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  1. shustovcreates

    Designer export slices issue

    hi! for some reason i didnt see your reply. thank you. i just created slices manually. dont have time to solve such issues
  2. Hi! Im trying to export slices. i created rectangles of size that i need. and when im exporting slices created with these rectangles it doesnt export it. is there a way to export these slices without manually creating slices by myself?
  3. shustovcreates

    Poor performance on Windows

    @VektorKnight I tried amd rx460 and 1030 perfomance is the same
  4. shustovcreates

    Poor performance on Windows

    Can you take a video demonstrating it?
  5. shustovcreates

    Poor performance on Windows

    I guess its all about opencl lack or something ? perfomance is good with metal? even when developing raw on mac with dedicated gpu?
  6. shustovcreates

    any Affinity Export size issue

    I guess you right. I wanted to make it zero but because ipad still lacks this weird functionality I wouldnt be able to track if something is wrong
  7. shustovcreates

    any Affinity Export size issue

    Ok..Thanks. the situation was: 1 file was created on ipad. as i aware, ipad doesnt have this decimal mess in it. so i cant even tweak. 2 i find out that affinity wrecks my export again. Im already aware of this unreasonable feature of decimals. 3 load this file on desktop. my desktop has correct settings. but it doesnt help. it still doesnt work. it shows 222 instead of correct 221.517 4 after your reply, i just re-typed artboard position manually to 222 and it fixes itself. i would love to get devs response to this. this is unreasonable, why would i even care about such stuff. every time i use affinity for business it messes up in most unexpected places =( Thank you @R C-R
  8. Hi! I have reaally annoying issue. I created a file. Basically 2 identical artboards 160 px height. When I export it says it will be 161 and it draws weird line above and below my image Artboards dont contain decimals in any size or location Please help. I pinned everything to my post edit: i tried to export both artboards to psd one by one. yellow one turned out 159 px and green 160px Банер мебель для спальни.afdesign
  9. @Garry Gannell can you show me export settings?
  10. @Garry Gannell try using this export setting graphic issue (1).pdf
  11. shustovcreates

    Poor performance on Windows

    @digitalthats perfect. my install was fresh on fresh windows 10.. so this wont help
  12. shustovcreates

    Poor performance on Windows

    @digital and moving images in designer works fast?

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