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  1. Hi Sean, thank you for your quick reply! I checked your video and you are right, there is no invisible character. There's no need to use the backspace key in step 6 of my description. If I press the return key, all templates appear in the list. Another way which you video shows is to resize the width of the window.
  2. I noticed a bug with Templates in Affinity Designer 1.9.2 and Affinity Photo 1.9.2 (Publisher not installed). It's only reproducible if a "Templates" folder has been added. Could someone please check this, thanks! 1. File - New 2. Click on "Presets" 3. Click on "Templates" (all templates are visible, here I have 12 templates and can scroll through the list) 4. Click again on "Presets" 5. Click again on "Templates" (now only 4 templates are shown in the list) 6. Click in the Search Bar (upper right) - there seems to be an invisible character - and press the backspace key and the
  3. For a few days the delay in starting the Affinity software after restarting my computer no longer occurs with me (Designer and Photo, from the website). The first startup takes two seconds longer and subsequent startups are quick. Perhaps it was a license check which caused the delay at first launch and is now fixed?
  4. Same here with Big Sur 11.1 (Website versions). Designer and Photo need 30 sec. after a restart on first launch, then 4 sec. after repeated launches. I think this has nothing to do with Big Sur, I noticed the first launch delay since several updates of the Affinity apps and also on Catalina. MacBook Air 2018 with 8GB RAM.
  5. Hi, with version 1.4 I got a little cosmetic bug. When I restart my Mac and open either Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer the logo isn't transparent. This happens only one time after a Mac restart. After starting AP or AD a second time or more, the logo ist transparent, as in all versions before.
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