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  1. I bought a new MacBook Pro (M1 Max 32GB) a little while back. The problem is as present as ever.
  2. It's possible to select an object that isn't actually there. It's easy to reproduce. Make sure you have some object on any page. Scroll to a different page, but don't focus it yet by clicking on its canvas. Select by dragging, making sure you intersect with some of the areas the objects occupy on the focused page. You have now selected an object on a different canvas. While this is not a major issue—it can be easily remedied by first focusing the other page—it often causes confusion (is there some invisible object here?) or annoying breaks in workflow (having to cancel your selection and reselect). I'm on macOS 12.1 with Affinity Publisher 1.10.4. affinity-publisher-selection-bug.mp4
  3. Same experience as the two people before me: not perfect but a lot better. It went from a ~2s to a ~200ms delay.
  4. I’m sure he didn’t do it on purpose, I was joking. (My disappointment was real, though. 😭)
  5. What are you doing to me? I got an email notification for this thread in which you said: I updated immediately... only to see the problem has not changed at all. Then I open this thread and see you changed your answer. This is advanced trolling.
  6. Duplicating the app does not seem to work that well for me. I've duplicated all apps a while ago. Today I timed a launch after being closed for a day or two: Affinity Photo took ~25s to show the splash UI. (Designer and Publisher don't perform better.)
  7. Steps to reproduce Open any Affinity app Choose [File › New] Close the dialog or create a new document (does not matter which, as long as the dialog is gone) Switch to a different application Choose [File › New] again Expected Result The same dialog from before is shown. Actual Result The dialog pops up, but the thumbnails for the presets are invisible. They can be revealed by clicking in the area where they should be. This is what that looks like: link to screen capture. Environment macOS 11.1 Version 1.8.6 for all Affinity apps Notes I noticed this yesterday for the first time. I've been using 1.8.6 for a while. The latest macOS update was about a month ago.
  8. A couple of follow-up questions: When new info becomes available, will it be shared in this thread? Or how can I best stay in the loop? Your explanation would mean every single Big Sur user has this issue with universal App Store binaries to some degree, which seems impossible. I just started a few of such apps and their launch is instantaneous. I would think it has something to do with the way Serif apps do things. Of course I have no idea what's happening behind the scenes, so if there's anything you can tell me to help me understand what's going on, I'm listening.
  9. At the moment I am running Big Sur (11.0.1). If I close the app and reopen it shortly after, the startup time is greatly decreased to about ~5s. I don't know how long I would have to wait for it to take longer again. (It's not only after a reboot. I rarely reboot my machine, and I notice this issue constantly.) @Callum
  10. Since at least a couple of weeks, I've noticed the Affinity apps start really slowly. I've attached a video that shows what happens after I click the Affinity Designer icon in the dock. Timeline: Click app at ~3s in, icon starts bouncing Splash screen shows at ~31s Full UI is available at ~33s A loading time of ~28s seems excessive. And I remember how fast it used to start, so this feels really painful. Does anybody know what is going? – Some context: I rebooted just before I recoded this. Only a few basic apps were open, mostly without windows or files. My machine: 16" MBP, 2.3GHz Core i9, 32GB RAM, AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 4GB, 1TB SSD (of which >70% free). I've randomly chosen Designer for this video. Photo and Publisher react similarly. startup.mp4
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