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  1. So you know graphics and memory is not an issue (= Good data point), but you leave the CPU untested. It might interest you that prime95 can run in background while you browse. It just takes performance.
  2. As said I was thinking this was your idea all along. Just don't use logos or other copyrighted stuff and make clear that you are not Serif. Than I would legally see no problems. But as said several times before it may not be only the money. It could also not fit well into their roadmap. I expect no Linux version anymore after reading all the discussions.
  3. I did not stalk him. He started a posting saying that there is a big movement in Adobe forums to Affinity but provided no link. So I googled that because I thought it would be a interesting read. But I found instead other things. The quotation I made is taken from another post in this forum - please look it up. I did not want anybody to leave the forums. All three people did that on their will. Dennis Nisbet first reponse after asking for a link was leaving. My fault? Simon Degay posted a very rude and offensive statement against developers in general (and I am also one) and I just asked him please not to go there. I was not involved in all that what came after that in the same topic. Was I? Heck, I did not even see his reponse. The third user wanted to post in the plus community anyway. But yes, I agree, expressing my confusion was not helpful. So... more than a coincidende? Maybe Adobe pays me for trolling users and forcing them to go back in such a clever way. If that's my skill I should offer this service. Fair... But let me ask why this post was okay with you then? I found it pretty offensive and rude, but it even got likes and I did not see you saying "Please, this is not how we like to talk to each other". And also @jmwellborn likes every single post that critizes me even if she does not understand the topic at all. How are he rules here? Sorry, but this annoys me right now. It's unfair. But okay, I got people don't want me or my input here. @jmwellborn and friends made that quite clear. Got it. I also consider to leave. EDIT: Maybe I am also responsible for this review by Simon Degay, the Self proclaimed greatest affinity Helper as he wrote once. I would quote his words here but that may break the rules.
  4. Excuse me? Tell me how I should know if you recorded at 15 fps or if this is exactly the performance you experience? You made no mention to that. Yes, and the OP has an considerably better card than you. But as said before my experience is seemingly better. I will install a monitor tool later on to check how it is used.
  5. @FolioGraphic Maybe it's time that you show us a video of your experience and maybe you provide a sample file. I start to doubt that we have the same definition of what we consider a problem.
  6. Are you sure this is true? Did you check your Renderer settings? I tried the WARP setting for a moment and get a considerable worse responsiveness. So I'm not that sure it really has no hardware acceleration. Can you link a prove for that?
  7. I'm not all to certain if I understand you correctly because the GIF also is somehow sluggish. But you seem to focus on the short graphics errors. Yes, they are definitely there. Confirmed. But they influence in no way a fluid expierence using the app. It does not feel sluggish at all. Here is a video taken at real time (60 fps): D2GEwOFhtn.mp4 This is the key frame at second 12.500 that shows a grapic error: So this annoys you, right? Or is the user experience on par with this stuttering your GIF has? I'm not sure if you took the GIF at a lower FPS as your screen. So this would be distracting. If I open my photo book project with 200+ linked image files yes, the app gets sluggish and crashes. But until that point the experience is very good. To conclude on this I would say I do not miss the hardware acceleration because I can live with short redrawing issues like this, but I need Serif to optimize the memory handling with lots of images as for now you can't do a proper sized photo book with Publisher and keep the linked images. As said before I had to rasterize everything to keep memory low and Publisher therefore responsive and relieable.
  8. I did, of course. But not on that level described here. That's surprising. I see memory problems with Publisher when you work on a real world sized project and not on small samples. I saw problems handling images and also exporting a long document as PDF. But you may already knew I reported all these.
  9. Forgive me, but if you build your own PC you are indeed responsible. So, yes. I would not have rsponded that way to a Mac User as I know that the setups are pre made and unlikely to have such compatbility problems. Apple takes care and is responsible for that.
  10. So you did all the tests I mentioned above with good results? I build also my PCs and did those as a standard procedure to confirm my compilation. And I repeat after changing hardware. I want to keep my setup primestable. If you order a custom setup build at Mindfactory for example they do those same tests. And it is not needless as @hifred said. It's a good practice of Quality assurance. If you did all that already please state next time the condition of your computer.
  11. In one of my cases the PSU was of course large enough, but it was one of those awful BeQuiet PSUs. I changed it in the first place, but problems stayed. I suspected something else then. Later I learned that the whole series had a design problem. The matter was that the output was not stable enough. Many apps did not care, others resulted in stutterting and some even in blue screens. Total depending on the app. I switched to Seasonic PSUs after that and never encountered PSU related problems again. Just as one example. It's okay then, I accept it as a stress test. I cannot explain why Affinity does perform so badly on your machine. On my side PaintShop Pro 2019 performs very bad. Can you confirm bad performance here also?
  12. Same is absolutely true for me! Yes, there are some. And I think it's important to point them out to help. I see the shortcomings in usability, not in performance issues. I really don't see why you are so offended by this. Wow... But yes, I have some experience in that field and also encountered similar problems myself. In my cases in the past it was once related to a PSU that did not put out enough power in some circumstances and another thing was a problem with memory timings that only occured under specific conditions. Stress tests help to figure those problems out. Here I still disagree with you. This is a false conclusion. Different tools are implemented in different ways and utilize the hardware differently. All I wanted to suggest is that it's worth checking the hardware. And the tests I mentioned can all performed in less an hour. After that you have new data points. You can say "hey people, my PC is prime95-stable and memory memchecked". More often than not good hardware components may not work nicely together because of misfits in the compilation. What do you think why there are long lists of compatible memory and mainboards based on tests (not on specs)? On a MAC you don't have to care for that because you get already perfectly compatible hardware out of the box. If you buy a Windows PC someone assembled in in a certain way and there is a lot of potential for problems. And as you mentioned problems I would suggest you too to just do a quick test of your hardware. The problems the OP describes should not be normal for the Windows build. Of course not.
  13. That's just guesswork. The OP did not attach a file to compare. I reported the experiences I had with my use cases of photo retouching. Of course there is a chance of some layer/ feature combination that slows down the product. But I would see thst more as a bug. If you're interested attach a file that is very slow on your PC and I report you my experience with that back.
  14. Objection! It's on my machine on par with Photoshop Elements 12 which is also very quick. And I recently compared Affinity Publisher to it's contenders and found it to be the blanzingly fast. I have a very smooth experience with the Affinity products. The problems mentioned by the OP usually come up if something else is wrong. Windows 10 Pro x64 (1809). Intel Core i5-4670K @ 3.40GHz, 16 GB memory, NVidia GTX 780 And regarding "everything else" I found that this is not a really good data point because different programs use resources differently. That's why stress tests got invented to cover a broad spectrum of possible problems.
  15. Steps


    Ok, welches Programm nutzt du denn genau? Das hast du immer noch nicht erwähnt. Für die Plus Produkte findest du jedenfalls hier Hilfe: https://community.serif.com