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  1. Hello Chris - You're welcome. Happy it helped.
  2. Hello Chris - Still no joy but that's ok as your team is on it!
  3. Hello Chris - Happy to send a few files. IMG_1700.CR3 IMG_1294.CR3 IMG_2202.CR3
  4. Hi Chris - Followed instructions (twice) but no joy.
  5. Hi Chris - This issue is also with one-off opening of CR3 files, not just batch processing.
  6. I tested a TIFF pan using Sharpen, Clarity, Curves, and Tone adjustment then exported as TIFF. No issues but the pan/file may not be large enough. Source: Size 182 MB (190,999,516 bytes) Dimensions 135589x2683 Resolution 96 dpi Exported: 190 MB (199,715,658 bytes) Dimensions 135589x2683 Resolution 96 dpi Hardware: AMD Ryzen7 2700X on MSI X470 Gaming mobo (4.4GHz max.) 16GB RAM AMD Radeon R9 200 series video card
  7. Thanks Walt and Chris. As I staed, this was to quickly test this BETA release to see how it converts CR3 to TIFF and compare to others in the field. Too bad this hasn't been fixed but as you pointed out there are work arounds. Indeed one would need to add a separate step into the workflow.
  8. I have been testing the AP beta (build 526) CR3 to TIFF batch conversion and then comparing the result to three other program conversions: Luminar 4, v4.1.0 (5191) Digital Photo Professional 4, v4.11.0.2 FastStone Image Viewer, v7.4 I ran a library of 56 CR3 files from my Canon 90D for a rough conversion timing: DPP - approx. 12 min. Luminar 4 - approx. 13 min. AP Beta 526 - approx. 7 min. FastStone IV - approx 1.25 min. Using one files as an example,these are the converted sizes: (orig. CR3 file: 10,387KB) AP Beta: 190,738KB DPP: 186,984KB FS: 94,615KB L4: 189,230KB I viewed the tif (tiff) images in several different programs to get a feel for their general appearance prior to post processing. A couple things stood out: The FastStone image had the lowest overal quality especially related to finer detail and contrast. The Digital Photo Professional and Luminar 4 had nearly identical appearance with the expected levels of detail, brighthness, contrast, etc. I judged the DPP image to be slightly brighter than the L4 while I preferred the blacks and mid tones of L4. The Affinity Photo Beta was seriously "underexposed" and required a 50% increase in brightness or just over a +1 stop exposure compensation to achieve a similar appearaance to the DPP and L4 images. All of the AP converted had this issue. Color rendition is a bit different in the four programs but I haven't had time to dig into that. The attached image is a quick screen shot of the four images opened in AP beta and placed side by side. Not to be used to judge detail, etc but is a fast way to see the brightness issue in the AP conversion.
  9. Currently I convert to TIFF then process. I am trying several CR3 > TIFF programs: FastStone Image Viewer, Canon DDP, AP Beta, and Luminar 4. Each program conversion looks different from the others in various viewers and I'm not sure which I prefer. Once I find the conversion I "like" I'll then tune my post processing workflow. I hope I can find a single/primary application to do the heavy lifting fairly soon...but I will not go to Adobe. AP Beta is looking promising as is Luminar 4 but the two seem to target slightly different users.
  10. Interesting thread. I have a 90D and have no trouble opening CR3 RAW files using the beta build.
  11. I'm in the process of running first batch of CR3 files from my Canon 90D in the latest beta build. So far so good but lots of work to do before I give my ok. GEWB
  12. Once your image is loaded, in the right pane you see your tools, etc. Find the row of small tabs marked Basic, Lens, Details, Tones and Overlays. Click on Lens. Now find the Rotation slider and corresponding digital spin box. Use the spin box UP (clockwise) or DOWN (counter clockwise) in 1/10th degree steps to rotate your image.
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