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  1. In 1.6 absolute size in crop tool was absolute size. Now absolute size only keeps aspect ratio. How to crop to desired size?
  2. Thanks for help. Here is my exported photo. export.afphoto
  3. But irfanview shows both files same. Both look like .jpg.
  4. I have photos (jpg + raw captured) from nikon camera. When I open .nef file in Photo (photo stars in develop persona), there is some adjustments. When I open .jpg, ad switch to develop, tehe is no adjustments. Why? Assistant is disabled, and everywhere is 'take no action'. I want to open .nef file and do adjustments by myself. I want to see my .nef file like .jpg. Here is .jpg opened in develop persona: And here is .nef in develop persona:
  5. Who will help me with this photo adjustment? I tried levels, curves and more live adjustments layers, but the sky is too bright or the grass is too dark. http://u.lkn.pl/jpg/ogr_Lrjsdf.JPG
  6. Yes. I miss too that feature. Now I need to use ptgui for cylindrical panoramas. Then import the image to af photo and do some adjustments. I want to stitch panorama and adjust it in af photo.
  7. When I change the keyboard shortcuts, the changes are lost when I reopen the application. I have to save my shortcut configuration and restore it, but this is uncomfortable. Default shortcuts block writing polish letters 'ł' and 'ć'. In designer under Alt + l is text align left and under Alt + c is text align center. In photo under Alt + c is resize canvas. I want to delete these shortcuts, but when I reopen application shortcuts ar restored to default. Now I have workaround. I set abstract shortcuts (eg. Ctrl + Alt + Shift + F1) and shortcuts dont restore to default. But when I delete shortcut eg. for alignt left (field is empty), then shortcuts restore to default.
  8. Than You. I didnt noticed that handle before.
  9. I have text on circle and I want to resize this text with font scaling. How can I do this? Text on path does not scaling, but path yes. Normal text, not on path, scales ok. Now I have to convert text to curves, but then I cant change for example font.
  10. I want to design tickets with serial numbers. E.g on first ticket number is 001, second 002, third 003 etc. Can AD auto increment numbers?
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