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  1. Hello. I have the 3 products, Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher. I request the feature "Resource Manager" for Designer and Photo too, like Publisher. This is possible? For now, is impossible for Designer and Photo to set a object as linked to an external file.
  2. Hello. I have a folder with hundreds sequential numbered PNG files, 1920x1080 pixels. I need to joint them into a single PDF. one image each page. Does exist a way to do this with Affinity Publisher? If does not have, this is a good suggestion to improvements!
  3. Mark Ingram, if I do Replace Document for a selected object named "(Embedded document)", AD & AP freezes too!
  4. Hello, guys at Serif. Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer freezes at file/place. No mater if source file is RGB or CMYK. Both programs simply stop to work after I do File / Place. What I ask here, and what many people have already asked for, for God's sake, add the File / Link function ... So, if I update the linked source file, it will automatically update the file that contains the link. To reproduce the BUG again 1. Start Affinity Photo Beta or Designer Beta 2. Create any document with anything and save it. 3. Close the program and open it again 4. Create a new document 5. Do File / Place... Please Serif people, I'd really like you to fix the bugs without ruining what's working well. To be placed.afdesign To be placed.afphoto To be placed rgb.afdesign
  5. Hello, guys at Serif. Sometimes, I download the sample files of WELCOME / VIEW SAMPLES of Affinity Designer. I noticed that these files do not allow copying, saving and even exporting. I'd really like to know how to block my files, so nobody can make modifications or copies without my permission Is this feature available in Affinity Designer or Photo?
  6. 1. Create a RGB/32 new file. 2. Create a layer with any thing 3. Create a new layer with other thing. 4. Do File / Export / EXR wIth preset OpenEXR 32-bit linear . You will have success! 5. Do File / Export / EXR wIth preset OpenEXR 32-bit linear (layered). An error WILL occur! Please, answer me: THIS IS A BUG?
  7. Hello. I have Afinitty Photo and Afinity Designer Both take 15-20 seconds to start. Earlier versions had a quick start. Why did you slow down the programs? Can you make them fast as they were in previous versions?
  8. As a FEATURE REQUEST, please, let Affinity (photo, designer, publisher, etc) show CMYK 0,0,0,100 as RICH BLACK (or pure black RGB 0,0,0) Today, this appear a rgb 32,32,32.
  9. You are wrong. The bug still happen. Try to export the file with embedded art to PDF/X1a and open it in any PDF reader and you will see only bitmaps.
  10. Chris_K, I am using Beta, and it still rendering as BITMAP at export to PDF/X1a. Please, try to open the "card with embedded vectors file.afdesign" and export it as PDF/X1a, and open on any PDF reader. This is really a BUG of Affinity Designer.
  11. Hello, Guys at SERIF. I have some bad experiences with Affinity Designer. When I embed a pure Affinity Designer vector file in a new project, Affinity rasterizes it in bitmap when exporting to PDF X1a This does not happen when I copy and paste an art from one project to another. Please review the 5 attached files and make the findings. Please, guys, File / Place is fine, but I'd like it if there was File / Link also card without embedded vectors file.afdesign card without embedded vectors file.pdf ASD Concret.afdesign card with embedded vectors file.afdesign card with embedded vectors file.pdf
  12. Hello, guys at Serif. For example, every time I resize a photo, I'd rather use Lanczos 3 non separable. But Affinity defaults to bilinear every time I do Ctrl+Alt+I. This is frustrating and tedious. I cited this case as an example, only. There are many things in which the program could memorize the user's way of being. Make the program smarter. The default for Artistic text tool is Arial 12 align left. Always and always and always... This is horrible. The program need to memorize my last use of each tool! What I do in Photoshop in a few clicks, or in a single click, I need to do in Affinity with many clicks. This is frustrating, irritating, tedious ... The Edit / Preferences menu has few options. This is very poor in options for the user. There could be many more options like default font preference when using the artistic text tool tool, choose my preferred export preset, etc, etc, etc. There is a need to extend user preference options at least 10 times. I already posted this on another topic, but no one paid attention! Another thing I've been reporting for a long time, the error of copying / pasting effects giving different values to the target. How long this will continue? Please, Affinity team, stop making deaf ears. Pay attention to the needs of your customers, at least this time.
  13. Hello, guys at Serif. First of all, congratulations on the fantastic Photo and Designer programs. But I would very much like you to join the two in one program. There are things that one has and the other does not, and we have to stay all the time changing between one and the other to solve things. This is frustrating! Serif could continue to sell the separate versions and a single version. What about? You have hit the full functionality of the programs. I completely stopped using Photoshop and Illustrator. I'd like you guys to do something for composing videos and creating websites. Have you thought about that? A video composer with the layer effects of Affinity Designer would be unbeatable! My dream is to turn on the computer in the morning and open my mailbox and surprise me with the news: New Affinity products: AFFINITY SITE BUILDER and AFFINITY VIDEO COMPOSER Well, dreaming doesn't hurt, right?
