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  1. Hey Sonny, Are you using Wifi or direct cable internet? What Firewall/Virus Protection? I just went back to the "old" SSD here with all my current Windows settings still intact. And by reinstalling the Network Drivers completely, with drivers from the manufacturer - it got a bit faster. About 25 seconds instead of 40, so that is not so bad. Hope anything helps you out.
  2. @TPVPROTHANK YOU. This is really the only solution I can agree with right now. Nothing else worked. In my case with Windows 10. Been working on finding a solution for a good while now and at first thought it's my CPU or other parts of hardware. After everything I tried (yes, no HW Acceleration and _many_ other things) I upgraded CPU, SSD and Ram -> nothing new. Still slow start like 30-40 seconds. Installed Windows 10 again, clean and on the new NVMe SSD and boom: it loads in like 3 seconds. (I also tried mirroring my windows to the new SSD to see if it's the "slowness" of the old SSD, but that was not the problem). Still no clue what could cause it. Maybe, hopefully the developers find the cause and a solution. Here's the thread for anyone interested.
  3. New SSD, benchmarked it. Reads and writes with 3000mb/s. New Ryzen 5600X, snappy af and for my sculpting alone it is a HUGE boost. And 16GB more Ram. Affinity however does not start any faster on my Windows installation. BUT: Reformatted the new SSD with my cloned system, installed windows fresh and clean on it. Watch: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gy8xzyid9ypeyxv/IMG_2809.mov?dl=0 3-4 seconds! 😍 Still no clue what it is/was. Will move to the new windows in the coming days. Solution so far: install fresh windows!
  4. @deeds, thanks for the ideas! No Photoshop filters installed but I get it, audio plugins can also be a pain in the butt sometimes. Like mentioned in the post before, haven't used 3ds Max in over 10 years. So I can't remember exactly but we only used V-Ray and that made it probably a bit slower, but not that much. It was just normal for it to load long. It took a _good while_ longer by the end of the last semester where we used ForestPack for a few weeks. It's a big library of trees/grass, heavy geometry, especially instanced hundreds or thousands of times. But other than that, no plugins as far as I remember.
  5. Grandpa voice:"Back in my days, we looked through Windows and we saw many logs inside. At the same time, the prices of firewood went through the roof." Sorry, I wasn't clear enough: not using 3Ds Max anymore, I had to use it in university but threw it as far away as possible the second it made sense. We're talking about 2011. Everything on my system runs stable (working on illustrations, 3d, sculptures and some client stuff for video productions, even in 4K sometimes. I wonder myself how stable this "old" machine usually is, which makes me reluctant to spend 2-4k on a completely new PC). The only exception the startup/UI sluggishness of the Affinity suite, no matter V1 or V2, though V2 is different overall, seems snappier in some aspects, slower in others.
  6. Thanks so much for trying to help me here @ChopperNova, really appreciated. It does however not stall or anything, I have removed almost all of my fonts by now, testing if they are the reason for the hang. The cltest.exe was finished instantly, not even a second. Also opened help.exe and aftest.exe in CLI, nothing happens but they do not take long, help doesn't do anything, aftest runs for about 3-4 seconds and is done after that. In the meantime I deactivated Windows Firewall and all anti virus functions, unplugged my WiFi dongle, turned all network adapters off (deactivated the drivers), cleaned the whole system with CCleaner (which I haven't done in a while). Everything got a bit snappier again, but not the start of AP2. 😝 The general performance of AP2 feels better compared to when I started this thread, the only thing that really bugs me now is the startup time, but I think that part I can live with for now. Been for example using 3dsMax for years and that software took 2-3 minutes every time. Right now that is a first world problem and if I have any other ideas, I will obviously just try them out.
