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  1. Sounds like an empty document, so the file size is correct. Could you upload your Affinity Photo file here? Everything else would be guessing.
  2. Willkommen auf den Affinity-Foren @GerhardKogler! Ich habe versucht dein Rezept nachzustellen, aber vielleicht habe ich einen Fehler gemacht, denn bei mir ist alles wie es sein soll. Könntest du vielleicht ein Screenrecording von deinen Schritten machen?
  3. Anyway this PDF seems to be a bit malformed. There are so many PDF libs out there, some good, some bad. This one seems to be generated by a bad one. Simply re-saving in Foxit Reader fixes the problem. Test Scan - 2021-12-21-foxit.pdf
  4. It is a Photoshop path consisting of a single stroke which appears as a vector crop with 0px width in Affinity Photo, so therefore the image in the background is invisible. Why this is so only Serif can tell.
  5. Perhaps it is because you are using a Type 1 font for Arial Bold! Replace that with a TrueType equivalent and you should be fine.
  6. Not missing anything I guess. The Passthrough option is meant for placing not opening. Unfortunately you can place only one page at a time.
  7. What you are looking for is a PDF passthrough option which is already implemented.
  8. You can try to install the attached files packed in a ZIP. How to install look at hyph_en_CA.dic seems to be a bit older. Maybe you can find a better version? en_CA.zip
  9. Not where I come from. You can drag the ruler to the origin you want manually or use View > Guides Manager. Unfortunately there is no option to makes this a fixed setting, but you can export your document as a template for later re-use and 0,0 bottom left.
  10. Welcome to the Affinity forums @louiserostgaard! I don't think you are doing something wrong, it could be Affinity Publisher. Best would be to upload a crash report for the developers and the IDML that causes the crash.
  11. I saved it from ID CS6 as IDML. File attached. Kochbuch_Hochformat_210x297_cs4-cs6-neu.idml
  12. Welcome to the Affinity forums @heckys_eyes! Disable hardware acceleration in Preferences > Performance and try again.
  13. I am maybe wrong as this is not my day today, but how should that be printed with 10 pages that way?
  14. Have a look at the Paragraph panel. I guess the gap is caused by the infamous 12 pt Space after Paragraph default. I still don't get it, why Serif thought that this could be a good default, I would have preferred no value.
  15. Welcome to the Affinity forums @Andreas 2! Not sure, what you are trying to do. Zooming just means to change the view, but not the image itself. You have to scale the image and save then. Or do you want to save a certain zoom position for later re-use? This you can do in the Navigator panel under Advanced.
  16. Just a small thing. I opened an image taken with a SM-G988B. The image is shown as portrait in AP, but when I start the G'MIC plugin, the image is shown in landscape.
  17. Your file does not look like an IDML, but an INDD file. An IDML file is a zipped file which contains several files. Try the attached IDML. Kochbuch_Querformat_297x210_cs4-cs6_b.idml
  18. Welcome to the Affinity forums @Paddy27! You can manually type in your DPI value.
  19. I read somewhere a study that cats are trying to mimic human behaviour, so your cats just want to support you or your design was horrible. There could be more in a cats mind than we imagine, e.g. described in Felidae.
  20. No problem, I would still like to see a screenshot of the bright line. Perhaps you should try to turn off hardware acceleration in Preferences > Performance if not already done.
  21. Du musst die Umbenennung auch unter Schmuckfarbe umbenennen vornehmen.
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