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  1. This is creepy. Made a new document and had no problems selecting the text. Unfortunately I dumped the file where I had problems with.
  2. Selecting the beginning of a paragraph in in 3(2) columns text frame can be quite difficult. From last character to first character = no problem. But selecting first character to last character = problem, because the pointer changes from text-cursor to changing-column-width-cursor. And again ... the behaviour of Publisher is not consistent over different zoom levels. At 150% zoom no chance to select from the start. At 200% zoom you can select from the second character onwards. At 250% zoom you can finally select from the first character onwards. I am not the type always zooming around to get the right tools. In this specific case for me the text frame panel would be enough for changing the width of the columns. Hmm, brilliant software so far, but there are some points not to switch from Indesign. But this is Beta, so Publisher is evolving sooner or later.
  3. Thanks. I know the red dots, but I mean the behaviour of the link icon at different zoom levels.
  4. Pretty self-explanatory the title? If a text frame with overflowing text has a height of 7 mm the triangle for overflow will be visible at a zoom of about 211%. At a zoom of 100% the triangle vanishes at a height of 14,6 mm. I do not want to compare too much with Indesign, but there the overflow icon is visible even at 5% zoom. It would save some (small) time if Publisher would behave like Indesign in this case.
  5. Joachim_L

    Align top misaligned

    Erm, no. I deleted the document. So I tried to reproduce the fault. What should I say? Everything ok now. ??? False alarm? Sorry.
  6. I know this is nitpicking having the zoom at 2054% and lamenting about two images not being aligned top. The transform tool says they are on the same height. It is just irritating.
  7. Perhaps I am too old, stupid or whatever, but I don't get the concept behind the placing image workflow. a) Place image: Here I can place the image and scale it proportionally and crop it manually. Downside: If I crop it, I have to watch the size to get the dimensions I want. b) Picture frame and place image inside: Let's say the picture frame is 100x70 mm. Now I can scale it proportionally manually or with the transform tool. So far so good. Let's say I want to scale the image inside the frame and move it a little bit. All fine. Let's say 100x70 mm was the wrong decision and I want the picture frame including the image to be proportionally scaled to 120x84 mm. But now I can't scale anymore manually or with the transform tool? I can only change the dimensions of the frame and the size of image is untouched? Maybe I used Indesign for too long, where the handling of images was pretty easy (for me)? Or I don't see the benefits of Publisher in handling images?
  8. I am with icreate. This indent shortcut is faster than anything else and I use it quite often in tables. No extra click needed.
  9. Time to buy some more harddisks? I made an A3-document with two pages containing 11 linked jpg images in total. File size 11 images = 82778 KB File size publisher document = 98285 KB Another experiment: Changed the resolution of 1 image from 72 to 300 dpi. Updated the image in publisher and saved. File size publisher document = 110483 KB Another experiment: Saved the document anew. File size publisher document = 101890 KB This is quite big. Maybe a wrong setting or a bug? Whenever I want to place an image with orientation portrait it will be placed with orientation landscape.
  10. He is on Windows 7. Means this option is definitely not there, even in the latest beta. Maybe the hint for Apple-only is missing in the help document?
  11. I guess this is not a bug, but a limitation from the Windows clipboard. But maybe it can be handled in APub internally? Original elements come from Indesign CS6, page size A4. Target is APub page size A4 with 300dpi. So when I copy the elements from Indesign - which is imo the better option comparing to importing a PDF - the elements in APub will have a size of about 25%, which is the ratio between 72 and 300dpi. If I set up APub with 72dpi all elements are placed just fine, changing later to 300dpi makes no difference at all. Maybe copied elements from the clipboard can have the "correct" size? Just asking because I am lazy and don't want to do the extra step.
  12. Until we get a proper Indesign import it would be nice, if we could combine textboxes to one. Copying from Indesign and pasting works, but every line of text is a separate text frame, so combining these frames would be handy. As of now text is transformed to curves if you combine text frames.
  13. Nowhere found the setting to adjust the colour for the bleed line, which is bearly visible or not visible depending on the colour of the workspace. At first I thought the line is not there at all, but finally found it - see attached image. Why not make it red, green or blue? Is there any reason, why the bleed cannot be enabled, when you create a new document? Opening the document setup after creating a new document is an extra step.