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  1. It works when all three artistic text frames and the curve have a text wrap setting on their own. Why it fails in a group has Serif to tell.
  2. ? Do you have screenshot or a sample file (afpub) to show the problem. Too slow again.
  3. Your artboard has an opacity of 43%.
  4. The good news: The file exported for me just fine. The bad news: I do not have the fonts installed used in the document. This would mean to me: One of the fonts is to blame for crashing APu. You can debug yourself by replacing Amerta Misty, Angelica, MS Shell Dig 2 and Oswald one after the other. After every font replacement try to export again. Whether the font is completely replaced you will see at menu "Document" >> "Font Manager". https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PDF/X Of course you can export as PDF/X and it should open in PDF readers without a problem. But it would be better to know where the problem is to avoid it.
  5. Hi, what version of APu are you using? On which OS? Are crash reports generated? Is the crash happening with every PDF preset? Could you upload the afpub file here (if not ask a moderator for a private upload link)?
  6. Oh, sorry that I forgot to ask what application you are using. Afaik what you want is not possible in AP.
  7. Having the text / text frame selected you have to use Ctrl + scroll mouse wheel while being with the cursor over a font size pulldown.
  8. If the images are inside a picture frame you can select the picture frames and hit the Replace button. If the images are not in a picture frame you can only replace them one by one or (if the the images are linked) rename the old image and give the new image the filename the old one had before.
  9. Indeed, document created in does not show column guides anymore in Even a reset in does not help.
  10. Why? Xnview is for free if not used in a company. AP is not PS, so why is everyone expecting that AP is PS?
  11. Not available afaik. But you can use https://www.xnview.com/en/xnviewmp/#downloads
  12. @MikeA I would find using the Properties is faster. Selection None AND clicking on the anchor which is bigger. If there is no anchor bigger the image stays in place.
  13. You can have this effect also by clicking on Properties of the picture frame, setting to None from the top left corner and also without having Lock Children checked. But nice find anyway.
  14. The picture frame from the assets is not losing its properties, even when you resize the frames afterwards. But yes, at least some shortcuts would be nice.
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