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  1. Hello. I have a folder with hundreds sequential numbered PNG files, 1920x1080 pixels. I need to joint them into a single PDF. one image each page. Does exist a way to do this with Affinity Publisher? If does not have, this is a good suggestion to improvements!
  2. I think I found the cause of the problem. AD and AP does not check if the file is successfully saved and not delete recovery file after save. When we save on external HDD drives, there is a slowness between the "save" and device mechanism "wake up" and get to work. Affinity is shutting down the program without verifying that Windows has successfully saved the file. Thus, Affinity does not delete the Recovery file. That's why when you open the program, it opens the Recovery file as if there was a problem during editing. The only way is to save the file and wait a few seconds before closing Affinity. It is a failure of the program. It should close only after confirming that the file has been saved and then deleting the Recovery file. A simple flowchart could help the Affinity programmer. [1] The user is closing the program! [2] The document was successfully saved? (Yes) Delete Recovery File and close Affinity (Not) go to [3] [3] Save the document before close Affinity? (Yes) Save the document, check if was saved, delete Recovery File, close Affinity. (Not) Delete Recovery File and close Affinity
  3. Hello, Serif team. As we all know, Affinity is preset to automatically save a document every 300 seconds (5 minutes). So far so good. The problem is in version, both AD and AP. I make my document normally, and of course, it takes more than 5 minutes for this. So I save the document and close the Affinity program. So when I open the affinity again, the message RECOVERY FILE appears, as if the program had been abruptly interrupted. I would really like it if I could disable the auto save function. Unfortunately, the minimum time that Affinity gives me is only 30 seconds. I would like to disable this function, because many times while doing auto save the program simply disappear from the screen as if it had never been there.
  4. Mark Ingram, if I do Replace Document for a selected object named "(Embedded document)", AD & AP freezes too!
  5. Hello, guys at Serif. Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer freezes at file/place. No mater if source file is RGB or CMYK. Both programs simply stop to work after I do File / Place. What I ask here, and what many people have already asked for, for God's sake, add the File / Link function ... So, if I update the linked source file, it will automatically update the file that contains the link. To reproduce the BUG again 1. Start Affinity Photo Beta or Designer Beta 2. Create any document with anything and save it. 3. Close the program and open it again 4. Create a new document 5. Do File / Place... Please Serif people, I'd really like you to fix the bugs without ruining what's working well. To be placed.afdesign To be placed.afphoto To be placed rgb.afdesign
  6. Hey, Guys. Today I had a great headache working with Affinity Beta I have discovered that it is no longer possible to use artboards in Affinity Designer and export to PDF / X-1a AD exports EVERYTHING that is inside an artboard with a simple flattened bitmap image without transparency. I could work around the problem by avoiding the use of artboards. But so I could no longer export PDF with multiple pages. Please, guys, fix this thing. I need a lot to export my PDFs with multiple pages. I have provided the source files and PDFs exported by me, with and without the problem. Please check it out one by one. Test within artboard.afdesign Test within artboard.pdf Test without artboard.afdesign Test without artboard.pdf WITH ARTBOARD.afdesign WITH ARTBOARD.pdf WITHOUT ARTBOARD.afdesign WITHOUT ARTBOARD.pdf
  7. I have more this sample of this BUG. Vagner Editor 2019.afdesign
  8. A bug occurs when a masked object overlaps a shadowed object. The mask invades the space of the shadow, no mater if it is grouped or not. This bug does not happen with stable version 1.6x I am using AD Obs: This bug occurs with AP beta too. Artemusica white.afdesign Artemusica black.afdesign Abstract 2.afdesign Abstract Art.afdesign
  9. Hello, guys at Serif. Today I was trying to use the Corner Tool [C] tool, but I had to zoom in to compare it with the sample bitmap. To my surprise, AD Beta disappeared from the screen as if it had never been there. I repeated the test with a file with a simple curve object, and the results were the same every time. AD Beta or freezes on the screen, or simply disappears from the screen. The BUG occurs even if I use the Ctrl-, Ctrl+, or Ctrl wheel. The bug only happens when the tool Corner Tool [C] is selected in the Toolbar and I try to zoom. The program will not crash if I zoom while another tool is selected. The attached file was created with the stable version AD This BUG does not happen with the stable version AD Test File.afdesign
  10. vjsouza

    AP do NOT accept brush stroke?

    4Likes, I meant to apply brushes on a path outline. I think your prints showing various uses of brushes have nothing to do with the subject of my post. Affinity Photo is UNABLE to apply brushes to a path outline, although the program interface presents this function. From the beginning, I told SERIF staff that Affinity should be a single program, without divisions in two versions, one for photo and another for graphic design only. What happened is that programmers "forgot" to remove from the interface this function that only exists in Affinity Designer. I think my Affinity days are coming to an end. Nothing I suggest is implemented. I will try other alternatives, like Xara or Gravit. If the Serif staff does not accept suggestions, why do they release Beta versions?
  11. vjsouza

    AP do NOT accept brush stroke?

    4Likes, unfortunately, you understood that I stated that AP does not work with brushes. That's not what I wrote! I wrote that AP can not apply brushes to a path outline. Read my post right.
  12. Hello. Today I discovered a problem in AP Beta, and found that this problem is also in the "stable" version 1.6. Affinity Photo Stroke style Texturized Line Style NEVER WORK! I can create a line with brush stroke in Affinity Designer Beta, copy it and paste it in Affinity Photo Beta. It will accept the pasted object. But does not allow to change the brush stroke. Since Affinity Photo does not accept brush stroke (Texture Line Style), this function should not even be available in the software GUI. AP Stroke work fine with Solid Line Style. AP Stroke work fine with Dash Line Style AP Stroke DOES NOT WORK with Texture Line Style. If I try do do it, the appearance is equal to Solid Line Style. I think this is a bug that should be fixed. And if this is not a function of Affinity Photo, it should really be removed from the program interface.
  13. Affinity 1.6 show Fill and Stroke options for Text Tool. Affinity 1.7 Beta shows only Fill option for text tool. This is a bug?
  14. Hello, guys at Serif. Sometimes, I download the sample files of WELCOME / VIEW SAMPLES of Affinity Designer. I noticed that these files do not allow copying, saving and even exporting. I'd really like to know how to block my files, so nobody can make modifications or copies without my permission Is this feature available in Affinity Designer or Photo?
  15. 1. Create a RGB/32 new file. 2. Create a layer with any thing 3. Create a new layer with other thing. 4. Do File / Export / EXR wIth preset OpenEXR 32-bit linear . You will have success! 5. Do File / Export / EXR wIth preset OpenEXR 32-bit linear (layered). An error WILL occur! Please, answer me: THIS IS A BUG?