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  1. File size about 53 MB, saving under different name makes no difference.
  2. Sorry, I am running out of options here. Maybe you try the way I told you. Or perhaps someone else has a better advice?
  3. Try this one: https://send.firefox.com/download/75396bfc5c9d46ba/#XnvVhZSgEogLc0znt4e3eA
  4. Have a look at the attached file. I am not sure if this expecting behaviour when applying a facing master page to a single page.
  5. You exported with bleed? Right? So you get the white space to the left on page 1 because the background does not cover the bleed on the left. From my point of view everything correct in Publisher. Correction: You are using facing Master Pages for a single page. I would also make a Master Page for single pages.
  6. Can't open the .apub -> Warning appears: The file appears to be truncated (shorter than expected). Problems during upload or what does this mean?
  7. Haven't changed the hardware. Windows 8.1, 8 GB RAM, 250 GB SSD?, i5-4590 @ 3.30 GHz. With this special complex document it happens when saving. File is saved and right after that Publisher gets unresponsive. Publisher uses 4030 MB memory even when idle, InDesign CS6 only 103 MB. During save CPU jumps to 30% and shortly after to < 1%. There is a small peak in CPU usage after about 30 seconds or so, after that Publisher is again responsive. Maybe not saving so often or going for a coffee after saving.
  8. A few betas ago I noticed, that Publisher gets a bit more unresponsive (unusable) working on the same document, like text/graphics blurred, UI sometimes completely missing, menu items not selectable etc. pp. But there are two workarounds at least for me -> Keep Publisher busy with any kind of operation. Creating a new document with keyboard shortcuts + hitting Enter key is one workaround, the sequence hitting ESC -> H -> moving the page is the other one. Just wanted to let you know if you are facing the same problem, always force closing and restarting Publisher is not an option. Maybe something changed inside the programmes code so that is now even more difficult to handle the 106 pages with approx. 100 - 200 layers each page. But I am confident, that Serif will give Publisher a performance boost with the final release.
  9. Not what I expected. I mean, both ends appear to move outside the box, but only the upper one remains visible, so ... ? Not a big thing though. Not every experiment I do in the Beta period makes sense or is done in daily routine, but at least is interesting how the software behaves on certain scenarios.
  10. ? I don't understand? Text came from an opened PDF and Styles I created myself. So nothing is ... up. Just a simple workflow. And the solution / problem I found 4 posts back. If the origin DPI and DPI of Publisher are not the same, things get ... up. Same is for copying elements in InDesign CS6 and pasting it into Publisher. If Publisher has 300dpi as document setup, you should scale the content of InDesign by 417% or setting up Publisher with 72dpi.
  11. I think I found the problem, if it is a problem (at least for me). The file size won't change from embedded to linked when Publisher / Serif thinks the file type must be / is editable. So linking SVG, PDF, EPS, AI, PSD, PSB, PS, FH11 and FH10 makes the document size eventually smaller. In my test case of PSD (251 MB) the document file size was in the end 19,5 MB. So this leads me again for my wish: Please, give us a container option for placing files. Perhaps I am not interested in having an EPS editable (contradiction to Encapsulated PostScript?), perhaps I just want to place these file types like a TIFF or JPEG. I am no programmer at all, but I could imagine that Publisher is not forced to do some resource consuming calculations if the file is just passed through as a container and as a side effect the document files get smaller.
  12. Of course it would be nice, if there is a barcode generator in Publisher, but really necessary? There are so many online resources for free or small money or big money who could do better for all kind of barcodes and Serif has not to focus writing code on a new field / topic / function. E.g. https://barcode.tec-it.com/en https://zxing.appspot.com/generator/ https://www.qrcode-monkey.com/ just to name a few.