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  1. I created an A1 poster with multiple images (.apub file size > 100MB) I tried to export it as a GIF and the export box just sat there for over 30 minutes and no file appeared. Doing the same with PNG format or PDF works as expected, only GIF seems to hang. Default settings for all cases. Windows 10. Publisher version
  2. alanGmedia

    Why no catalogue in photo?

    Yes, thanks, lots of requests. Frankly I'm less concerned about features like face recognition etc, I just want to rate and tag my pictures and access them quickly without resorting to file manager dialogs. The other, smarter, things are nice to have but low priority compared to the basic import/catalog tools.
  3. alanGmedia

    Why no catalogue in photo?

    Thanks, I'd never have guessed DAM! What does it stand for? Digital Asset Management is the best I can imagine? Alan G.
  4. The only thing stopping me from adopting Affinity photo as my one stop shop for photo processing is the lack of a library or catalogue feature. I find this odd since Serif used to do a nice little tool called Media Plus that would have done the job well. As it is, I still have to use Lightroom to catalog my work, so I wind up using it to develop as well. Consequently Affinity only gets used for a fraction of what I'd like to use it for. Surely an import persona couldn't be too hard to add?