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  1. Styles in afpub isn't really an easy thing. As doesn't in ID neither in Word or Pages. But in afpub the interface doesn't help so much. My personal solution... -- deleting all styles EXCEPT both "no-style" styles, the paragraph one and the character one (and I send you with this text an afpub file with THOSE styles' characteristics). AND making this the default Styles in afpub (selecting it in the little menu appearing from the upper right corner of theText-Styles panel). -- for every proyect.... creating (or not) a base page with the styles I will use (or not). -- understanding that every Paragraph-Style has a Character-Style implicitly, and that Character-Styles mean only modifications to this base Implicit-Character-Style (so... using any character styles to different paragraph styles will make the general style structure of the document confusing, cumbersome and sometimes with an erratic behaviour). I don't know if this can help you, but it was for me. Emilio A4v.estilo nulo[afpub].afpub
  2. Please, SIMPLIFY intelligently the home screen..... When there are a lot of proyects the interface of the home screen is... cumbersome, confusing Dream of .... Simple, intuitive, practical.... (I can think about solutions, but yours are surely better) Thanx Emilio (and also, if possible, a more simple open/open from/save/save as/save copy/... etc., and any document sync option?)
  3. Sorry to all This is present in the "Affinity Designer feature roadmap" Thnx to the developers
  4. it would be very interesting having a set of vector brushes and the capability of varying brush width not only with pressure and velocity, but also with direction (dependind on brush image), and (i/p) with pen inclination/angle. and this not only in aff.Designer for desktop, but also in iPad (where pen and finger are natural input devices). (something similar have certain non-vectorial brushes in aff.Photo [certain nozzles], but vector let retouch and is size-independent) and if being a common way of doing things in the affinity ecosystem.... it could be available also in aff.Publisher (a fabulous piece of software!) Please.... Emilio
  5. Latest app update (today repetitively fails due to error....
  6. like.... an access to LaTeX formula composition (like have MSWord or ApplePages).... very interesting
  7. a little bug when stretching vertically a text box (or a group or collection of elements with a text box included), if handle (and box) exceeds page limits, suddenly the box disappears. When releasing the mouse button it reappears where it shoud be.... (video) pantallazo 2018-10-15 a las 19.31.38.mov
  8. I customized which panels from View>Studio menu I want to have in my workspace (as u see in the screen capture) Every panel opens with one clic and closes with double clic. And all is tidy and ordered. But I also think it would be interesting that those panels contract to single icons, like those in the left tools panel.... (yes, I know, it's not the standard user interface for Affinity products {and too similar to Adobe products}, but is only an idea....)
  9. You can create a double master page spread, then click on either left or right side of this master and drag onto your fresh created page (left or right) and this way you can apply only left or right “half” master page elements/distribution to the fresh effective page be careful not to clic on the master page icon center, you should clik either left or right.... seeing the corresponding hilighting I hope this helps you
  10. space for displaying page numbers is a bit too small (think of if more than 100 pages....)
  11. Sometimes Style Names doesn't correctly update when creating a TOC style duplicating another (screenshot). And the naming - renaming - applying - creating Styles (everywhere) is a bit cumbersome and inconsistent Emilio
  12. little problem with scroll bar when a document has a lot of pages.... it dissapears behind end of window..... see screenshot
  13. with "linked preferred" in document's setup, the app continues to "embed always" the images....
  14. packaging proyects is very interesting..... BUT.... like ID, a package needs that the receiver (self or other) uses a compatible version of the generating app (ID or whatever). for a propietary/personal use..... a good archiving policy is better than packaging for another/printer/typesetter ’s use....... better an interchange format: PDF can be a better solution, or EPS, or SVG, or the like
  15. metric, inches, picas or whatever has to be continuously translated in computer measurements (computer screen size and resolution, printer density and size, typesetter measurements, size and density, etc...) so the translatrion between traditional measurements is really unimportant, are only methods in an object or module or routine in the app. but could be interesting, could be.... for people who use picas.... time passing .... lesser