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  1. @MEB Thanks for your response. Yeah, sorry, I just checked again, it works well as you said. But for some documents, I have to zoom in more to get the snapping tool work with locked layers/objects. I can live with that.
  2. Sometimes I lock the objects but I still want to snap to them. I hope it's possible to add an option to check on the Snapping's options panel.
  3. Measure Tool is great. I hope in the near update, I can convert the "measurement outcome" to an object, then I can modify the style of the arrow,... Because in some works requirements, I have to make a lot of measurements notes.
  4. No, that's not my issue. The issue is, it would have a small icon of file type on the corner of the thumbnail instead. With legacy msi installation, the thumbnail has a small icon of AD/AP/APublisher on it. The thumbnail should look like this.
  5. The thumbnail of the affinity file does not show the icon file type on the thumbnail. This issue is only happen with affinity MSIX installation. It's not happen with legacy msi .exe installer. My system: Windows 11 Pro (latest update), RTX latest driver, Amd cpu The thumbnail should look like this:
  6. @James Ritson Thanks but I am still confusing about the issue. Why a small web-app like Photopea has none issue at all with these type of Tif/Tiff files?
  7. Great but still not support transparent .tif / .tiff file that exported from Blender. I've been waiting for the fixing of this issue on this release, but no luck. Toooo long Plzzz. V1 didn't have this issue but V2 https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/177248-black-background-when-open-a-transparent-tif-file-which-was-rendered-from-blender/
  8. I have some suggestions: - Add "Scale" feature and can be controlled scaled parts by "curves" - Group the objects after using the feature by default - Make this none destructive instead (if possible). I know we can use "previous settings" but it could be great if we could go back anytime we want to change the effects, even the shapes.
  9. Very cool! Can't wait for the future updates of this feature!
  10. Update: The issue was updated on the beta release. "Ctrl + A => Right Mouse => Remove " is now removing all the files were selected instead of only file that was hover by mouse. Thanks
  11. After working with much more files, we need to clean up the recent files in startup panel. Or at least, give us feature that helps us able to remove selected recent files.
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