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  1. I am puzzled as anyone else (maybe). I created a document on the PC desktop, placed (linked) a SVG and saved the document. Nothing unusual so far. After that I created a directory on our server drives, closed the document and moved (or copied) .afpub and .svg there. Then I opened the .afpub on the server drive and now the SVG had the PDF Passthrough option in the context toolbar. I can recreate this at any time with different SVG, no matter saving it on desktop first, then moving it to the server drive or first saving to the server drive and then moving it to the desktop.
  2. From my side there are no problems. I made some printouts with various settings both from APu and a PDF reader. Out of curiousity: What is the name of the proof system? I had some problems with ancient PCL versions a while ago.
  3. Welcome to the Affinity forums @Anna Línková! Hard to tell where the problem is, without examining the APublisher document. Could you upload the document here or if confident ask a moderator for a private upload link. Edit: I opened your PDF and breaking the top group solved the problem. So perhaps there is an effect applied to some layers?
  4. Could you upload a stripped down version of the APu document here? Edit: Did you send a PDF to the printer bureau or was it the APu document? If PDF, can you upload the PDF too?
  5. Nothing I would say. I can confirm this too. As "Distance From Text" is memorized, the "Wrap Style" and "Wrap To" should be memorized too, I would call it a bug. You should post your finding in the bug section or this thread should be moved. As a workaround you can save your text wrap setting as a Style or an Asset.
  6. Welcome to the Affinity forums @Zainab! The Sunlight overlays are assets not brushes, so you'll find the Sunlight overlays in the Assets panel.
  7. Comparing 20 years of Indesign to 2 years of APu, we came quite far already. I wonder where we get in 18 years. 🤔
  8. AFAIK there was no difference in functionality between 1.8 and 1.9 Meines Wissens ist in diesem Bereich nichts verändert worden. Es liegt einfach an der Schrift, ob das angeboten wird.
  9. With which font are you trying to achieve this? It depends on the font, whether super-/subscript is available or not if you want to use it from Typography. Using the Super/Subscript pulldown in the Character panel should? work with any font.
  10. Leave the double pages as is, export as PDF and select from the Area pulldown "Pages" in the export dialogue.
  11. Perhaps Serif should reduce the number of icons to be get a more consisten UI? E.g. the lock symbols in the export setting and the Colour Panel. Basically they are doing the same: Locking / Protecting something. But in the export settings the icon changes to an open lock, whereas in the Colour panel the lock gets a slightly different background colour. Nothing to identify the current status easily here.
  12. Welcome to the Affinity forums @ANDERSON FARRY! If I interpret your screenshot right, then your image is still lying beside the rectangle and because of the clipping you cannot see the image anymore. Moving the image layer into the rectangle layer does not mean, that you changed the position. Select the image in the Layers panel, so that you can see the handles and then move the image to the left edge of the rectangle (or something like that).
  13. Welcome to the Affinity forums @Dave Hayes! It seems to be that the enabled hardware accelearation caused this error. You can turn this function off in Preferences >> Performance and then try again. And while we are at it: To attract more views, give your topic title a more meaningful wording.
  14. Welcome to the Affinity forums @alienowo! Here you will find video (there is also information in the APublisher help files): https://affinity.serif.com/de/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/494072789/ For this you can make use of the Master Pages in combination with Data Merge. Here a video about Master Pages: https://affinity.serif.com/de/tutorials/publisher/desktop/video/337264378/
  15. What you see there, are "comments" and these cannot be imported.
  16. Indeed, I can confirm this. Depending on the magnification the marking vanishes when you zoom in and reappears when zooming out. Happens with HWA on or off.
  17. Never noticed this before, because I am mainly using the English UI. "Fülltext" is a 1:1 translation of "Filler Text". The correct word in German has to be "Blindtext".
  18. No problem here. Is it not expanded filler text on the pasteboard perhaps? If yes, then you have to expand the text first to select portions. Kein Problem bei mir. Ist das vielleicht nicht erweiterter Fülltext links in deinem Beispiel? In dem Fall muss man den Text vorher erweitern, wenn man Bereiche daraus markieren will.
  19. Sweet. Read through the help files, watch the videos. I cannot begin to tell you how much I hate reading text like yours. Seems to be, that you converted text to curves, so what do you expect?
  20. Could you upload the crash report for the developers? You'll find the reports here: %AppData%\Affinity\Publisher\1.0\CrashReports\reports
  21. Welcome to the Affinity forums @Darrell Whittaker, maybe the appearance panel is grouped with another panel?
  22. You can set up your CMYK palettes as you like. Create a CMYK document, thren create a new palette name it and add CMYk colours to it. If you want to re-use this palette, make it a default palette for CMYK. If you look a the small hamburger menu of the Swatches palette there are some options hidden behind.
  23. Scaling bug is fixed (as it seems), but the position is wrong on a) replaced PDF (same dimensions) and b) modified PDF (same dimensions).
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