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  1. Just tried the latest beta from yesterday, the bug still persists. I guess we'll have to wait a bit longer until they get to it.
  2. Hi guys! I uploaded 33 new textures to the kit. Everyone who's got it already can get the 2021 update for free. Proudly made with real paper, Scanner and Affinity Photo! So for you Affinity guys: you can still get the pack for a single seat for 3$ USD. Just go to this link: https://flotasser.gumroad.com/l/papertextures2021/affinity Have fun and let me know what you think. Do you like any of the new textures?
  3. @Gabe I'm sorry for continuously asking you, but since our last talk in January, it still isn't fixed. I mean I haven't seen news on the painting tools in general, so maybe that is just a "stack" of development going on, one after the other and the developers didn't get to it yet. The performance upgrades in 1.10 are really nice so far. I just hope you guys take the painting tools serious since there is a ton of concept artists and illustrators waiting to really have an alternative to PS.
  4. Hey aji! I already asked the developers two times over the distance of a few months. @Gabe told me they still have it in their to-do list and didn't forget it. I think it might be a little bit of a deeper problem that can't be fixed quickly. I submitted bugs a few times and they usually fixed it quite fast, I do trust the developers to not let us down on this. It will take time, but they will fix it.
  5. Yeah it is unfortunate. I still think they should get up and running with a small team of concept artists and illustrators while they're at it and talk general improvements. Brush engine is a masterpiece. The programs also get faster, slowly but surely. It's a strange thing, they almost can take PS out for painting, but just not yet. @ the whole Serif team: guys, take a close look to www.artstation.com, there are literally thousands if not millions of people using PS for painting only. I think the opacity bug will be fixed in the 2.0 betas.
  6. Hi @Gabe, do you guys still have this bug on your radar? Haven't seen a fix in the newer betas. That would be great, as a lot of painters and illustrators are looking into AP from what I can see on social media. Would be nice to see it working well in the final 1.9 release
  7. Mine is Vodafone Cable 100 in germany. Oddly enough, here at work I have like 10mb/s. I don't care, I'll put it in my dropbox and install it from there in the evening --- @Mark Ingram Update feels very nice, more snappy starting the program up. Might I ask, do you guys still have this bug under your radar? The opacity (accumulation as you guys call it) behaves strange still. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the update guys. Unfortunately, some of these downloads take ages depending on the daytime and region I guess. Looking forward to test the beta tomorrow as it currently lets me download at a rate of 20kbit/s.
  9. Thank you @Gabe, nice you let me know. It's all good, I know you guys are doing a great job. Just want to help you not miss out on things I notice to improve even faster.
  10. Hello there, Photo Beta ( and think I found something buggy. Simply put: Opacity on pen pressure seems to be nonexistent or malfunctioning in the current beta version, it kind of behaves like flow instead. The stable version (right now I have installed does it as I want, gives me a smooth, even transition between pressing lightly and pressing harder on the stylus. While the beta looks a bit as if it would only use the flow and not the accumulation of the brush. I exported the brush from my older version to the beta and so I am sure it is 100% the identical brush in both. Settings are identical, Tablet on low precision, nothing changed in the Wacom drivers. Using the same settings. Hardware acceleration in beta on or off doesn't make a difference. Changing tablet modes doesn't make a difference either. *Also, the UI is randomly unresponsive/frozen and can occasionally catch itself by alt+tab in and out of the program, but not always. I would guess you guys have already heard of that.
  11. AMD Ryzen 1700X 8-Core Processor @3,4Ghz 16 GB Ram GTX 1060 6GB This supports what I thought for a few months now, generally, Intel is a good bit quicker in the Affinity Programs than AMD is. My PC at work and at home have almost the same specs, yet at home I have AMD and at work Intel. My SSD at home is even faster but still it feels a bit more sluggish to work in AD and AP compared to the PC at work. Is there something like a list where we can see benchmark results to help decide for new hardware? The guys over at Blender have something like that (https://opendata.blender.org/) and I really like the idea of a publicly open overview of benchmarks. Sure, I can look through this thread but it is a bit cumbersome and I might miss something.
  12. Yep, title says it all. It is the standard in PS, Clip Studio Paint and others and we're working with black and white so often, I wonder why it isn't the standard in Affinity (Photo mostly, but Designer could probably also benefit from this). I am greatful that it is there, but it is a very simple quality of life improvement for people who draw and paint often.
  13. +1 because creating them manually all the time is time consuming and not very efficient. Would be greatly appreciated.
  14. In Affinity Photo: being able to sample patterns/colour with the mixer brush. In Concept Art and Illustration this is a highly used feature and for me the only missing thing. The mixer brush works well for painting in a classical sense, like smudging. But if it would allow me to paint all those color differences easier that would be so great! Like here: https://youtu.be/Vcz5Fh6Wcx4?t=451 or here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWEPFWkqM68
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