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  1. I think more sticky settings was something that was on the roadmap to be implemented, but I don’t know the current status. You mentioned macros; if you go to [View > Studio] and enable the ‘Macro’ and ‘Library’ panels, you should be able to record a macro in Affinity Photo to grow the selection by say 3px and then save it in the macro library for later use.
  2. - S -

    Colours are all inaccurate

    Looking at your Colour panel, it looks like the Affinity Designer document’s colour profile is probably ProPhoto RGB, rather than sRGB. Go to File > Document Setup, to bring up the document settings and look at the document 'Colour Profile' listed there. Does it show the document colour profile as ‘RGBA/8 - ROMM RGB…’? If it does, that’s a ProPhoto RGB colour profile. Try setting up a new document from scratch using the below settings and see if that resolves your issue: 1) Your Dell U2412M monitor colour profile should be set in the Windows itself, rather than in the individual application (I.E. Affinity Designer). Therefore, when Dell drivers for your monitor are installed, you should see them listed in Windows Control Panel > Colour Management and set as default. 2) In Affinity Designer, go to Edit > Preferences > Colour, and change your settings back so that they are the same as below. This should be set to standard document colour profiles (For example sRGB IEC61966-2.1), rather than your monitor colour profile. 3) Create a new document in Affinity Designer by selecting one of the default document presets (For example, the FHD 1080p preset) and ensure the settings are set to a standard document colour profile; for example, the ‘Colour Format’ is RGB/8 and the ‘Colour Profile’ is sRGB IEC61966-2.1. My screenshot will be a different to yours as it’s from Affinity Photo—rather than from Affinity Designer—however it will be similar.
  3. Also, do you have a program called 'Duet Display' installed?
  4. If you go to File > New, and open a new blank document, is the document background pure white?
  5. The digital signature is OK, because the code signing certificate was valid when it was used to sign the software and it was counter-signed by Symantec with a timestamp to prove when it was signed. It will install fine.
  6. - S -

    Beta update?

    In the table on that support page, unauthorized versions include CS6 as well (Photoshop 13, InDesign 8, etc.). I think Lightroom 5 is possibly an unauthorized version too. It isn't explicitly listed in the table, however it's listed under versions that need to be manually uninstalled.
  7. - S -

    Beta update?

    That's incorrect. See here: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/software/adobe-says-upgrade-creative-cloud-apps-or-risk-3rd-party-claims/
  8. That is incorrect. The problem is with PhotoBox, therefore you will need to contact PhotoBox for support.
  9. I think I’ve identified the problem; the problem is with the PhotoBox website. The part of the website you're accessing is an old part that still uses Adobe Flash, and this Flash version only supports JPEG files, not PNG files. Try uploading using the link below instead. However, depending on what you're doing on the site, you may end up being re-directed to the old Flash part; in which case it will be something that you'll need to sort out with PhotoBox. https://upload.photobox.com/en/#computer Old Flash version:
  10. OK. Go through the exact same steps as I have taken in the below timelapse and take a screenshot showing where it goes wrong for you. Timelapse.mp4
  11. The same in what way? Like on the left, or like on the right? It would be located at: C:\Users\UserName\OneDrive\Desktop
  12. Until you post some screenshots demonstrating your issue, it's going to be a guessing game. In Windows File Explorer, does the 'Desktop' folder show any small file sync icons in the bottom-left corner of the main desktop icon (see below pic); indicating that some user profile folders (including Desktop) have been moved to OneDrive?
  13. That's correct. Files that are visible on the desktop background are actually stored in a folder called 'Desktop', which is one of the default 'User Profile' folders. So in the below example, the file path would actually be C:\Users\UserName\Desktop\babepng.png, regardless of whether it's on the desktop background or in the 'Desktop' folder. It's exactly the same file just displayed two different ways.
  14. I get the same results as RNKLN (see screenshots below). I’m not sure exactly what you mean by the following: Are you able to navigate to the folder that contains the PNG files and view the PNG files in the normal Windows File Explorer (forgetting PhotoBox for the moment)? I think it’s probably best if you upload some screenshots or a video demonstrating the problem, as that may help us better understand the problem and shed more light on the issue.