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  1. @walt.farrell The original issue was about performance. I have a file where there are a lots of Svgs but it is almost unusuable (attached file - Design (2)). So i switched to use Layers and put them on the assets panel (i experienced less lag and there is the search bar to find layer) but what i liked with Svgs was the updatading feature to all the instances and the size of the Svg file which is light so when i duplicate Svgs i faced less freezing than layers. I contacted the Affinity Support and told me that they suspect that the performance issue is related to the numbers of embedded files in one file. But i made a test and created another file with more embedded files and the file is usuable (attached file - Performance issue test - More than 45000 Svgs). For now i don't know what is the cause of this performance issue Design (2).afdesign Performance issue test - More than 45000 Svgs.afdesign
  2. Thank you for your answers and the workaround but i want to put embedded documents because of freezing issue using basic layers and also for the updating feature of the Svg to all the instances when a change is made (like what symbols do but accross the application). Is there another workaround? Thank you
  3. Hi, My following question is about a Svg placed as a linked file not as an embedded file. Is there a way to edit it and get all its duplicates updated (as what happen when the svg is placed as an embedded file)? The reason i want to place the svg as a linked file instead of an embedded is to have a lighter affinity designer file Thank you
  4. Hi, Thank you for your help. So you think the issue is related to Windows? And on Mac you have absolutely no issue ?
  5. Thank you @shustovcreates When you tested it on the Ipad Pro 2017, it works smoothly immediatly after you opened it or you waited some time?
  6. I tested the file you sent but i'm still facing the same isuse. Is it also the case for you or it is smooth ? Thanks,
  7. Hi mediumcheese Did you find what is the cause of your performance issue ? I contacted the support and i sent them the recording so i'm waiting Regards,
  8. Thank you for your reply. It is a Ui design project and i use Svgs for every elements. I like to use Svg because they are lighter and i can work on isolation + have all instances updated through affinity designer. Here is a video. - The zoom is slow down - I can click on layers on the layer panel - I have to wait some time to be able to use it Thank you for your help Lag.mp4
  9. Hi, Update: What i tried to fix the issue according the suggestions of the members of the forum and the Affinity designer member team. But i'm still facing a slow performance - Disabled OpenCL - Removed Symbols from the document - Closed the Asset panel - Reinstalled GPU driver - Changed the view quality to Nearest neighbour - Updated to the version Any working solution? Thank you
  10. Hi I have also a performance issue with Affinity designer on Windows Anyone has find a solution ? Thanks
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