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  1. Hi, and thank you both for your reply.😋 Just for your reference: Firstly emmrecs01, the downloaded test files you reference do indeed open fine but I have to note that they are only 16.6Mb in size. My files are 37.6Mb and have a file extension .RW2 which are in caps, not lower case (...if that should make a difference!). I have tried making a copy and renaming the file extension to lower case but gain the same result - white blank screen with all metadata present. I'll try and see if my camera will allow a smaller raw file to be saved and, if so, I'll report back. 😋 Secondly Murfee, changing the Raw Engine brought no joy for me. But it was useful information regarding the Raw Engine choice. 😋 Many thanks to you both for your kind response. I am very grateful.
  2. Hi, I'm having trouble opening my Panasonic LUMIX GH6 raw stills files which have a .rw2 extension. I have just upgraded Affinity Photo to version 2 and my Mac OS is the latest flavour of Ventura 13.0.1. Affinity seems to open the file, but all I see is a white (or nr white) screen. It was doing this in Affinity 1 as well. I can develop my raw files using SilkyPix Developer, but that doesn't allow me to use Affinity to its full capabilities. Can anyone help please.
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