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  1. Dear, I think about assembling my new pc for photo editing with the AP and Capture One, but I have some doubts, mainly regarding the video card. I already decided with the AMD Ryzen 5 2600 processor and 32 Gb of 2666Mhz DDR4 RAM. I have two SSD drives. Regarding the video card, I'm thinking about a 4GB GTX 1650 NVedia. I don't know if this is the best setting to run Affinity Photo. So I ask your help ...
  2. Dear, is there a shortcut key to show / hide a selected layer? Thank you all.
  3. Dear friends. I created a macro with 3 adjustment layers and would like to place them in a group before ending the macro recording, so that when applying the macro all layers are already within this group. I'm not getting it because the AP won't let me move the layers during recording. Does anyone know how I can get around this situation? Thank you all.
  4. Filters in the Black and White tool Dear, wouldn't it be interesting to add a drop down with filters (blue, green, red, yellow, ...) filter in the black and white tool?
  5. Thanks, Walt. but it would still be interesting to also have that option but its own tool. Walt, it would be a plus to be beyond this feature, we could count on the dropper and the automatic adjustment
  6. Complementing the request, there is a request for "automatic adjustment". Please don't forget.
  7. Walt, it would be a plus to be beyond this feature, we could count on the dropper and the automatic adjustment
  8. Dear, could you add the functionality of Black and white dropper, automatic adjustment, in the level tool? Thanks.
  9. At first, thanks for the great job, James! Props! Is there a predict to legend (portuguese) in videos?
  10. Hello everyone!!! How can I do templates for photo album in AF? Can I use PS templates in AF?? Thanks
  11. How to edit more than one photo (RAW) at the same time or copy editing from one photo to another in AP? Thanks!
  12. and is viveza working well with you? the colors are correct?
  13. has changed so little in this new version of Nik that, in my opinion, does not even make up for the upgrade. and why in the end dxo does not turn the plugin fully compatible with the AP with flush panel and all at once ?!
  14. hum .... I do not know ... I still can not produce a contrast as good as what is done 'Pro contrast' of the color efex in AP / LR. In addition, Control pointer technology often makes work much easier.
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