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  1. I see the document dpi was set to 72dpi. But copying a pix image must copy-that-image with its resolution as is. When I copy a page instead, ok, its dpi setting may be considered, but not when I copy an already pixelized object.
  2. 1.8.4 on Mac Mojave When I copy a pix image placed in Designer, which has a good resolution, and paste it in Photo, it has a very bad resolution. How, why can this happen? thom
  3. Great, thanks. like everything in Affinity, things only come right after consulting, it never offers an easy way. So, it does not need a complete overhaul but just fix the standard settings and a more userfriendly GUI. Nevertheless its svg still need fiddle with the code, to have a specifix px width and height, because most website CMS can not handle % sizes.
  4. Me too. I have defined 3mm bleed for the Designer Document (Designer 1.8.4) and set to print bleed and crop marks, but no bleed is printed.
  5. HEELLOOOO ???? Is anyone from Affinity EVER looking at what people say in the forum? There have been soo many requests for important features and sooo many suggestion about how to make Affinity apps more professional (specially all the bad GUI behaviour), and NONE of it has ever been addressed by Affinity since it first became officially launched. AND A DISTORT TOOL for AfDesigner is certainly in the top position. NOTHING HAS BEEN DONE ABOUT IT!! What does this mean? Is Affinity dead already?????? Or are they just waiting for the big check from Adobe????
  6. SVG Export needs a complete overhaul. What Affinity Designer (Version 1.8.4, Mac) exports is NOT CLEAN. There are <g transform> all over the place. Compare this to the clean output of AI.
  7. I think my head just exploded! So, Publisher has a missed image dialogue when opening a document "searching for missing ressources" - I thought I have to give it the first one in a folder and then it finds all the others that are missing from that folder. BUT NOPE I have to choose and give it image by image. I am really mad now - having to relink 100 images one by one. Now I am really really missing Indesign - where this is done in 10 seconds, because it does what it is expected to do! And not only that - but after 3 images Publisher freezes - like 2 years ago reported by user Eph Really - why do we report all this stuff here - and nothing happens about it...!
  8. It is nice that missing images can be linked again when opening a document. But Publisher is stuck when the missing image does not exist. It has no option to leave one uot and go connect the next one. But the main issue is: Why the heck did it loose the image connections in the first place? I got a folder with all the files from a customer (on windows). afpub and images are IN THE SAME FOLDER!!! and even this is not recognyzed by Publisher. I am really REALLY disappointed folks! Publisher 1.8.4 / OSX Mojave
  9. Two years later and this is still so! Publisher 1.8.4 on Mac Mojave. I just relinked a second image and now Publisher is frozen. Does Affinity EVER read and react to about posts in this forum or is all we write here for nothing? (I have many issues for years still open they never made any better)
  10. I was exporting a page to PNG and the exported file never appeared in finder. I quit Designer to try after starting it again, but it did not respond to quit. Does not respond to FORCE QUIT either. Now this is something I never experienced as far as I can remember! Force Quit not working! How can that be? I could not shut down the Mac because of this. Had to force shut-down my Mac. OSX 10.14.6 Designer 1.8.4
  11. I really don't know for what writing all this suggestions here and Affinity does nothing about it. More than a year ago I complained about the incompatibility with Excel and it is still a mess. It is not possible to copy a group of cells and place it into Publisher tables. It just does not work. I need to get one row at a time, and even then, it adds rows every time and messes up the whole table and after a while I end up with a table that is not editable anymore. It`s even worse now then a year before. At least it was possible to copy row by row into word and then from there copy into publisher. Now, not even this works because at the second I copy into Publisher, publisher is gone! Crash. Only thing that seems to work now is copy the whole excel table into Word and then copy from there into Publisher. Any other Layout software can handle copy paste from Excel. Why is Affinity not able to? OS X 10.14.6 / Publisher 1.8.4
  12. Well, the image says it all: Pick a color from your design, go to color swatches and drop down menu, copy as hex color and you get something else. Useless! This is AffinityPhoto 1.8.3 on Mac 10.14.6
  13. There is really no day without having the need of such a tool. This is so basic. What I do is, I simply go back to FreeHand and do it there. Sadly on the Mac this needs switch over to Parallels, where FreeHand still works. Honestly I am often close to go all way back to FreeHand and leave Affinity behind - really FreeHand is over 30 years old, but it is SO MUCH BETTER THEN AFFINITY DESIGNER in every way, much more easy to use and more intuitive. The only drawbacks are that it needs Parallels to still work and it does of course not support high resolution displays.
  14. This was one of the first things I also did ask for when I started using Affinity Designer (Mac) in 2018. It is 2020 now and I still don't see this implemented. (My post disappeared though!) This is very very basic stuff for a vector application. Look in affinity Photo, there are two distort tools that come in handy - why in the world is this still not available in Designer??????
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