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  1. Same here; every damn time you drag and drop an image into Affinity canvas, its dumped in full size and you have to zoom out and scale back the image inside the canvas again (and no i don't want to use the place option in the menu as the default file viewer is very impractical compared to just drag, its after all a "windows drag & Drop" OS, im using :-) Again and again, hundreds times a day, so if there is no option to drag and fit the size inside the canvas automatically and as default (as in Photoshop), I will move back to Photoshop right away... And... on top of that you have to change you tool to Move tool every time as well, - is there no way to make you own default tool, mine is for sure not to be the view tool, that's already very handy the space bar short cut... Please make this standard...
  2. Yes that is "sad", and makes no sense, just slows down the work flow. Well not a deal breaker, and hopefully this will be correcte in future version. Thanks for the quick reply.
  3. Is there any way to set the Move tool "arrow" tool (v) as default instead of the hand tool or view tool (H). Normally you just use space bar to move around using the hand tool, for easy work flow you want to be able to edit right away when opening a file etc. and for that the select tool off course needs to be default (exactly as in Photo shop)