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  1. See the image: Size is perfect in this case. Affinity should round decimals, not trim. Affinity should use exact entered number regardless of decimal numbers shown. Position should not affect dimensions of exported images.
  2. Thanks Walt.I checked artboard dimensions. All sizes were 16 × 16 px. But some of artboard had X or Y not precise (16.04 px). But I am confused because: I put down exactly 16 to both text boxes (W & H). Affinity should take this exact number. I assume that Affinity rounds numbers. Why 16.0488 is rounded to 17? It does not make sense.
  3. I have a document containing some artboards. The size of all of them is 16 × 16 px. When I do export to bitmap file the size is not equal to artboard size (e.g. 17 × 16, 17 × 17 px). Why are these dimensions different from artboard size? navigator.afdesign
  4. Exported EMF image is cropped. See enclosed picture: ti-fluid-systems.afdesign
  5. My two cents: Open Guides Manager by double clicking on guide
  6. I found the workaround. I add new stroke using "Expand stroke" function and set the new stroke width to 0,1 and colour to white. It is not perfect but good enough. I am looking forward to your "different approach".
  7. Maybe that thin line is not printed but it is exported (PNG, JPG...). See my second image. It is the real problem because I must retouche the exported images.
  8. Maybe I am doing something in the bad way but when I set 'Align stroke inside' on the filled curve there is a thin line outside the curve. The thin line has the color of the curve fill. It is the huge problem for me because the exported image has ugly doubled stroke. Is there any workaround or ...? stroke-inside.afdesign
  9. Thanks for reply to my second paragraph. Can you tell me your opinion about this:
  10. Thanks for explanation. It makes sense. Sadly the program behaviour is confusing because there are two "pixels" values under the histogram. Pixels at 4th row tells good value (770 image pixels) but second row not. When I create new Gray/8 (Greyscale D50) image with white background I do not see any white pixels in histogram. The same situation is with RGB/8 image.
  11. I have image with two colors (black and white). I try to count quantity pixels of each color. But the numbers are weird, bigger than sum of image pixels (1446 + 864 vs. 770). See the picture. Could someone explain to me what the numbers means? flg_cz-2.bmp
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