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  1. Honestly - the interface in general ist not very user friendly. I have stumbled over such problems with affinity software countless times now. Things that are not logical not intuitive, not even to me who has been software testing for Macworld for 20 years.
  2. Gosh. PixelPest, you are right. All this time, I checked that "Sch├╝tzen" (protect) ist not active. Hidden on the right side >> I would never have thought that, I would not look for something I think I already see. There is another "protect" that is for transparency. I have used protect transparency before.
  3. No, thats the brush itself. You see in tools, Brush is active, not selectionbrush.
  4. That page in the screenshot had nothing on it, so, all transparent. On another image, I made a part transparent. Here it does paint over the image part, but not over the transparent part. Which should only happen if "protect transparency" was on. But it is not on.
  5. After Affinity Photo update to 1.7.2 (on Mac os x 10.14.6 mojave) I can not paint anymore. I dont see any setting that would prevent this. No selection. Pixel layer active. No protected transparency. Brush and color set well. Nothing happens when painting.
  6. I may have to specify: When I change left intend, which was autom. set at 6mm, it does not change the first line that starts with the bullet. That one still stays at 6mm.
  7. Well, it does this autom. in Publisher, right. But the bullets are 6mm away. In my case that is too far. And as first line indent is not able to go negative values - I see not how to adjust this. Or is there another way?
  8. Too bad. Morph, together with a real Warp Tool in Designer are enormously needed. These are really essential basic tools in a vector app! AfD is no real competitor to AI without those.
  9. Is there a function to morph lines into each other? In FreeHand, make two or more lines, hit the "mixing" tool and get something like this:
  10. Thomahawk

    PDF export is super slow

    I see the slow export too. I have a 6 pages document - product images, prices combined with other images, and it takes about 10 minutes to export. I made all this work in Indesign before, same layout and amount of images, and it never had more then 1 minute to export. I've made 250 pages catalogues before in Indesign, that took about 10 Minutes to export. I am specially surprised, that publisher is so slow in comparison, because Indesign is a longtime patched-together piece of software that got slower and slower with each release, while publisher is brandnew - its code should be much cleaner and faster, I was thinking.
  11. I was wondering that too. Interestingly, when I export I first get a "warning from the checklist ... textframe text overflow" (well, the German version of that) - thats why I went looking for that checklist...
  12. Same as tabs by the way. They are also way too difficult to handle.
  13. Thats the thing, Garrett. In publisher, because of the nonconformity, one needs a lot of experience with it, exactly knowing when to do what and how in order for it to work. Today for example, I could again not copy a whole table out of publisher, everywhere it ended up all in one line. I had to copy column by column. No clue why it did not work. Again compare to work with tables in excel or indesign. Just copy paste anything anywhere. It always works without having to think about anything except if doing it with or without formatting. Publisher tables are just not there yet. Not user friendly.
  14. Yes, as Publisher does not work standard conform even when pasting without any format, often several steps are needed. I can not copy a column from excel and paste it nonformat into publisher table columns. That gets the next column deleted. I must paste it into TextEdit nonformat first. But from there directly to publisher places all text into one single cell. Paste it from Excel to TextEdit and into Word and then into publisher is the only way this works. Why is publisher not standard conform? Compare Indesign, where it does not matter if the text comes directly from Excel, Textedit, or whatever app, it always splits it correctly, lines into rows and tabs into columns, without affecting cells that are not selected.
  15. Hi. Thanks for the suggestion. Wow, that is so very strange. Yes, I know I could invert the images. But why did they got changed and how? Like I said, I did not even touch them. And they are embedded, so nothing external could have influenced this.