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  1. 1.8.6 on mac 10.15 In most of my cases: There is a document DPI always set at 300dpi. There is a PDF output DPI set at 300 or 150 dpi. There are images on page, all looking perfectly fine in resolution high enough to even zoom in and still looking crisp in afDesigner. But for some unknown reason, all too often, some images in exported PDF documents have bad resolution. Yes, I have images with different DPI settings, there can be 72dpi images placed on page 20% size f.e., there can be 600dpi images placed on page 300%size. THIS DOES NO HAVE TO MATTER. What is looking crisp on layout, has enough resolution to still look crisp in the exported PDF But in my case, those wrong rendered images in PDFs look like 20dpi or less. VERY UNSETTLING
  2. Top left display of zoom factor (number, dropdown and slider) stays wrongly at certain number (like 72%) despite having zoomed further in with f.e. the magnifier tool. Lets the user totally disoriented even desinformed about what it is he is seeing here,
  3. 1.8.6 afinity apps on Mac 10.15 There are many circumstances that lead to different display size of images, despite handling them with the same resolution. Just one example: screenshot from clipboard, pasted in Designer has a size A when placed on a layout with 300dpi setting. screenshot from clipoard opened as new document in afPhoto (hence remaining its original resolution/size ratio) and later copy paste to to same Designer document the screenshot results in size B which is about 4times bigger while showing in 4times lower resolution. This is wrong, as somehow on the way the resolution gets changed without the user changing anything.
  4. I am certainly thankful to have the Affinity suite, not having to deal with Adobe anymore. But there is still much to do for Affinity, in order to get to the same level of usability. A big problem is, that the Affinity team has obviously not much experience with vector path handling. There are so many things that do not work userfriendly, are too complicated or still missing. Adding to an existing path, one has to use the points tool, activate a point, change to the vector drawing tool, again hit on that point and if lucky, then the next clicks set new points adding to that path. Instead of activating a path and hit an end point directly with the vector tool. Done. There are endless many tasks that only work if you first set things exactly right. Then on top of that there is the overall behaviour confusing users. One example here: You have a path active, go in with the vector tool and want to ad points - the path reacts to the tool exactly like it should when the intentioned action would work. It is only later, when suddenly the once active path is deactivated that one realizes, the new points do not add to it. (See video example). Or drawing two separate lines and later join them (not possible by merging tool, as it is only lines, not areas) - I still did not find out how (what I achieved always connects the end points the wrong way), because every time I prefer to redo the whole path in once instead of searching around for the certainly complicated solution I can not remember the next time - like with so many things in Designer. ScreenRecorderProject1.mp4
  5. Finally. Version 1.8.6 brings us correct document icons. THANK YOU AFFINITY. This is great! Now we can differenciate between an App and its documents (at least when not using preview icons like I prefer in designer and publisher).
  6. Affinity Photo 1.8.6, Mac Mojave Every now and then, while doing a selection with the lasso tool, the whole selection gets lost. Did I click too rapidly? I never really know. And usually it happens exactly while soon finishing extensive selections - I could tear my hairs out every time! Why? Why? There is no step back. Why? Would have been easy in Photoshop... Thom
  7. af designer 1.8.4 mac mojave Changing the name of global spot color. Export PDF. In the PDF spot color name has not changed.
  8. affinity designer 1.8.4 / OSX Mojave Setting a shadow with a spot color does not work correctly. First it is already difficult the see the right swatch. The resulting PDF however, treats the shadow as CMYK, even the whole object is converted to CMYK. Huge bug!
  9. Right Lorox, the ability to change color technique is a basic function of any serious graphics program. Same as when you copy over elements, they must come with their defined swatch if it is not already in the document. Why that? Dumb question. There may be hundreds of objects in a document, using a defined color. Usually one assumes it gets printed CMYK but It happens that a customer later decides to print Pantone spot colors. Not be able to change the color technique of a swatch means you have to select all the hundred of objects with that color and change all of them. Even more difficult when there are color gradients and shades present.
  10. Designer 1.8.4 on Mojave OSX As soon as setting Pressure for the brush and after a few lines drawn with wacom tablet, designer freezes, spinning ball. Only way is to force quit and start the work again.
  11. Publisher 1.8.4 / OSX Mojave Selecting some or all cells (empty) of a table and change fonts fails. Nothing happens and when beginning to fill in text in cells, its always Arial.
  12. I see the document dpi was set to 72dpi. But copying a pix image must copy-that-image with its resolution as is. When I copy a page instead, ok, its dpi setting may be considered, but not when I copy an already pixelized object.
  13. 1.8.4 on Mac Mojave When I copy a pix image placed in Designer, which has a good resolution, and paste it in Photo, it has a very bad resolution. How, why can this happen? thom
  14. Great, thanks. like everything in Affinity, things only come right after consulting, it never offers an easy way. So, it does not need a complete overhaul but just fix the standard settings and a more userfriendly GUI. Nevertheless its svg still need fiddle with the code, to have a specifix px width and height, because most website CMS can not handle % sizes.
  15. Me too. I have defined 3mm bleed for the Designer Document (Designer 1.8.4) and set to print bleed and crop marks, but no bleed is printed.
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