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  1. @Joachim_L Sorry I was wrong, Mangal is actually there pasted with text from another document. Sorry was not able to replace font. Didnt have time for it
  2. Yes it does! but after some work done it stopped working I cant say why. I dont know. Also I dont have any mangal font in my file. Monserrat is old and I doubt it can malfunction Yes I tried to save it on desktop. Didnt work. Cyrillic on non cyrillic path, doesnt matter
  3. Finally I manage to squeeze an opportunity to try affinity for real project and same error for me right now in publisher. This happened to me twice. At start of project and now in the middle. I couldnt retrieve file even with snapshots option. I'll pin my file I am very unhappy with this guys 822_-_Презентация_Hamilton_Beach_2021_2.afpub
  4. Hi! This is what I had(screenshot). Affinity imported image with black border. Dunno why. This PDF is not mine and I dont know how it was done. I managed to solve this issue by resaving PDF in Illustrator. After that black border was gone. I will pin original pdf here black border.pdf
  5. Hi! Thats strange. Could you share your file for me to test? Also to add to this thread: I upgraded my pc to ryzen 3700 x and rtx 2060 super and performance stayed the same . maybe 5-10 percent better, but still not working properly Thats strange. I dont
  6. 1. do you use mac or windows? if windows what cpu & gpu you use? you can follow link to the thread where I complain about perfomance, theres a video I will link my file for educational purposes: https://yadi.sk/d/WJsLzV2I_zZMLQ
  7. Hi everyone! Yesterday I finished my first project made only in affinity publisher. Most of the time I use indesign, but this time, since brandbook I used was made in PDF, it was convenient for me to import PDF directly into publisher and copy from it into my project file. Working as a graphic designer full time, I do a lot of projects every day and if something is wrong about software, I will see it right away. So that’s what problems I found? 1. Same poor performance as I stated in this thread: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/103368-poor-performance-on-windows/&tab=comments#comment-570688 2. When I was finishing project, publisher started lagging, and its actually different from my 1st point. This made working barely possible. When I selected and moved text for example, there was a freeze for 5 seconds. After that no lags. But when I scrolled to another page lag repeated. Interestingly, after I restarted publisher , problem went away. Before restarting software I checked system monitor, there was no 100 percent usage of anything. Just usual high load on CPU, just as with any affinity product. Sorry if I explained this problem badly. P.s. all files are linked not embedded. 3. Non existent Hot key or Icon for Picture Frame Properties 4. Complex shortcut for preview mode, ctrl shift w is pretty big shortcut for such often used feature 5. I wasn’t been successful with text wrap feature. I made a short video : my PC is i5 7500, 16 gb ram, integrated graphics. Publisher version1.8.3.641
  8. https://affinity.serif.com/en-gb/tutorials/photo/desktop/video/309876656/
  9. Small icon set for website. Started in procreate, finished in designer on desktop
  10. Recent. Made it in designer desktop and finished in publisher, because only publisher supports hyperlinks. Made using Organika Design Kit for Affinity Designer. Made my process easy and fun. @Frankentoon, thank you!
  11. I made this using designer on Ipad and finished in designer on desktop
  12. Hi! I think I will sometimes post here some of my work. Particularly made only in affinity of course.
  13. Hi! I have some loaded assets in AD. When I run Publisher - selecting designer persona - opening assets panel - it's empty. Because assets panel belongs to publisher. I think it would be good if assets would be shared between AD and AP. Am I right?
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