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  1. @GarryP and @loukash thanks for your replies. I also discovered this while searching in AD today. I wanted to find a faster way. That is, directly inserting the contents of the clipboard into a new artboard. I guess AD doesn't do that. Still, your solution is very helpful.
  2. It is correct. The artboard can of course be larger than the viewport. It depends on the particular zoom. I think we're straying a bit from the original question. My problem is that I often put screenshots in AD that I want to have in the artboard. The artboard needs to be the same size as the screenshot. I know how to do it, but it's quite tedious.
  3. Ideally in the middle of the visible area of the document. I will then move the Artboard to the right place myself.
  4. Thanks for your replies. I was thinking of something simpler, like creating a new document from the contents of the Clipboard (File > New From Clipboard). Looks like the topic belongs in the Feedback & Suggestions section. 🙂
  5. Is there any way how to create a new artboard based on the current contents on the clipboard in the Affinity Designer?
  6. Export persona is too complex for the way I described. Ideally it would be possible to take the name of the artboard when exporting from the Design persona.
  7. I have a file with many artboards in Affinity Designer. I am gradually creating the content of each artboard. After changing the artboard, I export one artboard. The filename of the exported artboard is set to the file name. I need the file name to match the artboard name. For example, I have the filename 'icons.afdesign'. I have the artboard 'mn-hobby' in it. When I select File > Export..., I select the PNG tab so the file name is set to 'icons.png'. I need the name to be 'mn-hobby.png'.
  8. There is no focus set to 'Close Document' dialogue. It is very annoying that user can not use keyboard to select the buttons. It should be standard to set focus into the dialogue in that way:
  9. Press Ctrl and then drag the ellipse with right mouse button (Ctrl+Shift for circle).
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