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  1. Hi Kalvos! I'm no sure, but it seems to be a Windows-related problem. Take a look at this.
  2. I wouldn't mind if Designer would have these capabilities. But it is not important for me and the most users of vector graphics software, I think. There are other things that would have priority for me, like e.g. guides for realistic perspective drawing or distortion tools. If I want to create diagrams, I can easily do it with my office suite. But my demands concerning diagrams may not be as high as yours.
  3. We can of course have libraries of vector shapes. But I can't say if that will be comparable to Visio, because I don't really know this program. From my point of view, Designer is an app for creatives, while diagrams are more an office-topic. But I may be wrong.
  4. No, of course not. That's what I wanted to make clear. I would always prefer vector assets in Designer. But you can also use bitmaps, e.g. to use them as textures or so. But you should not overload your Assets Panel, because too many Assets can slow down the app.
  5. You can at least save PNGs as assets. JPEGs should work too. But I don't think that it makes sense, because they can't be scaled lossless and will look more pixelated than vectors anyway. And JPEGs don't support transparencies, so you will be limited in using them in combination with other shapes.
  6. Not really angry. But you didn't really answer to our questions and so it was a little bit exhausting to even find out what you mean with "stencils".
  7. If stencils simply are vector based shapes, it should be possible to export them from other apps (as svg) and import them to Designer to add them to the Assets Panel. And it shouldn't be too hard to create own ones in Designer, I think. I'm no expert in this diagram topic, but I think it is a little bit special interest for a vector graphics app. It is possibly more a case for office apps or special diagram editors.
  8. OK, that sounds to me like stencils in Visio are similar to Assets (Assets Studio Panel) in Designer. Stencils in ArtRage are like masks, as I said. So it wasn't clear to me how that should work with vectors. I don't know if there are prefabricated shapes for diagrams somewhere on the net. Google for it and take a look at the Ressources-section here in the forums. Or create your own stencils and store them in the Assets panel. But be aware of that too many stuff in the Assets Panel can slow down the app.
  9. I already did that. As far as I saw, Visio is more a Diagram Editor than a Vector Graphics Editor. You can of course create diagrams with a vector graphics editor, but it is a special topic. And it is still not clear to me what the stencils are for and how they work.
  10. The settings you do in the brush editor ("More") will be permanent. Means they will always appear if you choose a certain brush again. The settings you do in the context bar of the brush or another brush related tool (e.g. Blur, Dodge, Burn...) will only be temporarily and will be lost if you change the tool in the meantime. As DWright said, if you want to keep certain settings, simply duplicate the brush with these actual settings.
  11. What do this "Stencils" in MS Visio do? I know stencils from ArtRage, a pixel based painting app. In ArtRage, stencils are like prefabricated masks, you can drag from a panel to your document. But its not clear to me what stencil are for in a vector program.
  12. I don't think that any of the Affinity apps can do this. Usually such things are done using Html, CSS (for the Design) and Javascript (for more sophisticated interactivity). Or with Web Editors like Dream Weaver, as far as I know.
  13. Habe ich auch gerade gesehen. Das ist der Nachteil bei den vielen Funktionen. Man übersieht leicht was. Aber drauf verzichten wollen wir natürlich auch nicht. 😉
  14. Ich habe nur die Desktop-Versionen für Windows. Den "Transparenz schützen"-Button hatte ich gesehen, war mir aber nicht sicher ob der so aussieht wenn er inaktiv ist. Jedenfalls bewirkt er bei mir genau dieses Verhalten. Habe gerade keine Idee woran es noch liegen könnte.
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