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  1. Hey, James !! Thanks a lot for the help!
  2. Guys, after all, what are the Photoshop plugins that are 100% compatible with affinity ?? The 'Nik collection' is working, though it can not assign shortcut keys to it.
  3. after several attempts ... nothing....
  4. V_kyr, these options do not appear when I select photos / filters
  5. Dear friends, how do I assign shortcuts to the Nik Collection? For example, [CTRL] [ALT] [SHIFT] to activate Silver Efex?
  6. (Affinity Photo) Restore the active selector to the default (black / white). Dear, studying the AP shortcut keys, I found that the 'X' shortcut key toggles between the primary and secondary colors set in the active selector. It turns out that during the editing of the images the black and white colors are very used for masks and the like. Is there a shortcut key that makes the active selector go straight to the black and white colors? In Gimp, the behavior is similar. The 'X' shortcut key does change between colors, but there is also the 'D' shortcut key that makes the active selector go to its default, black and white. Thank you all.
  7. Great!!! Problem resolved. Thanks a lot, guys!!
  8. eventviewer ?? from windows? or AF? If it's from AF, like I said, it does not stay open long enough for any operationalization.
  9. Hi, Dave !! Man, if the program is opening and then, within moments, it closes, I think the icon points correctly. By the way it's the same icon that I used when it was working.
  10. Hi stokerg! I just can not open the AF. When I click on the icon it opens and closes again, with no time for any action on my part. In order for me to be able to edit a photo in AF I need to go to the file, right-click and choose 'open with ...'. Only thus does he, the AF, remain open.
  11. Affinity Photo opens and closes instantly !! dear, good afternoon When I click on the Affinity Photo icon, the program opens and closes within the dialog box without any error message. I noticed that when I open a file through it, it stays open normally, but when I open only the software (without any image file) and it opens and in a matter of seconds it closes again ... My operating system is Windows 10 64 bit. Thank you all.