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  1. Yep, title says it all. It is the standard in PS, Clip Studio Paint and others and we're working with black and white so often, I wonder why it isn't the standard in Affinity (Photo mostly, but Designer could probably also benefit from this). I am greatful that it is there, but it is a very simple quality of life improvement for people who draw and paint often.
  2. +1 because creating them manually all the time is time consuming and not very efficient. Would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hey @Orork, i just used the feature a couple of days ago and it kinda only works if you save the changes in affinity and close the file before sending a new file to affinity. No clue who's "fault" it is but it works like a charm this way, to me at least. Of course it would be cool if it was always in sync but that is my workaround right now. No more PS needed for me.
  4. In Affinity Photo: being able to sample patterns/colour with the mixer brush. In Concept Art and Illustration this is a highly used feature and for me the only missing thing. The mixer brush works well for painting in a classical sense, like smudging. But if it would allow me to paint all those color differences easier that would be so great! Like here: https://youtu.be/Vcz5Fh6Wcx4?t=451 or here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWEPFWkqM68
  5. Yes. There's three options in "team size" and commercial "level". 1. Single person, 2. a team of up to 4 people 3. a team of 5+ people or No matter how many people you are, if you earn more than 100k a year, automatically tier 3 applies. The only thing I won't grant anyone is selling the textures further, but I think that is a given. Of couse that is all pretty much based on sole honesty
  6. Oh yeah! Thank you so much for this. Gives me hope for a golden future. While some other softwares get worse with every 'update', you improve all the time. As a 3D artist I am more than happy to see you guys being behind this!
  7. I mean freely, not 90°. Sometimes, when drawing, all you want is to rotate your "piece of paper" a little bit, you know.
  8. Thank you for the information! Knowing you guys know about and try to solve these bugs is great.
  9. Hey @Mark Ingram, is the little input lag that is happening when I'm using the color picker related to this issue? Just thought it might be the same reason since the latency feels pretty much the same. If not, ignore me. Anyhow, thanks for the fix so far, been drawing all week with AP!
  10. They already kind of develop it for drawing and painting but it seems not to be a huge goal. If I would be Serif, I'd take it dead serious and work together with a few concept artists and illustrators from all fields. For example, as far as I know the Warhammer guys (Games Workshop) are located in the same city Serif is located in (Nottingham). Don't know how practical that would be. But I bet if Serif gives the artists at Games Workshop a few free licenses they would test it out and tell them what they think it needs. Or anyone else who works professionally, really. It is going well with Photo, the development is just not a priority on painting it seems.
  11. All with drawing and painting in Affinity Photo in mind: - Canvas rotation - faster Color picker. It has a little lag and the "zoom lens" effect could be swapped out for 2 swatches. The current selected color and the one I'm picking right now. - A popup color selector (Press hotkey when painting, the color wheel/color. Would be great if we didn't need to go to the color settings all the time, can potentially save lots of time while painting - easy brush switching with hotkeys instead of needing to click them in the menu all the time. If I need 3 brushes it is simpler to have them in a list and switch them back and forth. Alternatively, a brush toggle between the last two selected brushes. One key toggle back and forth. - more options in the brush editor for the textures. Like contrast, brightness, blend modes. And curves for the depth of the canvas. Press light - little "scratching" on the surface, press hard to push the pigment deeper into the canvas.
  12. That is a +1 from me! Adding a few simple texture options could really make a big difference! Especially pressure curve related things - think of a brush on a linen canvas. If you press soft, the color is on top, if you press harder, the pigment gets deeper into the canvas.
  13. And it is solved, thank you so much @Mark Ingram! Smooth as butter compared to before!
  14. I support this 100%."Feeling" is the right word. Been working on brushes for AP for a few weeks and I'd say this: They look fantastic. The customizability and flexibility is great. But there is some initial little lag when you draw lines. I'd guess that technically the brush engine is very robust already but the feeling part is "close, but not exactly there yet". This fixed, plus a good way to always be able to rotate the canvas and a few little things like brushes right click menu for quick changes etc and I have my "go-to" solution for everything. If anyone from Serif reads this: are you working closely with people from the concept art/illustration community? There are tons of people in England, let alone Games Workshop in Nottingham who produce massive amounts of high level paintings. On Artstation you could click my link, type in the city you're in and see some really good illustrators to work with face to face. https://www.artstation.com/search/artists I mean hey, one can dream. So far I really like my Affinity Suite and would love to use it even more
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