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  1. Is it possible to have a default save and export locations on your hard drive ? I have all my photos arranged by year/month etc. AP will save the .afphoto files in the same folder as the source folders by default
  2. It happens to be all the time - 50% of the time it works - same computer, same internet connection/modem/router
  3. I support this 100%. Only interested in the Photo product
  4. Affinity Photo - Looking for a tutorial on how to remove or reduce a double chin from a portrait Search didn’t reveal anything
  5. Also anything saved as a Affinity Photo file under 1.7 is not backward compatible with 1.6.x - SAD !!
  6. Uninstalled 1.7 and downloaded previous version from here https://store.serif.com/en-us/update/windows/photo/1/
  7. V1.6 developed Sony RAW file in 11 seconds, V1.7 took 46 seconds - both minor curve adjustments and a small bit of black point adjustment DSC01206.ARW
  8. @Jackhandy - you described my issue perfectly - it either takes over 1 min or it just never stops - left it running overnight and it was still developing the next morning. Sony RAW image file BTW. Going back to 1.6 for now
  9. Photo 1.7 installed on Windows 7 - Is it just me or when you are processing an RAW image and you press "develop" - it takes longer that the 1.6x version of photo ? Thought RAW processing was meant to be faster with 1.7 ?