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  1. @larsh Do you have bleed enabled and exported the PDF with bleed? The difference between both dimensions is about 6 mm, which is the default value for bleed.
  2. How many are inside this sales team? If not hundreds, I would make a page each person. Create a Master Page where all the graphics and text is and where you do your changes and add so many pages as sales members. The text frames for the names and contact details can be detached from the master. Not really comfortable, but better than switching layers on and off. Maybe someone has a better idea?
  3. Maybe this is already covered elsewhere in this forum. Whenever I try to open a CR2 (EOS 5D Mark III) raw I get a dimension of the image which differs from every other image editing tool. In Photo the size is 5796 x 3870, everywhere else 5760 x 3840. Just curious: Where are the extra pixels coming from?
  4. As Mick already reported for the Beta (credits for discovery go to him), same problem for the latest stable version.
  5. I can confirm also in APhoto (1.7.1). I can't believe this was not tested since this was part one of the advertised features in the Publisher Presentation.
  6. Same for e.g. motion blur
  7. Sorry for the title, my bad English. Maybe not a bug, but an annoyance. Step 1: Having two Publisher documents open (in tabs). In Tab 1 there is a placed e.g. an EPS. Step 2: Edit the EPS on Tab 1. Another tab is opened right to Tab 2. Make your changes and close the (edit) tab. Result: Instead of returning to Tab 1 where the EPS is placed, Tab 2 is shown.
  8. I am learning as well so has Serif to learn, that we / I (sometimes, most of the time) want to simply PLACE the file WITHOUT the necessity to edit the files inside Publisher. I hope that there is someday an option for passthrough.
  9. Maybe I had to tell you before. .afphoto / .afdesign increases the file size even more. I think this has something to do with interoperability of these file formats. This could be really a showstopper to some users, because we are not really free to select a file format to keep the Publisher files at an adequate size.
  10. Preliminary: Two identical images, one saved as TIF, one saved as PSD. Step 1: Place the TIF and in Resource Manager replace the TIF with the PSD. Result: The PSD is placed centered at the top left corner of where the TIF was placed. Step 2: Now replace the PSD in Resource Manager with the TIF. Result: The TIF is placed centered at the bottom right corner of where the PSD was placed.
  11. I know what you wanted to point out. So I made a few more tests. Some file formats Publisher cannot handle well. For instance AI - Publisher needs the PDF stream inside. As for PDF Publisher cannot passthrough and tries to make the AI best possible editable. Placing AI in a document makes no difference in the end whether linked or embedded. Same is for PSD files. Try to replace your PSD with TIF and you will see the difference in file size. A bit more work has to be done with AI files. Getting away from AI resulting smaller file sizes, do it this way: Place the AI, edit (button in task bar), copy the elements, go back to the page, delete AI and paste the elements. The Affinity products are new, so we do have to look for new workflows. But I am confident it is worth the effort.
  12. I made myself a test and a TIF of 15 MB results in 1,99 MB (linked) and 18,7 MB (embedded). What are the file formats for the images you used? I guess you use file formats Publisher tries to interpret / digest / recalculate in some way.
  13. Joachim_L

    print setup booklet mode

    Got ruined through your investment? Sorry, could not resist. Your pages in pic 3 are top fold, but your document settings in Publisher are Facing Pages Arrangement Horizontal. Perhaps you should change to Facing Pages Arrangement Vertical? And maybe the Model in the Printing Dialogue should be book not booklet? Not quite sure from pic 3, how the final print product should look like. Maybe others have a better solution? Good luck.
  14. Joachim_L

    Possible bug in Publisher with ligatures

    Try to work with artboards in Designer. If you place the Designer file you can select the artboard you want to have.
  15. No complaint here. The idea behind this is wonderful, but IMO not thought to the end. But maybe this will be done in of the next versions of Publisher. Example: I select Pixabay from the Pulldown, search for dog and want to pick up a cute image that is obviously a clipart (or should be). Result: When you drag the image to the page, it is a bitmap with the largest size available. On Pixabay website you have the choice if you want to have a different size or file format. But maybe Serif has no choice how the pick the images from those libraries? Will it possible for us in the future to add other stock libraries or even write a script for retrieving a kind of personal stock library of images lying on our local / external harddrives?