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  1. Ich habe jetzt mal ein paar Sachen ausprobiert. Wenn man die Seiten einzeln exportiert, dann stimmt die Größe. Wenn man beide Seiten in einem Rutsch exportiert, dann stimmt nur die erste Seite. Also ein Bug. @Mihafri Damit die Entwickler das garantiert mitbekommen, solltest du das im Bug-Forum für Publisher berichten.
  2. Habe es gerade einmal bei mir gestestet und es gibt keine Probleme. Kannst du das Dokument bitte hier einmal posten?
  3. Beim Export bitte einmal auf den Mehr-Button klicken und prüfen ob der Haken bei Inklusive Anschnittbereiche gesetzt ist.
  4. Joachim_L

    Add pages from a .afphoto file

    Thanks for the detailed explanation. This clears the questionmarks on my forehead.
  5. Of course it is possible to make such a table without adding blank columns. See image. Keywords = Text styles with decorations
  6. Joachim_L

    PDF exporting issue

    Additionally if you select all elements and then Geometry Add, the app instantly crashes. At least on Windows.
  7. Adding pages from other APu files will be a feature of the 1.8x version, currently only available as beta. If you dare, you can use the beta for your task. But be aware that you can't open a 1.8 file in 1.7 and that it is BETA. From my observation the beta seems to be pretty stable.
  8. First surprised that it is possible, second why not? But there is something strange going on here or is it by design? 1) Make a screenshot (96 dpi), crop it to your likings, do not raster & trim, do not change the dpi and save as .afphoto. 2) Create a 300 dpi Publisher document and add the .afphoto file as a page. Sidenote: The preview of the file shows only the cropped area. So what would you expect happens next? Result: A page with the uncropped image will be added in a smaller spread size. OK, nearly fine with that. The APu file has 300 dpi, the AP file only 96 dpi, so the spread gets smaller. One can argue, you haven't rasterised and trimmed the image so the whole undestructed image gets added. But why do the preview of the file does not keep its promise? No complaint, just an observation. Now for the strange part. 1) Create a 96 dpi Publisher document. 2) Add a page from a 300 dpi A4 .afpub file. So what would you expect happens next? Result: An A4 page is added, with spread size called custom and 210 x 297 mm (not A4 selected in the pulldown). So if we add a 96 dpi document in a 300 dpi document the added page is smaller (approx. 33 %), why is a 300 dpi added page in a 96 dpi document not approx. 333 % bigger?
  9. Joachim_L

    Missing translation in

    German Add pages, the pulldown is not translated.
  10. German 1) More or less the complete Preflight panel is not translated into German 2) No description of Preflight in the German Publisher Help 3) Sidenote: Startscreen of Publisher Help says version 1.7 and 2019, applies also for the English version 4) Einstellungen -> Allgemein: Load metadata from XMP sidecars is not translated
  11. MS Shell Dlg 2 is used in your document, it is the Registered character. The jumping word KILL BAR seems to be caused by an inserted tab. Why it is interpreted differently ... The used e in your document is the "normal" small letter e, whereas in the 1.6 document the e is the Alternate 1 version. Did you use this alternate e on purpose? Strange thing: In the typography popup you always get the preview of the alternate e even if you switch to Default. This is all I found out, the rest is up to those who live in the code.
  12. 1) In your Export Setting is Subset Fonts checked (you see it, when you hit the More button)? If yes, uncheck the box and export again. 2) If 1) wasn't helpful, please post your APu document and the exported PDF for others to examine.
  13. Joachim_L

    Huge File Size

    I made a short test with and regarding file sizes. 54,7 MB PSD -> 8,14 MB APu 1.7x -> 2,96 MB APu 1.8x 11,7 MB TIF -> 1,89 MB APu 1.7x -> 1,89 MB APu 1.8x 6,58 MB .aphoto -> 8,14 MB APu 1.7x -> 2,96 MB APu 1.8x
  14. Joachim_L

    Facing Pages Design

    Perhaps it works if you install a trial version of Acrobat Pro?

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