  14. Hello, guys at Serif. I have a seroius problem opening EPS with Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo Affinity is unable to interpret some vectors with shadows without rasterize it to a flat bitmap. I've found this wonderful site, http://all-free-download.com/to download free vector graphics. All files are EPS, and Affinity have a problem opening EPS files! Please, see the 3 attached files for more details Floral Frame Beautiful.eps
  15. Hello, Serif people. I would like there to be the option of converting missing fonts into curves at the time of opening a file, such as PDF. PDF readers can display perfectly on the screen and print documents whose fonts are missing on the machine you view. PDF readers can do this because the font is embedded in the file. So, I think Affinity (Photo and Designer) could do the same process that these pdf readers do. Lately, I've been using PDF reader "PDF-X CHANGE EDITOR" So I print to PDF with the option of converting fonts into curves. However, the result is poorly rendered text. Please Serif people. Help Us!
  16. Hello, guys at Serif. I have found the root of all problems with export to PDF. Please, open the attached file, export it to PDF, open the exported PDFs with Affinity Designer and verify the layers panel. Some (or all) gradient fill curves was rasterised. AD have a BUG. if a linear gradient have more than 2 colors, and if mid point is not exactly 50%. AD will rasterise it at export to PDF. Please, Serif guys. Correct it! Gradients in Affinity Designer.afdesign
  17. I think I found the root of the problem. Please open the attached document for more information. Indeed, Affinity Designer has disappointed me! Gradients in Affinity Designer.afdesign
  18. Illustrator exports the PDF in this way. The gradient does not lie in the object, but in a rectangle, and it uses the object as a mask. It does not matter if the gradient is in the object or in a masked rectangle. Affinity will rasterize everything in bitmap!
  19. The issues are in the attached documents. Open the .afdesign document and try to export to pdf yourself. Count the minutes. Open the rendered .pdf generated by Affinity. Compare it with the PDF generated by Illustrator. Quality and file sizes. Until when? Moebius CMYK linear gradients (Affinity).pdf Moebius CMYK linear gradients (Illustrator).pdf Moebius CMYK linear gradients.afdesign Moebius CMYK linear gradients.ai
  20. I checked that. There it says 6 digits after the decimal point. But in practice it only works with 3. If it is possible to do it to the correct way, then why is the program come default with the worst possible option?
  21. Hello, Serif guys. There is a big problem with Affinity. It only allows you to create a new guide by dragging from the ruler with the move tool (V) only. Other programs allow you to drag a new guide from the ruler with any tool selected. Another problem is that Affinity uses only one decimal place after the point, and this is too inaccurate to create a new guide from the exact location where a node is. For example, the node is at x = 159.8731654127mm, but Affinity rounds the value to 159.9mm. Please, make it use the complete floating value and use the rounded just for display. If I select a node with the node tool, there is no way to create a guide exactly where the node is. Other programs allow you to do this. I'd love it if there was a way to right-click on a node and choose in a popup menu: Create a horizintal guide in the position of this node Create a vertical guide in the position of this node Create horizontal and vertical guides in the position of this node Please, don't take too long to answer my requests, my work depends on it.
  22. Hello, guys at Serif. Please, make Affinity Photo and Designer remember my last settings, for example, If I choose Lanczos instead Bilinear, please, remember this choice in the next time. If I do Effects/Bevel and Emboss, please, let me reuse my last settings. Is not useful "pillow" 5px every time! The ideal is a option "save as default" for each effect, like Photoshop do. Please, set LANCZOS for defalt for everything! Please, SET by default export do PDF with JPEG 100% instead JPEG 85% PLEASE, let me choose if I want to export to PDF with layers or not!
  23. Hello, Guys! Today I download a new Afinitty Photo. However, the bugs are the SAME! Unlike Photoshop Layer Effects, in Affinity the values of object effects (depht, radius, offset, etc.) are copy/pasted in percent, NOT in absolute values. This is the most shameful BUG of all time! Please, let us choose either percent or absolute values, as we can do in rounded corners. Please, see the 2 documents to understand! BUG in copy and paste FX.afphoto
  24. Every time I need to scan a paper photo, I need to use other programs, like GIMP. I would very much like this process to be done directly in Affinity Photo. Are there plans for this?
  25. Mike, How do you explain that? Adobe Illustrator opens the document and understands that they are vectors, not texts. There is somewhere in the document unconverted text in curves. But this is not the case for the selected objects, as shown in the attached JPEGs. What's more, Adobe Illustrator does not require replacement fonts to open this PDF. Affinity asks for font replacement.
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