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  1. The new v3 Nik collection is supposed to support this (via an enhanced use of Tiff file features) but it only works with Lightroom. Possibly a dot release from either DxO or affinity will support their use there, but for now you have to start over with a fresh layer or add to existing edits.
  2. I agree there is little incentive for Affinity users to upgrade unless you really need the perspective plugin(which must be run as a standalone tool). Most of the new features don't even work properly with DxO's own Photolab software (although they do have a free update that recognizes PersectiveEfex). This is an Adobe only release. Maybe a dot release will fix it later, but whether that needs to be from Affinity or DxO I'm not sure. As to the price, everyone gets the reduced price to start with, its going to rise to £70 soon(if not already). The tools are great but if you have 2.5 there's nothing much of note in v3 for Affinity users.
  3. You can work around it by exporting a tiff then running the perspective plugin as a standalone app, loading and editing the tiff, saving it and then reloading the tiff in Affinity. A faff but it works.
  4. Personally I always duplicate a layer before using the dodge/burn brushes because they are destructive to their layer. Mostly they are all I need for simple work and for anything more complex I use Viveza from the Nik collection which is probably the ultimate in dodge/burn toolkits. Very occasionally I do a colour burn to emphasize a local piece of colour. If using the dodge/burn brushes be sure you are working on a pixel layer, otherwise you will simply darken or lighten a mask and make no difference to the image - I've been caught out by that a few times! Also be sure to play with the opacity and flow settings and make sure you are using the correct luminosity setting(highlights/mids/shadows).
  5. It is very disappointing. It works exactly as per v2.5 but the new perspective plugin (which does much more than just fix perspective) doesn't work natively with Affinity. You need to export a tiff, then run the plugin standalone, save the tiff then open it in Affinity. Too much faff. Also the new "non destructive" editing via "enhanced" tiff files is not available from Affinity (nor from DxO Photolab so far as I can see! Which is even more strange) but unless you really need the Perspective Efex plugin there is nothing to make an affinity user upgrade from 2.5 IMHO. If you do splash out the new plugin uses an entirely different UI from the others (which weren't exactly consistent anyway!) but is very powerful for fixing perspective, sorting edge distortion on wide angle shots, defishing fisheye images and (if you really must!) toy-town selective focus effects. But the much heralded "intregration" with Affinity seems to have been ditched after one release. Very poor show.
  6. I used to get this but there is an app/plugin available for free on the Windows store that enables this feature. It uses the ffmpeg opensource library to enable display of many, not just Olympus, raw formats in the regular file browser. It works for me within Infinity provided I switch the view to medium icons or bigger. This used to me my biggest bugbear with Affinity but now its perfect.(At lest until we get a proper media management persona!)
  7. Excellent, I'll try that. it should suffice for my needs. Although I'm still curious how Dave managed to create a full panel control for his macros! Thanks.
  8. I recently downloaded some Affinity macros (Dave's Zone system) which include a pop-up control panel for several of the macros. I can record simple macros using standard menu commands but I can find no way to create panels etc. How did the macro author achieve this? I'd like to add that to a couple of my own macros, rather than having 6 nearly identical versions of the same macro just using different values.
  9. I think I just answered my own question. Previously the plugins generated a separate tiff file, now they actually send the edited image back into Affinity with no extra files cluttering things up. Maybe they did that before but I don't think so.
  10. Both DxO and Affinity are boasting about the compatibility between the new Nik 2.5 plugins and Affinity 1.8. But I've been using the nik collection as plugins since Affinity 1.6, both the Google free version and the DxO v2 upgrade that I bought last year. I cannot see anything different? They seem to work exactly the same in v1.8 as they did before. Neither web site seems to carry any details other than a statement that they are now compatible. What is all the hype about?
  11. I bought Affinity Publisher just because it is occasionally helpful, but mainly to support Serif/Affinity as they continue to develop their products. However, I wish to add my voice to the cry for support for book publishing - both in paper and eBook(although Calibre can handle PDF->eBook so that's a secondary wish). But footnotes(and endnotes), bibliography with references etc is vital. For now, I'm using MS Word - and a decent Word importer would be a step forward! - or an ancient version of FrameMaker (v6), which was the best book publishing tool ever until Adobe got their hands on it and wrecked it! What I really would like is to use Word (or LibreOffice) for content creation then import it into Publisher for presentation. At present, I can do my cover in Publisher but everything internal has to be done in Word (or imported into FrameMaker).
  12. Yes, thanks, lots of requests. Frankly I'm less concerned about features like face recognition etc, I just want to rate and tag my pictures and access them quickly without resorting to file manager dialogs. The other, smarter, things are nice to have but low priority compared to the basic import/catalog tools.
  13. Thanks, I'd never have guessed DAM! What does it stand for? Digital Asset Management is the best I can imagine? Alan G.
  14. The only thing stopping me from adopting Affinity photo as my one stop shop for photo processing is the lack of a library or catalogue feature. I find this odd since Serif used to do a nice little tool called Media Plus that would have done the job well. As it is, I still have to use Lightroom to catalog my work, so I wind up using it to develop as well. Consequently Affinity only gets used for a fraction of what I'd like to use it for. Surely an import persona couldn't be too hard to add?
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