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  1. I would like this as well. Everything on the iPad version gets copied into a local store, which is great if you want to make a local library out of everything but bad if you want to work on random files from elsewhere, and keep them there. In addition to the FTP and SMB suggested, I'd really like Mac file sharing to be supported and transient access to services like Mega, Box, Google Drive, Onedrive, etc.
  2. I've been wanting this for years too. Another thing is AF could do Adobe one better if perspective crop not only handled the corners but also curved sides. Since lens distortion is round, photographs of especially closer up things (like documents) get bowed out from the middle. If we could straighten crops by moving corner points and midpoint curves—we could fully correct for angular and depth distortion in one easy step.
  3. Is there a way that the liquify tool's Hardness and Opacity could distort smoother—both on iPad and desktop actually? When distorting with the hardness high, the edges get pulled along or pinched on either side of the brush. When the hardness is zero, the distortion is smoother but the center gets pinched smaller. To counteract these effects, I've been using a middle hardness with a larger size, then using smaller and smaller brush sizes to smooth out the centers and edges, or erase the wobbles afterwards. What I'd really like is for the distortion to stay smooth from the center outward but also not get pinched. Can math do this?
  4. I've been using the help button extensively but was still unable to find the quick mask without this thread. It's just so buried on iPad versus one discoverable click on Mac.
  5. For something that is so easily available on desktop and that I’ve used frequently there, it seems very buried and more confusing in the iPad version. I hope this can be brought to the surface in future updates, like as a quick mask tool in the painting brushes.
  6. My use case is for editing the device mockups that can be found around the net in Photoshop PSD format but not others. They often make use of the Smart Objects feature the Adobe app to make placing the "screen" in the virtual device a lot quicker. Support for at least opening the layers within a smart object would be wonderful in Affinity Photo. Currently I can usually get most of the way there by manually getting the projection right with Filter > Distort > Perspective but on some files, I can't omit other layers because some of the device itself is within a smart object. For instance, on one there's a shadow added that I don't want. Supporting Smart Objects would make this easier and more flexible.
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