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  1. I've mentioned it before, however I like how Visual Studio Code handles read-only files—where it gives options to Overwrite, Save As, or close the dialogue box without doing anything. Whether this would be feasible for Affinity products though, I don't know. I posted a screenshot previously in the below topic: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/92113-solved-unable-to-save/&do=findComment&comment=490512 For what it's worth, batch processing read-only files also fail silently—as per the second screenshot in my below post: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/100267-affinity-photo-batch-processing-feedback/
  2. It sounds like you have 'Controlled Folder Access' enabled in Windows Security. See my two posts here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/62259-cannot-save-files/&do=findComment&comment=323174
  3. I don't see any advantages of using animated GIFs over videos? Video files are a much friendlier file format as they allow the video to be paused, made full screen, can be skipped forwards and backwards, have a timeline that can be scrubbed through, are not stuck in a loop where they have to be watched multiple times in order to try and figure out where the video starts and stops, are better quality, can have audio, have timestamp/length information, etc.. As a bonus, web browsers can be set to prevent videos from auto-playing so they don't start automatically playing until the user clicks on them. There are already lots of video tutorials on YouTube both from Serif and other users—and are searchable on YouTube. For example, the official Affinity channels can be found here: Affinity Affinity Designer Affinity Photo Affinity Publisher Video tutorials can also be found on the Serif site here: https://affinity.serif.com/learn/
  4. I remember something similar coming up a while back when the language was set to Czech and the keyboard layout set to Czech QWERTY. With the above language/keyboard layout, the = key (on an English UK keyboard layout, but is possibly a dedicated accent key on a Czech layout) acts as a trigger, which allows typing key combinations—for example typing acute accents. EG: = key plus the letter a is á = key plus the letter e is é = key plus the letter i is í = key plus the letter o is ó = key plus the letter u is ú It almost seems as though when Affinity Photo/Designer is launched, it's simulating pressing this key; meaning this is the first key (the trigger key) of the key combination (so nothing is displayed on the screen), then when the user types it activates the second key in the key combination— creating the acute accent. What's really odd though is that it only seems to do it with Czech QWERTY, not QWERTZ. It will be interesting to know whether this is what the OP is using as well. Accute_Accent.mp4
  5. This issue should be resolved in the December 2019 Patch Tuesday update—which is now available: December 10, 2019—KB4530684 (OS Builds 18362.535 and 18363.535)
  6. Is there a reason why it wouldn't be possible to add the ability to edit the EXIF 'Date Taken' field in the Affinity Photo metadata panel? Use case example: If an image doesn't have a 'Date Taken' field, for example in the case of art work where you start from a blank document with no EXIF metadata, or when working with a scanned image, it would allow adding 'Date Taken' metadata directly to the .afphoto file, so that when it's exported, the exported images will have a 'Date Taken' EXIF field populated. As a side note, the [View > Studio > EXIF] menu wording should probably be renamed to 'Metadata' to match the new panel name.
  7. Try un-installing and re-installing the OneDrive desktop application. 1) Go to [Windows Settings App > Update & Security > Windows Update > Check for Updates] and ensure you're on the latest version of Windows (which is currently Windows 10 1909, 18363.476 for non-insiders). 2) Go to [Windows Settings App > Apps > Apps & Features] and uninstall the OneDrive desktop application by selecting it and clicking on the "Uninstall" button. The desktop application will be called "Microsoft OneDrive" (the Store app version is just called "OneDrive"). 3) Restart the computer 4) Download and install the latest version of the OneDrive desktop application (which is currently 19.192.0926.0012 (November 13, 2019)). The download link can be found on the below release notes page under "Rolling out | Production Ring": https://support.office.com/article/onedrive-release-notes-845dcf18-f921-435e-bf28-4e24b95e5fc0 5) If the issue still continues after re-installing OneDrive, check if you have any other cloud file syncing software installed (such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud), etc.). If you do, try un-installing and re-installing them one-by-one with the latest versions available as well.
  8. @walt.farrell Did you try uninstalling and reinstalling OneDrive and Google Drive? Although I've seen a couple of cldflt.sys blue screen reports with other software (I.E. Keepass, Plex, Paint.net, a few AAA games) I've been watching a cldflt.sys bluescreen bug report with Visual Studio (due to it being a Microsoft product) and they've just replied with following: Although this is for a different issue (this is a cldflt.sys BSOD when installing Visual Studio), it may be worth trying if you haven't already. Looking at the release notes, there was a OneDrive client update on 02 October 2019 (19.152.0927.0012); I'm not sure whether or not this is related to the issue. The official OneDrive download page is currently offering 19.174.0902.0013 (17 October 2019), however on the Release Notes page there is a link to an even newer version: 19.192.0926.0012 (13 November 2019), so I'd just skip straight to installing that version, instead of the version on the official download page. You can see what version is currently installed on your machine as per this support article.
  9. According to the Datacolor knowledgebase link in your original post, this issue has already been resolved: Microsoft also confirm the information in the Datacolor post here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/windows/release-information/status-windows-10-1903
  10. It looks like the masks are causing transparency to be removed—partially transparent pixels become fully opaque. You should be able to use the text as a mask for the background image, instead of clipping the background image to the text (see attached file). File: Symphony_Campaign4b - Copy.afdesign
  11. I don't know why Canon use their own sRGB profile; probably stems from a legal department decision 20 years ago. I've attached a zip file containing the display profiles located in the Canon ICC directory (C:\Program Files\Canon\Digital Photo Professional 4\DPP4Lib\icc). There are two Canon ‘sRGB v1.31 (Canon)’ sRGB profiles located in that directory, one is an ICC profile; the other an ICM profile: sRGB Color Space Profile.icm sRGB Profile.icc Zip File: Canon DPP 4.11.0 Display Profiles.zip
  12. This is possibly something that will be part of the rumoured Affinity 'Digital Asset Management' software, which will possibly have Adobe Bridge like features. However I don't know when they will be releasing this; I expect Affinity Publisher for iPad is next on their to-do list.
  13. Are you definitely sure the second document is sRGB? The second document looks like it's using something like a *wscRGB colour space. In the below screenshots, even though the colours won't be exact as I'm using screenshots of a video file, your first document looks like it's using an 'RGB/8 - sRGB IEC61966-2.1' document profile, but the second document looks like it's using something like a 'RGB/8 - *wscRGB' document profile. You can see the difference in the colour spectrums both in the colour picker dialogue box and also in the Colour panel in the top-right. First document: Second Document:

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