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  1. Hi, Do you know how to or where are the files and/or folder for a windows PC?
  2. Hi, What about transferring styles, brushes, assets (I had a lot of those) and other similar items.
  3. Hi smadell Well thank you a least it is a lot better that what I manage to do may ways. It looks very good. I really thank you for your prompt response and taking the time to help me. Warm regards,
  4. Hi smadell Wanted to find out if you could help me to learn something it is becoming difficult for me. I would like to make the image I attach or include to look as a watercolor cartoon effect. Similar as what is accomplished by Ally Anderson in her post or article in https://affinityrevolution.com/watercolor-effect-affinity-photo-tutorial/ also as your Flamingo image in this post or article from you. I just mention Ally´s because it was what I was originally looking for to accomplish. I could have try to reach and contact Ally but don´t have a clue how to do so. But seeing your level of expertise with your images and the macro I believe you can help me out. No special reason, just trying to learn new techniques. You have a wonderful macro that does incredible results. As a matter of fact so far after trying out many techniques in different articles your macro gives me the best result. However, this image for some reason has kine of to many details or edges that show of on the image and instead of a smooth uniform result as the image by Ally, I get in this unplash image (from some other tutorial) I´m testing witch has kind of too much details. I´m guessing that there must be some live filter or adjustment that I can use to make the image less detailed. I would appreciate comments or ideas. Tks,
  5. Hello Would like to see if some can help me in a doubt that I guess it would have to be some one from Serif to answer. In my case I would prefer MSI exactly due to the reason of third party app interop. but my doubt would be how quick the MSI updates will happen? same as MSIX? or MSI will be available always a few weeks later? Comments much appreciated. Thank you.
  6. Hi, no but posting, a question of a doubt I have: Besides the obvious reason between the (sandboxed) MSIX application installer and the (unsandboxed) MSI/EXE traditional installer and some comments mentioned somewhere about other apps affecting the proper functioning of your apps, myself in two years or more I have not experience any problem with the exe installer, I am more concern if there is any difference regarding CPU and RAM use or any other advantage or disadvantage that you could outline. Thanks for your comments.
  7. Hello smadell, definitely thank you very much. It works wonderfully. I´m still in the learning curve of Affinity. What a wonderful software. Very thankful for your help on this.
  8. I'm trying to add the carrying case in top of the dark basement image. I have tried using Source Layer Ranges and also Luminosity Range Mask and get about the same result. That is the black border of the carrying case disappears which is intended, but what is not intended is that the black handles also becomes transparent (look at the red circles on the image). I try to apply a mask and paint to add or remove that area but I can make more area transparent but not the contrary. I don´t manage to make black handles solid black again. Of course I could copy and paste the handle area and move it a layer towards the top. But then I could also could have selected all the black color surrounding the carrying case and just erase it. Is there another way of doing this or what else can I try. One other question: The dark basement is an image I purchased license from Adobe Stock and don´t know if it is ok to place it here or should I erase it afterwards. Anyhow no one can use it much, as I have place other images in top.
  9. Hi I tried and learn about this state panel using the layer name and the regular expression yesterday and this was my experience: I wrote on the layer name field: Planet+? which would select all layers with names like Planet 1, Planet 2.... It is working for me. No crash. However, if I write Planet+* it will cause afphoto to crash.
  10. Hello, Anyone has news about book publishers that work really good with Affinity Publisher? Or templates that are pre defined to specs of blurb or photobooks pro using Affinity Publisher? Appreciate any help on this. Thanks
  11. Hi, Well I can understand that there are users that prefer the hand tool and others the move tool, but in 99% of my cases I go for the move tool and must probably there may be others that prefer some other tool, but I believe this two tools are the most wanted. Normally is true, that you can´t please everybody, but this feature to set in the preferences the default tool must be easier than any other awesome nice tools that are coded into the software or app. Anyhow I guess I will survive as is. lol.
  12. Totally agree that the default tool should be selectable or set the move tool as the default.
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