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  1. Hi guys! First off, I'm coming from an art background, so you see where my ideas are coming from and what I do with AP. You did an amazing job with the recent updates of the brush engine in Affinity Photo, I really like to play with it and the performance got much better for painting. My 2 cents: could you give the color picker (alt key when you use the brush tools) a little bit more thought? There is always a 1 second delay and it makes working slower than any other painting software I used so far. Also, the "magnifying glass effect" (for a lack of a better word) should be optional. Can't really imagine why I'd want to have that. The scrubby zoom could benefit from an option to not snap on 50% and 100%. Super useful often times but in some cases it may be better to turn it off. I know, Painting is not the main focus of the application, but it could become a real alternative for Illustrators and concept artists if small things like this would be solved. Look at how many painters are out there, just check ArtStation.com for example. Thank you Best wishes Flo
  2. Hi guys, just tried to install it under Windows 10, and the installer didn't even start. It asked me for permission to install, I granted and nothing happened after that. Downloaded the installer again, didn't work. Restarted the system and even that didn't work. Is there everything fine with the installer? I'll try at home later, too. The machine is up to date with an i7, 32gb of Ram and a Geforce 1070 GPU. Can't wait to check Publisher out finally!