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  1. are you able to send me a screen recording of your process just so i ensure i fully understand.
  2. well i selected layer 1 like you suggested P Boys Hangtag Front (1).afdesign
  3. yes, still nothing. I am using a different file which may be the issue
  4. when i follow these instructions the geometry option to add does not show up
  5. Thank you so so so much for figuring this out for me. this literally has gone on for a solid week. I am forever grateful for your help and would love to pay you for your time and effort through paypal or any secure online payment system. could you please give me a step by step guide of what exactly you did so i fully understand please. I have the same artwork done but its completed with two boys that I need to attain the same results with and am having the same issues. P Boys Hangtag Front (1).afdesign
  6. yes i dont know how you did that. also, i could just make the rainbow fill layer smaller and then there wont be a rainbow border?
  7. i dont understand the "create rectangle for border" step
  8. hello, im trying to change the background colour from white to tan without losing the vector or compromising the logo or colours in the logo. i have been trying to figure this out for days and its really hurting my brain. im considering even photoshop editing the file but i dont have nor do i have any experience with any other program. can anyone help me out with this please? artwork is in this link : https://we.tl/t-rZWyL0ZY3y
  9. Not sure why it was coming out rasterized but the problem has corrected itself and the invert solution you have suggested worked 100%. Thank you so much
  10. So this worked but the pdf export saves as a rasterized file and not a vector.
  11. oh man this worked!! lmao thanks so much. i didnt realize i had the top layer grouped .
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