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  1. I solved the problem. I export to PDF/X1a:2003 in Affinity and open, convert and export to PDF/X1a:2001 with the free Scribus 1.5.8. Corel exports to PDF/X1a:2001 Adobe exports to PDF/X1a:2001 Xara Designer exports to PDF/X1a:2001 Scribus exports to PDF/X1a:2001... Only Affinity can't! I figured it wouldn't be difficult for the Affinity team to implement the PDF/X1a:2001 format. But since they can't, we will continue to use other software to finish what was started in Affinity, unfortunately. I recognize that print shops are lagging behind with new technologies. But, do what? We have to dance to the music. If print shops require PDF/X1a:2001, we will deliver PDF/X1a:2001 to them. And everyone lives a "happy ever after"!
  2. Cleverson, meu conterrâneo brasileiro, muito obrigado! Uma vez que o pessoal da Affinity JAMAIS vai resolver este impasse, eu sempre precisava abrir o PDF/X1a:2003 no Adobe Illustrator só para salvar como PDF/X1a:2001. Agora não preciso mais de ter o Adobe Illustrator ocupando espaço no SSD, pois eu não o uso pra nada mais que isso. Muitíssimo obrigado e que Deus te abençoe.
  3. Hello, Affinity Suite Developer Team. I've been an Affinity user since November 17, 2016, when I purchased Affinity Designer. I liked it so much that on December 9, 2016 I got Affinity Photo, and on August 28, 2019 I got Affinity Publisher. I've been using the Affinity suite more for photo processing and creating JPEG and PNG for social networks, videos and PDF for creating e-books for viewing on smartphones or computers. But, unfortunately, I am very sorry that the Affinity suite does not support exporting to PDF/X1a 2001. Here in Brazil, almost all companies that print on paper require the PDF/X1a 2001 format. Since Affinity does not export to PDF/X1a 2001, I need to export to PDF in Affinity and open the file in Adobe Illustrator to export to PDF/X1a. Only then will graphic companies accept my arts. I would really like Affinity to be a complete program, without having to rely on other programs (Adobe Illustrator) to finish the art I started in Affinity. This is not just my wish, as I believe many other Affinity users suffer from this same issue. Affinity team, what do you have to say to people who have purchased licenses for your products? Is there hope?
  4. Carl123, thank you for the information. I did not know that. This is a program failure. Once I deleted the image, the program should delete the snapshot when saving.
  5. Carl123, I never create snapshots, for nothing! I'll check if the program creates on its own.
  6. Carl123, I always start my projects with Affinity Publisher, as it allows me to go directly to Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer without having to change programs. I will pay more attention to this snapshot. Thank you very much.
  7. Sorry. I did Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V in Google Translator. I do not understand English!
  8. Hello, guys at Serif. I would very much like this post to be read by the Affinity programmers. Before proceeding, please download this file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Mg7GLmxeihpIWuNmpbMt7_Az8TKLvuwO/view?usp=sharing I have noticed, since many versions ago, that Affinity (all, Photo, Designer and Publisher) never delete the information of deleted objects after saving. Let me explain in detail. I have a document full of bitmaps for my contractor to choose the best version. After choosing, I delete the unused bitmaps and save the file, but the size of the saved file does not decrease. The information about the deleted objects is inaccessible to me, but even if I have deleted them, they still occupy space in bytes in the saved file. This problem accompanies the products of the Affinity line since the first version. I sent sample files. The download link is above. The file 01 Certificate.afpub, 157,607,759 bytes, is a A4 300DPI with lots of bitmaps. Is a very huge file. The file 02 Opening.afpub, 163,838,875 bytes, is an adapted version of 01 with some objects excluded. I just added the background. Despite having deleted data, the size in bytes is larger than version 01, which is very strange! Then, I deleted everything but the background and added 7 vector objects and saved the file with the name 03 7 boxes.afpub. The file size in bytes should have decreased dramatically. But that is not what happened. Inexplicably the file size was being 144,508,567 bytes. This is a tremendous absurd BUG! To try to get around the problem, I grouped everything in document 03 into one group, I copied it and I created a new document from clipboard. I saved the new document as 04 Copied and Pasted from 7 boxes.afpub, with only 1,500,625 bytes! Document 04 is an identical replica of document 03. The only difference is the size in bytes. "Save history with document" is disabled. So, that is not the source of the problem. The cause of the problem is this: I have already reported this problem on other occasions, but it have fallen into blind eyes and deaf ears! I hope this time will be solved.
  9. Hello. I have the 3 products, Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher. I request the feature "Resource Manager" for Designer and Photo too, like Publisher. This is possible? For now, is impossible for Designer and Photo to set a object as linked to an external file.
  10. Hello. I have a folder with hundreds sequential numbered PNG files, 1920x1080 pixels. I need to joint them into a single PDF. one image each page. Does exist a way to do this with Affinity Publisher? If does not have, this is a good suggestion to improvements!
  11. 4Likes, I meant to apply brushes on a path outline. I think your prints showing various uses of brushes have nothing to do with the subject of my post. Affinity Photo is UNABLE to apply brushes to a path outline, although the program interface presents this function. From the beginning, I told SERIF staff that Affinity should be a single program, without divisions in two versions, one for photo and another for graphic design only. What happened is that programmers "forgot" to remove from the interface this function that only exists in Affinity Designer. I think my Affinity days are coming to an end. Nothing I suggest is implemented. I will try other alternatives, like Xara or Gravit. If the Serif staff does not accept suggestions, why do they release Beta versions?
  12. 4Likes, unfortunately, you understood that I stated that AP does not work with brushes. That's not what I wrote! I wrote that AP can not apply brushes to a path outline. Read my post right.
  13. Hello. Today I discovered a problem in AP Beta, and found that this problem is also in the "stable" version 1.6. Affinity Photo Stroke style Texturized Line Style NEVER WORK! I can create a line with brush stroke in Affinity Designer Beta, copy it and paste it in Affinity Photo Beta. It will accept the pasted object. But does not allow to change the brush stroke. Since Affinity Photo does not accept brush stroke (Texture Line Style), this function should not even be available in the software GUI. AP Stroke work fine with Solid Line Style. AP Stroke work fine with Dash Line Style AP Stroke DOES NOT WORK with Texture Line Style. If I try do do it, the appearance is equal to Solid Line Style. I think this is a bug that should be fixed. And if this is not a function of Affinity Photo, it should really be removed from the program interface.
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