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  1. For Windows particular Win10, anyone without a SSD - have you tried to implement Windows readyboost feature ?
  2. >> hift-click on the red linking triangle and let Publisher create additional pages. That worked - Thanks
  3. .rtf files didnt import but I got there in the end. However my TOC needs to be more than 1 page and that is all it is currently offering me. In the original Word/PDF TOC was close to 3 pages. Any ideas ... none of the Serif videos show more than one page of TOC
  4. So why does importing a PDF document that was originally created in word document, not allow me to select styles for Header1 etc ?
  5. Just took advantage of the black Friday sale and purchased AP Publisher - don't see immediately a way to do page headers and footers. I have a 260 PDF that I created years ago as a user manual for an application but want to update it using AP Pub and it has to have at least footers on every page.
  6. Is it possible to add Digital watermarks to photos in Affinity ?
  7. Is it possible to have a default save and export locations on your hard drive ? I have all my photos arranged by year/month etc. AP will save the .afphoto files in the same folder as the source folders by default
  8. It happens to be all the time - 50% of the time it works - same computer, same internet connection/modem/router
  9. I support this 100%. Only interested in the Photo product
  10. Affinity Photo - Looking for a tutorial on how to remove or reduce a double chin from a portrait Search didn’t reveal anything
  11. Also anything saved as a Affinity Photo file under 1.7 is not backward compatible with 1.6.x - SAD !!
  12. Uninstalled 1.7 and downloaded previous version from here https://store.serif.com/en-us/update/windows/photo/1/
  13. V1.6 developed Sony RAW file in 11 seconds, V1.7 took 46 seconds - both minor curve adjustments and a small bit of black point adjustment DSC01206.ARW
  14. @Jackhandy - you described my issue perfectly - it either takes over 1 min or it just never stops - left it running overnight and it was still developing the next morning. Sony RAW image file BTW. Going back to 1.6 for now
  15. Photo 1.7 installed on Windows 7 - Is it just me or when you are processing an RAW image and you press "develop" - it takes longer that the 1.6x version of photo ? Thought RAW processing was meant to be faster with 1.7 ?
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