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  1. Hi My brand new M1 Mac has ALSO the slow-launching problem with the 3 apps.... only it's no so severe: instead of more than 40 icon bounces, now is only 18 to 20 bounces. But it continues to happen every time I reset or start the Mac. It is probably more due to Big Sur problems, since this behavihor started when updating to OS 11.01 or 11.1 .... Emilio
  2. +1 Useful and interesting feature, will be welcome when implemented I use https://www.pdfescape.com but is limited and error-prone
  3. In my case, the slow-launch problem occurs only after upgrading macOS to 11.1, and only in one of my Macs, unfortunately in the most used and most powerful. It occurs with 1.8.x and with the new 1.9. Neither with older macOSes, nor with less powerful Macs this awsome problem happens. I'm now thinking the problem could be the system configuration, not only the app.configuration. I wait for my new MacM1 to see if there also occurs, and also have time and a new Mac to erase completely my slow-launching-Mac, and reinstalling all to see if this can be te problem (the jump from 11.0 to 11.1 macOS version was full of problems, even with lost information in iCloud!) Is an annoying problem, but is really not a severe one, since it only happens the first launch on an app after reset/restart, or after a long inactivity period. Apparently AFFINITY is aware of the problem, it will have a solution, even when after a long time.
  4. Version 1.9 (not beta) has the same slow-launch problem: all the apps: Photo, Designer, Publisher (from both Affinity Store, and from the Apple Store) 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. Very curious.... In my MBPro with i7 and a lot of RAM and disk the SLOW apps launch occurs, but NOT in an old MBAir with only a i3 and half RAM and half disk.... why is it so????
  6. Hi Not always, but randomly, the little panel to "Edit Fill..." from the pop-up menu on the color swatches shows a wrong interpretation of the color components. (color swatch created in the color palette) I send two examples, one with error, another without... Is this a bug?
  7. Designer and Publisher (apparently not Photo) launches slowly since MacOS Big Sur 11.1 (i.e. 45 dock icon bumps) in its first launch after Mac reset or after a while closed (versus 4 icon bumps when recently launched). Why?, is it normal?, is OS guilty or the app?, Apple Silicon Macs will solve it? Emilio
  8. Sorry a second time, but ergonomics and GUI is the key, not the discipline to a common behavior. The GUI should serve to better and speedier use and understanding of the relation of the app with the user. We all love the three apps, but this don't necessarily makes to be 'always' satisfied with 'all' their characteristics. This forums are not only interesting to discuss and solve problems, are also a pool of ideas and details that could be, eventually, important to designers of successive version of the apps.
  9. Thanx to all Discussion very interesting, the capability isn't yet installed in AFPUB but it will surely be in any future. Both solutions are interesting, I'll try overstrike glyph and pinned line solutions (this last can be also interesting in certain applications like drawing obtuse angle over letters, or also old style abbreviature details like in icons and hand-written religious texts) Emilio
  10. No, no, I don’t mean strikethrough ! What I mean is a line ON TOP of the characters/glyphs/letters, not through the middle or under those. Like the example I send. Emilio
  11. Is there any method to make an overstrike or overline on (a) word(s) or character(s)? == a line like underlining but on top of the words instead of under the words (as the normal underline) (to make certain mathematical expressions in Affinity Designer and/or Publisher) Emilio
  12. Bug in zoom % refresh in context.bar ... I send a little video It occurs with or w/o scrubby zoom It occurs in Photo, but also in Designer and Publisher (videos for all three), is seems to be the same bug in the same procedure Emilio error_afphoto.mp4 error_zoom_afdesign.mp4 error_zoom_afpub.mp4
  13. Yes I said this also. I only asked if adding those labels could be a good idea.... sic: Title In modern informatics, the GUI/Ergonomics is the key Thnx Walt
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