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  1. @4dimage Apart from the fact, that spacing is wrong, your text is perfectly correct, but a bit encrypted. Just get two letters backwards to get the correct text. D <=> F i <=> k e <=> g s <=> u I never saw something like this before.
  2. Fonts on Windows were always a pain in the end of the back. De-install your Roboto-Light and get the newest version directly from Google Fonts. The only difference I saw is, that your Roboto-Light is version 2.001151; 2014. The one I installed right away from Google Fonts is version 2.137; 2017 EDIT: The first Roboto you attached was in fact an older version.
  3. Joachim_L

    AI file doesn't import correctly

    With Designer it is possible to open AI files, BUT lines will not be preserved. A simple circle with 1pt outline gets two circles in Designer. The information for the outline will be lost. Whatever export format I use from Illustrator CS 6, there are always two circles when I open the file in Designer. Any clues how to prevent this behaviour? Edit: Seems to be a problem of complexity? I made a new file in Illustrator with the circle and 1pt outline and Designer openend it (half)correctly. The outline was there, but outline and area were separated in two elements. TIA