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  1. Latest app update (today repetitively fails due to error....
  2. like.... an access to LaTeX formula composition (like have MSWord or ApplePages).... very interesting
  3. a little bug when stretching vertically a text box (or a group or collection of elements with a text box included), if handle (and box) exceeds page limits, suddenly the box disappears. When releasing the mouse button it reappears where it shoud be.... (video) pantallazo 2018-10-15 a las 19.31.38.mov
  4. I customized which panels from View>Studio menu I want to have in my workspace (as u see in the screen capture) Every panel opens with one clic and closes with double clic. And all is tidy and ordered. But I also think it would be interesting that those panels contract to single icons, like those in the left tools panel.... (yes, I know, it's not the standard user interface for Affinity products {and too similar to Adobe products}, but is only an idea....)
  5. You can create a double master page spread, then click on either left or right side of this master and drag onto your fresh created page (left or right) and this way you can apply only left or right “half” master page elements/distribution to the fresh effective page be careful not to clic on the master page icon center, you should clik either left or right.... seeing the corresponding hilighting I hope this helps you
  6. space for displaying page numbers is a bit too small (think of if more than 100 pages....)
  7. Sometimes Style Names doesn't correctly update when creating a TOC style duplicating another (screenshot). And the naming - renaming - applying - creating Styles (everywhere) is a bit cumbersome and inconsistent Emilio
  8. little problem with scroll bar when a document has a lot of pages.... it dissapears behind end of window..... see screenshot
  9. with "linked preferred" in document's setup, the app continues to "embed always" the images....
  10. packaging proyects is very interesting..... BUT.... like ID, a package needs that the receiver (self or other) uses a compatible version of the generating app (ID or whatever). for a propietary/personal use..... a good archiving policy is better than packaging for another/printer/typesetter ’s use....... better an interchange format: PDF can be a better solution, or EPS, or SVG, or the like
  11. metric, inches, picas or whatever has to be continuously translated in computer measurements (computer screen size and resolution, printer density and size, typesetter measurements, size and density, etc...) so the translatrion between traditional measurements is really unimportant, are only methods in an object or module or routine in the app. but could be interesting, could be.... for people who use picas.... time passing .... lesser
  12. literals overlapped in this dialog when greater text interface selected in preferences (.... problems in the future when localizations to other languages are ready... german, spanish, etc...????? [longer words])
  13. Probably in a near future, because some indications do exist in the [Text] menu.....
  14. I've identified theTOC ordering problem.... If the frame containing a hierarchical superior (supraordinated) line is created or pasted after a frame with a subordinate text item also compiling for the TOC, the result is that this last frame/text appears before the previous existing frame/text (subordinated, theoretically). Solution is cutting and re-pasting this previous existing text frame, and after recompiling the TOC, the lines order is the correct. (reordering through the [Layers] panel has no effect)
  15. OK all works more or less as I awaited (and lacking any help, I've seen the answers afterwards) BUT... something happens with the order in which the app finds the different frames with the text&styles which should be inserted when the app compiles a TOC (in my case it is not a continuous text, there are different frames with different chunks of text), because it showed initially an erroneus entry order in the TOC frame. The solution was to cut and then paste the text frame that appeared in the bad order in the TOC. Sorry I don't have the screen images, because it happened with a long and repeated trial-error sequence.