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  1. There is really no day without having the need of such a tool. This is so basic. What I do is, I simply go back to FreeHand and do it there. Sadly on the Mac this needs switch over to Parallels, where FreeHand still works. Honestly I am often close to go all way back to FreeHand and leave Affinity behind - really FreeHand is over 30 years old, but it is SO MUCH BETTER THEN AFFINITY DESIGNER in every way, much more easy to use and more intuitive. The only drawbacks are that it needs Parallels to still work and it does of course not support high resolution displays.
  2. This was one of the first things I also did ask for when I started using Affinity Designer (Mac) in 2018. It is 2020 now and I still don't see this implemented. (My post disappeared though!) This is very very basic stuff for a vector application. Look in affinity Photo, there are two distort tools that come in handy - why in the world is this still not available in Designer??????
  3. Well again something similar to the non-intuitive, unlogic and too comoplicated behaviour when working in Designer with vector points, it is a similar problem with the selection tools (like the lasso) in afPhoto. Example: Having "new" active as behaviour, you draw a selection. If you draw another selection after that, the first one is still there and you think, "add selection" must be active because it feels like it adds to the existing one. Its not until the second is finished that the first disappears - and thats really something you dont expect. So until the end you are never really sure what happens, you have always be aware of so many things to set right before you do a task in Affinity. There are many such little odd feeling quirks in affinitys software you just wonder who has so little experience in GUI design to set things up like that? Photoshop is a dinosaur of a software, but its just so much more intuitive, I really miss it!
  4. Okay, right, seems it really needs to also hold command on Mac then it really zooms from the point set. But that is what I always say - why have things to be so hard in Affinitys Software. Its the same with so many things, they do not work intuitively, its always too complicated. Like in this case, when you set that origin point you kind of just expect it to work. What is the point when you change its position but that does not change any behaviour. Its just bad GUI.
  5. Why is there a transformation origin point who does nothing? Take this circle as an example. The origin is activated and in the center. Yet when I take an edge and change its size, proportional or otherwise, it does not change from the center but from the opposite edge? affinity designer 1.8.3 on Mac Mojave
  6. Ultimately I always see the image size handle placed away from the image frame instead center below it like it always has been before and it does not work. When I try to use it, other elements get selected instead. Pulisher 1.8.3 Mac Mojave
  7. Exactly, Bones! I have had this problem several times now, after working on pixel layers, after some time I noted the images are not as sharp as they were in the original scan and I had to place them again and repeat the work. It is also not the first time I mention this destructive blurring behaviour to Affinity, but nothing has changed since a year ago.
  8. Once again, after a long time working on a collage, I note that the image becomes more and more blurred. I set a person over a background, and worked to make the cutout integrate better with the background. When I now copy paste the original person again into the background, the original is clearly much less blurred. I even have "move whole pixels" activated all the time. Why is Affinity so immensely destructive???? See the example, below is the person after I was working on it, on top I placed the original again. AfPhoto really it totally unreliable. I am thinking about moving over to Pixelmator instead.
  9. The post exposure tool is really absolutely unusable. It is meant to darken certain gradients of the image, mostly I use it to get the darkest ranges a little bit darker. But choosing "shadows" as the range to be affected, really does the same as highlights, it just darkens everything – honestly it is so bad, it does more look like it just applies a dark brush over everything. I am just used to something better in Photoshop, that tool works great and does what is expected. Sadly, not so in affinity.
  10. Affinity Photo 1.8.3 Honestly now? The image crop tool does not work proportional, neither with shift nor any other key? What? I really have to change that every time in a drop down? People, there are certain standards that work in every app - except affinity's. Why?
  11. Publisher 1.8.3 Placing an image in image frame on the page (empty page, fresh created empty image frame). First problem: Image has vertical orientation. Placed (drag drop) inside frame, it is placed horizontal orientation. Why??? Correcting orientation with the image frames own rotation tool. Changing image in afPhoto, making it more bright and save again as JPG. Publisher shows resource change, resource window pops up. Actualize the image. Displayed image in frame goes back to wrong horizontal orientation. I attach the image I used, so you can check its setting and find out why it handled wrong by publisher. 22.JPG.zip
  12. I just noted, when I make a selection and export (only elected part without background) (PNG, JPG etc) with an object that is set to multiply (a shadow in this case) the multiply does not work. It does work after grouping all the elements though. But this should not be necessary, result should in any case look the same like in Designer. afDesigner 1.8.2 on Mac Mojave
  13. Hi Lagarto This is indeed good news. Thank you Lagarto. Strange is, its exactly as I am used to, only that I did copy paste the image from afPhoto and that did not work. I now exported a grayscale TIFF from afPhoto, placed it in Designer and then it worked like you described, setting the Pantone color for it. Unfortunately this shows once again how far behind the affinity apps are in regards of easy of use. There are by far too many quirks with these apps, so that many things do not work by intuition, too many things have to be set right until it works. One further example is here, when I copied the colored image and cut a bit from one side, it lost the color setting and got treated in CMYK, which was only detectable later in Adobe Acrobat, checking color separation.
  14. Hi. Can I set a bitmap or greyscale picture to Pantone spot color in Designer, like I am used to from FreeHand? How else can I achieve to get an image in Pantone color? Thanks for your input, Thom
  15. using the brush tool with a Wacon Tablet on Mac, Affinity 1.8.1 crashes all the time just after some 10-20 lines.
  16. Is there a way to disable that clicking on filter swatches opens that area below them and makes them flipping around in the filter list? I never know what happens when I choose sch a swatch. Will it open? does it flip away? It always needs two or more clicks until I finally get the setting window open. Very annoying.
  17. I just updated everything to the newest Version 1.8.1 and it is still slow. Publisher needs over 12 seconds to open a 60 MB document. AfPhoto brush drawing often drags along way behind the mouse movement. And this on a recent top notch MacMini with Mojave and the fastest processor and 32GB Ram.
  18. Hi Petar FreeHand still works under Windows? That is great. Unfortunately I am too much bound to Mac OS X. Shame on Apple for being intentionally incompatible. That is not the Apple I signed up to 35 years ago!
  19. Walt, all that should not matter. Thats the problem with many things in affinity, things only work if you first do A, then B then C. That is not user friendly. I am not thinking about presets. I just want things to behave the same way and then next time expect again to work the same way.
  20. Subtract does not even work correctly with areas only. In this case, I want to subtract the inside of the letter e, but after subtract, the blue part disappears, and instead of a hole, it is all black.
  21. Well, I just dragged it from desktop into the Designer Layout as I always do. I close de document, trash de images and when opening, warning appears and the images are completely blurred on the page. So they really are linked. Only way around I find now is open them in afPhoto and copy paste from there.
  22. I think I always placed images in Designer, they simply got embedded, I never stored the image documents separately. Now today after I trashed an already place image, Designer alarmed about missing resource. No clue why sudenly images dont get embedded anymore. And I can not find a setting about that or let alone the ressource manager to manually embed it. I am stuck now, not able to embed... what else can I do?
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