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  1. Seems to be a bug. Rasterise the layer containing the plus and export then as PDF.
  2. Joachim_L

    Document resizing query

    Made my own tests and I would call it a bug. I guess, you opened not imported the PDF? When you open a PDF there is a dialogue where you can type in the documents DPI. Was it 600 in your case? When I do the spread setup afterwards and change the custom format to A4 (in my case), the document size was reduced to A5, but the content kept its size. I think the presets in the spread setup were all defined with 300dpi.
  3. Joachim_L

    Document resizing query

    Maybe you can post the Publisher file here, so that others can have a look?
  4. There are so many things to learn ... Is there a faster way to dissolve a compound than dragging the layers out of the compound and delete the compound layer afterwards? The help section can't even find the term Compound.
  5. There is a small button in the bottom left corner of the Hyperlinks panel, called Go To Source.
  6. No, have a look at the icon(s) selected.
  7. I guess there are Line Breaks (Shift+Return) where the formatting "fails". Change the Line Breaks (Shift+Return) into Paragraph Breaks (Return).
  8. Normally you just double-click the text inside the group to get the text frame / artistic text selected. Only problem here could be overlapping text frames. Anyway, the Layer Panel for selecting the text is just a click away. A direct highlight of the text is not possible afaik. It is hard to guess whether you want to move the text or edit it.
  9. Joachim_L

    Crop tool

    Thanks for the detailed explanation, I had to re-read this a few times to get that you mean Libelle (German). Reading spirit I was thinking of a ghost. Never getting too old to learn.
  10. Hard to describe. I made a pie and "pushed" it to an arc. Hope the screenshot is sufficient. You see on the upper arc tiny bumps, whereas on the circle arc below there are no bumps. The circle seems to be a bit smoother.
  11. Joachim_L

    Crop tool

    I am lost in translation. What is the spirit level?
  12. If you want the text in a Text Frame, export the files as PDF and open them in Publisher.
  13. Without seeing your file I assume you made your text frames with the Artistic Text Tool? Once you selected this text tool, you can't convert it into a Frame Text. If the text is really made with text frames inside ADesigner you can change the frame size with all the handles you see, except the outer bottom right handle (this is for scaling). But maybe I am wrong and you found a bug? Best would be, if you attach a sample file here.
  14. Personally I would prefer a Separations panel like in Indesign to easily spot the spot ... colour (lame pun).
  15. This is weird. I have Lens Correction enabled by default, but when I first opened the above file the Lens Correction was disabled and the "frame" was shown. ???

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