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  1. Tutorials schauen, Hilfe-Dateien lesen, im Forum nett fragen, selber etwas herausfinden ist anscheinend zu viel verlangt. Traurig.
  2. Willkommen in den Foren. Hier gibt es eine Anleitung in Englisch:
  3. Ich möchte nicht wissen, wie oft mir das im Anfang passiert ist. Warum "Alle Layoutseiten" vorausgewählt ist, weiß nur Serif allein, rein statistisch gesehen ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit Einzelseiten exportieren zu wollen viel höher. Leider kann man ausgerechnet das NICHT in den Export-Presets festlegen.
  4. Das Dokument mit gegenüberliegenden Seiten zu definieren war schon richtig. Beim Export kannst du doch im Bereich auswählen: Alle Layoutseiten = Es werden zusammenhängende Seiten exportiert oder Alle Seiten = Dann werden Einzelseiten mit Anschnitt (wenn angelegt) exportiert.
  5. Yes, this would be nice (and needed), because sometimes my manuals are over 100 pages. In the meantime and if you do not add pages at the start when you progress through the document you could use the Navigators Panel ability to add user defined viewpoints to jump to pages / sections. P.S.: Just came to my mind, try using TOCs and hyperlinks / anchors.
  6. Just move your cursor over the spread in the Pages panel and a small tooltip will appear. Maybe Serif changes this in a future version to make it more obvious and without "wasting" a mouse movement for this.
  7. a) According to the Baseline Grid Manager for your document you set up a Grid Spacing of 17pt + b) Your body text is told to align to the baseline grid + c) Your body text has only a leading of 13pt = a) Make the grid spacing smaller in the Baseline Grid Manager or b) define a different baseline grid for every text frame or c) do not align your text to the baseline grid.
  8. It is not leading override. Is the text aligned to a baseline grid?
  9. Unfortunately there is no option for passing through a PDF at the moment, but as you have Indesign you might as well have Acrobat installed? Then save the third-party PDF as EPS and place the file linked in APublisher. This is a just a workaround, so no warranties.
  10. Is there a "Leading Override" in the Character panel assigned to your text?
  11. Meinst du so etwa wie im Screenshot? You mean like in the screenshot?
  12. A bit clueless on my side. I can't see any colour variation opening the PDF in all three applications.
  13. Then switch to the Pixel Persona. But I am unsure what decay should be.
  14. Welcome to the forums. Are you using APhoto? There is no "reduced" version. If you buy or try the Affinity applications you'll always get the full version. Perhaps you only have to add the "missing" tools? See the attached screenshot for APhoto.
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