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  1. eluengo

    errors exporting to SVG

    Sure Probably Thanx for your answer Correct it whenever possible
  2. eluengo

    errors exporting to SVG

    Friends Sometimes exporting a project to SVG results in errors in the resulting file, so when those files are reopened in AfDesign some text disappears or is transparent, or the like. Attached original file and error file.... Help Logo Toledo 2018 30.afdesign Logo Toledo 2018 30e.svg
  3. until 21017........ waw...... it's a bit in the future...... possibly there is no necessity to compose publications......
  4. A lot of small details. So that could be better to handle it in original language. As one instance ..... Develop button in Develop Persona is translated as "Desarrollo" instead of "Revelado" . Spanish is a high synonimic language, while English is a high polisemic language, therefore such (and other conceptual problems can arise. Thnx for the solution, I should have thought about. (PD.: I'm also one of those who dream about having Publisher..... please don't forget about it..... so we can forget InDesign......)
  5. Is any way to change language (localization) of Designer / Photo, returning to english, because translation (into spanish) is confusing (is a bad translation......) thnx
  6. Today I downloaded the new version of beta AFF-Photo. This is spanish-localized (good job!) BUT...... not all has been translated and WORSE...... some of the UI mini-buttons have texts/literals into them that exceed its size........ very disapointing so I PROPOSE: -- either use mini-icons and the text explanation as a help bubble when mouse is on it (mouse enter) -- or use symbols (a "+" or similar) with the same text bubble as before This can be also useful in the mini-tabs of the tools in the right side (layers, effects, styles, colour, histogram, history, etc)...... better mini-icons or symbols and help bubbles than shrinking text literals. Thanx Emilio
  7. eluengo

    Adjustments UI and Functions

    VERY interesting idea specially into photo retouching
  8. Beside "Mesh Warp" and "Perspective" I think it would be interesting to have a transformation command (really "deformation") like it exists in Photoshop's Edit menu. Not only permitting perspective deformation, also stretching or compressing in vertical and horizontal directions, free rotating, irregular edge transformation to adapt (correct) nonsymmetric perspectives, etc. Emilio
  9. Need arrows (or bullets, etc) at the ends of lines, curves, and open shapes (to draw flow diagrams, or other diagrams...) Also a bigger font in UI could be good to use it ergonomically better in screens with high pixel density (where literals are very small in size) E Luengo, MD
  10. Good roadmap! 2 things + please..... / lines, curves and shapes (open) with line ends (arrow, bullet, etc...) / capability of make bigger text (and possibly icons) in interface (sometimes too too little to see with elevated pixel density screens) E Luengo, MD