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  1. Fair enough, but I also looked at your website and Instagram, all empty too My system checks all downloaded files as they are downloaded, I did a test download, as well as scanning the file before posting it, so I do understand your thinking.
  2. Understood, pity though as it was just what most people were looking for Simple and easy to use. I did not reply to the person who asked me how I made them and what they contained simply as if he could use the answers, he would know hot to do it himself
  3. I've just posted something that works for me here https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/170283-affinity-photo-v2-exe-file-location/page/4/#comment-982581 Unfortunately I don't have resources to test properly, but it worked on two machines here, so hopefully it will work
  4. Thanks for that, it seemed strange as I had made several posts in the first day. I have just posted my solution, hope it might work for others
  5. Somebody might like to try this. Create a directory called Affinity in the Programme Files directory, and copy this into it (it doesn't have to go there, it runs from anywhere) It has worked for me on two machines I have tried it on <Attachment removed by moderator>
  6. The day before yesterday I posted the path to the exe file that I found worked in IrfanView, yesterday I replied to someone and suggested they try it, they replied and said it hadn't worked. I went to reply to explain why it wouldn't work in all cases and what to do, and found my maximum posts HAD BEEN LIMITED TO ONE A DAY. Yesterday Affinity's suggested paths were updated from what they were, to the same as what I had posted the day before. So what did I do wrong to have my posts limited, my disappointment has been expressed quite mildly compared to some others, and at least I tried to come up with constructive ideas. I do agree with others that going down the app route is not being ahead of the game, it is a huge step backwards in desirability, the only people being impressed is MS in their quest to tighten up windows and monetise it. I also agree with the comments that it is Serif's problem, as they made the choice of installation method. And their hands are not tied, as they could very quickly (in minutes) create a photo2.exe file that does the same as the bat file previously mentioned, and that file could be placed in an affinity folder in the programme files folder which other programmes could then use as if the programme was installed properly as a programme. It would require thorough testing on average machines to ensure all permissions/ownership requirements were met. However, the best and most logical solution, which may just restore peoples trust and confidence, would be to re-package the application as a proper programme install, and give people the option to use either. That would also enable Serif which option is best for their business. As I will probably be limited to one post again today, this will be my last post. Mine is now working, however if a proper programme is available to download, I will be one of the first to take up
  7. Try the one I posted above, for me it eliminated that error. C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps\AffinityPhoto2.exe
  8. As mentioned in another thread, this worked for me from IrfanView C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\WindowsApps\AffinityPhoto2.exe replacing the [username} with your username in windows (take out the square brackets as well)
  9. I can't see them re-packaging it to install properly, and I am quite annoyed they did not say upfront and clearly that it now installed as an app, that is a major shift.
  10. I have just seen that we can get a refund within 14 days. Will wait a couple of days to see their response, and if they are going to make it install properly, not as an app!!!
  11. I quite agree, if I had known it was an app and installed like this, I would not have bought it. I bought it based on my experience of the other one, must say I am massively disappointed, fell I have paid for something I did not want! I avoid installing apps, I did not find out about this until it was installed and I couldn't find it in Programme files
  12. Did you try what is in the FAQ which was %LocalAppData%\Microsoft\WindowsApps\AffinityPhoto2.exe but I can't access that link given by Lee D now for some reason
  13. Which one doesn't work? If you tried mine, you would have to change the user name
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