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  1. My god I can't even remember the trig. formulas. Thanks guys for correcting my misstake. Embarrasing …... Thanks again. /Mattias
  2. Please see attached file.The rotation snap (drag while holding shift) is erroneous. I created a right-angled triangle (red in the attached file) with the catheter lenghts 1 and 2 respectively. This gives offcourse 30 degree [sin (1/2)] angle in the top of the triangle. But, if I rotate some thing (blue rectangle in the attached file) while holding down shift key (i.e. two 15 degree snaps) the angle is about 33.5 degrees and not 30 degrees. This is a major bug that needs to be resolved quickly. I have the latest designer version, running windows 10. This bug is propably also present in the photo (and upcoming Publisher) versions? /Mattias Affinity-bug.afdesign
  3. Bisonium

    Object gets unselectable

    Thanks alot MEB! I did not know about the layers panel. :) /Bisonium
  4. Bisonium

    Object gets unselectable

    Affinity Designer (Beta) for Windows (10): After creating 3 rectangles and then using Group-command the new object group is no more selectable. Other objects in the drawing can be selected with no problem. See attachment. Any idea? /Mattias Bug.afdesign