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  1. He is on Windows 7. Means this option is definitely not there, even in the latest beta. Maybe the hint for Apple-only is missing in the help document?
  2. I guess this is not a bug, but a limitation from the Windows clipboard. But maybe it can be handled in APub internally? Original elements come from Indesign CS6, page size A4. Target is APub page size A4 with 300dpi. So when I copy the elements from Indesign - which is imo the better option comparing to importing a PDF - the elements in APub will have a size of about 25%, which is the ratio between 72 and 300dpi. If I set up APub with 72dpi all elements are placed just fine, changing later to 300dpi makes no difference at all. Maybe copied elements from the clipboard can have the "correct" size? Just asking because I am lazy and don't want to do the extra step.
  3. Until we get a proper Indesign import it would be nice, if we could combine textboxes to one. Copying from Indesign and pasting works, but every line of text is a separate text frame, so combining these frames would be handy. As of now text is transformed to curves if you combine text frames.
  4. Nowhere found the setting to adjust the colour for the bleed line, which is bearly visible or not visible depending on the colour of the workspace. At first I thought the line is not there at all, but finally found it - see attached image. Why not make it red, green or blue? Is there any reason, why the bleed cannot be enabled, when you create a new document? Opening the document setup after creating a new document is an extra step.
  5. Indeed the last beta fixed this. I think I have to experiment more with this huge amount of features. Being long time used to Indesign it is an other approach to my workflow. Just wondering if this is supposed to be, wenn you change the figure from proportional to tabular figures. See attached screenshot. The font I used was MiloOT Regular. Thanks for your assistance.
  6. Perhaps this is already fixed. Use a font with alternative figure styles, type some text like 12some text34 into a box, align everything to the right and suddenly the 4 is outside of the text box. This does not happen, when text is left aligned. Better described in the attached picture.
  7. @4dimage Apart from the fact, that spacing is wrong, your text is perfectly correct, but a bit encrypted. Just get two letters backwards to get the correct text. D <=> F i <=> k e <=> g s <=> u I never saw something like this before.
  8. Fonts on Windows were always a pain in the end of the back. De-install your Roboto-Light and get the newest version directly from Google Fonts. The only difference I saw is, that your Roboto-Light is version 2.001151; 2014. The one I installed right away from Google Fonts is version 2.137; 2017 EDIT: The first Roboto you attached was in fact an older version.
  9. Joachim_L

    AI file doesn't import correctly

    With Designer it is possible to open AI files, BUT lines will not be preserved. A simple circle with 1pt outline gets two circles in Designer. The information for the outline will be lost. Whatever export format I use from Illustrator CS 6, there are always two circles when I open the file in Designer. Any clues how to prevent this behaviour? Edit: Seems to be a problem of complexity? I made a new file in Illustrator with the circle and 1pt outline and Designer openend it (half)correctly. The outline was there, but outline and area were separated in two elements. TIA