  7. Actually no, I used this machine for about 4-5 years now, I'm just at my wit's end. The only conclusion I have is that there is some kind of hardware/software interference that does get in the way. I start AP or AD, doesn't matter and for a couple of seconds it all goes well - then - it hangs. Here's a video, not directly from screen recorded so nothing additional interferes with AP2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qg6g7wy1gncfoco/IMG_2799.MOV?dl=0 20 seconds of "not responding" seems super weird to me. The only thing that comes to my mind I have not tried is changing my GPU drivers to Nvidias game ready drivers instead of studio drivers. Hardware acceleration is OFF and working in the program feels a bit smoother compared to ON. Also, a benchmark of my system. 1700X, 16GB 3000 Ram, GTX 1060 6GB.
  8. My board only supports PCI-E 3, not 4. So I doubt a newer SSD will bring much of a performance boost. I have found multiple threads in different sources (twitter, gaming forums, here etc) where the 1700X is shitty and the newer AMD 5000 series CPUs just work fine. It takes about 35-40 seconds every time. Nothing in the task manager spikes besides the CPU, but only a bit, nothing comes close to 100%. AD and AP always hang for at least 10-15 seconds until anything responds and on my new work machine with Intel CPU exactly this part is not present. It loads, then loads 2-3 seconds when the initial Logo of the App goes away and bam, I can start working immediately. SSD has been checked with Magician and also CrystalDiskInfo. Samsung Pro -> I have had many SSDs failing on me over the years, but I had nothing but great experiences with Samsung Pros while Crucial, Kingston and Seagate died on me. Never had a fully broken Samsung SSD. So that is my "why". I know it is always a shot in the dark. Ryzen 5600X, 1TB Samsung 980 Pro nvme (my 256 always needs to be freed up) and 16 GB more RAM on the way, (needed the Ram anyway and figured I upgrade). If all goes to the trenches I can still build a decent Intel System with the parts and sell or send the Ryzen back. I'll let you know...
  9. Prices for new AMD Ryzen CPUs are a bit higher in Germany (5600 goes for about 140€, 5600x for 180€), so I keep an eye on the bay right now, maybe a 5600 or 5600X pops up that seems trustworthy for way less compared to new. Benched my SSD today, it writes with up to 770 MBPS and also reads with about 2400MBPS. So that should be good. I'll let you guys know what happens next.
  10. I totally get it. Been using ZBrush for probably 10 or 11 years by now, but since the change to Maxon I try to do as much of my important/client work in Blender and 3D Coat. Very nice. I also know/have seen your posts on Blenderartists for a good while now
  11. Nice work FDK! So funny how much influence one Sculptor (Orb) has over the whole industry, based on a few tool presets from years back.
  12. Like I said in my initial post - even the i7 7700K from 2017 is super snappy compared to my Ryzen 1700X. But as far as I remember only for Affinity apps. I sculpt 3D, paint 3D models and render animations on this machine, I kinda refuse to believe it is the machine. Switching daily for over 4 years between the i7 7700K and 1700X and it is all somewhat "close enough" for me. No huge notable differences. Sure, it is slowly time for an upgrade (and more than 16gb of Ram finally ) so that just might be what will happen. It is not like there's a different speed in the Affinity Suite, it's like there is a serious driver/hardware/software issue between those older AMD CPUs and Serif Products. Maybe there's some problem in the compiler of the software or something like that. I mean, before - probably around 1.6 it was a lot faster on this PC. So it almost certainly has to do with the software itself.
  13. Sonny, it really sounds as if the Affinity Suite is having problems between Windows and AMD. Would be nice to hear from the developers about this.
  14. Yeah, at work I now got a brand new 64GB Ram machine with i7 12700K and an RTX 3070Ti. I'll read reviews and benchmarks of the new Ryzen CPUs and compare to Intels counterparts. The only programs I've run into in the last years that were "specifically CPU problematic" seem to be the Affinity Suite.
  15. Thank you, I'm really thinking about it now. Got an MSI B350 Mate Motherboard, it supports the CPU. I will need a better GPU anyhow and also more Ram, so I'm considering building an entirely new system, maybe around christmas time.
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