range) No Mesh Fill (also a feature from Serif Plus range) No gestures for touchscreen users No flood fill tool (also a feature from Serif Plus range) No Blend/Morph tool No AI tools No 3D tools No Android support I know I bang on about SerifPlus products. But they were made by this company and had many of these features over 10 years ago. I know the Affinity range is built on a new engine and has to accommodate Mac and iPad now. But we have been waiting for 8 years for Affinity to catch up with features, they and most other software have had for years. I'm hoping we see some of this appear in updates very soon.
  7. Is there a way to nominate certain layers to rasterise on export. An example would be: A document that has a complex mixture of bitmaps and graphics on one layer and all the overlaying text on a layer above. The result would be a PDF that has a flattened graphics layer with a unrasterised top layer with all the text. The benefit of this is that the original Affinity file remains fully editable. I was able to do this in Serif PagePlus by using Export Properties.
  8. I use a Samsung Pro 360 with the S-Pen. Because of the lack of gestures I have sadly, had to return to Photoshop until Affinity introduce this to it's desktop model.
  9. Have you all seen the new Inkscape 1.2 It has vector trace and a heap of other features you have been asking for and, it's free. They have made a lot of improvements to the app and it feels very pro now.
  10. Please add this feature ASAP. Many of us now have switched to Windows 2 in 1 laptops. Surface, Lenovo and Samsung with the outstanding S-Pen to name but a few. The Zoom and Pan works very well. If we just had rotate canvas and maybe the standard 2 finger tap to undo. We would be golden.
  11. This is another of the many features that was present in the Serif Suite and worked brillianty. You could place images in to interesting vector shapes and feather just the edges keeping the subject sharp.
  12. There seems to be an issue with text boxes that have been copied and pasted from another document. I am working on a design for a DVD inlay and now need to make it for Bluray. If I copy a text box from one open Publisher window to another the leading is locked in both character and paragraph panels.
  13. We have been using Affinity Designer in our studios for years. We very rarely finish a job without having to export it to Serif software from 2015 to finish it. There are so many essential tools missing that were available way back then. Break Curve Apart, Vector Distortion, Bitmap Trace, Smart Vector fill and many more. Six years on and we are still waiting for these basics that Serif know how to make because they did successfully for years.
  14. Corel and many other programs have had this feature for many years. It is very useful.
  15. Publisher is now the full Affinity suite and the starting point for all of the applications. It offers the options to work with print or web when creating new document.
  16. I agree this would work very well. When making hundreds of devices for web a good export persona is essential. The one in Designer is good, just needs bringing in to the suite.
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