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  1. Yes, I also heared a rumor that there is actually text on that screen. The say the same about the Publisher screen. But there is no way to know.
  2. Also Google Translate kann mir das hier nicht übersetzten.
  3. You're right, but I still hope when with Publisher the "Affinity Trinity" is ready they do a merge of some kind to eliminate the cumbersome hand over. Let's see how the Personas of Publisher will work out. Maybe Photo will get a Vector Persona and Designer a Photo Persona as replacement for the Pixel Persona. I would like to have all Personas in one tool with a single installer one day.
  4. No, I think this is perfectly valid. Look at all the data leaks nowadays. Most people just don't understand it or care. And acknowledge how many people still continue to use WhatsApp even it has been proven over and over to be the most unsecure communication platform ever. Fact is, most people are lazy on this and just don't care. And you can't change that. Just let it go. IMHO it's totally okay to ask what happens with your data.
  5. @Patrick Connor Thank you for clarification. But if this is all data that is exchanged what does "usage data" mean? I assumed by that the tool would anonymously collect which functions/features/Personas I use, what file types I open, which resolution my files have... just how I use it... a "usage profile". Does that happen?
  6. The privacy policy only states "usage data" and as I understand the OP correctly this is not specific enough. There is no sample how deep this data is.
  7. Steps

    Long time since last update

    In anorher thread they mentioned we can expect the new beta before the 26th of this month.
  8. @xarthangrol I share your concerns as I also hate being spied on. If you really want to be sure about this you will have to use the trial and run Wireshark while using. Let us know what you find out.
  9. Thanks, @mikerofoto, that's certainly a good explaination for the OP.
  10. @Jeremy Bohn I do not really understand why the discussion continues even after MEBs official statement on the first page that global layers will come. We will get both eventually: Master pages and global layers. After reading all of the discussion about that I understand need for both. So Serif did. They will certainly come up with a good idea how the current layer system can stay the same (and it really should) and global layers come in addition.
  11. @R C-R I see. This explains our huge difference in mindset. Before 5 years ago I occasionaly used GIMP when I need to do something, but not more than one used Paint because I did not understand most of the concepts. 2013 there was a Amazon Cybermonday deal that offered PSE 12 at half the price (50€). At that time I decided to get real with my photos, bought a workbook and learned in about 20 hours everything you can do with it. I used it since then regulary and yes, it's hard to unlearn stuff. If I have two layers and I want to copy an style I first automaticly try to do it with the RMB context menu. But this may due to the thing that there was just PSE in my history. In 30 years I may see that like you.
  12. There must be a tool you used for many years and with it a workflow you got used to. On first contact with new software you expect things you know from similar software. Like you expect some things from all cars of different manufactors. Do you tell me otherwise?
  13. @R C-R So, whats your background? What did you use before Photo? And did you expect nothing? Willing to throw away anything you learnt before?